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  1. games tm artical
  2. Batman Crashing threw Glass windows.
  3. Wait a minute!
  4. How do you use the middle stick?
  5. "press start" glitch
  6. Anyone else really disappointed that dialogue trees got axed?
  7. More fear?
  8. Poll: Should there be a grab/grapple button added to Freeflow?
  9. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition Game Freezing
  10. Moving Bodies
  11. Secret on Riddlers jacket?
  12. Arkham City Trailer
  13. Implementing vehicles
  14. Your Hopes and Dreams for Arkham City
  15. Teaser Trailer for BAC
  16. Mark Hamill talks Arkham City and The Joker's rumored death
  17. Oracle's clock tower = Batman's new "Bat Cave"?
  18. How cool would it be if Dead Shot and....
  19. Gameplay/Story hints from Arkham City Teaser (Spoilers inside)
  20. An interactive Batcave main menu (like CoD Black Ops) would rock!!
  21. pretty cool vid about the spike VGA's and Arkham City
  22. please everyone vote fore arkham city
  23. Why is there still not an official Batman AC forum?
  24. Batman Arkham City Forums Launching Soon.
  25. If you could put ONE villain in Arkham City...
  26. I had a dream...
  27. Arkham City full trailer
  28. Was Arkham Asylum....Too Simple For The Batman?
  29. So the next game and last movie have the same main bad guy?
  30. Gameplay Hints from VGA Arkham City CGI trailer
  31. Uncharted 3 trailer > Arkham City trailer
  32. How old is Batman/ Bruce Wayne, in events of the game?
  33. Basic Plot
  34. Problem with Batman
  35. Two new Arkham City screens
  36. A "strange" thought hit me about Joker...
  37. The more dangerous criminals
  38. Batman in Pink?
  39. Some more unreleased concept art from B:AA artist, Carlos D'Anda.
  40. An odd coincidence: The Dark Knight Rises in Arkham City
  41. New Arkham city screenshots!
  42. 3 New Screens
  43. New "fantastic" Batman: Arkham City content coming Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  44. [RUMOR/SPECULATION] Arkham City Multiplayer
  45. Batman Attributes and stats
  46. Batman Costume Design for Arkham Asylum/City
  47. I lost my code
  48. teh hammy's Multiplayer ideas
  49. Devs just make the game moddable
  50. This topic has been itching me.
  51. How do you think the battle with hugo strange will go?
  52. PSN and Xbox LIVE logos on official website.
  53. new Arkham City concept art
  54. Check which challenges achieved?
  55. Stuck with Scarecrow
  56. Thug vs thug
  57. GamesTM article
  58. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed for E3 2011.
  59. Comic Con news April 2011
  60. What happened to Mr. freeze?
  61. IGNS take on a Batman Game.
  62. The theme park will probably be a "zone" in AC
  63. Why didn't Batman already know Hugo's name?
  64. Batman Arkham City Details From IGN
  65. Doubts about Arkham city┬┤s Cameras...
  66. Xbox Save Disappeared...
  67. Face it, you are all still kids.
  68. Help please
  69. Ill give a $ to the first person to help
  71. GT Pop-Block: Hugo Strange Reveal Trailer
  72. How Warner Bros. stands to make a profit
  73. Any chance of Arkham Asylum/City on NGP (PSP2)?
  74. Multiplayer Poll of the week.
  75. Should The Joker die in Arkham City?
  76. Arkham city news (gamespot)
  77. saving dr young spray gel issue
  78. To the devs who secretly lurk these forum, please decrease the size of Bat's forearms
  79. New Screenshots!
  80. New AC Detective Mode screenshot
  81. Memory refresh
  82. New Arkahm City Screenshot!
  83. Countering?
  84. Silly timer hud issue in Challenge Modes
  85. Batman: Arkham City Comic Book Mini-series Announced!
  86. Screenshot (not sure if old or new)
  87. "War Games" feeling to it....
  88. What would you prefer....
  89. Extras.
  90. is nightwing confirmed
  91. cannot sign in as local profile
  92. News Coming Today on IGN
  93. 4 new screens from IGN article!
  94. Possible Demo Style
  95. Sefton Confirms No Multi-player For Arkham City!
  96. Hoping Mutiplayer will make its way to Batman Arkham city.
  97. Harley Quinn Arkham City Action Figure
  98. If you Haven't picked up Arkham Asylum yet...
  99. jokers fun house...
  100. No MP! Glad or sad?
  101. Hoping Mutiplayer will NOT make its way into Batman Arkham city
  102. Silent Knight in under 1 minute
  103. Would it be ok of batman could use guns?
  104. We are overdue for a release date and gameplay footage
  105. Just Wow
  106. What is each companies role in Arkham City?
  107. New IGN Article!
  108. New Info & Arleen Sorkin may not be reprising her role
  109. Gamespots Arkham City Impressions
  110. Quick question
  111. First gameplay footage.
  112. GameTrailers demo report
  113. Am i the only one who was made sad by the newly released footage?
  114. ArkhamCity.co.uk Exclusive Announcement Tomorrow
  115. "Turn on and tune in before someone checks out: 275.00 325.00."
  116. Who's migrating to the new forum?
  117. Very disappointed with Poison Ivy action figure
  118. Sewer System confirmed in Batman Arkham City
  119. 2 New Arkham City Screenshots
  120. Jack Ryder confirmed for AC - now what of the Creeper?
  121. A whole set of new previews!!!
  122. stereoscopic 3D ?
  123. 5 comic and film references found in Batman: Arkham City
  124. New preview !!
  125. Arkham City dated: Oct 18th US/Oct 21st UK
  126. Cover for Issue 3 of Arkham City comic revealed.
  127. First Gameplay Trailer
  128. Batman Arkham Asylum 8h gameplay
  129. Riddler Revealed
  130. Arkham City trailer w/ new soundtrack
  131. Just got Batman AS (Freezing)
  132. achievements glitches
  133. OMG!! Guys,new villians reveal!!!
  134. Would you like AA/AC style fighting game
  135. Dc Directs Arkham Asylum Batman
  136. Plot holes in the game.
  137. First 5 pages of new Batman: Arkham City Comic
  138. Getting back to the Medical Facility
  139. What does paper lanterns have to do with Alice in Wonderland?
  140. Getting attacked by multiple enemies at once
  141. Don't make the same mistake that Force Unleashed did.
  142. Titan Project
  143. Why Cant i..?
  144. Batman - PS3 or PC ???
  145. Batman Arkham City Trailer (Shirley Walker)
  146. Re-Mastered Wallpapers
  147. Batman Atari Lynx
  148. I'm Back-man.
  149. New Catwoman Trailer
  150. E3: Sefton Hill Gameplay Demo
  151. Hi. New here, new to PS3 and in need of advice!
  152. Riddler Trophies
  153. Arkham Asylum : Missable trophies.
  154. Best Buy preorder bonus: Playable Robin
  155. Batman: Arkham City - all features, facts and news about the game and the characters
  156. Top 3 least favourite gameplay moments : Arkham Asylum.
  157. Robin in Batman Arkham City won't be a bad thing.
  158. DLC problem
  159. Crime Alley DLC
  160. Batarang Achievement
  161. Tomb raider fans be doing dirty voting tactics against Batman votings
  162. Big Bang/Bigger Bang achievements?
  163. Arkham City cover art
  164. Help!!!
  165. What are your best scores in challenges ?
  166. New Riddler trailer
  167. Arkham asylum flooded corridor
  168. how to change the language from russian to english
  169. Official Collector's Edition Arkham City
  170. done everything but only 87% complete
  171. Square Enix Play Arts Kai Figures @ Comic-Con
  172. 3D confirmed !!
  173. Penguin Revealed Trailer
  174. On Hard
  175. Can someone do Shock and Awe (extreme) for me?
  176. GOTY Version Crashes
  177. Batman Arkham City skins!
  178. Technical question
  179. What's the option with most extra content?
  180. The full extent of Strange's plans and alliances
  181. Question about the 'Counter' Icon
  182. Arkham Asylum Site
  183. Mr. Freeze Arkham City Trailer
  184. PS3 GOTY no voice in cutscenes
  185. Color of the batsuit in Arkham Asylum?
  186. Arkham City to have New Game + Mode
  187. My feedback on Batman : Arkham Asylum --> 19,5/20
  188. Petition against the current default Arkham City batsuit
  189. Missing scarecrow scene with zombie joker
  190. Trophy bug on Batman AA on PS3
  191. Can anyone help me with this?
  192. Help!!! My batman canot jump far enough
  193. First review for Arkham City says its one of the greatest games ever made.
  194. Did Rocksteady listened to our feed-backs?
  195. Sigh game locks up everytime
  196. Seeking help on Batman Arkam Tattoo Sleeve!
  197. I wish they did this in AA...
  198. How would a not sucktastic Superman game work?
  199. Party Popper - Perfect 78 hit combo - Hard Difficulty - No Eva
  200. 3D on Xbox Live DL Version?
  201. Please Help
  202. how to change costumes in arkham city?
  203. Can i play AC offline?
  204. What Next? Batman of the Future!?
  205. Problem with play as joker challenge on the ps3
  206. AC Variation bonus
  207. Great Game!
  208. arkham asylum or arkham city ?
  209. Arkham City Nightwing... The New Mr Freeze
  210. "The Road to Arkham" question.
  211. Help please!!
  212. Please, please help!!
  213. Lost my Save game
  214. DLC - Where to download?
  215. Xbox 360 GOTY
  216. help level Ra s al GHul
  217. Arkham Asylum and Windows Live
  218. Freeze - spinning logo
  219. Play as Joker PS3 GOTY Edition
  220. A Very Arkham City Christmas
  221. Where is the warden's office
  222. Environmental Analysis glitch
  223. Gamebug - stuck in botanical gardens
  224. Scarecrow Second Encounter Glitch
  226. Crahs at startup
  227. How do I execute combos (dumb question, I know!)
  228. Missing Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC on AU PSN Store
  229. Big Problem with Catwoman DLC
  230. Hey Im Penguin!
  231. Leaderboard Not Updating?
  232. Non XBOX Game pad trouble!!!!
  233. BATMAN AA, crash after, movie intro
  234. Arkham Care
  235. AA question
  236. Amazing...
  237. Erro when playing the Batman Arkham Asylum
  238. Offline Profile Account is not working
  239. European PSN DLC!
  240. Bane and Batman
  241. Cryptographic Sequencer
  242. how to download the joker content
  243. Play as the Joker DLC withdrawn yet again?
  244. Games Batman Free On-line
  245. Sons Of Arkham shirts - how am i just seeing these?
  246. x-ray room
  247. Arkhamverse Killer Moth
  248. combat takedown : aim gadget same keyboard commands ?
  249. Batman Arkham Asylum Playthrough on youtube!
  250. save games ?