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  1. Crime alley challenge map?
  2. Official site goodness
  3. Batcomputer Database -------- Justice
  4. Timed sessions?
  5. Your Expectations?
  6. question about the road to arkham comic
  7. After the game releases
  8. Godisageek.com - challenge room impression.
  9. How do you Imagine the Final Showdown ?
  10. get the strategy guide????
  11. Spider-Man and Batman Comic ...
  12. XBL Demo
  13. I just pre ordered CE!
  14. Upgrades?
  15. Harley Quinn!!!
  16. A few questions (noob)
  17. mad hatter
  18. Questian!
  19. *Competition* Abused pictures *Competition*
  20. Reason Number 573 not to trust Wikipedia Funny But Sad
  21. I am sick of this!!
  22. Sweet new JOKER wallpaper !!!
  23. So glad we waited
  24. So I pre-ordered back in January or so...
  25. Content Download? (CONFIRMED!)
  26. CE question
  27. So will the Scarecrow be in the main game, too?
  28. Sammii doogles
  29. question about armored costume
  30. Poison Ivy, the real one...
  31. QUICK check out Googles DC themed Homepage
  32. Jack Nicholson taunts Batman mascot by reviving Joker at baseball game
  33. So we're getting two free maps?
  34. What happened to that annoucement Keir had for us?
  35. Batman Arkham Asylum Achievements *spoilers*
  36. So what's the other comic-con B:AA news?
  37. Comic Book Trailer?
  38. Midnight Release
  39. If you could change anything in the game, what would it be?
  40. Scarecrow Challenge Map Article
  41. Scarecrow Picture
  42. Couple of Questions??
  43. Clayface Theory (Spoilers)
  44. Lol.
  45. FIRST Batman: Arkham Asylum Review
  46. Catman beats Batman... Literally
  47. Another B:AA Story...
  48. Graphics podcast
  49. Batman: Arkham Asylum on CNN.com
  50. Avoid wikipedia there are spoilers save yourselves
  51. Viral Marketing *UPDATE AUGUST 30th*
  52. Arkham Care is Online... but its not what was expected
  53. Playstation Home: Batman: Arkham Asylum Community Event
  54. Positive new preview.
  55. Gary Oldman talks about Batman at Comic-Con.
  56. Batman Escape Artist Gameplay?
  57. Anybody think BAA is doing so well is because Bruce Wayne is dead in the comics?
  58. I just can't take the waiting anymore.
  59. The batcave design
  60. REQUEST: Armor Suit Hi-res?
  61. things ive heard at comic con
  62. new video on gametrailers?
  63. 2 dumb questions
  64. request: Highres Batman render :D
  65. A question about batman
  66. Arkham What was he thinking??????
  67. Run, PSNetwork has the demo up!
  68. Gamespot or Ebgames Demo/Full game Question
  69. Challenge Map Question
  70. Unlocking Arkham at comic con
  71. Corruption?
  72. Comic book Trailer ?
  73. Question about Scarecrow...
  74. Animated series?
  75. *Spoilers* In that new GameMaster review...
  76. Collectors edition xbox/ps3 diferences
  77. Comic-con: Batman the Brave and the Bold
  78. new comic book trailer 7/23/09
  79. The coolest thing in the game?
  80. Invisible Wall video on Batman Arkham Asylum
  81. Question about 'Dem Bones'.
  82. The Hi-Res Pics
  83. So... NOW im buying 5 of these BAT GAMES.
  84. The "whites" of his eyes
  85. Any News on who won This contest ?
  86. Batman, Wolverine... Murder at ComiCon?
  87. Gameplay Video (gameplay tv 1)
  88. G4 tv live
  89. Heard a rumor.
  90. Yet Another "Batty&Me" Video
  91. comic con
  92. NewEgg.com for a cheap price for USA.
  93. Question
  94. Challenge Mode XP
  95. Gamestop credit
  96. Will any websites be offering live coverage of the Arkham Asylum panel?
  97. U.S. PlayStation Home event
  98. Tim Burtons batmans.
  99. How did you hear about this game?
  100. Comic Con Gameplay
  101. new video ?
  102. Get The Strategy Guide?
  103. What heroes do on patrol.....(Where did it go?)
  104. Video of Joker gameplay!
  105. New Batman Comic Summary??
  106. Music in the Trailers
  107. request: hi-res Arkham logo
  108. Plastic Batarang?
  109. edios and rocksteady. if your out there and you can hear me add joker to 360
  110. Possible future DLC?
  111. Green Lantern Out Tuesday
  112. Nolan Confirmed for 3???
  113. Something to keeo you satisfyed it you have GTA SA.
  114. comic con batman aa
  115. New gameplay video from ComicCon.
  116. question
  117. Recognize this Photo From anywhere?...
  118. new preview cccheats
  119. Could someone translate this new preview? [Czech]
  120. Comic Con Booth?
  121. Hilarious RobotChicken video with the Joker.
  122. Arkham Asylum A Serious House On Serious Earth
  123. OFF TOPIC:Who here knows of and loves the Guilty Gear games?
  124. Has anyone here seen the Batman:Black & White Motion Comics?
  125. The Joker Came to Arkham Asylum in...
  126. *WIN* Batman: Arkham Asylum Shirts!
  127. Gamestop / EB Games Confirmation's
  128. Mutant/monsters in batman arkham asylum
  129. The Riddler?
  130. PS3 1080i/p output aye?
  131. Kevin Conroy talks about B:AA
  132. Best Stealth-Action Game of 2009?
  133. Pix of Comic Con Costumes ( YAHOO )
  134. iPhone App for B:AA...?
  135. Playing around with the Gamestop Demo, I found some things you can do.
  136. Exclusive Contents
  137. Midnight release?
  138. What The...?
  139. Perfect accessory to the CE's Batarang.
  140. What Kind of Demo would you Want
  141. *OFF-TOPIC* Join Batmania Reviews for some games as we await Batman: AA ...
  142. The New Unofficial Demo Thread...
  143. This preview looks interesting
  144. Green Lantern: First Flight is here (Review Thread)
  145. Who would you want to see play the roll of Batgirl?
  146. Mr Zsaz in Batman Begins?
  147. GM Review 96%, well done Rocksteady!
  148. B:AA live interview today!
  149. Why I need the guide
  150. batman cut scene Takedowns
  151. Rate my Batman Graphic Novel Collection!!!
  152. Demo Release Date? Has it been Announced Yet?
  153. Last Post Wins
  154. Green Lantern Videogame
  155. Square Enix, and Eidos at Gamescon
  156. New interview, Sim Wise at Rocksteady!!
  157. hey peeps
  158. Closing demo threads?
  159. Rated T for Teen
  160. To Die Hard Fans......
  161. Nightwing as a playable character for PC!!!
  162. the new demo thread (unofficial)
  163. Behind the Scenes at Rocksteady Studios
  164. Which platform is best for you?
  165. Play as The Joker....and Scarecrow?
  166. How will the PC version be treated?
  167. Favorite Animated Series Episodes
  168. Post your Arkham ID Cards Here
  169. Rocksteady Request: 360 Avatar Batsuit!
  170. the people who are excited about the demo have a lot of nerve.
  171. Possible Release of Soundrack
  172. Your Rituals!!!
  173. New ComicCon preview for Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  174. Comic-Con trailer?
  175. anyone watched this?
  176. ★Scarecrow★
  177. How do i get the joker
  178. Something funny to watch....
  179. LittleBIGAsylum
  180. So um has the release date for the demo been announced yet?
  181. Batman Arkham Asylum on PC question
  182. Batman Vs Edward Cullen
  183. Here's the full Eurogamer Interview
  184. Batman AA is an Elseworld story *HOAX*
  185. Dem Bones Villain Challenge Map Info
  186. READABLE GameMaster UK Scans
  187. [NEW Fan Made] Batman: Arkham Asylum - Hype Trailer!
  188. What do you guess B:AA's ending will be?
  189. Well then...
  190. Demo
  191. Is the demo gonna release soon? (and congrats RS for the outstanding mag review!)
  192. New article
  193. Who is Mr K?
  194. Still coming to Steam?
  195. Killer Croc trailer (fanmade)
  196. LittleBigPlanet Costume Gallery
  197. Kevin Conroy new comic- con interview for people who don't check the video thread :P
  198. Are there any clips online of Tim Curry as the Joker?
  199. Australian release date?
  200. MK VS DC Petition
  201. What is the order of the Bruce Wayne Murderer/Fugitive series in?
  202. batman arkham asylum gadgets
  203. Costumes?
  204. What about people who cannot get Scarecrow Challenge Map as pre-order?
  205. My own Arkham Asylum Trailer
  206. Screensaver now live
  207. Will there be Detective Challenge Rooms?
  208. After the Graphics Podcast...
  209. Demo at Walmart
  210. The OFFICIAL Ideas for Batman II (working title) thread
  211. Game of the Year?
  212. what's the deal? No Toys/figures 4 B:AA?
  213. Has the DCAU ever shown a version of the black suit from the movies?
  214. What are some good starter comics?
  215. Possible New Clues on Arkham Care
  216. Any BAT- TATTOO's ?
  217. Newbie to Bat comics
  218. My Huge Theory
  219. Does Anyone Go On Second Life?
  220. My Theory
  221. [NEW] Batman: Arkham Asylum - Killer Croc Fan Trailer [Elite]
  222. couple questions
  223. batmans toys
  224. batmans toys(gadgets)
  225. Boss fight with Batmobile
  226. Is this new?
  227. new vid feat quin!
  228. batman arkham asylum updates
  229. Question regarding the new look of the characters
  230. Played the demo today.
  231. sefton hill interview with tbu
  232. New stealth video submitted on GameSpot!!
  233. New interview with Sefton Hill and Kevin Conroy.
  234. Has the demo been announced yet?
  235. Color-coded counters?
  236. Sefton Interview
  237. thread closing out of hand
  238. who is keir
  239. which villain is this?
  240. I seriously hope this doesn't happen in the game.
  241. Gamepad or keyboard or mouse for batman ?
  242. Dr. Joker's Silent Knight Video
  243. is it just me......
  244. Can a novice enjoy this?
  245. To Eidos and Rocksteady, From the Fans...
  246. supervillainess
  247. I'm praying I don't get banned for this but...
  248. I got some news from Keir NOT a demo date tho!!
  249. I'm sorry to do it, but I'm really sore on Eidos right now
  250. need to know