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  1. alternate costumes
  2. I'm happy and sad?
  3. Dlc ????
  4. Batman Arkham Asylum for $38.83 on release day in Canada
  5. Strategy guides are in stores now
  6. A small portion of Gotham as DLC?
  7. new vid
  8. who has pre ordered collectors edition and where have you pre ordered from?
  9. anyone reading any graphic novels while we are waiting for arkham asylum?
  10. Strategy Guide
  11. 2.2 million demo downloads and counting!
  12. PS3 theme?
  13. Collector's Edition on Amazon UK
  14. || Official || What would you do? Thread
  15. batman vs nathan drake
  16. Victor Zsasz in B:AA trivia
  17. Just got my new game magazine, Arkham Asylum gets an 8.1/10
  18. Unboxing Batman: Arkham Asylum review edition !!!
  19. Scarecrow challenge map
  20. Freeze
  21. superman game
  22. For all europeans: B:AA is codefree! just tried it
  23. *possible spoilers*
  24. So what's the deal between the Green Lanterns and Batman?
  25. Keyboard work with PS3 and this game?
  26. Cinematic Transitions
  27. Trophies/Achievements
  28. What do you think of this for DLC?
  29. CE NO MORE! (gamestop)
  30. Got My Copy
  31. What year does this take place
  32. Your Favorite Memory
  33. Semtex on Gargoyles.
  34. Batcave Home Space How do we access it???
  35. New B:AA Trailer: History of Arkham
  36. Gargoyles
  37. The High Tech Arkham
  38. Batman is Sadistic
  39. Arkham Asylum will be on GameSpot's "On the Spot" show in an hour.
  40. where are there exclusives for batman.
  41. To those of you who...
  42. Bad News
  43. Will you be able to buy the road to Arkham Comic in a comic shop?
  44. Dr. Young's Journal
  45. New meet the Rocksteady team profile.
  46. to those that have the game
  47. Riddle me this EIDOS..!!!!!
  48. If there were no Joker challenge maps, is this better on PS3 or 360?
  49. whats ur xbl id
  50. Way off topic, but i haz a question
  51. Missing Alfred
  52. Pretty sure that about the Sequel
  53. Reader Reviews HERE!
  54. Renders
  55. Cant uninstall!!!!
  56. Can you unlock the Dark Knight Suit without pre ordering it from Walmart?
  57. General Discussion
  58. New Trailer - History of Arkham
  59. GS On the Spot gameplay
  60. Pre-Release... Releases.
  61. the voice of commissioner Gordon
  62. Detective Mode Addict!
  63. new free downloadable content coming soon yay!!!
  64. (AU) Which is the proper release date for PC?
  65. Who Buys Gamesmaster? *spoilers*
  66. Adding subtitles
  67. Dialogue volume on ps3 demo very low sometimes?
  68. Arkham in new IGN Podcast
  70. How are handling the last few days until release?
  71. Top TEN Things you're looking forward to
  72. new batman review
  73. IGN review
  74. PSM3 review is online, score and link inside!!
  75. WAY too many spoiler threads and posts!
  76. Eurogamer review
  77. Strategy Informer Reviews Batman AA
  78. CVG review
  79. IGN review is in
  80. Artist Vincent Proce Posts MK vs. DC Artwork
  81. Joystiq B:AA review, (yes another Editon)
  82. I wish people would stop giving out spoilers for god sake
  83. Another DLC Question
  84. I am concerned about the length of the game
  85. US ps3 users can download joker maps
  86. Rocksteady getting the shaft?
  87. Just finished the game [no spoilers]
  88. A History of Arkham Asylum *NEW*
  89. The History Thread was Not Old
  90. Idea: Follow rats = Ratcatcher ('s cell)?
  91. look at all the people
  92. Shadow of the Bat?
  93. new pictures from gamespot!!
  94. 1up Review!!
  95. Ps3 joker dlc up right now on the psn store....please delete repost
  96. Free Joker DLC Maps on US PSN
  97. new vid
  98. Sooo.. Free Roam Or Not
  99. Riddler's Cell
  100. Xbox 360 World Magazine (No Spoilers)
  101. G4's Review
  102. Has anyones amazon.com order shipped yet?
  103. Gamepro Review
  104. Still can pre order the Collectors Edition in Canada?
  105. What Difficulty Is The Demo On?
  106. GameTrailers review is up
  107. IMPORTANT: Gamestop Shipping Update
  108. Will GameSpot have their review up today?
  109. there's one thing i would like to say...
  110. Something in the Gametrailer review spoilers
  111. What does this look like to you? *spoiler*
  112. Alternate costumes?
  113. French inmate?
  114. quick qustion
  115. If I get the US PS3 CE
  116. Were we lied to?
  117. 2 face
  118. Grant/Breyfogle FTW!
  119. minor spoiler gargoyles
  120. Medical Facility, Observation Room
  121. Xbox 360 Controller on PC Config Files
  122. Ign au review
  123. IGN Readers Guide
  124. How Does Batman Get a Tan?
  125. Graphic novel?
  126. Official Eidos Beg Thread + Mobile Screensavers
  127. Stupid question
  128. Question About Avatar Awards **Off Topic**
  129. Attention rocksteady devs!!!!!
  130. I just found the best song for batman
  131. Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu.
  132. Ps3 or xbox 360?
  133. I saw The Collector's Edition
  134. Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker DLC Already Laughing Up PSN
  135. Pre-order!?
  136. Does anyone know how long the making of the game documentary is?
  137. PSN Now has Joker Map Available
  138. Throwin' Baddies
  139. have any of you been having this problem?
  140. question about replayabillity?
  141. noob question =[
  142. Cheats
  143. funny thing done in demo =]
  144. B:AA Collectibles?
  145. Can we have a Bane skin for DLC?
  146. GameTrailers Arkham Retrospective.
  147. just received my copy :D
  148. Soul Calibur IV Batman
  149. thanks for creating the best batman game ever!!!!
  150. Batman Arkham Asylum Wallpaper
  151. anyone who owns the game?
  152. *IMPORTANT* Don't discuss the ending
  153. Is Harley Truly Insane?
  154. To anyone who owns a PC demo...
  155. Play as the joker
  156. question about dem bones
  157. How many peaople will be on the forum when the game is released?
  158. Got the game, question.
  159. Has anyone noticed...
  160. Sony’s PS3 Slim Coming Sooner Than Expected (And on a speical date)
  161. villains in challenge maps?
  162. Electrocuting Zsasz
  163. It is all about to end. (a sad tale of memories lost)
  164. possible spoilers
  165. My idea for DLC.
  166. Batty&Me: "Safety"
  167. New screenshots up on IGN.
  168. Which version to get
  169. Wait a Minute...
  170. Buying Batman: AA without the free map affect trophies?
  171. noobs & spoilers
  172. Action Cam Help
  173. Favourite Gadget?
  174. whats with batman and catwoman
  175. Shipping PS3 Slim on the 25th!
  176. If you ordered the stratagy guide....
  177. Good News
  178. FAO Keir,regarding stock of the CE edition......
  179. Just finsihed the game. ( no spoilers ) Congrats Rocksteady
  180. help plzz
  181. Awesome batman video
  182. NVIDIA Forceware 190.62 drivers released
  183. Batman: Menace To Society?
  184. Arkham Asylum: Living Hell and Batman: Arkham Asylum
  185. Jokers mind
  186. Think i Found A New Riddler Trophy
  187. Spike TV???
  188. Before and After
  189. Who to Pre-order from?
  190. Dem Bones
  191. Alert for Spoilers
  192. Poor dark knight!
  193. Pledge
  194. cool mask , thanks,
  195. Will A Strategy Guide Be Necessary?
  196. Perspective DLC? Would you get?
  197. An idea to end spoilers
  198. which will you upgrade more armor gadgets or combat
  199. Thanks a lot.
  200. Got it!
  201. I am offically gone until I beat the game.
  202. I like to brag
  203. This seems like a good that would make the mods job a bit easier
  204. Game Questions......(THAT THREAD IS A SPOILER)..
  205. Camera Assist: Off
  206. why not delete spoiler threads?
  207. next one who post spoilers is
  208. Have you played the full game yet?
  209. Collectors Edition PICS
  210. Do you think game will be in stores on first day?
  211. Troll Thread - To Be Closed
  212. Troll Thread - To Be Closed
  213. How many copies do you think they will sell?
  214. Full Game at Gamestop Kiosk!
  215. GUY demologes a silent knight challenge room
  216. Sorry everyone......
  217. Were Being Spoiler Attacked?
  218. can somebody post the pics of the names of the joker challenge maps
  219. Spoilers = This
  220. Goons spying on us
  221. Everybody! Arm Your selves With:
  222. Arkham's biggest mystery
  223. What year did Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth come out?
  224. Spoiler PSA
  225. Major off topic
  226. Ordering into the UK, from Amazon.com, what can I expect?
  227. Any topic regarding the PC demo impressions?
  228. Did you do the throw trick in PC demo that was shown one of the videos of this game?
  229. anyone ordered from best buy
  230. Joker DLC !!
  231. Early Reviewers Hint Free DLC Coming!
  232. soundtracks
  233. Royal Mail Strike Update
  234. How long is the making of dvd?
  235. Sign here if the ending has been spoiled for you.
  236. Riddles?
  237. Do not read if you haven't completed the game
  238. What other DC/Batman stories would make good videogames/animated movies?
  239. Gliding
  240. <HUGE SPOILERS> More to the Game
  241. Scarecrow powers and whatch out for youtube!
  242. IGN Video Review
  243. Anyone Going in Costume?
  244. So long, farewell (until I've beaten the game)
  245. Difficulty levels questions
  246. Little question for someone who has beaten the game. Not meant to be a spoiler.
  247. Get batman for $38 canadian
  248. CE Journal Scans?
  249. Patch for difficulty level?
  250. A certain picture?