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  1. The Riddler offers his assistance ...
  2. Some quick questions about this game.
  3. New Gameplay Footage
  4. Little More New Footage
  5. Official Batman: Arkham Asylum countdown
  6. Batmania Contest Winners!
  7. Will this be a tad bit similar to Assassin's Creed?
  8. "Setting the Bar" or "What's next for Batman games?"
  9. Batman Arkham Asylum 6th on Xbox live most popular videos
  10. Why did the demo announcement at the top disappear?
  11. What the C.E. needs!
  12. Ask the true Riddler anything, but not everything in the realm of anything!
  13. Batman finds new love ...
  14. A Sign From Batman
  15. new item in the CE Batman: Arkham Asylum
  16. Something is wrong!!!
  17. The Riddler Aftermath: Quick chat between the Masterminds ...
  18. The Official Riddle Thread
  19. New IGN Article About B:AA
  20. I think I know what the next villn trailer is
  21. I think I know what the next villn trailer is
  22. The consequences of failure
  23. I had an idea for how the demo could be announced.
  24. Project Titan. *possible spoilers?*
  25. Collectors edition question?
  26. What Can Go Wrong With The Game?
  27. Batman as a Green Lantern
  28. 8 reasons to date my dau... I mean to go to crazy over B:AA
  29. Would you like a new Batman cartoon with Jim Lee's Batman ?
  30. PlayStation 3 Batman Arkham Asylum Interview
  31. An air of secrecy and what the demo could have!
  32. Exclusive: Batman: Retribution Interview and First Look!
  33. Kotaku preview of BAA... nothing new
  34. Should Lock-Up be included in this game?
  35. What was the reason for no DLC on the 360?
  36. XBL demo
  37. New, very positive preview.
  38. Great new video
  39. Batman Year 1 Question
  40. The Killing Joke- Your thoughts.
  41. New preview up - very positive.
  42. Anyone else get this email?
  43. The 47 achievements
  44. Gamestop Special
  45. Gamespot Preview
  46. Story Speculation Thread.
  47. G4 TV Preview - New Today
  48. Gamespot Preview
  49. The Spirit of Arkham
  50. Blue Beetle in B:AA
  51. Rate my new Batman comic books!
  52. The Batman in Plastic thread:Action Figures,Statues,Busts,and more!
  53. Batman: Reborn- Your thoughts.
  54. Top that!!!!
  55. Johnny Depp In batman 3 as hatter....
  56. Doesn't this mean the game s finished?!
  57. What are you most excited for?!
  58. new members go here catch up thread
  59. Batman/Superman: Public Enemies
  60. Question about PS3 trophies. (off-topic)
  61. Hard mode.....
  62. ***What do you think is the best Batman movie ever made?***
  63. Will Two Face be in the game?
  64. To Eidos
  65. I want this game so bad that I'd...
  66. Look what i found.
  67. Riddler Challenges?
  68. Batman and Robin was actually quite enjoyable.
  69. What would you say to a cell-shaded Batman game?
  70. Dlc
  71. "I'm Batman." - who delivered it the best?
  72. Guess The Missing Word
  73. *New @ Bamania Reviews! (06.29.09)*
  74. Hey!Who wants to hear the Superman/Batman Release date?
  75. Good Joker makeup, costume and Harley Quinn
  76. DC Universe Original D2DVD Films-are they good?
  77. New Updated Preview at Gamespot and new Photos
  78. New GameSpy preview.
  79. What have you been doing to pass the time?
  80. *Official* Xbox 360 Achievements List!
  81. If Rocksteady makes Batman II, Dini needs to bring back HARDAC!!
  82. Which villians are gonna be actual boss fights and not just cameos?
  83. Alternate costumes?
  84. Can anyone remeber their first Batman TAS Episode?
  85. Batman Comics Twist Ideas
  86. Would you rather watch "Batman and Robin" or ...
  87. PC Achievements
  88. More info on Batman/Superman Public Enemies
  89. Dose he have smoke gernades?
  90. The Adventures of Batman & Piderman
  91. New 2 Chapter preview - very positive.
  92. Batman Playable Villians (not just the Joker?)
  93. New Villains?
  94. Longest List of the Best Batman Graphic Novels I Should Buy
  95. Robin Picture Thread
  96. crazy insane ninja?
  97. New preview from Game Arena - positive and objective.
  98. The Batman: Arkham Asylum Graphic Novel thread
  99. Possible Confirmation of the Blue Beetle
  100. The Riddler's Message ...
  101. New behind the scenes video from Rocksteady - tons of new footage.
  102. Vehicles
  103. Hands on from gamespot...
  104. Idea For A Boss Fight
  105. Don't believe the character sheets going out.
  106. we dont know what kind of villans will be in the game
  107. SimWise heading to Rocksteady Studios tomorrow for a taped tour.
  108. The Adam West Batman Song.
  109. batman's trench knife in game?
  110. Facebook Page
  111. New Video?
  112. Any word on a Blu ray release for BTAS, STAS, BB, JL/JLU?
  113. Eidos/Rocksteady you must hear my cries!!!
  114. Create an achievement/trophy. (just for fun)
  115. Arkham Character List (Official??)
  116. I Know Official Bosses and Villains of Batman:Arkham Asylum
  117. Is Arkham Island too small?
  118. London Batman: Arkham Asylum community day
  119. Batarang Box Set Crossing the Pond
  120. Who would win???
  121. B:AA PSN/Live Content Thread
  122. Batman TAS Season 1 & Batman Beyond Season 1 & 2
  123. Why do you come to the forums?
  124. Inside the asylum
  125. When will the Paul Crocker podcast be out?
  126. new arkham asylum vid!!
  127. Will Rocksteady be showing off this game at Comic Con 2009?
  128. Willem Dafoe would be an excellent Joker.
  129. downloadable trailer ps3
  130. Are Two Face coins still in the game (maybe Keir could confirm)?
  131. Possible NEW VIDEO.....
  132. Unpopular Opinions: The Dark Knight.
  133. Superman Returns.
  134. Arkham asylum demo
  135. *OFFICIAL* "Go Play Together!" Thread.
  136. Any videos out there of Mark Hamill acting as the Joker?
  137. Eight giant reasons why you'll want to play Batman's gritty upcoming adventure
  138. Genie with a Hangover
  139. Which series will be better Streets of Gotham or Batman and Robin
  140. Interrogations?
  141. List of AA Characters-Actors.
  142. is batman arkham asylum just metal gear batman?
  143. Release Events
  144. Ideal Boss Battles
  145. Happy 4th
  146. What happened to the Wildstorm video?
  147. Batman: AA Fan Tribute Video Premiere!
  148. Only way to play is HD?
  149. The Dark T Rating of Batman AA
  150. Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy?
  151. chrstian bales and aaron eckhart performance
  152. Battle of the titans
  153. Which Place Would ?
  154. Red Robin, Gotham City Sirens, Streets of Gotham, Battle for the Cowl discussion!
  155. Who is your favourite villain?
  156. Music in the Joker Trailer
  157. The Joker should have died like Demi Moore in Charlie's Angels 2
  158. Who would make the best Batman
  159. Movie Villains deaths
  160. This might be the best game for the last..
  161. Green lantern game
  162. I think I've found out what Arkham's greatest mystery is... (Achievement)
  163. Arkham Asylum Concept Art
  164. demo
  165. Help Batman TV Series??
  166. Best Artists/Writers
  167. MSN thread.
  168. Funny Superman pics (sorry if off topic!)
  169. DLC desires
  170. Just for fun what non DC villains or Characters would you like to see in BB:A
  171. Revised List of Batman Graphic Novels- community help!
  172. Wayne and McGinnis
  173. The "John Hughes" effect will make this game great
  174. In Game Effects
  175. Batman Soundbites
  176. Which is your favourite Batman Reborn title?
  177. Favorite female in the Batman universe?
  178. A semi positive review
  179. Who Would Win Official Thread
  180. Joker Controls
  181. lol
  182. Jim Lee's and Frank Miller All Star Batman and Robin-will ther
  183. ...will change the history of batman forever
  184. Awesome fanpage for Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  185. Who's Your Favorite Batmania Reviewer?
  186. *New @ Bamania Reviews! (07.06.09)* IMPORTANT CONTEST NEWS!
  187. Batman begins armour
  188. Weird Dream
  189. What's Your Favorite Issue of Batman?
  190. Who is your favortie girl character?
  191. make Killer_Croc a Moderator
  192. Tony Daniel back on Batman ...
  193. Eurogamer TV
  194. Help me Batfans!!!
  195. Box Art (Game Save Data)
  196. Supported Resolutions for PS3??
  197. Instant Reply ???
  198. Action Figures?
  199. Sound options?
  200. AVGN Batman!
  201. What are you doing while you wait for B:AA's release?
  202. Your perfect world of Batman?
  203. They makeing of batman arkahm asylum
  204. Gadgets you'd like to see most
  205. Challenge room editor?
  206. Whas your Favourite Batman the animated series episode/Film?
  207. Is VXR Batwoman?
  208. How do you feel about the new PEGI Icons?
  209. so is there something new?
  210. Wow no new news in almost 2/3 weeks?
  211. Available on Steam?
  212. funny idea
  213. The line launcher
  214. Funny Batman music video
  215. More of the same
  216. Bat chat
  217. Wednesday Comics
  218. The Riddler Returns ...
  219. MK vs DCU Wont Recieve DLC :(
  220. How long for demo announcement?
  221. Whose Line Batman
  222. Which Batman stories have you always wanted to see be made, but haven't yet?
  223. What happens to the Joker in Mask of the Phantasm?
  224. Why is B:AA so Awsome to you ???
  225. New info about the game from MTV Games.
  226. what do you think of MTV's critique?
  227. Eidos Name No More, Long Live Square Enix Europe!
  228. Create-A-Room
  229. Detective Mode - bad?
  230. Zsasz kills video
  231. in store demo
  232. Batman done by Clive Barker
  233. Collector's Edition: So many choices??
  234. Challenge Map question.
  235. Intriguing video.
  236. New preview.
  237. New Trailer on the 10th?
  238. Multiplayer?
  239. Custom music for ps3 version?
  240. Outsiders comics.
  241. Demo thoughts?
  242. Batman Media!
  243. Batman Arkham Asylum PC Collector's Edition
  244. Questions about the voice acting
  245. The Wayne Fortune
  246. Batman or The Joker?!
  247. The Joker
  248. Gameplay demo back
  249. somewhat troubling possibility...
  250. Another JustSomeRandomGuy video: The Joker's in it