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  1. A New Paul Crocker Blog Post
  2. Question about Box Art and the CE
  3. BAA: 90(+) Ratings from German Gaming Magazines (no scans...yet?!)
  4. Keir is a god
  5. Boycot.
  6. Gone Gold?
  7. One Gamer's Progress so far...
  8. I am confused
  9. Batman: Arkham Asylum: Italian Hands-On !!!
  10. *ANNOUNCEMENT: Contest winners*
  11. The first 10 minutes of the game
  12. I am very angry
  13. MILD Spoilers about boss-battle
  14. New Batman: Arkham Asylum Article on Kotaku
  15. Videogamer hands on preview
  16. Music form this game
  17. New French preview video - lots of new footage.
  18. Cape and Cowl
  19. B:AA "Cat and Mouse" Gameplay
  20. Challenging encounter with Harley revealed in a new preview.
  21. Gametrailers Batman: Arkham Asylum Preview
  22. funny gamestop ad for B:AA
  23. Batman Vindication Issue One Prolgogue [DarkestDawnComics] [Large Images]
  24. Does Aaron "The Hook" Cash make an appearance?
  25. Gamesradar Hands-On
  26. Hot Villians!
  27. Does Anyone Out there Know?
  28. Riddle Me This...
  29. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bat?
  30. The Joker's funniest momejnt in B: TAS.
  31. New video preview (1 August)
  32. clayface is in
  33. Videogamers extended preview of Batman (Contains Spoilers)
  34. arkham asylum bio book pages
  35. Arkham asylum xbox 360 achievements
  36. For those who have played the demo: What's the trick to a steady combo multiplier?
  37. Demo news coming next week by Aug 7
  38. has the demo been released??????
  39. News Coming Next Week
  40. Batman AA Preview Vid
  41. Please help! Arkham Asylum login not accepting password!
  42. Batman Useless.........
  43. Jokers Death in Batman Beyond
  44. Shouldn't 360 owners be charged less?
  45. Official Playstation Magazine UK Review on Tuesday.
  46. Has much has changed since this video?
  47. Jumping in the game.
  48. 3 Word Story
  49. Batman: Arkham Asylum - Summer Fan Trailer
  50. Another Interview with Kevin Conroy from Comic Con 09'
  51. New Preview
  52. MAYBE New Paul Dini Interview from Comic Con 09
  53. Good vs Bad... Bad vs Good!
  54. CG Renders and concept art Please
  55. New voice recordings of Villains.
  56. Where;s The PS3 Gameplay/Footage?
  57. Jobberseid? (Off Topic)
  58. Could someone translate this new Batman Arkham Asylum preview from the Netherlands?
  59. New French Video
  60. Bane = underrated?
  61. I know this is based on the comics but..
  62. Cut or uncut
  63. Official Playstation Magazine Podcast.
  64. PC/360 versions couple of questions
  65. wat the batcave looks like
  66. Look what i've got with pre-order!
  67. Batman: Arkham Asylum: Dem Bone Video !
  68. Batman The Animated Series
  69. Batman Toys
  70. 1vs100
  71. Batman:Arkham Asylum Trophies/Achievements
  72. PC Gameplay?
  73. If you where an inmate in Arkham Asylum
  74. Interview about game's music with Ron Fish
  75. Off Topic: Funny Video and Funny Caption Thread!
  76. Question about challenge maps
  77. When should we expect the Demo?
  78. Is Killer Croc, Joker, Bane, and Poisen Ivy the only villians expected?
  79. cover system
  80. Batman: Arkham Asylum review coming August 7th - Official Australian Xbox Magazine
  81. The 'Torn and Tattered Cape' Crusader
  82. OFFICIAL - Batman: Arkham Asylum demo - Available August 7
  83. Scarecrow and ....... are in!
  84. The Scarecrow Fear Toxin
  85. I owe you all an apology
  86. Ending??
  87. new demo trailer on gametrailers
  88. Release Date
  89. Smoking in Arkham?
  90. ***Graphical Changes***
  91. What kind of things will we get for DLC?
  92. How do the Leader boards work?
  93. Will they announce when this game goes gold?
  94. Potential Hidden Image in the Box Art?
  95. New gameplay video from GameSpot - August 3rd.
  96. Who's gettin the demo
  97. Im New and I got a Idea for B:AA
  98. Free Fight Mode
  99. Idea For a batman Villian
  100. fist 10 minuets of batman aa
  101. new gameplay video w/ stealth
  102. GameStop Costume Contest
  103. Should I pre-order game or buy later?
  104. Does This Look Like Sir Sefton Hill ?
  105. length of game
  106. Highest Combo....
  107. Demo question
  108. Themes and Gamer pics ?
  109. Challenge Mode vs Main Game
  110. What time period?
  111. Dream DLC
  112. I have a question about the Grant Morrison's Batman Arc and Batman Reborn
  113. Batman best rogues gallery of all time?
  114. What were some of the best fights between Croc and Batman?
  115. What are Character Trophies?/ Will BAA run on full 1080?
  116. Viral marketing
  117. Joker Mobile Wallpaper Live
  118. 100% Completion
  119. hello hello and wtf
  120. Italian Video Preview
  121. PSA XBL Gold Knowing is half the battle
  122. takedowns (warning: minor gameplay spoilers)
  123. Jokers chattering teeth
  124. Batman: Arkham Asylum only $48 on Amazon, less for PC ...
  125. How's the Freeflow perfection trophy acquired?
  126. Playstation Beyond Review
  127. Paul Dini's Detective graphic novels; are they good?
  128. Favorite Mark Hamill quotes
  129. What would you suggest.
  130. Campaign Length Figured Out??
  131. If you are new to the forums...
  132. Something amusing that I've noticed.
  133. Will the UK version of the game be multilanguage?
  134. Best Batman Arkham Asylum Deal
  135. Harley quinn illness
  136. How often does Batman deal with the super natural?
  137. Want to add me? What's your PSN ID?
  138. [OFF-TOPIC] I present to you GameExclusive.
  139. New! Fan made Wallpaper!
  140. This Dini character needs to make a cameo in the kitchens of Arkham...
  141. Favourite Kevin Conroy Quotes
  142. EXP in Challenge Maps?
  143. Collecting Reviews HERE
  144. new batman trailer
  145. New video at IGN ??
  146. Bane, Venom & Brains
  147. Batman Arkham Asylum Action Figures???
  148. Heroes and Villains podcast....
  149. Thanks for the Demo News Guys
  150. Got some news from Keir...
  151. The Characters in Arkham Asylum
  152. Awesome site competition (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and UK only)
  153. Batman AA Awardables?
  154. When do you think the Crime Alley challenge map will be up on PSN?
  155. GameExclusive looking for help....
  156. Question about The Riddlers riddles...
  157. Batman & Spider-Man Tribute
  158. question about one of batmans interesting choke holds
  159. question about batmans intellect.
  160. *GameExclusive* Past&PresentExclusive!
  161. Will the Arkham mansion be given a backstory?
  162. Sorry, I was thinking about Batman...
  163. The Essential Batman Encyclopedia
  164. [OFF TOPIC sorta] Thank you B:AA forum member
  165. Release Date, Price and Content Comparisons for Australian Batfans!
  166. Wtf?!? Joker map AND Scare Crow?
  167. lol! Yd u do me like that MOD?! lol No worries!
  168. Tropies?
  169. batman arkham asylum review with extreme prejudice
  170. :( Mac Screensavers....
  171. *August 6th* New IGN Footage!
  172. question about the demo
  173. What will you be getting B:AA for? 360 or PS3
  174. New preview at IGN.
  175. Costume Party the day of the arrival of Batman Arkham Asylum?
  176. Polished version of the first ten minutes submitted online today.
  177. Paul Dini interview for Batman Arkham Asylum
  178. Does Batman have the wall-press technique?
  179. lots of new videos on youtube
  180. Jokerbama Political
  181. Co-op?
  182. PSN Home Costumes
  183. 1UP now has an official Arkham Asylum countdown page.
  184. Is there a reason why Steam is not advertising this game
  185. I think I found out what happens to Frank Boles in the game...
  186. demo austraila
  187. scarecrpw question
  188. PSN demo today ? ... ( 6th )
  189. * PS3/360/PC demo impressions thread *
  190. Demo the same as kiosks?
  191. in which time the demo is out at israel?
  192. Amazon Pre-Order
  193. Mark Hammill talks about B:AA on Gametrailers TV this week!
  194. GameExclusive Batman:AA Preview
  195. Demo now live in uk store
  196. Competition time! Huzzah!
  197. B:AA Demo Share !!
  198. New video!
  199. Batman RIP
  200. New Preview?
  201. No Collector's Edition for the PC?
  202. Anyone recognize any of these names?
  203. PS3 Demo thoughts?
  204. Invisible Predator Demo Challenge
  205. PC Version - Where do we download the demo from
  206. PS3 Trophies
  207. Last questions about the demo!!!
  208. Oh God No, Not This, Not Sixaxis Motion Sensitive!
  209. GameExclusive B:AA demo review
  210. PC version delayed.
  211. The Joker's party list? *potential spoilers*
  212. will batman pc demo will have phsyx?
  213. Batman's eyes blue...why?
  214. New impressions for Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  215. New IGN Video's Posted the August 5th
  216. Technical Problem With The Demo (PS3)
  217. Thoughts on the demo - please vote
  218. PS3 Retail Version, Install?
  219. DId you guys notice the three riddler signs in the demo?
  220. Joker :- has the pc demo been delay ???
  221. Gamespy Gadget Preview - aug 6
  222. Weird notice
  223. Any news on xbox demo?
  224. No toggle for crouching?
  225. 2 VIDEOS - Gametrailers Update - Aug. 6
  226. Email from Arkham!
  227. Really looking forward to this!!!!!
  228. New Gametrailers Footage!
  229. Coolest things you have done in the demo!
  230. any1 know why the difference in 400MB between the UK demo and the US demo?
  231. To all 360 users, the demo is now up!
  232. problems with the 360 demo
  233. usa only: is the demo on xbl yet?
  234. Loss of cabin pressure???
  235. Breakable wall
  236. Lego Bat-mobile!!!
  237. PC demo- why is left ctrl button used for crouching/ sneaking
  238. Anyone else's PC Demo lock up sometimes?
  239. Ugh, pre-rendered Cutscenes?
  240. Rate the Demo on xbox live
  241. PC version tweaks
  242. Mark Hamill confirms that he's retiring as the Joker after this game in an interview.
  243. Comparison PhysX video
  244. PS3 and Xbox 360 differences...
  245. batman in the avatar marketplace
  246. Batman Demo rocks my socks off - PC version
  247. NEW! Developer Profile!
  248. A little doubt 'bout the PS3 demo...
  249. Dlc
  250. Any Idea when the Demo will be available to Silver members?