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  1. Can Any1 Help ?
  2. GamesRadar hands on...
  3. Arkham Wear
  4. Please make Batman have white eyes
  5. Why the release date take long time ?
  6. X-Play Hands-On
  7. Concerned about the pc version
  8. Baa Information
  9. i'm just kidding
  10. Thoughts on levels
  11. What could go wrong with this game?
  12. Please help
  13. X-Play's GDC 09 B:AA Preview
  14. No Riddler?
  15. New IGN B:AA at GDC!
  16. On Site Batcave
  17. BAA:Worldwide Relase
  18. Next GamePlay
  19. Different Playable Characters
  20. My Batman Arkham Asylum Fansite
  21. Co-op
  22. Game Composition (Music)
  23. Game Release Date moved up
  24. Batsuit Discussion Thread
  25. For people short on cash
  26. Pellets
  27. Colectors Edition coming out before Normal Edition?
  28. *Batman Information*Hands-On(Articles)
  29. This is the UK Age Rating
  30. Batman: Arkham Asylum IGN Hands-On
  31. What could not go wrong with this game?
  32. All we know so far about Batman Arkham Asylum
  33. The Bat Cave
  34. Camera
  35. When is it out
  36. Pre-order suit
  37. AI Villains and Boss Battles
  38. New Bat Suit
  39. The Joker
  40. I think the demo will come out...
  41. For the people wondering about the length
  42. Trophies ??
  43. Camera
  44. The next gameplay
  45. Upgrades
  46. Important Info On Collectors Edition!!
  47. Killer Croc and ShadowOfTheKnight-message here
  48. The Batcave with Batman (series)
  49. A pointless post with a point.
  50. The UK release Date.
  51. Extended Silent Knight Challange Room video
  52. Special Edition!
  53. Dear Eidos Moderators,
  54. What edition did u pre-order?
  55. What system did you pre-order it for?
  56. Any new info?
  57. Different Characters
  58. the gadgets of silent knight
  59. Different Character IDEAS!
  60. Hush
  61. Eidos Official Release Date for B:AA
  62. Multiple Batarang FOUND
  63. How do you think the game will end?
  64. How do you think you'll have to beat The Joker?
  65. what do you think batman's first mission will be?
  66. Crucial game element: Gargoyle placement
  67. Controls?
  68. How do you play your stealth games?
  69. Choices
  70. specific gadgets for certain villians
  71. Bruce Wayne's Face
  72. free roam
  73. Will you fight or hide/ How will you cause havoc?
  74. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  75. ESRB Rating Summary
  76. Villain "Scenario" System
  77. Poison Ivy battle hinted at in Batman developer blog on IGN!!
  78. Killer Croc - Venom Serum?
  79. Puzzles -- Pick your flavour...
  80. BATMAN:AA on XPlay Tonight
  81. The demons head
  82. 2009 hit
  83. the bat-suit
  84. Cluemaster
  85. possible
  86. obvious
  87. versus
  88. Gamestop Info
  89. Some NEW Screenshots
  90. Batman Never Kills in the Game
  91. Where Is The Batmobile?
  92. Bruce or Batman, Why not Both!
  93. More Takedowns!?
  94. Detective
  95. Challenge Rooms
  96. Gametrailers got rid of extended Challenge room trailer
  97. other possible boxart
  98. Music from Batman Media: excluding movies (animated still )
  99. Arkham Asylum Fan Video
  100. Owlman
  101. Arkham Asylum
  102. Picture of Bane and info on The Riddler in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine
  103. Demo Date
  104. The CE price here in Canada is 118$?
  105. Collector's Edition in the UK
  106. BATMAN at Best Buy?
  107. Will PC get a Collectors edition?
  108. DLC on Disk or Actually Downloadable?
  109. What do you guys think about the controls?
  110. What's your Xbl. name?
  111. New Character Pics!
  112. Firefly and Killer Moth
  113. Riddler Villain Exclusive?
  114. How will you beat Harley Quinn?
  115. Will u play story mode, sneaking around, or will u play as loudly as possible.Or Both
  116. Controls List (as far as I know)
  117. A new suit for Harley...maybe
  118. Any news on Mr. Freeze?
  119. Solomon Grundy
  120. Who is Zsasz?
  121. Bane
  122. Saw the Arkham Asylum demo this afternoon. ROCKED HARD!!
  123. Villians Outlook
  124. What do you think about Batman's Sneakers??
  125. For ppl who played the demo at a store
  126. What Version to Get?
  127. Make your demo impressions here (store Kiosk)
  128. can u put a batman arkham asylum forum on xbox.com
  129. Brand New Image Of Mr Freeze In Game!!
  130. Someone who I've always wanted to voice Mr. Freeze...
  131. A Couple Of New Pics And Interesting Preview!
  132. Do you think we will all come back ??
  133. What GENRE is this?
  134. Can you break Lights?
  135. Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer (edited)
  136. Aussie kids!
  137. Rated 15 by BBFC
  138. Who wants smoke pellets??
  139. Batman: Arkham Asylum™ on Facebook and MySpace!
  140. I need information
  141. A question for all on this forum?
  142. Those wonderful toys
  143. The Batman's Nose
  144. Too many villains?
  145. New Demo Review
  146. Batman: Arkham Asylum Xbox 360 Themes
  147. What do Think About The Joker Suit
  148. What do you hope to be on the new look website
  149. Collectors Edition.......
  150. I'm confuzzled
  151. Video of BM AA Demo
  152. OoOo!! So freaking excited!
  153. Eidos: "Arkham Asylum is close to perfect"
  154. Do you steer your batarang?
  155. First |PLAYSTATION ®3| Theme for Batman: Arkham Asylum™
  156. What Should I Choose!!!
  157. which version is better: 360 or ps3?
  158. How To Defeat Killer Croc?
  159. Found A Picture Of The Collectors Edition
  160. I have a question
  161. threads
  162. what will you upgrade first?
  163. Collectors Edition in Australia
  164. Collector's Edtion game with now game case o_O
  165. they changed the release date
  166. Other Release Date????!!!!
  167. What villain is your favortie out of em' all?
  168. Who's Your Favorite Batman Hero, Besides The Bat?
  169. Collector's Edition?
  170. Multiplayer?
  171. Here's What I Think...
  172. The Batman Arkham Aslylum/Arkham City Screenshot Thread!
  173. When final product of the game is finished?
  174. This is for the people who wan't to get a taste of gameplay.
  175. Recommended Reading
  176. Is the collectors edition coming to the UK
  177. What would you do if they cancelled the game?
  178. Arkham Asylum Pre-Order Bonus Truly Exclusive?
  179. Wait, what?!
  180. Question about the introduction.
  181. Favorite The Dark Knight Quotes
  182. Removal from CE
  183. Batman Arkham Asylum possible system requirements
  184. universal relase?
  185. Making a Batman: The "Faces" of Batman
  186. Speculate on the Joker's true intentions.
  187. Not sure if anyone found this preview...
  188. compared to the new wolverine game coming soon
  189. how do you think the place for each villain will be?
  190. Demo?
  191. I just found out.
  192. You Know EVERYTHING
  193. Uh, tobacco references?
  194. The Demo Is On Psn!!! (bad joke chip5541)
  195. More pics?
  196. Batman Arkham Asylum UK Collector’s Edition?????
  197. when will the demo come to xbl?
  198. Publicity.
  199. Why this game won't succeed.
  200. Harley Quinn
  201. Difficulty
  202. gamestop lovin batman
  203. Any dev interviews online?
  204. New Villain to be revealed this thursday
  205. Pushed back to Micheal Jordans number
  206. I Can't Have Been The Only One To Notice This...
  207. Found probably one of the few negative reactions on the web.
  208. New video of BANE!
  209. Possible Sequel Ideas?
  210. Two things I noticed in silent knight challenge video
  211. How will you celebrate the release date of Arkham Asylum?
  212. Found something interesting...
  213. Have you guys read this before?
  214. So Guess they set the launch date!
  215. Remember that contest?
  216. What is your favorite website to find game info.
  217. hi im from india and i am new here
  218. IGN Article
  219. After seeing THIS...still angry about CE price?
  220. Wondering About Damage
  221. Screen Capture from BANE trailer !!!
  222. Protagonist and Antagonist Combat system
  223. Why Wolverine will be better than this game.
  224. Has the time ACTUALLY come?
  225. Who has reserved the special edition for the 14" batarang already.
  226. What's Up with THIS Artwork for the Disc?
  227. my theory on the masked batman in battle for the cowl (spoilers)
  228. ***Will the cape clipping be fixed?***
  229. Poison Ivy?
  230. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
  231. **POSSIBLE SPOILERS** Storyline confirmation?
  232. Dark Knight Returns as a game?
  233. Eurogamer Hands-On article
  234. Arkham Asylum
  235. I have a question.
  236. Gamestop Exclusive
  237. Need Help!
  238. what do you think about bane's look?
  239. A Problem with Batmans Character Model
  240. It was Harley Quinn!
  241. Harley quinn trailer!!!
  242. strategy guides
  243. be ready for the new site update next week
  244. Collectible Figures Feature
  245. The Cape Is Still Not Done On The Harley Vid
  246. will the next batman game have batman fighting crime in gotham city?
  247. Demo Not For Sale
  248. Zsasz! He's been seen.
  249. What features do you want the new website to have next week?
  250. Do you trust Rocksteady as a developer?