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  1. Why Hype Sucks (not about the game)
  2. Poison Ivy Costume!
  3. The Dark Knight meets Superman Funny
  4. The Joker Action figures
  5. Why is just about everyone so facinated with the Joker now?
  6. "lets play batman"
  7. Hot Toys TDK Deluxe Batman(MMS DX 02)
  8. Nom nom nom
  9. Arkham Asylum scandal? Shame on you, Eidos.
  10. Wheres the trailer???
  11. What's your favorite non-game/action figure Batman stuff?
  12. Batman & Robin Game
  13. What do you guys think of the game's box art?
  14. CBR Feature:The art of Batman:Arkham Asylum
  15. Anyone got a spare *****?
  16. New screenshots from the game.
  17. New Trailer
  18. Gotham Girls
  19. The bounty of a random Batman search
  20. Batman: AA Sequel-Vehicles Poll
  21. Possible News on Demo Date
  22. Prequel...
  23. Ain't This awesome?
  24. Gamestop Exclusive PS3 vs. 360
  25. any word on the upgrades?
  26. New Batman Video
  27. Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern!
  28. New B:AA Art Q&A article
  29. New MTV preview: "Arkham is a fan's wet dream...best Batman game."
  30. Who voices Killer Croc in this game?
  31. What are you doing to pass the time?
  32. Did anyone else notice this?
  33. Batman's Random Thoughts
  34. Off-topic: Batman, rip-off from Zorro ?
  35. Does anyone know where to download the newest trailer?
  36. Now's the time for civilized people
  37. Wondering your opinion
  38. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: Joker funny moments
  39. Ridiculous but funny Joker on Wal-Mart video
  40. What is your funniest moment on any Batman game?
  41. look at this picture!
  42. Sorry if this is old!
  43. Getting the game a day early?
  44. Vid from xboxlive
  45. French Review
  46. Batman: Arkham Asylum PC tools?
  47. Creepy Old Batman Movies
  48. Pics help if you please.
  49. Some things I've been worrying about
  50. Forgive me if someone's already asked
  51. The OFFICIAL Demo Thread
  52. bruce or Richard
  53. Does anyone know of a video to learn How To draw?
  54. mistake in new trailer
  55. Only for People who Pre-ordered.
  56. Subtitles .... On or Off
  57. What do you think?
  58. Citizen Kane saw a preview build and here is his impression.
  59. A Second Opinion
  60. Does anyone Know ?
  61. Batman Picture Help
  62. Question on the CE
  63. Batman: Arkham Asylum. Whats The Worst That Could Happen?
  64. Screesaver
  65. Tunes through Arkham
  66. The Story vs gameplay
  67. why have any of the batman villians not been put to death
  68. Questions about demo
  69. Not digging Bane too much.
  70. SammiiDoogles - New Mod
  71. new trailer?
  72. is the joker better with or without harley quin
  73. What does everyone think?
  74. When is the Playstation: Official Magazine review coming out?
  75. The Batman: Arkham Asylum Leaderboard
  76. New Arkham Asylum vid on MSN
  77. EB Games
  78. Couple of new concept art screens and character render (Killer Crock one too)!
  79. Can someone...
  80. Something I desperately want taken out of this game
  81. Is This possible DLC
  82. yo i just found this
  83. New Villains Trailer available for download in HD!
  84. Invisible predator or hand to hand combat?
  85. Should this game have a customized Batman?
  86. demo release date?
  87. help
  88. Batman Arkham Asylum CE vs. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition
  89. ***Batman: Arkham Asylum - TV Spot (Elite)***
  90. any1 take to take a guess at the next boss reveal?
  91. How do you think..
  92. B:AA at Comic-Con
  93. Very Funny Video
  94. Do you think the demo will be announced at Comic Con? Speculation.
  95. Can someone help me out? (Watchmen related)
  96. Fresh Prince of Bel Air works for Rocksteady?
  97. Keir Come Here!
  98. batman arkham asylum adam west style?
  99. @ keir, will the pc version utilise the 360 controller?
  100. Batman armored suit?
  101. Londidium Batman Questions
  102. to the creators and distributers of Batman:AA
  103. Create Your Own Batman Boss Fight!
  104. Off topic: Batman (Gotham Adventures) any good?
  105. The real reason no joker on xbox. Hopefully this will end the complaining
  106. When is next NEW villian trailer coming out?
  107. replay villains
  108. Has batman ever actually killed someone?
  109. Different Detective Modes?
  110. New Preview from videogamer.com
  111. COMIC BOOK MOVIES!!! (Off topic)
  112. Once B: AA is out, are you going to another eidos forum?
  113. I found a lump
  114. question are their any more competitions coming soon?
  115. Harry Potter 6 breaks The Dark Knight's midnight showing record.
  116. Leader Boards Question
  117. Harley Quinn
  118. Cape of Batman?
  119. *New @ Bamania Reviews! (07.15.09)*
  120. welcome to the madhouse magazine?
  121. Batman Arkham Asylum wallpapers
  122. Deadpool Vs. Batman
  123. Special Anouncement?
  124. demo RUMOR
  125. Who will be the villian in the Next Batman Movie
  126. Special Bat-News NEXT WEEK !!!
  127. Are you going to play the demo?
  128. Based on what we know and have seen.....
  129. What will you do.....
  130. What kind of Batman will you be?(NEW)
  131. to all creators of batman aa
  132. Awesome PLAYSTATION ®3 Theme by vulcanraven213 !!!
  133. COMPETITION TIME! Thursday Competition Time! w00t w00t w00t!
  134. Really cool name for a achievement!
  135. Competition companion
  136. Funny joker video featuring morgan freeman and mark hammil
  137. Rogues Gallery form Joystiq
  138. YAHOO! page for B:AA.
  139. B:AA Infomercial
  140. Moment in villains trailer.
  141. Gameplay Vid
  142. New developer diary from 1UP.
  143. No new podcast??
  144. DLC costumes???
  145. Anyone else love Iron Man?
  146. New Arkham Asylum preview.
  147. The Blackest Night
  148. Best and Worst Villians
  149. B:AA demo release date?
  150. Really cool box art (unofficial)
  151. Quick Question
  152. Mods are a bit like busses! It's Drazar time!
  153. In case anybody is wondering...
  154. Petition to EIDOS staff.
  155. Which is worse:Catwoman or Batman and Robin?
  156. more captions!
  157. Another hands-on preview: The Guardian
  158. Batman vs. Superman
  159. Batman's Health in the Game
  160. Dem Bones?
  161. What Is Your Least Favorite Batman Game?
  162. New video featurette "Playing The Game"
  163. Angelina Jolie as Catwoman?
  164. New video: "Playing the Game"
  165. to all creators of batman aa
  166. Gamestop Countdown?
  167. Batman vs. Walter Kovacs
  168. E3 Demo
  169. Now you can dress like The Dark Knight ...
  170. to players of this game
  171. Fresh Prince of Gotham !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  172. How was the event?
  173. www.batmanarkhamasylum.co.uk
  174. Eva Mendes (pronounced Ava) for Poison Ivy
  175. Joker in the backround
  176. Thanks to Reecio, we have some new images.
  177. Batman London Event Media
  178. Batman goes insane.
  179. If you liked the dark knight
  180. The Secret Achievements Have Been Revealed **SPOILERS**
  181. Which Boss Fight Are You Most Excited For?
  182. I met Adam West!!
  183. Hilarious Adam West video.
  184. New Preview from GameReactor
  185. Old Rulers versus New Rulers
  186. Paul Dini is on Twitter!
  187. pc and 360 controller
  188. Mark Hamill's comic: "Black Pearl" from Dark Horse.
  189. London B:AA community day pics and video.
  190. Armor and Skills Reusable?
  191. Joker game? :)
  192. the Villain groups
  193. I did it again
  194. New preview from mediawhorenetwork.com from yesterday's London's event.
  195. For people in the UK Batman Returns is on tonight
  196. Should Barbara Gordon walk again?
  197. Things Even Batman Wouldn't Do
  198. Which Bat villian always gives Bruce a hard time in hand to hand combat?
  199. Challenge room music
  200. Defeating Bane (Theory)
  201. The Official Batman: Arkham Asylum FAQ
  202. Joker exclusive to PS3 for good.
  203. Batman Trilogy :D
  204. Damaging the suit
  205. Not many bosses???
  206. *Batmania Contest!* You like free comics right ...
  207. Keir's Care in the Community Day picture thread
  208. Demo info
  209. The Penguin?
  210. There has 2 be a exclusive 360 exclusive character!!!!!!!!!!
  211. Question about fan likeness in cell
  212. Am I the only one who got TOO excited over this...?
  213. Mark Hamill forgot about Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  214. Possible Spoilers!!!
  215. What System are you gonna Buy B:AA For?
  216. *New @ Bamania Reviews! (07.20.09)*
  217. Harley in Street fighter 4mod
  218. Batman Arkham Asylum: Actor Look Alike
  219. which Exclusive Bundle are YOU getting?!
  220. Strategies
  221. Pics and video of the cancelled Dark Knight game
  222. Bruce Wayne????
  223. Loads of new Batman: Arkham Asylum material.
  224. Spoiler threads?
  225. Batman: Arkham Asylum up for Golden Joystick award
  226. Gamestop Exclusive
  227. Anyone going Comic-Con?
  228. Something new at Comic Con?
  229. the Batarangs in the game
  230. FreeFlow Combat walkthough video with Sefton Hill
  231. who won the last contest
  232. Congrats, Curiousgerbil
  233. What gadget are you most excited about?
  234. Can you attack teammates?
  235. I waill not be silencend!!! I will not be astoped!!! I will be heard!!!!!11!
  236. Special announcement for this game in less than two days?
  237. Gamestop announcement is here!
  238. Who Watches the Watchmen...today?
  239. A Question
  240. Demo countdown thread!
  241. realism of gadgets
  242. GUESS The Demo's Release Date
  243. Batman vs Bruce Lee
  244. Hands on from BritXbox
  245. Videogame Nation UK Retro Exhibition.
  246. Two new previews.
  247. What Difficulty Will You Start???
  248. Batman is awesome
  249. Mark Hamil doing what he does best!
  250. Hmmmm Thoughts?