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  1. The grappble stops working in the Flooded Corridor
  2. How do I properly use the Cryptographic Sequencer?
  3. How do I take out the sniper on top the Intensive Treatment building?
  4. Need HUGE help.
  5. I cant play after instal 1.1 version
  6. Anyone else have trouble beating Shock and Awe(extreme) ?
  7. Which version of Two-Face?
  8. Just started I have a bug!
  9. I Miss This Game
  10. My Idea for the Story
  11. Plot ideas for BAA2?
  12. Need help: Advice for how to defeat Poison Ivy
  13. Need some help
  14. Eidos studio location?
  15. Batman Arkham Asylum Annual Story PT.3
  16. problem with the 360
  17. Arkham Mansion
  18. Last Villian in the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER
  19. A Humble Request for DLC for All
  20. n00bie ?? Game Data Issue
  21. batcave after ivy destroys iti
  22. The Riddler DLC AA OR AA2.
  23. what do i do after i beat the joker about 60 percent into the story
  24. Very Quick Question......
  25. getting into Intensive Treatment
  26. Getting back into Croc's lair after defeating him.
  27. Collectors Edition
  28. Problem apprehending Harley
  29. Og's of Batman Arkham Asylum first site.
  30. My BAA swan song
  31. what you would like to see for the batman:aa2 collectors edition
  32. The Penguin in Arkham Asylum?
  33. Riddle problems?
  34. Co-op or not?
  35. Corrupt Save, now that sucks!
  36. The Return Of Sharpe?
  37. Alfred???
  38. Help with finding the batcave after beating the Croc
  39. riddle question, im stuck
  40. DLC Use?
  41. im stuck on a riddle
  42. What did i miss?
  43. Batman:AA2 pre-order!
  44. is there another batman coming i hope so
  45. last riddle???????
  46. my take on a certain sidekick
  47. Batman Arkham Asylum Turkish Patch
  48. Do the developers...
  49. Calling Arkham Asylum Experts!
  50. Why only 85% complete
  51. A Little Article About Mark Hamill
  52. Need Help!
  53. Nightwing
  54. Batman Arkham Asylum gets Zero Punctuation's GOTY
  55. how insane is it.....
  56. How Do I Hang Off gargoyles On PS3?
  57. Titan Scarecrow = Scarebeast?
  58. Batman is totally Fabulous.
  59. Wall Jumping levels
  60. Big problem launch arkham asylum
  61. Batman: AA2 The Feed-back zone!!!
  62. I cant find where to download the extra maps!! PS3
  63. Question about Arkham...
  64. Arkham Asylum versions.
  65. Medical Facility - Patient Observation ||*no Batarang
  66. PSN against Brazilian's fans....
  67. How to improve the way you gain experience in AA2.
  68. Free Roaming Gotham with playable batmobile in Sequel?
  69. A secret side Game for Open world Batman
  70. John Glover?
  71. Houston....I havea problem! Need Help!
  72. Crash Whilst Logged-In
  73. A Excellent Idea for 2 player mode.
  74. Riddler Riddles and Deathtraps
  75. old facility?
  76. Comics influencing Batman AA 2
  77. a new vilan in the Batman AA 2 or just my imagination?
  78. Progress with the Insane Night pack
  79. whats the point of this?
  80. What is this place?
  81. Game accessibility
  82. Batman AA GOTY edition?
  83. Anyone have PDF of owners guide?
  84. Backtracking in the game?
  85. Arham Asylum: Animated Series: Villains Profiles
  86. Batman needs a martial arts match-up
  87. Just a couple drawings i've been doing....
  88. I'm SO late saying this...
  89. Riddles: 239/240?
  90. You know what they should have once you beat the game? (minor spoiler)
  91. My Arkham Asylum 2 Fansite is up!
  92. Thanks Eidos and Rocksteady! Outstanding game, a true Masterpiece!
  93. Lost, frustrated, thinking about quitting
  94. Presumed AA2 release date!
  95. PS3 version - no sound
  96. What Could Be Used In Place Of Interview Tapes In AA2?
  97. Any more DLC coming
  98. BAA's 1st Official Statue
  99. Crackdown 2 Melee Combat Shoots for Arkham Asylum
  100. My MAIN requests for the Sequel
  101. armored suit in story mode?
  102. Batman Gest #7 Spot on Best Games of 2009
  103. Next trailer dates????
  104. Batman Arkham Asylum better the second time around ?
  105. If theres to be an AA2 it should have...
  106. Game ending
  107. Does AA2 remind anyone of...
  108. Ninja Vanish
  109. "...And the people of Gotham!Who I will be seeing very,very,soon."
  110. may be old,but i have an idea for a challenge map that,err...involves music:o
  111. Glitch in xbox 360 version of the game
  112. Questions from beginner
  113. Game Web sites
  114. How to enter Killer Crocs Lair?
  115. Batman: AA bug on Ps3
  116. Massive Riddler Glitch?
  117. Something that need to be in Sequal
  118. video problems with PS3 newly bought AA
  119. whats your high score on "Tottally Insane"?
  120. Weapons for Batman next game.
  121. An idea for Co-op
  122. Nothing to Fear??
  123. How to perform a throw
  124. Batman Getting shot In the back .
  125. What NEEDS to be added
  126. Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Ending Theory!
  127. Is this a Real Song From B:AA end?
  128. how good is the game
  129. Batman AA2 aiming for October
  130. Batman in the shadows
  131. New forum website?
  132. Gutted after one email
  133. Do you get anything when you beat the game 100%?
  134. New facebook Page
  135. What annoyed you the most?
  136. Leaderboards...
  137. THE BTAS voice actors are great.. but arent they old now?
  138. Batman: Arkham Asylum 3rd Best Game 09
  139. My arkham 2 ideas
  140. Half Health Meter...help
  141. BGM in botanic garden?
  142. Joker's Henchmen
  143. Prey In The Darkness Pack 4 360
  144. FlashwhiteWhenK.O.inpart2
  145. Record Challenges
  146. What villans you want to see the most?
  147. What did the Riddler mean?
  148. Help?
  149. Just noticed something about the teaser site...
  150. A little help boys?
  151. arkham has moved???.
  152. Batman up for another award!
  153. Problems with batman
  154. Batman vs batman
  155. Petition to Include the Music Meister in Arkham Asylum 2
  156. An Idea For the End of Arkham 2
  157. How about a new original villian? (spoilers)
  158. Joker's face
  159. Could the blood bag be used as a countdown?
  160. Unable to connect to live account
  161. Ok...I beat Joker at 64%...now what?
  162. Idea for a feature in AA2
  163. How to play the DLC on ps3
  164. Arkham Asylum 2 Improvements
  165. Batman:Arkham Asylum wins three AIAS awards!
  166. Challenge Mode: Am I missing something?
  167. Catwoman
  168. script
  169. Robin or No Robin, that is the question...
  170. How does the cape stun?
  171. The Batarangs
  172. Crusader Mode??? LMAO
  173. Gliding Challenge Map for AA2?
  174. BAA 2 reveal at GDC?
  175. So much good scare crow
  176. Hero Or the Villian
  177. Warner Brothers buys Rocksteady
  178. From Dearest Catwomen, to Joker
  179. Is anyone else ready for some news?
  180. Joker story mode in b:aa2?
  181. AA PC ver on sale for 12 bucks this weekend
  182. can someone help..??
  183. Windows Games On Demand Drastically Discounts Arkham Asylum
  184. GT Wish List: Batman Arkham Asylum Sequel
  185. Killer Croc's Lair Bug !!!
  186. The missing line
  187. Batman Wins 9 Navigatr Awards
  188. Guard offices
  189. Suicide collars.
  190. More content for batman aa?
  191. Victor Szasz relation to The Question...?
  192. The Scarecrow laugh
  193. Batsuit(s)
  194. BAA2 Character Development
  195. Seriously, we need some news.
  196. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition, now in 3D
  197. Challenge map code?
  198. This game rocks.
  199. batmanarkhamasylum.com site update!
  200. Crazy Plot Idea
  201. Batman the master of Disguise
  202. Idea for a Zsasz feature
  203. Game of the year trailer is AMAZING
  204. New DLCs?
  205. A Mature Batman Game.
  206. A very very very interesting Batman Secret ;)
  207. How do you get back in the control room after you beat the game?
  208. Easter Egg in Sharpe's office
  209. I think batman aa 2 going to suck ):
  210. Update on the Robin rumour
  211. I miss this game
  212. Do you want Robin in AA2
  213. Lets all get Hyped for Arkham Asylum GOTY
  214. What the hell?
  215. Awesome game so far!
  216. Do you want to see the rest of the Batfamily in AA2?
  217. Just joined the PLATINUM LIST!
  218. Batman GOTY Edition officially dated: North America getting it a bit later....
  219. Batman and gargoyles
  220. Any way to tell which secret maps I haven't picked up?
  221. Repeating cutscenes
  222. Batman:Arkham Asylum wins Two BAFTAS!
  223. Combining Gadgets
  224. Scarecrow and Crime Alley challenge map code
  225. crazy theory but i think it makes sense
  226. Joker and GOTY Edition
  227. Does anyone think the trailer is metaphorical/not to be taken literally?
  228. I'd have preffered the canonical ending be *spoilers*
  229. stainless steel arkham batarang
  230. Finished Normal Mode. Can't do Hard Mode on my Save?
  231. Story ideas for Arkham Asylum 2: Spoilers
  232. Fear Toxin question.
  233. Booby trapped gargoyles?
  234. batman
  235. joystick problem
  236. Holy "What were they thinking?" Batman!
  237. broken batclaw?
  238. Sefton Hill daydreams for a Bane game
  239. What role will Quincy Sharpe have in AA2?
  240. Cool announcement time (PAL gamers only).
  241. Goty 3D verdicts
  242. The Road to Arkham - PSP Comic Released
  243. Road to Arkham PSP Comic now available on Playstation Network
  244. Batman AA 2 release date leaked?
  245. "Custom" BAA Collectors edition box
  246. New DLC
  247. Question about the avatars
  248. Anyone else want to see Ratcatcher?
  249. New content on Xbox Live Marketplace not purchasable for North American users?
  250. batman arkham asylum 2