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  1. stuk in thailand...help
  2. Also stuck on 1st mission (Med Sea)
  3. Jan Mayen Help Please (Wii)
  4. Bhogavati level - can't pick up climbing pole
  5. Mexico - Calendar Puzzle - Possible Bug?
  6. A bet between brothers
  7. Karken help on Wii
  8. Health packs in the Wii
  9. Wii walkthrough
  10. Jan Mayan level
  11. Jay Mayan No Motorcycle in beginning?!
  12. Stuck in the "Land of the dead" (x360)
  13. Stuck Wii version
  14. Filipinos, is it out here in the Philippines?
  15. So Many Glitches
  16. Mediterranean Sea Relic
  17. How to set up player tailoring for the hardest difficulty?
  18. Game freezes, wii - again even after power off
  19. how I can return to statue of shiva -kali
  20. Stuck at Shiva Statues
  21. timed?
  22. Turning the second calendar wheel in mexico... not triggering the gate to open!
  23. Last Level - Terrible Mistake - Maybe Spoilers (Gameplay not Plot)
  24. Finished the Shiva puzzle---now what?
  25. Tomb Raider Underworld Walkthrough
  26. Tomb Raider Underworld Croft Manor
  27. Mexico Jaguar Head Solved.
  28. xbox 360 owners look at this thread!!!
  29. how long did it take you to complete the game... if u have
  30. I am stuck in Southern Mexico: The Midgard Serpent
  31. xbox 360: beam handstand overturn???
  32. How do you re visist location and what is story boards?
  33. Great game, but.
  34. Stuck Wii - Driving round in the ice on bike
  35. Xibalba glitch/short-cut (in belt area, not before..)
  36. Treasure hunt guide !HELP!
  37. Stuck in frozen world DS platform
  38. Niflheim & The Norse Connection - How Do I Get To...
  39. Stuck in Coastal Thailand
  40. Xbox 360 Adrenaline Thing
  41. Southern Mexico: The Midgard Serpent
  42. Yggdrasil - What do these symbols do?
  43. Southern Mexico: The Midgard Serpent, please help
  44. South Mexico Relic?
  45. Stuck in the norse connection, kraken room
  46. help please
  47. Thailand (Ancient World) Help (Wii)
  48. Problem in Southern Mexico: The Midgard Serpent
  49. Thrall
  50. Exit Game on Tombraider Underworld
  51. Sonar map, what are the diamonds?
  52. Help! I screwed up in Mexico .
  53. Mexico Ball Field
  54. Arctic: Last hammer mechanics room help.
  55. Mexico Ball Field
  56. Where to find treasures! Website
  57. To Eidos and Crystal Dynamics : Regarding DLC..please do a retail for the PC..
  58. Wii Relics
  59. Stuck in Thailand (Wii version)
  60. where is the switch??...bad kraken...
  61. Stupid pillar... (Towards the end of Mexico)
  62. How do you restart a level? (mexico)
  63. Need help in the maze near Valgrind
  64. Stuck
  65. Camera
  66. Second Jaguar Skull (Wii Version)
  67. Big Final Battle Glitch
  68. PC version adrenalin-headshot thing
  69. Using PS3 Controller on PC version via Bluetooth Wireless
  70. Croft Manar III no way out my error or game's ?
  71. stuck
  72. Need help in Thailand
  73. where is the second jaguar head?
  74. Struck in Thailand again....
  75. thai gem door
  76. stuck in midgard (not the bug in other threads)
  77. Need help on the Shiva puzzle!!
  78. Lost Bike in Mexico.
  79. Where do you find the key to open xibalba
  80. Restarting a level with PS3?
  81. Do you get any rewards for relics or artifacts?
  82. Wii help in S. Mexico
  83. Mexico Calendar Puzzle???
  84. CROFT MANOR - what's the spare pole for??
  85. Completed!!!!
  86. Im Stuck at the swinging hammer for Wii
  87. Stuck In Thailand
  88. How do you get back after relic in Thor's room
  89. Does Lara swear alot in Underworld
  90. Spoiler Alert! Hint for those in Croft Manor (2nd Time around)
  91. Hey! I Didn't Like It!
  92. Disappointed *spoilers*
  93. Frustrated by Game Controls
  94. Wii - Croft Manor - HELP!
  95. Mexico - Thralls (Wii Version)
  96. Shiva Statues
  97. SXtuck in Coastal Thailand, 3 column area
  98. Wii - Southern New Mexico - Land of the Dead
  99. mexico ps3 need help
  100. Adrenaline dodge, help!
  101. # Unlockables ?
  102. I am stuck at Thailand~~~:(
  103. Another Stuck in Midgard
  104. Calendar skull
  105. Was this a bug....
  106. Lady Crofts Entourage
  107. Stuck in Ship
  108. XBOX Achievemtn GLITCH
  109. Midgard Serpent - stuck in the "pool room"
  110. stuck in croft manner, my error or wii controler?
  111. stuck in arctic sea
  112. **Savegame Request!!
  113. Stuck In Mexico (Can't Move Pillar) Please Help!!??
  114. Stuck in final level Wii
  115. Funny Bugs Anyone?
  116. Wow to ending
  117. Cheats that aren't cheats
  118. Midgard Serpent bug PC save with ramps up
  119. Why no rats?
  120. Exiting Thors Hammer Room
  121. Midgard: Serpent - what do you do after moving the four thrones?
  122. Valhalla Section
  123. Midgard Serpent - Bug or not
  124. Midguard help
  125. Bike has gone missing, Major issue
  126. Help with swinging on horizontal pole
  127. hey guys no long no c
  128. huuuh whos lara the super bich ohhh ye (spoilers)
  129. Southern Mexico Puzzles
  130. please tell me ya can dive
  131. byeee
  132. jan mayen island...help
  133. Stuck in Thailand - Wii version
  134. chapel door hep....spoilers mabye..kinda
  135. FOR ALL Wii PLAYERS!!!!!
  137. ps3 version crashing
  138. stuck in artic see (helheim) please help me
  139. on the + side of things....
  140. Swan dive 3
  141. I finished it. great game !!!
  142. PS3 game save problem
  143. Need TRU PS3 manual in English please
  144. Classic controler
  145. Bug in End of Coastal Thailand??
  146. Quick Question for Master Swan Diver Achievement
  147. S. Mexico Help - Wii
  148. Out of Time (Wii Version only)
  149. Love the ending.
  150. Wii/South Mexico Puzzle
  151. More grenades in the Wii
  152. The Last Trasure!
  153. Jaguar head in Mexico
  154. protected by the dead
  155. Finished!!
  156. Bug or Stupidity in Coastal Thailand: Bhogavati
  157. Swan Diver Achievements
  158. Southern Mexico Trouble
  159. Wii help in Niflheim needed
  160. ps3 mexico
  161. HELP Puppet no more or longer
  162. Mexico - Need Help or a save (probably spoilerish)
  163. motorcycle keys...
  164. The Midgard Serpent...stuck
  165. Full of bugs!
  166. stuck at the end - Arctic Sea: Out Of Time
  167. Southern Mexico xibalba
  168. lol, help me?
  169. Cinematics and Replay Levels???
  170. Stuck in The Unnamed Days (Wii)
  171. Any PS3 users? Stuck in "Puppet No Longer"
  172. Jellyfish not dangerous enough
  173. Wii Version Treasure Hunt [SPOILER - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!]
  174. Calendar days won't line up
  175. Süd Mexiko
  176. stuck right at the end
  177. HELP! Beginning Thailand
  178. Tomb raider Underworld: Wii version
  179. Southern Mexico, can't get to last door?
  180. Savegames for PC
  181. flashlight not working in Mexico and Jan Mayen levels
  182. stuck on top of sundial in nelfim level ..
  183. Hall with the hammers
  184. on the way to thors hammer
  185. New here and need help!
  186. Wii Relic help?
  187. Stuck In Coastal Thailand ...
  188. grapple the stone.....
  189. Trouble Aligning Calendars
  190. Replaying Thailand please help
  191. Treasure hunt mode why won't it save?
  192. help. Wii. stuck. protected by the dead
  193. Stuck in mexico
  194. Wii - Southern Mexico - Land of the Dead
  195. Grafics glitch / flashing lines
  196. Coastal Thailand Puppet No longer, for PC
  197. The big dude
  198. TRU crouching bug...
  199. ok..now what......help w/skull calender
  200. Please help
  201. Stuck at the end of Valhalla
  202. Southern Mexico - Xibalba
  203. stuck in land of dead
  204. Mayan Calendars are both locked - Stuck!
  205. southern mexico midgard serpent
  206. Blue Lagoon - those darned thralls
  207. Wii--Protected by the Dead--Help please!
  208. Where are the three diving points (xbox 360)
  209. Underworld at Midgard Serpent
  210. Stuck in out of time
  211. (wii) stuck in thailand, beginning
  212. Help with Xibalba gate
  213. Wii: In Med after puzzle with axles I surfaced in a chamber and can't get out
  214. The Midgard Septer - moving walls
  215. Xibalba Gate puzzle
  216. wii version - puppet no more
  217. Stuck in Thailand, Temple of Shivz. (Wii ver)
  218. Tomb Raider Bug and Glitches Solutions
  219. The midgard serpent problem
  220. Help Wanted. Stuck In Thailand- PC
  221. Controls Camera HUD Display
  222. just after map room ......
  223. Thailand-Puppet No More, Begining
  224. tombraider Underworld Wii Saving problems
  225. TR Underworld motorbike control problem
  226. Walkthrough Thread.
  227. how do i raise the bridge for my motorbike?
  228. My swimsuit for a compass
  229. How do you start a new game (PS3)
  230. Your use of ammo...
  231. Use a walkthrough or figure it all out yourself?
  232. *Spoilers* Legend/Underworld Story verify
  233. bike trouble...
  234. Missed first chance in Xibalba ball court
  235. Psst!.. Anyone know where I can get a 100% savegame?
  236. Hammerin' on the sub-arctic lawyers...
  237. sqish...squish...squish...trap room
  238. final battle w/natla...
  239. Stuck/Bug in Thailand : Shivas Temple (PS3)
  240. CAMERA HUD Display
  241. Wii TRU - - Kraken help! Stuck for hours!
  242. Amazing shortcut
  243. thrall pole room..help
  244. Stuck in Thailand
  245. Platform with the best controls...
  246. Stuck at the end (?) of Valhalla PS3
  247. Cant Pick Up pole
  248. faster motorcycle...
  249. Your strategy in TR:U...
  250. bug at Land of the Deaths??? Please help