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  1. Joel Schumacher could have made a decent Batman film.
  2. MY New 360Skin
  3. 2 Years Under the Radar!!
  4. Anyone notice...
  5. This used to be on top of my must-have list
  6. Game websites now have Arkham Asylum video ads.
  7. Demo date confirmation from Keir.
  8. 1080i?
  9. Release Challenge Demo, please!
  10. This new preview really made me excited for the game
  11. (ATTN: Eidos/Rocksteady) Please Change Harley Back.
  12. asylum journal difference
  13. Oh keir !!!!
  14. Joker for Xbox
  15. New Sewer Gameplay 1:50
  16. Villain Map Pre-order DLC
  17. Paul Dini's Streets of Gotham preview!
  18. USA and British pre order offers
  19. Batman - Super Hero or Crime Fighter
  20. So is Batman RIP good?
  21. Harley Quinn Challenge Maps or DLC ideas ?
  22. Final Crisis Hardcover hits this week!
  23. First Track of Batman arkham Asylum?
  24. Batman Comics In The UK?
  25. Keir Appreciation Thread
  26. What does the CE include?
  27. Edios, remember Kain and Lynch
  28. Batman Arkham Asylum Montage
  29. So when is that demo coming out???
  30. Where is the Batman Premium Theme?
  31. Questions about Xbox LIVE
  32. where can i get batman merchandise ?
  33. Batman Pwned at E3
  34. another new paul crocker interview
  35. Paul Crocker on gamesradar.com
  36. Some more photos of the Batman: Arkham Asylum E3 stand
  37. Batman Beyond game idea
  38. My B:AA Fan Made Wallpaper/s
  39. What king of sequal do you want?
  40. Jump?
  41. Fakes
  42. Who drew this Batman?
  43. Batman R.I.P. confusion
  44. Retail demo: Line of shadow glitch?
  45. Batman Arkham Asylum On X-Play wed. 17/6 (games to beat the summer heat)
  46. Mr.Zsaz Cameo
  47. Anyone know what the CE batarang is made of?
  48. Batman Legends
  49. Batman Arkham Asylum Podcast Hub and Discussion Thread
  50. Batman: Dark Tomorrow
  51. ***I recommend you give Batman Begins a try***
  52. Realistic Villains
  53. Seriously...
  54. Should I Buy This Game?
  55. Dlc on demand ?
  56. WIN WIN WIN! Thursday Competition Time! WIN WIN WIN!
  57. GONE! GONE! The form of man...
  58. New Paul Dini interview
  59. Rise of the imperfects style Batman game?
  60. Has it been confirmed that armor damage impacts gameplay?
  61. Batman Comics
  62. Riddler's Riddles
  63. I think you may enjoy this.
  64. Simple idea to improve freeflow combat!!
  65. Let me clarify Keir about my "Fakes" thread
  66. XBL Demo
  67. We could of avoided this whole thing
  68. demo at gamestop
  69. If you played the store demo, what did you think of it?
  70. Batman: Animal Crossing
  71. Doomsday in Smallville season 8!
  72. replay value
  73. New video
  74. GamesRadar Interview with Paul Crocker at E3
  75. What does this article mean
  76. The Killing Joke-A Masterpiece! (clarification for ending)
  77. New preview for Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  78. Riddler?
  79. Random Question - Will you be buying DC universe online?
  80. New preview.
  81. What Do We Know So Far?
  82. Favourite Takedowns shown so far?
  83. Strategy Guide (release dates UK) (OFFICIAL)
  84. Full Batman experience.
  85. Batman 1989 Cathedral's location or name
  86. Guns are cool.
  87. Batman R.I.P. Question?
  88. New site update Bio for Tim Hanagan(Lead AI programer)!
  89. ideas for guest characters?
  90. lines you wish a batman character had said?
  91. Batman Vs Batman (Cool Video)
  92. Is a Batman/Superman team better than a Batman/Robin team?
  93. E3 Awards - Arkham Asylum.
  94. What is Qore?
  95. New preview - very positive!
  96. PS3 Playable villian JOKER Xbox 360 ???
  97. The Best Batman Modern/New Graphic Novels
  98. A very serious review...
  99. Offtopic Prototype and DC Comics?
  100. Next Villain Thread
  101. Zombie Batman
  102. Ra's al Ghul in the Nolan series.
  103. Keir
  104. The Dark Knight (sweded)
  105. who or wut are you hoping for for dlc
  106. Which Is Your Favourite Theme
  107. Favorite Batman Villain?
  108. Favorite Batman Graphic Novel?
  109. Batman PS3 Trophies
  110. Gamestop Timer Ends on July 18th at 2:00 pm Eastern Time!
  111. Batman as a Black Lantern
  112. Batman Begins The Videogame
  113. If this goes well, should Rocksteady be the only devs to work on more Batman games?
  114. why can't you play as joker if you have x box 360?
  115. Tree Graphics???
  116. My fan art of the Joker
  117. Im sorry i didint want to have to tell you guys.
  118. How much of the game has changed since...
  119. When do we get hit by the demo?
  120. clock king
  121. How many times has Batman fought Grundy and...
  122. 'What are some of Batman's best hand to hand fights?
  123. Anyone Want To Buy A Batmobile?
  124. Michael Bay's Dark Knight Script (Rejected)
  125. Just wondering?
  126. Which Villain would you like to be and Why?
  127. Your Batman movie script
  128. SMASH! TV - E3 2009 - : Arkham Asylum interview
  129. What other games will Batman: AA be compared to?
  130. Collector's Edition- Soundtrack
  131. You'll be able play joker on xbox 360, now stop complaining.
  132. Scarecrow fear toxin
  133. Riddler Warm Up
  134. How Long?
  135. Scarecrow confirmed ?
  136. forget this
  137. Need a Laugh?
  138. LOL @ gameinformer's little piece on B:AA
  139. Is Batman dead in RIP? What's the storyline?
  140. So what do you think Joker's moves are going to be?
  141. Extra costumes?
  142. Scarecrow!
  143. Best actrors
  144. Astronaut vs Caveman vs Batman
  145. Batman: Gotham Knight
  146. Villain's Past
  147. not again. another paul crocker interview.
  148. look at my email
  149. Fan Made Video
  150. What will be in the arkham asylum batcave?
  151. Have you convinced any cynical friends that this is not your normal Batman game?
  152. Will PC version allow mods?
  153. I wish the threads I post on stay at the top of the list
  154. No Batman three for nolan? IGN
  155. what upgrades will there be??
  156. What happens after you beat the joker?
  157. So out of the villians we have seen.
  158. Oh cool, look what I found on Ebay!!
  159. If Robin ever is in the Nolan series, I had an intro idea...
  160. the ps3 gets the joker .. WHAT DOES THE 360 GET?
  161. For those of you with XBox Live (sorry off topic)
  162. batman movie vs batman game
  163. Batman is on G4 today.
  164. **** Grayson or Tim Drake?
  165. Very nice interview - new (not Paul Crocker)
  166. Gary Oldman's amusing slip in TDK.
  167. What moment in the game are you looking forward to the most?
  168. Quick Question about Bruce and Ollie..
  169. New Preview
  170. So how do the Riddles in the game work?
  171. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Batman Arkham Asylum Skins and Joker T-Shirt!!!
  172. How will the environment set-up work?
  173. Has anyone seen this new Dini interview for Arkham Asylum?
  174. Do you think this hints to Mr. Freeze's existence in Batman: Arkham Asylum?
  175. What's your favourite little detail in Arkham Asylum?
  176. Here's a nice surprise for all of you.
  177. BatMania Reviews
  178. New From IGN
  179. The Demo in July???
  180. Here are some cool vids of the Bat.
  181. Gordon or Alfred, who was more of a father figure to Batman?
  182. Opinion about Batmobile?
  183. look at what i found on imdb
  184. PODCAST #3 - Paul Dini answers your questions!
  185. Batman Arkham Asylum Section started on XBL
  186. Even if for more marketing, the delay has worked out.
  187. I had a dream, what do you think?
  188. 300 Bat"men" vs. 300 Spartans, who would win?
  189. Batman on IGN
  190. The Joker NOT A Ps3 excusive
  191. This could of been the day!
  192. B:AA Site Update Thread.
  193. New Joker preview from GameSpot!
  194. Who's the better criminal mastermind?
  195. Batmania: Announcement!
  196. Oldies on the Board......
  197. The Joker's Bombs in Gotham
  198. installing game question
  199. The Batman Arkham Asylum Magazine Scans thread.
  200. bat suit battle damage ?
  201. a new batman video.
  202. The Dark Knight Meets Superman
  203. Plzzzzzzzzzzz read this
  204. ****Batman Arkham Asylum COMBO Sticky****
  205. Who do you think would win in a fight. Heath Ledger's Joker or B:AA's Joker
  206. New Downloads on B:AA Website?
  207. Gotham knights online podcast #8 - j.h. Williams iii talks about batwoman
  208. Batman Picture thread! (Art, Screenshot, Promos ETC)
  209. Did anyone notice this in the demo's intro?
  210. Who would win?
  211. batman beyond: return of the joker paradox
  212. What country are you from
  213. I require some assistance...
  214. Lego Batman
  215. What games will you buy this year?
  216. SIR Sefton Hill
  217. Best Batman Team-Up or Versus
  218. Mask Of The Phantasm
  219. New video.
  220. The BatBoat?
  221. Which animated Batman movies are the best?
  222. Funny things you want in the game
  223. Batman Arkham Asylum vs Resident Evil 5
  224. Batmania Reviews! News for 06/22/09
  225. question
  226. New Joker video - see him battle Gordon!
  227. Arkham Movie
  228. Justice League Team
  229. Batman Hangman Forum Game
  230. 2 Previews & An Interview from guess who?
  231. A Fan's Feeble Attempt at Comedy
  232. how the sixaxis on the ps3 might be used
  233. Did you know ?
  234. Which Batman Character are you most like?
  235. Something that would work very well in this game.
  236. The Official Keir-is-going-on-holiday-for-a-week thread
  237. Vote Now
  238. I have someone you are looking for ...
  239. Batman Pic Help
  240. Pre-ordered the special edition today...
  241. Just found an Arkham Asylum preview in Spanish...any translators here?
  242. Suggestions for my next picture
  243. vs mode idea?
  244. A second clue just for you ...
  245. Should i get arkham asylum for the 360 or ps3
  246. Know the Future
  247. I noticed.
  248. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Riddler still at large!
  249. Possible New Pictures
  250. A Conspiracy