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  1. Chronicles of Arkum *spoiler* after the game
  2. **spoiler** i thought commissioner gordon left the asylum
  3. Challenge Maps!?
  4. Cutscenes
  5. i havent seen anyone talk about this part of the game SPOILERS!
  6. completed
  7. Bonuses in challenge maps?
  8. Things you would like to be able to do/see in the sequel.
  9. got so mad!!!
  10. "Challenge Score Beaten" Notification and Patches
  11. Villain cameos?
  12. Who escaped the Asylum? *SPOILERS*
  13. Blu Ray Screening of the dark knight?
  14. buggy last boss battle
  15. Question about the 'Perfect Knight'trophy/achievement
  16. This Challange Can only be SEEN by those with a diffrent view on life.
  17. Riddle help
  18. Found this on Kotaku!
  19. Leader Board Impossible
  20. Stuck at 84% completion
  21. Has the...
  22. When does the Story Mode End in Percentage ?
  23. Where do you upgrade the Gel?
  24. what difficult should I play this game on.
  25. Ratcatcher riddle.
  26. Crime Alley code.
  27. What do the fans want to see for a next Batman game?
  28. Which was the better portrayal of Joker?
  29. Batman deserved to win...
  30. Is it possible to turn off the rumble feature?
  31. ? about one of the Villain Bios (spoiler)
  32. idea for school play
  33. REAL Batman AA Masters Only *SPOLIER*
  34. Batman's Cape
  35. Last 3 teeth
  36. Point of No Return?
  37. Character Cameos and where to find them *SPOILERS*
  38. HELP! I am stuck
  39. Mano-a-mano and x40 achievements/trophies
  40. Harley/Ivy Cutscene
  41. Definitly a platinum with much pride [some tips]
  42. DLC costumes
  43. How much longer?
  44. The last one?
  45. Riddel Me This
  46. Stuck-Library
  47. favourite Villain?
  48. Help with (small) enemy (spoiler)
  49. Is 'Dem Bones' Worth Having??
  50. I got all the Riddler puzzles solved
  51. Challenge Map Leaderboard Rankings
  52. Need Help Getting Interview Tape (Stuck)
  53. Need Help, Ivy Question
  54. Why was the UK Collectors edition inferior to US?
  55. please help-LOCATING DR YOUNG
  56. HELP! Quick Question...
  57. How I beat the Combat Challenges 100%
  58. Riddle Question
  59. another batman toy thread.
  60. Eidos and "fixing/manipulating" review scores for its Batman
  61. what happens when *spoliers*
  62. This game is ****
  63. Glide trophy
  64. How is the Crime Alley map?
  65. ***spoilers****
  66. Why Croc Attack?
  67. Question marks on outside, none on inside?
  68. joker help
  69. Armless Penitentiary Inmate in the Security Control Room
  70. Missing Tooth in Medical Facility
  71. List of Challenge Maps and Objectives
  72. Who loved The Joker from this game?
  73. Help needed!!! Last chronicle of arkham! Spoiler*
  74. Question about the PC version.
  75. Collector's Edition DVD
  76. if new playable characters
  77. arkham asylum ending? - SPOILERS!!!
  78. Medical Wing help!
  79. Do the Upgrades Stay?
  80. I feel I must say something.
  81. Batman arkham asylum 2?
  82. Any Australians got the game somehow yet?
  83. You think DLC riddles would be interesting?
  84. Upgrade Still Locked?
  85. Retry or Quit? (spoilers)
  86. The website heard in the Medical Facility's PA actually exists
  87. What are those Spider Markers that we find everywhere in the game?
  88. NEED HELP (spoilers)
  89. Question about the Boiler Room
  90. Arkham Asylum: A Serious house on Serious Earth
  91. A different perspective DLC
  92. Batman Fan Fic
  93. Favourite part of the game (possible spoilers)
  94. Intensive Treatment secure transit Need Help Please *Spoiler*
  95. A little extra Hamill (Spoilers)
  96. Gordon Character Trophy *spoiler* PLEASE HELP
  97. Last Scarecrow mission (spoilers)
  98. Adjustable Camera Zoom for [Xbox360] ?
  99. another riddle help please *minor spoilers*
  100. Batclaw upgrade?
  101. Need HELP!!!
  102. Finished the game yesterday!
  103. More DLC???
  104. How do i access the Pump Control Room once the game is completed?
  105. Abandoned Chamber - Help!!
  106. Who found the Spirit of Arkham by themselves? *SPOILERS*
  107. Game over screens during boss fights with Bane
  108. Cant find a way into Intensive treatment
  109. Difference between difficulty.
  110. I can not save my data
  111. Batman series/movies
  112. Freeflow Perfection?
  113. Post your PSN Portable ID
  114. Best Mark Hamill impersonation ever
  115. Anyone else disappointed?
  116. How do you get into the Bottom part of the Medical Facility?
  117. Scarecrow: Is it just me...
  118. Three playthroughs?
  119. Can someone help?
  120. Why didn't (ENDING) *SPOILERS*
  121. character trophies
  122. In the sequal... [SPOILER]
  123. Looking for one last riddler trophy in the Main Sewer Junction **SPOILERS**
  124. Need help Riddles
  125. More Downloadable Content On The Way!
  126. Inmate Transfer glitch
  127. Riddle's Challenge Help
  128. Ratman??
  129. teeth in mansion
  130. What a stunning piece of work!
  131. Amazon screwed up bigtime.
  132. Before Complaining About a Glitch READ THIS!
  133. Sorry i need to shout this
  134. Need help on how to get Riddler's trophy in Arkham North
  135. Trouble after getting outside with Ivy plants
  136. 100% save game file for ps3
  137. At the end and this happens :(
  138. PS3 Trophies Glitch
  139. Botanical Gardens help!!!
  140. Confused with the Riddles.
  141. PS3 Joker DLC Not Working!
  142. IGN Comics weighs in and drops ideas for "Arkham Asylum 2"
  143. My comments
  144. Has Edge reviewed Arkham Asylum yet?
  145. Downloadable Content
  146. A little tip for anyone trying for the "Party Pooper" achievement
  147. A bit confused about Bane...*spoilers*
  148. your favorite part in the story [OBVIOUS SPOILERS]
  149. What was your first reaction when you saw *SPOILERS*
  150. *Suggestion*Co-op Challange Map
  151. Hey you Fans!
  152. One minor gripe
  153. The Last Punch
  154. spoiler ghost of arkham
  155. Getting back into caves?
  156. What is the deal with the psychotic's?
  157. Who else loved the little bit after you completed all the riddles? (spoilers)
  158. Why Was/Is This Game So Awesome???
  159. Need help with Riddler Trophy in Medical Facility
  160. Ineed help with arkham island east
  161. Anyone hum Batman themes while playing ?
  162. Unable to get riddler trophies at end of game?
  163. Disc Issue
  164. help! stuck: Intensive Treatment II, "secure treatment transfer"
  165. B:AA needs DLC FAST! EIDOS!
  166. "Off topic but important news.
  167. Going back to the lower parts of the medical facility.
  168. Batman Swoops to Number 1!
  169. The Batmobile
  170. Desperate 22 year old guy feeling without life!
  171. Stealth Breakdown.. Conclusion? not enough..
  172. PS3 1080p?
  173. My Biggest Gripe with Challenge Mode
  174. Sequel Gameplay Mechanics
  175. Batman: Arkham Asylum Strategy Guide is awesome !
  176. Any word on the DLC that goes across the ticker on the title screen?
  177. Challenge Map Question HELP
  179. REQUEST for PS3 Users
  181. Batman AA How to read MAPS 101 *Map Expert please
  182. Tech Question
  183. How do you catch batarangs?
  184. Help Going Back to INTENSIVE TREAMENT ? trophies
  185. Invisible Predator
  186. Best cameo appearance...
  187. need help with riddle in the penitentiary guard room
  188. I just want them to keep the established gadgets in the sequel and add more...
  189. Good or Bad DLC idea? (Spoilers)
  190. To Rocksteady Studios!
  191. Help on the Titan battle?!?!
  192. Future DLC: Boss Challenge MAP idea
  193. Chalenge room question help!
  194. Watch me rant on another forum
  195. The Perfect Combo
  196. This is an Insane Joker Easter Egg!!! *tiny spoiler*
  197. Can I get those Riddler trophies ?
  198. Dissapointed...
  199. I just finished the game on hard mode!
  200. challenge map code with CE not valid!! plus joker not playable! (PS3)
  201. Help please!
  202. Which ending did you get?
  203. help with arkham stones
  204. EIDOS, some realitic thoughts for sequel <spoilers>
  205. DLC Idea (Spoilers? Maybe??)
  206. My Idea for a Sequal!
  207. need help....riddler trophy
  208. Challenge Mode Question..
  209. Error or not (3rd Scarecrow battle) ?
  210. New PhysX trailer for PC version
  211. Different Final Boss Battles Available?
  212. anyone else notice this?
  213. PS3 Controls question
  214. Link to UK Xbox 360 Cover?
  215. Endings?
  216. Detective Mode Problem
  217. Riddler's Location (will contain spoilers)
  218. last 2 teeth for med/mansion
  219. I am frusterated with these teeth
  220. Finally, AA is coming to my house!
  221. Batcave *spoiler* Wow !
  222. :eek:k this game!
  223. Oh, something about a surprise party for Batman. I forget the rest.
  224. Something that would have been awesome.
  225. Scarecrow's Death Screen quotes?
  226. Subliminal Clowns
  227. Will Smith did a great job on the environment design
  228. I CAN'T Finish This Game!
  229. Pinnacle in gaming
  230. Take your time on the game.
  231. To all australians! The game is now on sale!
  232. Gipped!
  233. ridderls riddel help ?
  234. Did anybody else freak out when...*SPOILER*
  235. deciphered messages
  236. Glad I took The Day Off
  237. i am stuck!!!! totally f'd up dhe game
  238. map of caves
  239. Easy way to make the next game a gotham free roam
  240. throwing lunatics off your back?
  241. Replay value
  242. i dont have the game or a games console that would play it...
  243. Did anyone else think... *SPOILERS*
  244. Dem Bones Code
  245. Rocksteady Sudio Tour with Paul Crocker !
  246. ive got no problems with the batarang, but the digi-pack....
  247. Hardest part of the game...
  248. Whats one thing you want for the Next Batman Game
  249. help with getting into the caves
  250. Riddle me this Batfans!