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  1. wikepda
  2. Pushed to september
  3. I wouldn't mind Venom Joker IF.....
  4. Rocksteady? Can you guys fix Bane's "weight issue" please??
  5. Fear Gas looks creepy!
  6. Best batman ending
  7. Trophy Announcement?
  8. My impression of the AA demo.
  9. How about some other DC villain?
  10. Batman should go out on to the street!
  11. Villain Challenge Map ?
  12. What Would you Pay to Read Batman Comics?
  13. B:AA Review (7th May)
  14. Finally - a little light has been shed on the mystery of the delay.
  15. Batman:AA on Qore Episode 12...
  16. What's In Store For the PC Users
  17. Batman Forever.
  18. Little Big Planet B:AA level
  19. french
  20. Mediocre communication from Eidos and the team.
  21. Is the Batarang in the CE useable?
  22. Forum Upgrade?
  23. Review Score! Please someone put it up!
  24. i've got the PSM3 Mag :)
  25. Qore Episode 12 – Featuring Batman: Arkham Asylum
  26. The Confirmed PS3 Trophy List
  27. **Off Topic** Question..
  28. Thanks!
  29. hey!! We like Batman in Canada too!!!!
  30. batman comics when it comes to a newbie
  31. Another suggestion
  32. Here's the video for Qore Episode 12 - featuring Batman.
  33. xbox 360 demo comings soon
  34. Ideas for downloads ?
  35. no female thugs ?
  36. Envoironment Question
  37. Game Master Batman:AA Preview Scans
  38. To Sefton, Jamie, Keir and the whole Rocksteady Team
  39. Quick question.
  40. OXM review of Batman AA
  41. B:AA Review Dates
  42. GAME exclusive
  43. Post Your Challenge Mode Demo High Scores!!!
  44. U.K Release Date
  45. Review scores! Predictions here...
  46. ok so poison ivy confirmed ??????
  47. Hybrid
  48. Keir any news on demo
  49. so this is why they delayed the game??
  50. [Off-Topic] My PC...
  51. First Look: Battle for the Cowl #3
  52. (off topic) why batman?
  53. What do you expect of this game?
  54. Arkham Asylum Blueprint (The Last Arkham #1)
  55. How will "Batman does not kill" be handled?
  56. Scarecrow.
  57. I'd like to apologize to Eidoes and mods
  58. Release date info
  59. Joker playable on PC?
  60. harley quinn!
  61. Possible UK summer release dates
  62. can't decide
  63. Whos your favorite villian and why?
  64. Why it got delayed & possible Release Date
  65. eidos has batman been delayed?
  66. who would you like to see on venom?
  67. I heard the demo is coming.
  68. Video of my B:AA LBP level
  69. Amazon Exclusive
  70. Scarecrow and Poison Ivy are in! Yes!
  71. Poison Ivy and Scarecrow confirmed by official game comic.
  72. I Think this game is being sold in a really stupid way...
  73. Ps3 joker exclusive.
  74. PTOM Preview of Batman: Arkham Asylum (full article with Pics)
  75. During Mainenance.
  76. Batman: Gotham City
  77. Xbox 360 World B:AA 12 page preview scans :D
  78. Gadgets
  79. GT AA preview..
  80. Dark Knight talk (some issues I had with it)...
  81. Thanks Eidos
  82. Questions for PC version.
  83. Combo Takedown?
  84. What batman character would you cosplay as
  85. So Keir any word when the xblm/psn demo will be out
  86. Hands On Preview with Two Face Possibility
  87. Which is better?
  88. charcter costume
  89. How do you think The Joker will act throughout the game
  90. what do you think the Exclusive “Crime Alley” map, available immediately
  91. here , demo video for you .
  92. Catwoman and other new villians confirmed.
  93. Two Face?
  94. Question (Not about game)
  95. Batman: Arkham Asylum Holy Fragger Wallpapers
  96. Killer Moth???
  97. demo next week?
  98. Why no demo yet in the UK and Europe like US?
  99. E-mail Release Date !?!
  100. Game not finish yet?! Nice joke
  101. Jeremiah Arkham
  102. This puts the game in a whole new perspective for me
  103. What do you want for The Dark Knight sequal?
  104. A (Rock) Steady Stream of Website Content
  105. Who do you think is the best joker?
  106. Roam Freely ?
  107. Comments on the Demo
  108. Batman Music
  109. Good news about the releasing date!
  110. The Arkahm Batcave
  111. filling the batman void
  112. Batman Arkham Asylum Ultimate Collectors Edition - crazEyez collectables
  113. Pre-Order Exclusives.
  114. in side the Collectors Edition box
  115. Xbox Preview
  116. Freeflow walkthrough
  117. Personal Impressions & Rating out of 10
  118. Uk release date (Not official)
  119. Batman: Arkham Asylum X-Play hands-on
  120. FreeFlow Combat Walkthrough on youtube :)
  121. What if THIS came with the CE...
  122. Freeflow thoughts
  123. Nicknaming Batman.
  124. Which system would you get this for?
  125. Ultimate Collectors Edition !!!!!!
  126. If you could ask Paul Dini anything....
  127. B:AA xbox world podcast
  128. Has your excitement level increased as the raving previews roll in?
  129. How many times did the Joker escape from Arkham?
  130. Calling London-based Bat fans
  131. Other Superhero films.
  132. Batman Arkham Asylum Studio Tour "NEW"(video)
  133. This is Funny!
  134. New Free Flow Combat Video
  135. Why haven't we gotten any new news on the homepage?
  136. Game Soundtrack
  137. So much work... just for one game?
  138. Vote for Batman Arkham Asylum!!
  139. Batman: Arkham Asylum To Be At E3 2009
  141. So with Batman being at E3 will we get a demo then?
  142. My Batman LBP intro
  143. Not even the armored batsuit?
  144. Batman's alt-armor featured in"Break Bane" trailer
  145. XP upgrades confirmed so far?
  146. When are the Cheat Codes going to be released?
  147. Hey... did anyone notice...
  148. Where are you pre ordering it from?
  149. Scarecrow.
  150. Tim Burton v Christopher Nolan
  151. How do you rate this forum?
  152. whats being improved or fixed with the game delay
  153. What is Cape Clipping?
  154. Xbox 360 - Extras or not ?
  155. What would you say are the must have Batman graphic novels and stories?
  156. Batman: Arkham Asylum demo at MCM Expo - London - THIS WEEKEND!
  157. WIN! WIN! WIN! Awesome Batman: Arkham Asylum poster signed by Paul Dini
  158. You know what would make a kick ass extra?
  159. Which villains do you think are not good for the game?
  160. Blue Beetle in the game?
  161. Is there a special edition for the PC?
  162. Why is PS3 Better
  163. Free Flow Combat Walkthrough Video
  164. AMAZON, GAME, PLAY - 19th JUNE
  165. Looks like Sony should have pushed to have the game go to PS2... yeah, I said TWO!
  166. Challenge room Voice Over issue
  167. Batman Arkham Asylum Video Thread
  168. Will there be weather changes?
  169. Game Scoop Interveiw with Kevin Conroy
  170. the batmobile in the game
  171. quick off topic question about BTAS dvds in the uk
  172. Future Batman games?
  173. questions about how the batman game will play?
  174. Did u prorder your copy?
  175. request to eidos and rocksteady
  176. 20 Days.... Come on, Eidos..
  177. Joker Blogs
  178. Please, please clear it up
  179. Concerning 360 Owners..
  180. Ergonomics Around Arkham Asylum
  181. "There can be only one!"
  182. Arkham Insiders Wallpaper?
  183. Will it rain once your outside?
  184. Batgirl or Oracle?
  185. The Riddle from X-Play hands on (Solve?)
  186. Batman runs funny ><
  187. Complaint thread
  188. How villains might tie into the story
  189. Dreams of this game lol..
  190. A Comedic Look At the Reason Behind The Delay
  191. B:AA feature on X Play, G4 TV
  192. New trailer today at 5pm GMT!
  193. Can you please update the batman arkham asylum website ?
  194. Demo Vs Actual Game
  195. New BAA Trailer New Villan Anounced
  196. Screen Capture by Poison "beautiful" Ivy Trailer !!!!!!
  197. Whatever happened to KGBeast?
  198. I think I know how Scarecrow’s boss battle will be
  199. ***Batman's Cape Doesn't Believe in Gravity***
  200. What the? Batman leaves black residue after a fighting move???
  201. Other good movies besides The Dark Knight
  202. Joker GTTV exclusive (No the video is not out yes so chill)
  203. Arkham Asylum to be Featured on GameTrailers TV
  204. Clayface confirmed in Play magazine [scans inside]
  205. Did anyone notice...
  206. Arkham Asylum Multiplayer
  207. Favorite TV Show(s) (other than any Batman)
  208. Is Paul Dini on this forums?
  209. I think the theory about Ivy/Venom is correct.
  210. Lets get this out of the way
  211. The Joker & the Thief
  212. Favorite representation of a character on the animated Batman shows?
  213. Batman Arkham Asylum Guide release date
  214. Is Everyone Else As Excited About The Remote Controlled Batarang As I Am
  215. ICONIC Batman quotes.
  216. Mr FREEZE!!!
  217. Demo in Greece?
  218. Nice animation of JOKER
  219. Batman: Arkham Asylum - PODCAST TWO - STEALTH AND AI
  220. Batman/Death/Capture
  221. Eidos and Square Enix?
  222. New Poison Ivy Art Released
  223. This... is... brilliant
  224. Multiple voice roles.
  225. Songs that fit Batman (and the game)
  226. Which is your favourite villain trailer? ....so far
  227. Does this game have a lot of story to it?
  228. Questions about Batman the cartoon series...Batman Beyond etc...
  229. http://www.theultimatejoker.com/
  230. Who do you like the most? Ivy or Quinn
  231. The villains abilities
  232. Gives Me Chills Every time (best batman speeches)
  233. How do you want boss fights played out?
  234. CONFIRMED Villains
  235. Could Detroit City be considered the "real world Gotham"?
  236. Holiday Killer easter egg...
  237. NEW Poison Ivy RENDER
  238. A video tribute to all the villains
  239. Awesome impression of Heath's Joker
  240. Christian Bale falls asleep while on set
  241. Will there be DLC?
  242. All The "Official" Videos (so far) In HD
  243. Does anyone else wish we could just wipe this forum clean .... i mean we have 21 pgs
  244. Which entry do you like?
  245. New BAA Preview
  246. Playable on Pc with a 360 controller?
  247. CVG.com preview
  248. B:AA wish list
  249. The Next Batman Movie (rumor is this true??)
  250. What do you think about this link for the next Batman movie