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  1. Strange looking plantlife
  2. About translation
  3. Im having trouble getting these 2 trophies
  4. Anyone help me out?
  5. Do you want more on an RPG element to the next game?
  6. Batboat Anyone? "Spoiler"
  7. Riddler's Address??
  8. Batman:Arkham Asylum wolrd record!
  9. This ever happen to anyone else?
  10. Joker Teeth Question?
  11. Clayfaces Powers
  12. One of the Greatest of All Time!
  13. Shock and Awe (Extreme), the timer.
  14. Batman Knightfall for Batman 2 What If
  15. The Spirit of Arkham , who is it?
  16. Stuck sanatorium elevator shaft
  17. Batman arkham asylum ending, spoilers.
  18. I love this game
  19. Why can't we use Armoured Batsuit in story, looks awesome!!!
  20. Annoying Glitches in the Challenge Maps
  21. What I really want to see...
  22. What achievements/trophies would you like for the next game?
  23. New DLC in 9 days?
  24. How come I am first on leader board when my score should be 20th
  25. New DLC - PC?
  26. DLC - September 17th! (CONFIRMED)
  27. 3 Things you must do
  28. Leaderboard Cheaters/Fakes - Mod Confirmation?
  29. How the game's ending could have been longer *spoilers*
  30. Boss fight throne room and combat on normal WTF!
  31. Idea...
  32. The OTHER Arkhamcare.com
  33. Batarang The Rats?
  34. Seems to me...
  35. What DLC would you like to see?
  36. Ending Theory.
  37. Experiencing sound stutters in game during cutscenes
  38. I lost everything, serious bug?
  39. Batman Costume
  40. should i buy this game?
  41. "New Personal Best" and Leaderboard Glitch?
  42. Play as the Joker trailer music
  43. New Rocksteady Project?
  44. Play as the Scarecrow and why I don't think it'd be that good.
  45. is this right?
  46. On Your Second Playthrough....
  47. Help Silent Knight Extreme
  48. What I dont Understand About Joker (Spoilers...I Guess)
  49. Best Order to Obtain Wayne Tech for Normal/Hard
  50. Letter from Joker & Pals.
  51. one arm guy in cell
  52. Out of stock in Aus
  53. Can we use Joker??
  54. What could be future DLC campaign wise and not just extra challenge rooms
  55. "Now lets get this pary started" line?
  56. Batman AA's Pro's and Con's
  57. www.arkhamcare.com?
  58. Very good game, a solid 9 out of 10 from me
  59. Titans make everything easier
  60. Anyone Have Any Tips On How To...
  61. Strange PS3 Trophy Glitch..... or Not ?
  62. The remaining inmate in Arkham
  63. Keir becomes famous!
  64. SPOILERS - Has anyone tried this?
  65. A night of insanity. October 31st.
  66. Fun Easter Eggs (spoilers? kind of)
  67. Is It Me or Does Gordon Look Like......
  68. Combo move that made you go "Ouch! Hell Yeah!"
  69. What's Your Leaderboard Status?
  70. need help in medical facility
  71. Multiple Explosive Gel Upgrade Not Possible?
  72. Joker challenges
  73. Kle kle kle, I just got the platinum trophy!
  74. Trophies Not Unlocking
  75. vent leading to dr. youngs office
  76. To Eidos: I want Joker on my Xbox!!!
  77. Soloman Grundy DLC would rock
  78. How Are The Different Endings Determined?? (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)
  79. AA by Morrison and McKean (possible spoilers)
  80. ride in Batplane/batmobile gameplay?
  81. A Few Secrets
  82. Crime Alley Question?
  83. Ideas that would be Good for the Sequel.
  84. i want a save file
  85. This Batman image in high resolution?
  86. Batman: Arkham Asylum moves ~2 million in less than a month
  87. EU Blog DLC confirmed!
  88. PS3 Play Disc Idle Wallpaper
  89. Crime Alley DLC Problem
  90. Rage building here, here, and in the lower part, here.
  91. Strange PS3 issue
  92. Where is the kitchen?
  93. Help please...
  94. Batman released 2 DLC's over the next 2 weeks!
  95. the ending of arkham asylum (spoilers)
  96. Mano-y-mano question
  97. New Podcast Idea!!!
  98. help
  99. How to: X-Ray Room Chronicle of Arkham
  100. Zsasz in Chalange mode
  101. Morgue Return!?!???
  102. Another Ra's Al Ghul reference? *spoilers*
  103. Is my game broken?
  104. 60 gb playstation + arkham asylum
  105. guns + combat challenge rooms = bad idea?
  106. Games of the year
  107. Demo trailer music
  108. Ra's Al Ghul Easter Egg problem
  109. Need help with Invisible Predator.
  110. Kite-man
  111. No Love For Deadshot
  112. How long did it take to complete to 100%
  113. Scarecrow Dream Nr 2 - Sounds Missing?
  114. Chattering Teeth in the Mansion
  115. Extended Story Mode as Free DLC - City Hall Scenario
  116. PLEASE: DLC to Allow us to play story mode fully upgraded!
  117. Amazing stuff...Batman desktop!!
  118. ** OFF TOPIC ** Any word on Avatar awards (360 users)
  119. Who would like to see Robin in the sequel.
  120. Game mechanics you now cant live without....
  121. Arkham Asylum Batmobile
  122. help again
  123. Booby Trapped Riddles....Enhance Gameplay
  124. Future DL Content For This Game
  125. Thugs bent over really funny positions
  126. help
  127. PS3 - Cannot Grapple Vent at front of Arkham Mansion no matter what!
  128. Challenge Map Question
  129. AI Co-op Gameplay in the sequal. For or Against?
  130. Arkham Asylum OST
  131. PS3 - Cannot Grapple Vent at front of Arkham Mansion no matter what!
  132. Who thinks that bane should be the main villian in sequel
  133. hurry up with the damn dynamic theme
  134. Problem with D Pad in 360
  135. Check out this Batman(mmorpg)
  136. Thugs...
  137. story arcs
  138. turning off
  139. Need help!
  140. Can't..Stop..Playing..This..Game!!
  141. Okay fess up..How many times have you played the game?
  142. What did you struggle with the most?
  143. Scarecrow Challenge Round 4+
  144. Help!!!
  145. Help corrupted save with a bought game?
  146. How Many times you beaten the game?
  147. Who wants Carlos to do The sequel?!
  148. Song when Joker invites you to party
  149. Anyone tried this?.....(Spoilers)
  150. Randomly stuck in a building
  151. For all the Robin haters
  152. Help Please !!!!!!!
  153. Breaking Bones...
  154. Post-game suggestion
  155. How Knightfall could lead on from the next game
  156. How to beat lunatics in hard mode
  157. did you know that....
  158. Intensive care game crash
  159. Crime alley challenge map
  160. Play as different types of Batman ie 40's,60's, Frank Miller style, etc
  161. The combat scenarios needs to evolve.
  162. 25 million points what the hell
  163. Robin & The Myths surrounding him.
  164. Jumping the Gun: Eidos in Motion
  165. And so...
  166. Anyone found an easter-egg nod to Bob Kane?
  167. riddles complete
  168. Poison Gas problems
  169. 1000 AND Platinum Club
  170. Batman AA review on Brute-iful.com
  171. Riddler Gadget-less *SPOILERS*
  172. Is a Joker skin possible? (minor spoiler)
  173. Omg please help me!!!
  174. All combat moves
  175. Problem with my Crime Alley map :(
  176. *Wish List* Red Hood costume for Joker DLC
  177. The guards of Arkham Asylum...(Rant)
  178. Main sewer junction help!
  179. Take-Downs/Throws no longer working...
  180. Who'd like to see nightwing in the sequel?
  181. after beating the game, can you replay the final battle with the Joker?
  182. Most annoying villain/henchman? (possible spoilers)
  183. Funny Batman:AA Glitch (not mine)
  184. I thought my PS3 was dying! lol *SPOILERS*
  185. Please help!!!
  186. DLC content announced (press release inside)
  187. Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown recieves some Obama-esque Joker facepaint
  188. How much does this TEASE YOU?
  189. My save file was corrupted, how far was I?
  190. Invisible Predator Trophy?
  191. Batman: Arkham Asylum Will Continue to Sell
  192. Prologue DLC Pack?
  193. How much free content are rocksteady allowed to release?
  194. Aviary glitch
  195. EBGAMES is really stupid!
  196. Bane missing a tube?
  197. please help
  198. DLC Idea
  199. very luckey
  200. 1-888-8arkham
  201. Stubborn door
  202. Dr. Young's notes...
  203. Why Robin / Nightwing wont be in the game
  204. The real reason this game rocks
  205. a little question about the Riddler's cell....
  206. Harley Quinn Trailer music
  207. Batman 2: what next?
  208. Multiplayer
  209. new Bat-Suits in story mode....who wants them?
  210. Free Dlc
  211. Batman year one game
  212. Joker DLC
  213. compleation problem
  214. CORRUPT SAVES - Please Fix This Bug Eidos
  215. Invisible Predator Trophy?
  216. That was slightly funny contains spoiler.
  217. How To Dowload The "Play as the Joker" content
  218. Zero Punctuation: Batman AA !!!
  219. a simple suggestion for a DLC
  220. Brian Azzarello's Joker for Batman 2
  221. DLC for XBox360 - Differences between Gold and Silver Account?
  222. Horror movie influenced
  223. lol what?
  224. Insane Night
  225. should this happen
  226. Rumble in the Jungle extreme!
  227. have i long left
  228. Questions
  229. 100m
  230. 360 maps
  231. Scarecrow challenge map issue
  232. Question about the new DLC
  233. When?
  234. Dr Young's office
  235. Do you listen to music while you play? What kinds?
  236. Wishlist for the sequel: Say what you want in the next legendary game!
  237. People considering purchasing Batman Arkham Asylum digitally on PC beware!
  238. Map pack up!
  239. Batman returns sequel? Heck yes!
  240. Just had the maddest Glitch
  241. Batman Beyond game?
  242. Have You Tried....*SPOILERS*
  243. map pack ps3 ??????
  244. Doctor Young looks just like...
  245. I want to dress as batman as my Avatar! Who else thinks this is a good idea?
  246. More Challenge Maps Located In Gotham City
  247. Joker's Gun and Other Missed Opportunities
  248. Killer Croc Stupidity
  249. DLC Thread
  250. Thanks for doing Batman justice!