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  1. - Outfits Withdrawals TRU
  2. Bravo Screenfun
  3. Petition Level in Brazil TR9
  4. News outfits Beneath the ashes!
  5. Kiss Tomb Raider Goodbye
  6. I finished it.
  7. PC controls, sidestep?
  8. Fan fic thread post your fan fic here if you want
  9. The cut story, hopping for the DLC
  10. Huge Shortcut Jan Mayen Island PS3
  11. Tomb Raider: Underworld = Awesome
  12. new fan site
  13. Clumsy Lara, Lara slips and falls in Jan Mayen Island
  14. Origins of the Atlantian Civilization?
  15. Anyone else think Lara should go to North America
  16. Thailand: Grapple and Broken Platform Glitches
  17. Help
  18. tomb raider Southern Mexico
  19. Does anyone know if a patch gonna with trophies for PS3?
  20. can anyone help please
  21. Villain costumes back? Vote on it!!!
  22. Favorite Underworld Outfit
  23. Excalibur
  24. Alison Carroll Grocery Shopping Interview
  25. are there any easter eggs in this game?
  26. choose the possible new tr publisher
  27. could some one help me please i have one last relic to get
  28. ps3 tomb raider underworld
  29. niveaux supplementaire de TRU
  30. Boring
  31. This game gets better the more you play it
  32. Please Give Us New Premium Themes for Xbox 360
  33. TRU Pervert Merc...
  34. 2 outfits.....where are they...
  35. Proto-Norse runes
  36. What if she can't escape...
  37. We just might get new publishers (proof, I think)
  38. Okay i might sound stupid but....
  39. Stuck in Mexico
  40. When Lara gets hurt...
  41. Something has to change.
  42. Were did she come from? 0_0
  43. All Pictures Alison Carroll -The best
  44. enviroments
  45. Scorched Natla form
  46. Anniversary and Underworld ties
  47. TR Movies
  48. VOTING: Did you play TRU?
  49. Ponytail, Braid whats the difference??
  50. Japanese TV Spot doesn't have Gorecki
  51. [QUESTION] Tomb Raider Underworld TROPHY Support ?
  52. hey
  53. !!!! NEW character concept art NEW !!!!
  54. mystery hole in nepal...
  55. im not sure laras mom died?
  56. stupid dopplganger
  57. I Think I found...(Spolier for some?)
  58. the door puzzle.
  59. Interesting Lara render...
  60. !!! NEW-ish artwork NEW-ish !!!
  61. natlas wings
  62. TRU Canon Picture...Chibi-style! :D
  63. What'd you think of the story in Underworld?
  64. Best Yet.????
  65. All thinks that were take-out from TRU...
  66. Interview with Alister - Greg Ellis
  67. Music!!!
  68. A TR:U pix i photoshoped :]
  69. PS3 glitch!
  70. Suggestions for next TR (too soon)
  71. The sales of TRU are dissapointing
  72. does anyone know what trial criteria mean
  73. I don't like the treasure hunt
  74. My Wallpapers!
  75. unfortunate news from Gamespot
  76. Pleeeeeease heeeeeeeelp meeeeeee!
  77. Fanning the flames: Time Warner poised for “incremental” Eidos acquisition?
  78. Why so long????
  79. Anyone have new pics of Alister or Zip. *Don't write retarded stuff either*
  80. My Larafletcher23's Fan fiction. *Yeah*
  81. Does anyone think this image is creepy and funny
  82. *SPOILERS* The final battle in TR:U
  83. Intro in forward motion
  84. Awesome Game !
  85. CD is going to try and reinvent TR again like they did with Legend.
  86. Do anybody think that Eidos/Crystal Dynamics should reboot the Tomb Raider series
  87. Are you
  88. why does everyone keep complaining about tru???
  89. E. Lind. Got FIRED? What?
  90. Any pics or images of James Rutland's father. Please!
  91. Order of Underworld tracks?
  92. Tell me, do these look like bad reviews?
  93. you wont belev! TRU got nominated for best STORY!!!
  94. Buzz Monkey art work
  95. Legend and Underworld: Eric Lindstrom talks about creating the story
  96. Downloadable Content for PC?
  97. Sequel?
  98. Before remaking ANYTHING, how about first...
  99. Trophies for Tomb Raider Underworld !!!
  100. Pictures
  101. Is it true?
  102. Tomb Raider Underworld: One of the Top 50 Games of '08
  103. A 3rd gauntlet...
  104. puppet no longer(PC)
  105. Lets start something new!!!
  106. What's Going on
  107. Post your very favourite Underworld Screenshot
  108. TR Legend: Excalibur
  109. Doh
  110. A Big Deal.
  111. Fã Arts
  112. underworld cines
  113. The Midgard Serpent spoilers
  114. To All Tr:l And Tr:u Haters
  115. Tomb Raider Underworld Icons - HOW??!!
  116. Missing gem stone in arctic.
  117. !question!
  118. What was your favourite moment in Path to Avalon?
  119. What were your favourite moments in Niflheim?
  120. Ubisoft
  121. Lara's shoulder light. (can't switch on)
  122. Tomb Raider Soundtracks
  123. What were your favourite moments in The Norse Connection?
  124. What were your favourite moments in God of Thunder?
  125. What were your favourite moments in Realm of the Dead?
  126. What were your favourite moments in Remnants?
  127. Frustrating parts about TR:U...
  128. What were your favourite moments in Bhogavati?
  129. What were your favourite moments in The Ancient World?
  130. What were your favourite moments in Puppet no Longer?
  131. What were your favourite moments in Protected by the Dead?
  132. What were your favourite moments in The Unnamed Days?
  133. What were your favourite moments in Xibalda?
  134. What were your favourite moments in The Midgard Serpent?
  135. What were your favourite moments in Land of the Dead?
  136. What were your favourite moments in Gate of the Dead?
  137. What were your favourite moments in Valhalla?
  138. What were your favourite moments in Rituals Old?
  139. What were your favourite moments in Helheim?
  140. What were your favourite moments in Yggdrasil?
  141. The Best Moments Thread
  142. What were your favourite moments in Out of Time?
  143. TRU Med sea LBP level
  144. Game Ideas
  145. TRU PS3 Modding
  146. Pic Request of Motorbike. Please!
  147. Xbox360 recording the game?
  148. anybody have any screenshots with Alister or Zip in them Pweez.
  149. Underworld Demo Settings??
  150. About Zip
  151. How to not have a secondary weapon on backpack but still be able to use it
  152. How I feel about TRU and then how I feel about TRL vs. TRU
  153. Ninjas movie from TRU BBFC - revealed
  154. When information about the extras?
  155. Could this be the most immersive game of all time?
  156. Special/Limited Edition?
  157. How do you make a ...?
  158. Post any screenshots of Lara Alister Zip or Winston or Amanda or who ever.
  159. PS2 - Release Dates
  160. Valhalla Screenshots
  161. Eurogamer Face off - TRU 360 vs PS3
  162. Another Pic Request
  163. New Beneath The Ashes screenshot
  164. laras shoe size?
  165. Croft Manor Launches - WIN an Excalibur sword!
  166. problem with resetting clock puzzle just before Xilbaba
  167. Wii Screenshots?
  168. What would you like to see improved / changed (Short list)
  169. I'm Leaving the Forums!
  170. Beneath the Ashes
  171. No Burning croft manor replay?! :O
  172. Am I Missing Something?
  173. marketspalce?
  174. Relic in valhalla
  175. If CD will not work on the next Tomb Raider...
  176. Do You Like Lara;s new Looks?
  177. Beneath the Ashes & Lara's Shadow Release
  178. Unseen Tomb Raider Render
  179. A simple heartfelt plea
  180. Can only moderators post sticky threads?
  181. Hey guys, how TR8 looks like?
  182. Help
  183. Names & Meanings [Possible Spoilers]
  184. PS2 TRU, Questions, pics, review etc..
  185. I just thought I'd share this with you. We tried the Beneath The Ashes Level.
  186. xbox 6 more outfits more beneth the ashes
  187. How do you connect to live on underworld
  188. Who else thinks...
  189. Will Lara have any new clothes like in TR:Legend?
  190. Anybody have Alister's or Zip's full well explained Biographies. I would luv it.
  191. *SPOILER ALERT.* well I think.
  192. Your Favorite Level?
  193. Natla & Eitr
  194. Do you know something?
  195. To all fans of TRU
  196. Lara is a human being!! SPOILERS
  197. TRU got 2 nomination!
  198. What DLC would they give us PS3 users? If any?
  199. Post Ur Own Here!
  200. PS3 Savegames
  201. Best TR Logo ?
  202. stupid question but where and what is the market place
  203. TRU Extended ending *spoilers*
  204. Found Alternative Ending!!!!!!
  205. tomb raider guide book extras?
  206. Anyone knows where I can download all of the TRU cutscenes in HQ?
  207. Wow! They need to really fix the combat and camera!
  208. Beneath the ashes Theory *possible spoilers*..i gues
  209. Mexico- cut scene can be found. (sort of)
  210. tomb raider underworld: beneth the ashes....ehmm????
  211. weres laras name ??????
  212. Wasnt She Sposed to have a camera?
  213. Possibly new playable character?
  214. Saving TRU on the PS2?
  215. PS2 or PC
  216. Beneath The Ashes Key Art *new*
  217. TRU Icons I Made!
  218. Jessica Images?
  219. tomb raider 10 release date?
  220. tomb raider merchandise
  221. PS2 Version hits #1 in the UK
  222. grapple gun madness
  223. Im Here To Help!!!!!! :D (Screenshot Requests)
  224. does she have a middle name?
  225. omgggg!!!!!!!!AMAZING GAME!!!!!! but...
  226. I Did it!
  227. Disappointed
  228. Question about Legend/Underworld link
  229. Don't you think...
  230. I have An Idea (video)
  231. Im Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. Zibalba Help
  233. The next TR? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*
  234. Japanese version has trophies .... in Ps3 ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿
  235. What Is Beaneath The Ashes
  236. Where can I download v1.1 patch ?
  237. Tomb Raider Underworld! Beneath the Ashes
  238. PS2 pics
  239. What's the best peripheral to use, an Xbox 360 controller or the keyboard and mouse?
  240. Lara's other manor!!
  241. Thailand treasure hunt glitch.
  242. Took me a month. how long for you?
  243. New move!
  244. Next Tomb Raider movie suggestion? Opinions?
  245. replay possible in ps2
  246. achevement swan diver II cant get!
  247. PS2 Release in USA
  248. small spiders ..?
  249. Omg!
  250. new glitche