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  1. Where can I find a riddles guide
  2. Have Game UK sent yours yet?
  3. Paul Dini launch signing in London - THIS FRIDAY!
  4. Play.com ps3 collectors
  5. Anyone unlocked the Invisible Predator Trophy yet?
  6. Game keeps freezing at specific point. please help
  7. Eidos did Batman better then Nolan!
  8. ShopTo Standard Edition IN STOCK
  9. DLC - Extreme Difficulty Level
  10. DLC - Multiplayer
  11. Xbox 360 Avatar Stuff?
  12. Armored bat suit
  13. is it based off of
  14. wierd cave in beginning
  15. Did anyone pre order from gamestation uk?
  16. Play.com Order's
  17. Just got the cryptographic sequencer... How does it work? **NO SPOILERS**
  18. Autosave Question
  19. Save file question
  20. Seriously Disappointed in the CE Batarang - Petition to have it replaced or refunded
  21. Game Freezing Randomly
  22. Need help with world's greatest detective achievement
  23. Head2Head PS3 vs. 360 Comparison.
  24. *SPOILERS* i hate this *SPOILERS*
  25. spoilers*help me*spoilers
  26. Minor spoiler: HALP!
  27. How the heck do i save game?
  28. PAL limited edition is the same of USA version?
  29. Dem Bones and Crime Alley?
  30. Gltches: Lines, flashes, freezes etc.
  31. I have a question about the Crime Alley and Dem Bones maps
  32. Hostages in guard room? **spoilers**
  33. Why no anti aliasing for Ati cards?
  34. Maybe the best game I've played for PS3 *contains spoilers*
  35. GAME instore Collectors Edition
  36. Dem Beomes is hard as hell!! What's your highest score?
  37. No game in Collectors edition?
  38. Digital Comic?
  39. Strategy Guide
  40. How's the game?
  41. Batman Trophy Glitch
  42. World's Greatest Detective Trophy Help Needed
  43. Worst fear third time *SPOILER*
  44. Hows the camera in the full game?
  45. Help re-entering old areas (minor spoiler)
  46. Some comments and a DLC idea
  47. Request for Armored Batsuit Code
  48. Latin On the Walls of Arkham Asylum
  49. Batman character model with offset sized arms
  50. the game!
  51. If you have the CE
  52. How come my combos keep stopping after a batarang throw?
  53. For those who've beaten the game, HELP! [spoilers]
  54. New Wallpaper/Screensaver
  55. Rebuilding Arkham ? *SPOILERS*
  56. road to arkham
  57. Bane boss fight
  58. Riddlers Challenge help **spoilers
  59. B:AA Bonus Content on Disk?
  60. Dem Bones sticker
  61. News on DLC Bat Suits?
  62. Does Anyone Else Know Arkhams Biggest Secret ? *SPOILER*
  63. Missing teeth
  64. Wow this game, just wow...
  65. *SPOILERS* Didn't really understand the ending *SPOILERS*
  66. What is the max variation number?
  67. Arkham has the Zelda "formula" perfected.
  68. Batman Arkham Asylum 104 Hit Combo!
  69. Trouble with Riddler's Challenge
  70. is my game broken? no spoiliers. i think
  71. Road to Arkham
  72. Challenge mode personal best's
  73. how to re-enter intensive treatment
  74. finding the batcave
  75. Dem Bones Code problem (Not the not working one)
  76. HD/HQ Character Pictures/Renders?
  77. *SPOILERS* Mr. Freeze's cell.
  78. Answer riddles
  79. AA North Help
  80. anybody know what happens after you solve all the riddles
  81. This Couldn't Be More Exciting
  82. Breakable walls high up?
  83. Help with a riddle *Possible spoiler*
  84. Finished Riddler Challenge
  85. Need Help with the Spirit of Arkham
  86. Seriously Stuck.. Hard Difficulty Anyone? *spoilers*
  87. Going back? *Possible Spoilers*
  88. Invisible Predator trophy
  89. Could you all post screenshots of.. Spoilers
  90. How do you play as the Joker
  91. Prometheus Puzzle
  92. XBox 360 Game Freezing
  93. Ugh, can't get to Dr. Young...
  94. Need a little help (minor spoiler)
  95. Who is your favorite Joker?
  96. Mano-a-Mano achievement help.
  97. Riddler Maps
  98. How can I get to the second floor in the Medical Facility?
  99. Need Help With Chattering Teeth In Medical Facility
  100. Pre-ordered BAA
  101. Ratcatcher riddle?????
  102. Your Thoughts On Hard Difficulty
  103. Warden's office?!
  104. Thanku Eidos Rocksteady for Batman
  105. The two patients in the intensive treatment (extreme) unit.
  106. Who Won The Contest?
  107. Shock and Awe(extreme)
  108. Catwoman & Penguin
  109. question about upgrades
  110. Anyone Thought the Story was a bit short?
  111. The trophies with no titles.
  112. Batman sequel wish list
  113. Getting into the Morgue? *spoilers*
  114. Breakable walls out of range
  115. Stuck in a area SPOILER dont read !!!!
  116. One more day to go UK Fans....
  117. Someone sucking at Dem Bone's
  118. List of chattering teeth in the Caves?
  119. After beating the best video game ever I am in shock! No spoilers!
  120. batman = attractive ??
  121. Got the game!
  122. Joker DLC UK
  123. after beating game need help! with last riddle!!
  124. bak to pump control room?
  125. A Hint to a Villian in the sequel maybe?
  126. Does anyone have the UK Collector's Edition?
  127. is the ending really worth spoiling? *possible spoilers*
  128. IGN UK Review
  129. Corrupt Save?!?!?
  130. Any London based Batfans looking for the CE version...
  131. Mad hatter? (Spoilers)
  132. Help Im Stuck!!
  133. Can you only use a special throw or special takedown once every x8 or x5 hits?
  134. Last minute thoughts
  135. The Visitor's center? (Possible Spoilers)
  136. Collector's edition back up on play.com
  137. B:aa ign uk review
  138. Game e-mailed me Scarecrow code !!
  139. Need an estimate *SPOILERS*
  140. Review PAL Collector's Edition (Xbox 360)
  141. Gamestation messed it up?
  142. Bonus videos on the Standard Edition? (Europe)
  143. Metacritic: 91! (Updated)
  144. Just An Idea For The Main Story
  145. Game Glitched while looking for Crocs lair?
  146. Batcave Outpost Trailer!
  147. help: Out of mansion with Ivy *spoilers*
  148. Could I please get some help?
  149. How to get the Batcave Homespace!!!
  150. Did they scrap some concepts with the Joker DLC?
  151. perfect combo achievement, need help
  152. highest combo
  153. Arkham West - Joker's teeth
  154. joker dlc
  155. What does Eidos have to say about the CE?
  156. Glitch in Aviary
  157. Please someone help me??
  158. Joker now available in SCEE PSN
  159. Having trouble with challenge Silent Knight (Extreme)
  160. Who Cares about the Collector's Edition?
  161. Riddler?
  162. XBOX 360 users!!! any one a little pissed off?
  163. Xbox Live Marketplace Error Code After Redeeming Map Codes
  164. Batman Bloopers
  165. Challenge - Invisible Predator (Extreme)
  166. New Free DLC
  167. Question for PS3 users.
  168. How do you get to the Boiler Room in the Medical Facility?
  169. Can't seem to get back into the Penitentary! [spoilers]
  170. Please Post Riddler Map Locations Here
  171. UK Midnight Opening?
  172. Batman:Arkham asylum 1-10?
  173. Dr Young
  174. Missed my achievement! (spoiler!)
  175. Please help! *possible spoilers*
  176. An item of such importance, you'd be a fool not to seek it out!
  177. help detacthing batarang
  178. Letters from Arkham
  179. Save corrupted at the end of the game
  180. A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible?
  181. Looking to Trade Dem Bones Activation Code
  182. How do you save the doctor in the Warden's Office?
  183. The Ratcatcher riddle...
  184. Finding Dr. Young?
  185. Stuck on batman, need help
  186. Game Is Glitched right when i am bout 2 fight croc 360
  187. Help getting into starting point to get to Killer Croc
  188. 2 Chattering Teeth in Arkham Mansion and then Riddler's done!
  189. now i see it, now you dont?
  190. Gamestop exclusive question
  191. The last Amadeus Arkham message? *SPOILERS*
  192. Rhino = Bane?
  193. Does Any1 Else Think The Game Was To Short ?
  194. After the game question
  195. The Missing Gadget ?
  196. will eidos be relleasing dlc like GTA4
  197. Anyone Else Having Problems(Technically)?
  198. Challenge maps
  199. alternate endings? *SPOILERS*
  200. Highest amount of armed thugs
  201. Hey i need help....
  202. Coolest things you've done in the game
  203. PC Bio Images?
  204. Stuck on Croc, help please. (May Contain Spoilers)
  205. Spoiler Botanical gardens
  206. B:AA Greatest Hits (an opinion and a question)
  207. AusGamers Batman Review
  208. im stuck the intensive care place
  209. Shock Tactics Help!
  210. Beat b:aa 100%
  211. If Arkham Asylum got you interested in Homes for the Criminally insane...
  212. Director Interview Extended Cut
  213. just got finished have all the achievements, have 1000 gamer score
  214. Similar to Gears of War?
  215. Whats your favorite qoute from BAA?
  216. Joker story mode question
  217. dr. young question *spoilers*
  218. How do you get the line launcher?
  219. Is it possible to...
  220. Variations
  221. Need help with saving doctors
  222. Can't get in lower level of medical facility
  223. Freeflow perfection trophy
  224. How to combo in te batclaw...
  225. How can they top this game! Sequel?
  226. PS3 game glitch
  227. Riddler Help
  228. Favorite Island Location *spoiler*
  229. Suggestions for Free Flow Combat in the sequel?
  230. Help with last two Riddler challenges Arkham East (spoilers)
  231. Medical Facility HELP!!!!!!
  232. Some1 Please help meee :(
  233. Boss Battles *spoilers*
  234. Rumble in the jungle (Extreme)
  235. It's finally here...
  236. Game Crashing
  237. Clayface Challenge room
  238. Spoiler Botanical gardens cant get out ?
  239. Full colour manual in UK CE
  240. The Spirit of Arkham help!!
  241. Reasonable Petition
  242. Riddle Question
  243. Arkham North Riddler Trophy
  244. Gamestation liars?!
  245. Teeth in Intensive Care and Mansion
  246. medals overwrite?
  247. Teeth location
  248. I need help with the game.
  249. I've just been given a CE by the suits!
  250. Scarecrow in Story Mode?