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  1. Demo
  2. Real Life Super Heroes!?!
  3. What would your Superhero/Crime Fighter name be
  4. News of any New costumes?
  5. Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman ..... Really did it for me
  6. I Dont Read The Comics (Questions About The Game)
  7. Demo Ideas (NOT OFFICAL)
  8. CE in box picture
  9. Blue Beetle in Arkham Asylyum?
  10. Scarecrow?
  11. How Would You Do It?
  12. ***Favorite Bat-Suit?***
  13. Are there any games other than Arkham Asylum your looking forward to??
  14. True Origins Of Some Villains
  15. Best Batman Final Boss Fight (Ending)
  16. A question about The Dark Knight
  17. Who's in Your Top 5?
  18. Villains and their roles in the game/story (Warning LONG!)
  19. Reson Not to believe Wikipedia
  20. joker playable info coming
  21. Who do you think is the best live action Batman?
  22. A question about The Dark Knight (the movie)
  23. I had an breakthrough!
  24. ***I've found Mark Hamill's Clone!***
  25. Potential Game of the Year?
  26. Best looking part of Arkham Asylum (game)
  27. For All Of You Who Have Played The Demo (Zsasz kinda easy??)
  28. New Origins
  29. Have you ever made up your own superhero?
  30. Where's the Updates?
  31. Post your Best Bat-Wallpaper !!! Only Batman please !!!
  32. I heard theres Free Roaming
  33. Will there be a Batman: Arkham Asylum Theme for 360??
  34. Will your attributes and upgrades roll over when you start a new game (anyone?)
  35. B:AA Request Thread
  36. Throwing the Bad guys off the ledge
  37. There is a gameplay video floating around (its in another lang) has anyone seen it??
  38. Poison Ivy Question
  39. Other random DC games
  40. London Games Expo Weekend
  41. Make ur best batman in heromachine
  42. Voices In-game
  43. TDK Behind the scenes
  44. Dress up as Batman or your favorite Batman character
  45. 360Gamer Issue 61 - Zsasz reveal?
  46. Release date
  47. what other games based on dc characters would you want.
  48. Batman Begins actor cast in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  49. villain trailers
  50. How does Batman get the bat signal when there are no clouds
  51. Joker falling from Prewitt building, Battle with Batman
  52. Super Funny Dark Knight parts!
  53. New Batman: Arkham Asylum interview!
  54. Where will the ridder be in the game?
  55. confusion over USA/UK realse dates..??
  56. Play as the Joker PS3 Exclusive - First Look (Spike TV in the US)
  57. How Hard Mode Should Be Handled
  58. Congratulations to Jack J Napier
  59. An important question to Keir
  60. Who do you want to show up in the game?
  61. I know why the goon models are reused
  62. E3
  63. Batman on Facebook
  64. Revisiting the "Close To Perfect" Article
  65. Three Word Batman story!
  66. Tribute to Ledger
  67. how bout a Justice League game?
  68. Batman 3 Teaser Poster
  69. Arkham Asylum Poster
  70. Arkham Asylum Universal Studios ride/stageplay: Yay or Nay?
  71. MK vs DC
  72. NPC Allies?
  73. The demo now, is available in Canada!
  74. Spike TV Joker trailer premiere
  75. Joker gameplay discussion thread
  76. Does all challenge Maps come with Collectors Edition?
  77. Jokers challenge Maps question
  78. New video interview
  79. Release date announcement coming T O D A Y
  80. Exclusive Gamestop Villain Map Revealed (count down timer)
  81. Batman: Arkham Asylum E3 09 Joker Trailer HD
  82. Batman: Arkham Asylum E3 09 Joker Trailer HD
  83. Question about Joker exclusive challenge room DLC
  84. Brand new B:AA G4TV interview, with brand new gameplay!
  85. Batman:AA impressions on Jostiq...
  86. IGN E3 Preview of B:AA
  87. Alternate suit
  88. New vid interview !! Sefton and others talk about the dark knight!!
  89. My friend thought of a cool idea for a potential 360 exclusive
  90. New Paul Crocker Interview on Joystiq Playstation
  91. Really Freaky Batman related thing that just happened to me..
  92. Somethings i have noticed they have added
  93. Batman AA original sound tracks
  94. For all you techies ... is there anyway to get a 360 controller to work on PS3?
  95. Knowing the release date is great and all but...
  96. Batman: Arkham Asylum Countdown Clock
  97. So, where's the Paul Dini Podast?
  98. why 3 day release delay for euro?
  99. marvel vs dc game
  100. Joker's quirks
  101. Poison Ivy appreciation thread!
  102. Random montages trailers (for the game)
  103. voice caractair
  104. Who’s your favourite Batman villain?
  105. Has there been a PS3 Demo at Gamestops?
  106. Batman: The Animated Series needs to be back on (we want reruns)
  107. Possible DLC that Eidos should consider
  108. The Joker
  109. Villian Challenge Map Reveal in two months.
  110. What Would You Do Better (Open Panel)
  111. villian challenge map
  112. This may sound weird but...
  113. Joker gameplay theory
  114. Does anyone know any news about the Batman Superman moive?
  115. Eidos .... Our hopes for future skin DLC
  116. E3 batman virtual booth
  117. Which boss fight are you most excited about?
  118. What is your favourite feature in the game so far? How high do you rate it so far?
  119. Posters
  120. Questions For Podcast Thread
  121. myspace fanpage
  122. Heath Ledger just won Best Villain at the MTV Movie Awards.
  123. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On A Serious Earth
  124. Marvel vs Capcom 2
  125. If Arkham Asylum is a success, would you want Batman Beyond?
  126. My halfway serious idea for a 2-D Batman sprite-based fighter
  127. BAA Poster
  128. IGN new screenshots
  129. Custom trailer
  130. Joker DLC to be FREE...
  131. Exclusive Joker Gameplay Trailer on Gametrailers
  132. Questions for PS3 owners
  133. look at dstyles1810s comment
  134. The HARD Truth About Batman 3
  135. Arkham (Movie)
  136. Square Enix and Eidos dropping Warner Bros. publishing
  137. Grant Morrison's Joker
  138. If you pre-order a BAA pc collection edition
  139. Batman Collecters
  140. Batman: Arkham Asylum demo now @ Best Buy in Canada!!!
  141. New Villain Trailer in the Next Few Days?
  142. Grayson-Fan Produced Trailer
  143. New E3 09 Interview!!
  144. What will drag this game down!
  145. Are you this hardcore?
  146. Batman Arkham Asylum Hands on IGN (New)
  147. So no word about a demo for the consoles yet I take it?
  148. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas Galor!
  149. Batman:The Killing Joke
  150. game.co.uk batman release date updated
  151. Batman : Arkham Asylum E32009 gameplay
  152. Think this is a new video?
  153. New Batman: AA vid "Thug Busting Gameplay"
  154. Gamespot Batman: Arkham Asylum Show Live Feed
  155. Artwork.....
  156. Joker Trailer On PSN
  157. I'm so excited!
  158. B:AA on Gamespot E3 live now
  159. Bats on E3 Right Now
  160. 3-Part Story Mode demo now up in HD!
  161. Screensavers....
  162. Possibly wanting to catch up to the comic series
  163. ***Batman's cape & cowl: Black or Blue?***
  164. This will make you want the Joker challenge maps more...
  165. Remember the G4TV Batmobile video?
  166. Downloadable E3 demo (not playable)
  167. Joker cam gameplay!!
  168. Has anyone seen Batman: New Times?
  169. Lol. Look what someone did to this game's IMDB page.
  170. play as the joker E3 video
  171. 48 Character Bio's .. Who could they all be?
  172. Penguin First Look ?
  173. Update to the new page
  174. New interview just posted on GT.
  175. A question about the playable Joker
  176. Batman: Akham Asylum: E3 09 HD Joker Walkthroughs + Combat Interview
  177. To Robin, or Not to Robin?
  178. Batman: Arkham Asylum feedback ?
  179. Mr Freeze added to IMDB cast list
  180. Is Gotham Knight Worth Buying?
  181. Bad People On Wikipedia
  182. Batman: Arkham Asylum will be great if...??
  183. Batman DLC for LittleBigPlanet?
  184. Questions about the story
  185. Why doesn't Batman's Cape cover his whole body?
  186. When did Batman become the gruff, tough guy we know and love now?
  187. Something I've been wondering about...
  188. Exclusive Collector's Edition Packing Video
  189. updat to batman site with interview
  190. One good thing about this forum
  191. New sewer gameplay.
  192. B:AA preview
  193. What kind of demo do you want?
  194. GamesRadar Review of Batman: Arkham Asylum (Note, from E3 gameplay)
  195. Hm. This preview is a bit worrisome. ;/
  196. Environment is so detailed
  197. I really like the character
  198. A Rhetorical Question
  199. E3 Demo Discussions
  200. A.i.
  201. Exclusive Villain Challenge map.
  202. B:AA Achievements/Trophies?
  203. Sequel Ideas for TDK
  204. Walmart Exclusive?
  205. vehicles confirmed??????
  206. 2 questions!
  207. Keir help the fans out
  208. Batman:AA Free Roam?
  209. New 360 Gamer Preview
  210. Optional Combat?
  211. What fighting styles has Batman learned/mastered? And..
  212. Is Batman really dead in RIP?
  213. How long till the demo download comes out?
  214. Batman AA: Myths Exposed
  215. Reccomend me a book/graphic novel?
  216. Favorite Batman Quotes of All-Time!!
  217. making a Batman fan film: what does a fan want in a batman movie?
  218. Zsasz saw me!!!!... bye bye mike
  219. In Need of Clarification
  220. Something I noticed about the Joker's voice in this game.
  221. Recommend some Animated Series episodes?
  222. new interview with paul crocker
  223. batman arkham asylum first let down?
  224. Jonah Hex!
  225. DC universe online..
  226. REVIEW from Total Film
  227. How old are you?
  228. Xbox Gamer 10 Page Preview SCANS
  229. Detective mode
  230. Not impressed
  231. I know when the next villain trailer is coming out
  232. XBL Gamertag Help
  233. Why are he downloads locked?
  234. Batman Graphic Novels
  235. Poster Contest Winner?
  236. A new Style
  237. Which platform?
  238. batman and robin comic
  239. Batman: Arkham Asylum Video Ad Spotted!
  240. Where's the 360 demo?
  241. Character Trophies
  242. Batman:AA in India ?
  243. Kerr news from conference call
  244. Collector's Edition or Standard Edition?
  245. E3 Concerns Expressed
  246. Have you done a tribute?
  247. Jane Doe
  248. Another chit chat with Sir Sefton Hill
  249. Nightwing
  250. Requesting Comic Book Staff People