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  1. The Challenge Maps Music Playlist
  2. DLC is up in Australia for PS3! :)
  3. Riddler question
  4. Insane night dlc probelm
  5. scariest part of the game
  6. Henchman Shotgun
  7. Please help me im going nuts!!!
  8. challange map leader boards dave
  9. Is That The....?!
  10. Patient Observation Room - Game-Ending Glitch?
  11. Halloween?
  12. I'm stuck at the beginning of the Game. plz help me
  13. Second DLC pack "Prey in the darkness"
  14. Batman loves to hide In vents. Thugs hate vents
  15. Back to Croc's Lair or Batcave
  16. Batman AA: soundtrack
  17. Map pack exclusive to Xbox Gold Members.
  18. "Insane Night" *IS* insane!
  19. 239?
  20. Clayface
  21. A Taste of PhysX **SPOILERS**
  22. Save game request? (Arkham Mansion)
  23. Batman vs. Joker spoilers
  24. Late to the party - SammiiDoogles Review
  25. Messed up leaderboard for Nocturnal Predator (PS3 Version)
  26. Quick Question
  27. end the fustration
  28. Things that would have made the game better.
  29. Downloadable Content
  30. DLC request
  31. DLC ideas
  32. Audio Problems
  33. medical building extreme need help
  34. What new gadget would you want to see in the possible sequel?
  35. How do I know that I got passed checkpoint
  36. Poision Ivy on hard difficulty (spoiler)
  37. Your Insane Night tactics?
  38. Challenge room ? Location's
  39. Arkham care log in
  40. Introduction
  41. Unable to return to the 'Experimental Chamber' *Possible Spoilers*
  42. The glide trophy
  43. will there be a sequel
  44. Bane loves me
  45. MS Runtime Error
  46. You know what I hate?
  47. Infocast System Down?
  48. The Jokers REAL name
  49. what art style do you want in the sequel
  50. when do you thin the sequel will come out
  51. You KNOW this Batman Music needs to be in the sequel
  52. Help stuck
  53. Clayface, the REAL Titan-grabber? *Spoilers*
  54. Sequencer
  55. Fear needs to play a bigger part in the sequel.
  56. Save game lost!
  57. someone help me
  58. Lmao
  59. croc's lair
  60. Joker Maps: Max variation bonus?
  61. using us dem bones on eu console
  62. Quick question
  63. harley quinn thong
  64. Insane Night for Silver?
  65. Please help
  66. no headbutt move by Batman?? :p
  67. So wait the cool armors suit cant be used in story mode?!?
  68. Stuck in first visit of Bat Cave (PS3)
  69. Who's the guy near that huge glass window? (spoiler)
  70. Top Ten Ways To Make Predator Gameplay More Awesome In The Sequel
  71. who's the guy with an arm out of the straight jacket in the room with clayface
  72. No Audio in cut Scenes
  73. Useful and extremely helpful tips:
  74. NEW MENU BUTTON: Scenes ( DLC ) EIDOS TAKE A LOOK. pleassseee!
  75. replay story checkpoint
  76. Cancelled DLC
  77. Batman:Arkham Asylum Statues?
  78. Batman The Villian's we forgot :(
  79. dlc for non supported countries :)
  80. I've never felt so relieved :3
  81. Is there going to be new DLC coming this week?
  82. Play as the Joker personal opinion
  83. Play as the Joker!
  84. Titan Effects (major spoilers)
  85. If you could pick...
  86. Lost Saved Game Data, did NOT delete
  87. help support batman arkam asylum
  88. Batman on Titan? (Spoilers)
  89. The end is just the beginning of the Riddler (small spoiler)
  90. Bane got short-changed big time (spoilers obviously)
  91. Weird patterns in Ivy's trees (probably spoilers)
  92. Batman Arkham Asylum Sequel?
  93. What are some things you would do different?
  94. The redundancy of the Batcave, Batmobile etc.
  95. how to get past scarecrow ? oh im stuck
  96. Just another thing i would like to learn about
  97. Suggestions for next game, or for possible updates
  98. Generic Help Please?
  99. ThankYou For the Free Downloadable Content Guys
  100. Fan Art
  101. Batman's Sidekick?
  102. Other Objectives
  103. How is this possible???
  104. Should Batman be alittle faster at escaping ememies crossfire?
  105. Music
  106. Quick question
  107. How Long?
  108. help me
  109. Need Help, I all the trophies but one
  110. Idea for a competition
  111. New DLC "Prey in the Darkness" up
  112. Need help! (Trophy)
  113. Eidos Interactive announces the Prey in the Darkness Map Pack
  114. Dear Eidos, please let U.S. 360 users get the "Prey in the Darkness" DLC too
  115. Batman's stubble =P
  116. Hard Way Story!
  117. Combat question
  118. Alice in Wonderland Challenge Map Idea
  119. I Thought Batman...
  120. any ideas for batman
  121. Using Detective Mode?
  122. Spiky Headed Thugs?
  123. i feel bad
  124. HELP! Stuck in Elevator chasing Ivy!
  125. Is this game getting harder and harder from %10 percentage?
  126. How did the cape stay up with batman hanging from a gargoyle?
  127. grapichs bug and game crash
  128. Batman wont crouch & use his Batarang at the same time..
  129. Batman arkham asylum collection
  130. infocast says DL content available now but it isn't~!
  131. Playing as the Joker
  132. Help Re-entering Pump Room
  133. help with designing wallpaper
  134. joker video game
  135. What's this room all about?
  136. Hard mode still shows blue indicators from attacking henchmen in challenge?
  137. dlc
  138. Is Olan Soule’s Voice In The Video Game?
  139. Evade smoke bombs Assassins Creed 2
  140. batman needs help in the lilbrary
  141. PS3 DLC problems: Joker AND free map packs not working
  142. No Special Combos in the latter part of the game
  143. Will we get DLC that isn't challenge maps?
  144. Insane Night Map Pack Time and Scores
  145. Problem with PS3 Version
  146. Help please!!
  147. Sequel anyone?
  148. fans
  149. I Get Freaked Out!!! (little spoilers)
  150. I got my poster! Wooot!
  151. Help with Harley scenario (Contains spoilers)
  152. Petition for a new Fighting Challenge DLC
  153. Combat challeng help please
  154. New combat challenge idea
  155. predictions for future dlc
  156. Searched but no answer. Gameplay question *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*
  157. quick queston
  158. combat system for the next sequel
  159. Joker Hard to Play With
  160. Idea For the Next Game
  161. Batman Arkham Asylum Pet Peeves
  162. Stuck On a Mission!?! (may contain spoilers)
  163. 3 Issues
  164. Problems
  165. Honor to the masterpiece
  166. Just got Perfect Knight!!!
  167. Are there any generous people who have any extra Crime Alley codes?
  168. Who is...
  169. who is the 1 armed loon in room with Clayface?
  170. How do you start a new game?
  171. BIG thanks to Rocksteady, Eidos, DC and WB
  172. So whats up with the last scene in the game?
  173. DLC Idea (probably already posted)
  174. How to get Prey in Darkness in N.A.
  175. Leaderboard update fail
  176. My review on the game (SPOILER FREE)
  177. Screenshots?
  178. Crash when trying to save guards from Harley
  179. You know you've played too much B:AA when...
  180. A great game but..
  181. ATI vs Nvidia - AA in game
  182. B:AA dlc suggestions
  183. Can anyone link me to the Arkham Asylum history video?
  184. Hey guys ?s (Been out of town)
  185. Idea for challenge maps
  186. New Paul Dini interview: Freeze and Mad Hatter were scrapped.
  187. So is there any announcements officail or rumoured that there will be any more DLC?
  188. Character Render Request (SPOILER)
  189. Trophy Glitches On PS3
  190. So my copy finally arrived...
  191. Voice of Arkham (Spoilers)
  192. Batman: Arkham Asylum Soundtrack
  193. Wouldn't ja know it? I goofed! I backtracked.
  194. Batman: Arkham Asylum IRC channel
  195. In need of help.
  196. 2 new homemade videos
  197. What other odd bits have you found in the game?
  198. DLC idea: episodic content
  199. Jokers Party List Question
  200. how the hell
  201. to the developers
  202. Help!!!
  203. BAA similar Resident Evil in some aspects?
  204. batarang throw
  205. another leaderboard glitch?
  206. What are the unlockable maps?
  207. Quincy Sharp's occupation
  208. My Batman AA Review
  209. Xbox 360 play as joker campaign
  210. Favorite Takedown's
  211. First Video: Dark Knight Orphan
  212. Sequal
  213. Use Sonar, Not Cheap'o Detective Mode
  214. B:AA Ringtones
  215. Joker's initial doodles!
  216. A new Rocksteady superhero game??!! :D
  217. Official Gameplay FAQ Thread
  218. Maximilian "Maxie" Zeus fOR NEXT Game Please!
  219. Open world vs Linear
  220. DLC request: Moar Mark Hamil!!
  221. Does anyone else have this problem?
  222. Riddles, Challenges, Trohpies...
  223. challange mode cheaters should be removed !
  224. Bat-Gadgets and Takedowns
  225. Combat Upgrade issue
  226. Which Platform for game is better..?
  227. Arkham Party [Trailer]
  228. Variation Bonus
  229. What if Epica remade Batman's Theme music?
  230. Are villains being left out of games now for being too kiddy?
  231. Who did the voice work?
  232. Best voice acting - apart from Hamill and Conroy?
  233. stuck after kill the first 2 titans help!!!!!!
  234. Batman's Non-Lethality
  235. Batman Arkham Asylum Custom Trailer w/Danny Elfman's Theme
  236. Just got my Platinum trophy!
  237. dlc cutcene idea
  238. Finally, Batman's not for KIDS!!!!!!
  239. More DLC news ????
  240. Dem Bones The Hardest Challenge Mode Out There
  241. what if? ps4 and xbox 720
  242. Finally! Dem Bones, Predator, & 100+ HIT COMBO
  243. Villains for the Batman AA sequel?
  244. Weird things in Arkham Asylum!
  245. Probably the greatest game ever !
  246. Whats your rank on the leader boards on the first combat level?
  247. arkham asylum funny picture/ photoshop thread
  248. Batman arkham asylum seperated at birth
  249. Things You didn't know about Batman Arkham Asylum
  250. Batman: Arkham Asylum artwork