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  1. Batarangs
  2. Getting this error when trying to run the PC demo, please help.
  3. wayne tower
  4. Why is there no Platinum trophy?
  5. Demo Installation
  6. Combat system was too easy!
  7. Weapons, Challenge maps & Armoured bat suit
  8. Crime Alley Question
  9. I Hope .......
  10. Is there gonan be any way to change the camera view?
  11. "Watch out, fool! I have a bomb!"
  12. Does anybody know.....
  13. Will there be a way to "draw" people towards an area?
  14. Something is wrong DEMO PC
  15. Euphoria/Endorphin?
  16. New Batman Video Ad's on IGN and Gamespot
  17. 360 Error
  18. No multiplayer
  19. I know how to steer the Batarang!
  20. PC Demo problem
  21. Where are the rest of the villains?
  22. A new cutscene....O.o SPOILER!!
  23. PC Sound issues
  24. New Crime Alley Screens
  25. Nvidia PhysX Problem
  26. Something I've noticed in the full game...
  27. Where are the rest of the villains?
  28. Critical Strikes In the Demo ?
  29. Do I just suck at this?
  30. Walkthrough thread
  31. Is this move possible?
  32. I Need A Hand
  33. the riddlers cell???!!!
  34. Question about Challege Maps
  35. Name ONE boss you are excited to fight!
  36. Thank you Eidos for all your hard work.
  37. Escaping guns
  38. Com-Bat(Man)
  39. Something doesnt make sense..
  40. Mods for the pc version
  41. Silent Takedowns From the Front!
  42. How do I change video settings
  43. Hanging choke takedown?
  44. Is the Joker Ps3 Exclusive free to download?
  45. Demo diffulculty?
  46. What happened to the lights?
  47. did anyone notice...
  48. B:AA Health system
  49. ZSAZ fight
  50. Official Batman: Arkham Asylum TV Spot!
  51. Dem Bones
  52. (PC) Slowdown seemingly unaffected by graphics settings
  53. Batmans many costumes
  54. Joker Music
  55. xbox 360 demo
  56. A question about the demo.
  57. Cameos
  58. Battle Damage?
  59. My concerns with the Detective Mode.
  60. Edition??
  61. Batman Arkham Asylum Demo: Eurogamer Digital Foundry 360 VS PS3
  62. Asylums
  63. did anyone think the demo was a let down?
  64. DLC questions
  65. 2 new interviews from g4 (Kevin Conrow, and Paul Dini).
  66. EpicBattleCry Talks About Batman: Arkham Asylum
  67. Definetely more villains to come...
  68. Why Batman can't just jump?!
  69. Someone make a Chuck Norris skin
  70. if you could be any part of batmans outfit what part would you be?
  71. Sidestep dodge?
  72. Who are the 42 and non the 48 biographies of BAA?
  73. Nightwing?
  74. Demo Questions
  75. Batman blue in the demo for me
  76. Batman Gameplay
  77. My official Superhero Game thread: Unknown
  78. Any Batman fans looking for PSN mates
  79. Favorite Batman Movie? Least Favorite?
  80. what do you think?
  81. Hard inmates by design?
  82. Batman: AA PC demo on Intel iMac
  83. the many costumes of batman
  84. Batarang Use?
  85. Fuse Boxes
  86. In a recent video I saw...
  87. BMP Count
  88. What problems do you have with the game?
  89. PC control configuration
  90. Controller Type A or B?
  91. If you were taking over arkham.....
  92. Happy Birthday Jim Lee
  93. Random reboots
  94. Netflix party - batman
  95. Just landing on Baddies(no glide kick).
  96. Has the game gone Gold?
  97. Avatar Awards???
  98. Hey Rate Batman Arkham Asylum
  99. Dem Bones
  100. Do you think were going to see more villians?
  101. Interesting pics that i hadn't known you could do!
  102. Amazed at the depth of the demo...
  103. Sorry for the noob question, but...
  104. who else thinks that..
  105. DLC new outfits?
  106. The Beast
  107. Exploding foam?
  108. If batman was real
  109. I found a new vent (I think)
  110. The demo is excellent, but is there a possibility the camera will be changed?
  111. PC Demo crashes randomly.
  112. Xbox Awards/Avatar Marketplace
  113. Zombie Marvel
  114. simple question
  115. PC gamers getting gipped again?
  116. The best Batman Graphic Novel?
  117. The Batman?
  118. zsasz fight in demo!
  119. Edinburgh Interactive Festival
  120. New video from G4 (August 11)
  121. color of dective mode changeable????
  122. PSP version of Road to Arkham
  123. Report: Rocksteady co-developing Hitman 5.
  124. Final Takedowns
  125. What does the game disc stay in the CE
  126. Has anyone noticed.....
  127. Hope for the Batmobile
  128. "Grappling Hook and Batclaw in the demo" or "What the heck?"
  129. Things you might have missed in the demo
  130. Does Joker get his own challenge maps?
  131. DC Online
  132. Playing BAA With the Batsuit from Batman Beyond
  133. Batarang in the demo question?
  134. Quick question about the joker
  135. A bunch of character models!
  136. Is the Collectors Edition worth it?
  137. Playing PC demo with a PS3 controller?
  138. Batman Arkham Asylum Demo Review
  139. Ideas for a Sequel
  140. What Are You Doing In These Last 13 Days Until The Demo?
  141. so does anyone know when the graphics podcast is coming out?
  142. Demo
  143. project titan
  144. Takedowns
  145. Batman Arkham Asylum Pros and Cons.
  146. Why no PHYSX for console version ???
  147. new previews!!!
  148. Motion Control
  149. How many 3D character trophies will be in the final game?
  150. Batman vs. Mary Poppins (serious).
  151. RSS feed...
  152. thoughts on the CE's bonus dvd
  153. Batcave Outpost Apartment, coming to Playstion Home next week.
  154. Glimpsed "throw" move
  155. Batman: the Brave and the Bold
  156. Question about Batman: Arkham Asylum game controller for PC
  157. Book Ideas.
  158. Game Pad keys reassigment N/A in PC version.
  159. Egyptian Writing In One Of The Cells
  160. Weird...
  161. PS3 Home Batcave space (picture)
  162. Would you like Batman Arkham Asylum made into Animated cartoon series?
  163. Batman & Robin (Only Fools & Horses)
  164. batman vs agent 47
  165. should i get...
  166. Keboard remapping keys
  167. Your Villains!!! Say your opinion now!
  168. Crazy theories
  169. Practice Makes Perfect
  170. Big complaint with Batman and EIDOS
  171. Describe your Joker
  172. My baa wallpaler!!!
  173. 25 Things About Me: Batman
  174. scarecrow map
  175. I've got an upgrade idea for the Cape Stun!!
  176. Watching gameplay videos, i love these little details...
  177. look at this video!!
  178. Will we be able to put batgel on any flat surface?
  179. How to bind commands and edit .ini for PC version? (UE3 technical question)
  180. If the Joker had to canonically die, how should he die?
  181. batman armoured suit founded
  182. PC noob question
  183. Anyone doing the same as me?
  184. Batarang lock on too sensitive?
  185. C-C-C-C-C-C-COMPETITION! This one is for the people!
  186. Will Arkham Asylum support AMBX?
  187. How do you get 'the road to arkham'?
  188. What's your secret identity? :D
  189. Harley Quinn Intro (Bulgarian Audio)
  190. Songs that make you think of batman characters?
  191. I know you're going nuts for the game....
  192. PSN Batman avatar!
  193. Request for Forum Organization
  194. A heads up from Facebook [new trailer]
  195. New trailer tonight!!!!!
  196. Your thoughts please
  197. How big is the Demo
  198. Joker downloadable after?
  199. unlockable suits?
  200. GameInformer Review
  201. Seriously are they dead??
  202. Pre-order Bonus
  203. Why dont they just release on august 25th
  204. Pre Order Question!
  205. Gamestop B:AA CE Question.
  206. New X-Play Batman: Arkham Asylum Preview
  207. Logged on just to say
  208. Who are these people?
  209. Batman World
  210. minimum requirements should really be changed
  211. The Demo. whats Missing
  212. playable characters
  213. Caption Contest
  214. Gamespot Launch Center
  215. What happened to the Arkham Batcave in the new "Gadgets" trailer?
  217. what suit do you want
  218. What would you like to see on the XBOX Batman?
  219. Grappling Hook Trick
  220. Describe your Batman universe villian!
  221. B:AA portrays Batman Begins VERY well
  222. Post a vid of the screen savers....
  223. NEW PICTURES! Batcave Apartment!
  224. PC Demo Controls
  225. Batman 360 premium theme?
  226. P4 3.06 HT and Geforce 6600 gt AGP
  227. Batman:AA Trailer Music Credits Thread
  228. Xbox 360 IS getting an exclusive theme HUZZAH!!
  229. Batman: Arkham Asylum Signature Series Guide
  230. Distracting enemies with batarangs
  231. Penny Arcade BAA comic - August 14th!
  232. How much is install on the 360 with only 60KB?
  233. B:AA MADDEN '10 Tournament
  234. Is it easier to control glide height with mouse & keyboard than a gamepad?
  235. disarming enemies...
  236. B AA on gametrailers tv aug. 24
  237. New Wallpapers and Screensaver
  238. MASSIVE SPOILER. Don't look if you don't want a huge spoiler!
  239. Why I Want to be a Game Reviewer...
  240. Gameplay Interview
  241. which control type do you like best?
  242. Is the Playable Joker DLC to Be Given For Free?
  243. Collector's Edition out of stock (UK)
  244. batman's tackle
  245. Look what Joystiq got for their review copy
  246. Trouble with the latest trailer!
  247. Good Joker interpretation from your friend The Joker 1
  248. new batarang takedown
  249. Status: Deceased?
  250. down-at-heel clothes. When?