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  1. Has anyone noticed this???
  2. screenshots about tru for nintendo ds
  3. Where is Toby??
  4. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!!! YAY!
  5. Excalibur???
  6. you know your obsessed with tr when...
  7. the music in the trailer
  8. Looks like TRU is using alot of elements from TR2 & TR3
  9. Trailer: The (missing) statue
  10. Will the Wii version of Underworld use the WiiMotion Plus?
  11. TRU Commentaries Yay or Nay?
  12. Lara's Healing Herself/Medi-Packs Confirmed
  13. New Weapons???
  14. Enemies
  15. Movements
  16. The new wetsuit in TRU
  17. I'd like a new dress! & other ideas! PLZ LOOK!!!!!
  18. Tomb Raider Underworld Movements
  19. Dinosaurs!
  20. Online Usage?....
  21. Maybe....Just Maybe
  22. TRU outfits
  23. Other Croft Manor?
  24. Restarted Tomb Raider series!
  25. TRU demo
  26. Legends in Portuguese in the Underworld. Help!
  27. German Eurogamer Highlights
  28. Eric's latest blog: to spoil or not to spoil
  29. Tomb Raider Underworld New Glamour Croft Wallpaper
  30. TRU: New concept artwork of Thailandia (in HD)
  31. Back Cover's TRU
  32. The Indian Lara Croft
  33. Creative ideas for Lara in Underworld
  34. SIXAXIS features?
  35. TRU looks cool. I know I will love the game.
  36. Tigers in TRU!
  37. New Thailand screenshots!
  38. About the trailer and who is in it
  39. TRU for PS2 to be released the month after? Huh?
  40. TRU theory spoiler but please post
  41. Two belts
  42. Thailand As Playable Demo At Games Convention 2008!
  43. Lara's Handstand Picture
  44. Meet Alison Carroll, the new Lara Croft model!
  45. J. Rutland
  46. TRU Official Lara Croft Model
  47. hi guys
  48. New Tomb Raider Model Discovered!
  49. How do we give feedback to the EIDOS team reg. tricky/tough Wii fighting controls?
  50. Allison Caroll - Good Or Bad Model?
  51. Its 12 August.....
  52. Motion Capture Pics
  53. Behind the picture
  54. New Mexico Screenshot
  55. Has anyone else seen this? (may contain spoiler)
  56. Tomb Raider classic outfit reintroduced?
  57. A new theory about the trailer and the game...
  58. Will TR:Underworld feature Dolby Surround Sound and hand-to-hand combat ?
  59. NEW SCREENSHOT! (Thailnd)
  60. TRU on ps2 good or bad
  61. tomb raider underworld
  62. When Will New Tru Goodies Come Out???
  63. I was just wondering
  64. Can she kick or punch???
  65. can lara do the same moves on all the consoles???PLEASE HELP!!!!
  66. new rooms in croft manor
  67. What are you most excited to see in TRU??????!!!!!!!
  68. Who wants the Adrenaline dodge in Underworld?
  69. Gameplay Trailer Live Tomorrow! Time change!
  70. Who will play TRU all the way through
  71. Old Games long while new games are short . Will TRU be different?
  72. Try to finish
  73. Spoiler Mag Xbox!!!!!!
  74. Tomb Raider Underworld Massive Campaign - Biggest In 8 Years.
  75. Is TRU coming out on ps2 in the UK???
  76. Tomb Raider: Underworld English Trailer live NOW
  77. Founs something very brilliant spoiler
  78. My Brand-New-Related-To-New-Trailer-Theory-Thingy
  79. New Nintendo Wii ScreenShots
  80. Thanks to the posters..
  81. Omg!!!
  82. What are you most excited about from the gameplay trailer?
  83. Kold?
  84. Is That Quolopec? (Contains Minor Spoilers)
  85. Spoiler Note
  86. TRU trailer zip and lara
  87. I just found something intresting not spoiler
  88. Amanda? Alister?
  89. SPOILER & Speculator: Zip - Good or Evil?
  90. This might contain a spoiler. >_<
  91. Spoiler: ????
  92. This And That
  93. gonna try to answer alot of questions(spoilers)
  94. how could i be so stupis of course
  95. The following shot (spoilers)
  96. Spoiler: Game Play Trailer
  97. Does any one know the age rating?
  98. Real world- Entrance to Xibalba found in Mexico
  99. New Thailand HD Screen!
  100. Zip file
  101. New Theories About The Game
  102. amanda?
  103. when we meet someone...speculation..spoiler.
  104. Low pants spoiler
  105. BGamer reveals new location. (spoilers, duh)
  106. Any pc gamers getting worried?
  107. Pre Orders Amazon.co.uk
  108. Two...or more
  109. Snowmobile
  110. What do you think? *Spoiler Alert*
  111. Fly mode
  112. Another has been converted.
  113. Trailer Downloads
  114. Tomb Raider: Underworld Demo?
  115. Gameplay Lara
  116. omg
  117. A New Theory
  118. excalibur and soulreaver
  119. My theary about the Zip shooting.
  120. Somebody else in the game in flashlight scene
  121. something wierd in the trailer
  122. Theory. :D
  123. please read this i think it could be close to right(spoilers)
  124. Amanda in Underworld
  125. Animals in TRU
  126. auto cling on
  127. Sprinting might be back!
  128. Please answer....
  129. Lara's moves
  130. RE:Questions
  131. Tomb Raider Underworld New HD Gameplay Trailer Available For Download!
  132. More New Pics
  133. Help!!!!!!
  134. Is there going to be a "Croft Manor" in Underworld???
  135. What if... (spoilers)
  136. Leipzig Trip...
  137. What about Ps2!
  138. The Trailer - Four People In It Named
  139. Something Weird In Trailer
  140. whats the red thing at the side of the screen
  141. New Pics 8/18/08
  142. Underworld Display at Leipzig
  143. Media at Monthly Intervals
  144. Im so behind!
  145. Release
  146. Who wishes underworld will be released in October or September?
  147. New Thailand Screen Shots!!!!
  148. will the demo be downloadable for xboxlive
  149. What about...?
  150. Linux maybe ??
  151. Underworld & Dx10...?
  152. Could this be the end of Lara??
  153. What are you most anticipating about TR:U?
  154. Tomb Raider Underworld For PS2
  155. My Friend
  156. Tomb Raider Underworld Collector edition packs
  157. Found something in the trailer spoiler
  158. lara looks different
  159. Slightly Confused...
  160. What did she say
  161. Everything they said (spoilers)
  162. I think I've found Kold in the trailer haha..
  163. New Trailer- What Lara means when she says...( facts- not therorys )
  164. Trailer Indepth...
  165. Kold Returns?
  166. IGN hands-on preview
  167. OMG!! tell me what you think... Spoiler
  168. Connections Between Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld (*spoilers*)
  169. Warning: Trailer spoilers. Helheim and Avalon.
  170. New Thailand gameplay footage!
  171. Please CD! Enable option to disable all HUDs!
  172. Tomb Raider on the Games Convention in Leipzig
  173. Underworld Technical specification for PC?
  174. Next-Gen
  175. Another Question for you to answer...
  176. New thailand vignette Video
  177. Where is she?????
  178. Should i....
  179. NEW! Underworld HD vignette video!
  180. Something in that new trailer confused me... :/
  181. Something about this games story that concerns me SPOILERS!!!
  182. New Thailand Trailer Spoiler!!!!
  183. can you still swan dive and do acrobatic stuff
  184. Zip in new trailer
  185. Tr Underworld Demo
  186. 1700 moves
  187. 3 months of finishing?
  188. New countdown timer
  189. Vertical bars
  190. Toooo Excited
  191. Thirsty for MOREEEE...
  192. Something I notcied in the trailer-SPOILERS
  193. Do you know if there is unlimited pistol ammo in Underworld?
  194. Alison Carroll Live In Action at GC'08 Leipzig
  195. Released dates of non-English TRU?
  196. History of Tomb Raider???
  197. New Gameplay Videos...
  198. What the heck is up with the camera angles?
  199. How old were you when you first played a Tomb Raider game?
  200. What kind of tomb raider websites you see to check updates and more???
  201. Spoilers ... Brand New Goodies
  202. Thailand Game Play Trailer
  203. Groans And Grunts
  204. Alison Becoming Lara (Video).
  205. Can it Be????
  206. Post Funny Tomb Raider Videos Here
  207. time trials (2)
  208. Thor? Fire? Phoenix? ...whaa? (epic spoilers)
  209. Croft Manor or the Adventure?
  210. TR: U online?
  211. what will the main menu look like?
  212. Croft Manor- the end?
  213. What do you play on?
  214. I'm planning a Tr!
  215. Which continent will you play TRU in?
  216. Is Lara still looking for her mother in TRU
  217. Natla (Spoilers)
  218. Tomb Raider Underworld - Desktop Organiser
  219. Lara
  220. Tomb Raider : Underworld (Footage Section)
  221. In-Game menu
  222. Grab
  223. Amanda (Spoiler)
  224. Question on new game
  225. The Blonde Croft Theory! Killing N(Spoiler)!!
  226. Amanda or Natla?
  227. Tru Menu
  228. so i had a dream last night...
  229. New cut scene Thailand
  230. Kill a goth? and TRU clothes
  231. Demo on Xbox Live!
  232. Coming back to Thailand
  233. If tomb raider underworld was like tomb raider last revelation...
  234. I'm very pleased to see you again.
  235. The end of the demo
  236. Syste Requirement
  237. Trailers
  238. Ok So.........
  239. The Underworld Movement.
  240. Main Story In TRU
  241. PC requirements
  242. UK Convention?
  243. Look how she falls
  244. New gameplay
  245. My Trailer(my first thread!)
  246. Will Underworld come out for Mac?
  247. Spoilers...more New Goodies
  248. Demo Confirmed Date?
  249. Official Xbox 360 Magazine (New Spoilers)
  250. Enemies deaths.