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  1. Joker Trophies?
  2. Early Copy's
  3. The Chattering Teeth
  4. A phew last questions
  5. sorry
  6. An idea for a dlc
  7. Exclusive feature for X360
  8. Curious about batclaw and something that i forgot right now
  9. Playable Joker Video
  10. Having some trouble
  11. Collectors eddition
  12. How much?
  13. Interesting Fact About Kevin Conroy
  14. Pricing announcement for ALL B:AA fans!!!
  15. Just got the call from Gamestop to come in Tues morning!
  16. joker action cam?
  17. Latest Review
  18. Batman AA Costumes?
  19. Is it possible....
  20. US gamestop site NO CE
  21. Batman AA Playstation Home Party!!
  22. brightness level help
  23. Off topic tv help
  24. How Did You Find BatmanArkhamAsylum.com?
  25. your top 5 batman graphic novels
  26. I am sooo upset.
  27. The Batarang in Batman arkham asylum
  28. Concerns
  29. who wants johny depp as the joker in the next batman
  30. Are you a nerd
  31. How to paint your CE Batarang
  32. What country are you from.
  33. The mighty banhammer
  34. Your favorite movie of all time.
  35. Does Anybody Know the episode when....
  36. What are these called?
  37. For Those Who Own The Game
  38. Collector's Edition v. Pre-Order Content
  39. what will happen to this site after the game is relesed.
  40. Less than 24hrs for the U.S.A. what are you doing to pass the time?
  41. Riddler DLC
  42. Something i found funny!
  43. Possible upgrade glitch?
  44. Check this out (you proberbly already know this but what the hell)
  45. question about pre order
  46. Big shopto collector's edition preorder update
  47. Pre-Order Success!
  48. NEW Launch Trailer Tonight 5pm GMT
  49. Machinimas?
  50. GameTrailersTV Batman: Arkham Asylum release special at 12AM ET on SPIKE TV!!
  51. Anybody in Toronto get the call yet?
  52. Batman: Arkham Asylum on the Fan 590
  53. Has Anyone Seen/Played the "Dem Bones" Challenge Map?
  54. Batman Game vs. Wolverine Game
  55. Hey everyone Todays the day!
  56. GameStop Pre-Orders
  57. I officially have the worst luck ever.
  58. Scarecrow Wallpaper (Fan Made)
  59. captains log...
  60. Excited??
  61. Batman Arkham Asylum FREE GAME (PC)
  62. My order was cancled canceled GOOD NEWS
  63. Game Crazy B:AA T shirt
  64. Just Cancelled My GameStop PreOrder
  65. Xbox 360 version - Invert controls
  66. DLC from the US Store
  67. BradyGames' Riddler Challenges Reveal!
  68. Costumes
  69. I just want to say...
  70. batmans upgrades???
  71. Midnight Mayhem
  72. Possible to drop down from a ledge?
  73. hhas anyone ever been admitted into a pych ward
  74. What if batman used guns hed be unstopable
  75. Batman vs. Rorschach
  76. New trailer!!!!!!!
  77. Yahoo search
  78. Favorite In-Game Quotes
  79. Batman vs. Macgruber
  80. darn it
  81. Please forgive my spamming
  82. Online ideas/ dream dlc
  83. Selling Dem Bones pre-order bonus
  84. Why's gamestop say Sept 15 for PC?
  85. Grayson?
  86. arkham asylum is number one best seller on amazon for ps3
  87. how did you become a mod on this site
  88. I got a tracking number!
  89. Not to be mean or anything
  90. For Those Who Have The Game Already
  91. why isnt twoface in the game
  92. Nnooooo why do you do this to me, gamestop?
  93. level of difficulty
  94. Gamestop Shipped it!
  95. Joker silent predator gameplay
  96. I HAVE THE GAME no spoilers ill try awnser questions though without spoiling anything
  97. To those who have the game....
  98. Asta Levesta
  99. Why the camera angle/Zoom is different?
  100. Do u want to change ur reg ps3 edition to a CE?
  101. Preorder the Night Before?
  102. Spike TV Special
  103. GameStop Delivery - Signature Required?
  104. Still EBGAMES in Canada doesn't have the game?
  105. EXP from challenge maps
  106. who has a tracking number...
  107. This sucks
  108. No midnight release for me
  109. Ps3 users getting MORE exclusive content.
  110. Has your expirience with this game been ruined by spoilers
  111. change batman to start on monitor #2
  112. can you hide in shadows
  113. My gamestop e-mailed me..
  114. B:AA Montage - FreeFlow
  115. Head to head 360 vs PS3
  116. Wal-Mart Canada price
  117. Dlc codes dont work help
  118. Amazon Shipping?
  119. Look at these costumes
  120. Joker Vid from Spike= A lie?
  121. PS3 Optional 3GB Installation how to?
  122. Another NEW Carlos D'Anda Picture
  123. GameSpot gives Arkham Asylum a 9/10.
  124. honestly ...
  125. Which items at PS3 Home Batcave can be useable/wearable?
  126. Collector's Edition batrang?
  127. NEW trailer...
  128. Batty&Me: "Arkham Asylum"
  129. Lucky Me
  130. Are you?
  131. So who has got the game?
  132. Any news posted about the free DLC
  133. IGN B:AA Walkthrough up
  134. my dlc is not working.
  135. My review of the CE for PS3. There are no spoilers!
  136. Joker DLC Help
  137. Gamespot gave Batman AA a 9.0
  138. Commit yourself to Arkham Asylum with the new Inmates Application!
  139. Congratulations!
  140. Does The Making of DVD have spoilers in it?
  141. How Long is the Bonus DVD?
  142. PSN maintenance due today
  143. Getting my game in a hour
  144. Batman Arkum Asylum Help/Tip Thread
  145. Official Rocksteady Studios Twitter Account
  146. Final Desktops/Screensavers?
  147. Battle Damage Dynamic?
  148. Out to delivery?
  149. dlc preco
  150. I have a question for those who got the game from Wal-Mart
  151. *SPOILER TALK THREAD* Talk Everything about the game here! (You have been warned!)
  152. Is anyone planning on..
  153. Is the batarang supposed to be scratched up?
  154. Constructive Critisism.
  155. Play.com orders.
  156. Turn Off In-Game Help/Hints?
  157. Dr. Young's notes
  158. Why is that option?
  159. Dem Bones Challenge Map for Armoured Batsuit Trade
  160. To anyone who has beaten the game already
  161. Saving.
  162. New screensaver and wallpaper are up..
  163. The worst collectors edition ever!!!
  164. Is anyone else having this problem?
  165. Wany to Buy: Road to Arkham Comic from Amazon
  166. New forum sections!
  167. I did not get my crime alley challenge map code.
  168. Dem Bones Help!!!
  169. Someone dare say this Batarang isn't awesome!
  170. wtf ebgames
  171. Collector'sn is great!
  172. Anyone have a spare dem bones code for PS3
  173. oh great
  174. Themes/Gamer pictures for Xbox 360
  175. Opening grates higher up on walls
  176. Suddenly a corrupt save file.
  177. I have a question
  178. PSN Not Working...
  179. Is it safe to enter my dem bones code in yet?
  180. Progression Stopper bug found; *Possible Spoilers*
  181. Batman: Wallpapers WIDESCREEN not normal
  182. Dr. Young's Office
  183. Question about arkham inmate contest winner? (SPOLIERS!!!!!)
  184. PSN is back online!
  185. getting back into intensive treatment ??
  186. has anyone detatched the batarang
  187. Best Death Scenes Ever?
  188. PSN CE code now working!
  189. What do you think of the game?
  190. Surely this isn't the brightest idea in the world
  191. Keir help
  192. PC CE Pre-Orders UK
  193. armored batsuit
  194. UK Collector's Edition Question
  195. Joker Audio Tapes??
  196. Batman: Arkham Asylum comic???
  197. POSSIBLE SPOILERS Wardens office
  198. (Help Please) Stuck chasing Harley, what to do?
  199. 3GB install?!?!?!?
  200. How do you play as Joker?
  201. What is your progress in the game so far?
  202. Any one else having issues with the DVD?
  203. Amazon.com Return?
  204. Help Eidos- Gamestop passing the buck to you
  205. Need help (possible SPOILERS)
  206. How to scan!!
  207. Scarecrow
  208. Thank you Rocksteady.
  209. What did you think of the ending? (Spoilers)
  210. Up for grabs
  211. Just got spray gel...help...(minor spoilers)
  212. Another Thread From Another Satisfied Fan
  213. dr youngs office. minor spoilers
  214. Freezing
  215. When will the PSP version of the comic be on PSN?
  216. Hahaha ****spoiler****
  217. Warden's office!!!!
  218. Was 'Dem Bones' available at EB Games as well?
  219. Not afraid to admit, *spoilers* the game scares me occasionally.
  220. Like when a plan comes together. Thank you
  221. I LOVE THIS GAM =] Dont u??
  222. Harley's outfit color
  223. Scarecrow *SPOILER*
  224. No Subtitles on video
  225. HELP with a riddler challenge *spoilers*
  226. Delayed till the 24th
  227. Needing Help *Possible Spoilers*
  228. anyone who has finnished the game, HELP!! (spoilers)
  229. Ra's al Ghul
  230. Do You Think CE is worth your $100?
  231. Suggestions for Rocksteady
  232. I'm stuck *possible spoilers*
  233. Who wants to buy C.E.
  234. Comic
  235. Need help with using the explosive gel on walls. *Could contain SPOILERS*
  236. How do i unlock the character action figures? (Trophies)
  237. Riddler Challenge Question *for developer*
  238. So who's that inmate *SPOILERS*
  239. bosses - anyone let down?
  240. PSN ID and help with game questions
  241. do you listen to what the goon say?
  242. Having a bit of a problem..
  243. The Bat in me DIED
  244. Dr. Young Notes Ruining Game *spoilers*
  245. How far have you gotten on Dem Bones?
  246. gadgets question
  247. please no spoiler threads?
  248. Delivery Help
  249. do the chattering teeth dissapear after game completion
  250. Your Favourite Trailer?