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  1. Tron Legacy, which DX fans will see this?
  2. Delayed release date now. "Need for further polish"
  3. Deus Ex and Rockstar (Motion Scan)
  4. Adam Jenson is a butiful man...
  5. Deus Ex Effect in real life (Movie)
  6. Deus Ex 3 Delayed 2012
  7. There is to much muzzle flash and not enough gore!
  8. SNIPER SCOPE AND multiplayer
  9. Help required: Script Parody...
  10. The Industry: What's Wrong With It?
  11. Deus EX : Human Revolution(fan trailer)
  12. Level Editor
  13. Three Deus Ex wishes for Christmas
  14. Poll: To all true Deus Ex Fans must vote...
  15. Immersion: A different take.
  16. Shadowrun vs. DX
  17. Plenary: two little issues that were never cleared up
  18. DX3 Signature banners
  19. Why are they still hiring?
  20. Need some info on Deus Ex
  21. Not your average 3rd person thread.
  22. The sound of silence...
  23. upcoming lecture: Cybernetics for the Masses @ 27C3
  24. Can you pree oudure Deus Ex 3 In canada?
  25. Deus Ex HR #1 most promising game of 2011 according to Gamer.nl
  26. Happy 2011 my fellow gamers
  27. More bad comedy.
  28. DXHR: MULTI LANGUAGE & SUB-TITLES - All Discussion / Q&As - See 1st page for updates
  29. DX:HR Trailer - Fan Version by Jesse Barden (new audio & voicing!)
  30. Eyefinity set-up
  31. Trying to get in touch with someone on the dev team
  32. Martial Arts
  33. Deus Ex was a puzzle game
  34. RPGWatch Article - CVG Preview
  35. Why stick to sequel/prequel ? Do we (the DX1 fans) need that ?
  36. Deus Ex: Mind Heist Trailer
  37. Deus Ex:HR's play time ?
  38. Deus Ex no.1 anticipated game of Q1 2011?
  39. Aliens
  40. IGN Trailer discussion
  41. Differences between american and british versions
  42. Tactical Enhancement Pack, Explosive Mission Pack, Augmented Edition
  43. Looks like they did their homework.
  44. Changing perceptions: What is "hardcore"?
  45. The paper clip challenge
  46. Investigation into Eidos®!
  47. Nike and robots
  48. Question regarding Augmentation
  49. Delayed till May 2011?
  50. DX3 Viral Marketing
  51. PS3 or Xbox 360
  52. MMA fighter with mechanical hands
  53. Odd Video
  54. Deus Ex Phone Theme Pack (Great for Android Phones!)
  55. Drones, Bots and Automata.
  56. Is DE:HR coming to STEAM or not?
  57. My take on "Icarus"
  58. PC - USB Gamepad support for DX3??
  59. Release date is FEB 2011, right?
  60. Absolute Epic Theme
  61. Quick Save?
  62. There is no level-scaling in DX:HR!
  63. functional keyremaps?
  64. Small heads in the old 25 minute demo looks really weird
  65. DXMP Videos
  66. The reality of me !
  67. What does Technology Want?
  68. Human Brain Uploading...
  69. I had a dream about DE: HR
  70. Bring back lockpicks.
  71. ai?
  72. Sorry if this has been covered......What are the minimum specs needed?
  73. Failure timeline
  74. Give us PC gameplay footage already!
  75. Facebook Exclusive Content - DX and DX:IW
  76. DE:HR vs DNF
  77. Loading Periods?
  78. Call to Arms
  79. Cyborg Bollywood style
  80. Question about region on Xbox 360 ???
  81. Human Revolution on PSP2?
  82. My selfmade DX3 trailer
  83. Why was Invisible War so bad?
  84. Melee Weapons?
  85. couple of questions
  86. Third-Person Perspective
  87. February! Were is the GAME?
  88. Deus Ex again takes top spot in PC Gamer's Top 100 Games of All Time
  89. Egypt Ex
  90. Very cool technology
  91. February NEW TRAILER & Hands On Impressions - Discussion Thread
  92. Are you testing Human Revolution with Wine?
  93. Wow, I just noticed this, Pritchard calls Adam "Denton"?!
  94. Why everyone around me expecting DX : HR to get 85-50 metacritice score?
  95. Who here has missed school/work in the last 3 days?
  96. Localisation Version with English Audio?
  97. The complaints about graphics.
  98. Need Internet to play?
  99. DEHR meme thread
  100. PS3 Move Support?
  101. Are you testing the game with crack?
  102. Xbox Kinect
  103. Are the feet visible?
  104. DXHR - PLAYABLE DEMO Discussion Thread -UPDATES on 1st Page - Anfossi comments
  105. Downloadable Content? Avatar Awards?
  106. Recap of Deus Ex
  107. Pre-order weapons?
  108. Johnny got his gun.
  109. Will there be an SDK?
  110. What DX:HR should learn from COD: MW2
  111. Alex Jones almost starts to cry!
  112. How to use game mods
  113. COVER SYSTEM - All Discussion Thread
  114. Friday Fun Challenge
  115. A question for after the game comes out
  116. So is this gonna be like MGS4, except in first person?
  117. Speculation: 24 Feb Embargo
  118. I love you guys!
  119. New Bungie IP
  120. Why DE:HR won't surpass the original.
  121. Will the PC hud be similar to the original?
  122. When you throw away weapons in DX, what happens to them?
  123. Training Missions
  124. Why DX3 will surpass or equal the original.
  125. Will the game be Open World?
  126. Your favourite Deus Ex Videos
  127. I hope both Deus Ex 3 and LA Noir succeed
  128. What's with the massive downloads?
  129. Mechanical Augs or Nano Augs?
  130. The Art of Video Games
  131. Deus Ex news from GameInformer
  132. What about DRM?
  133. Super Computer competing on Jeopardy
  134. Better way to incentivize pre-orders...
  135. Yet another 100 best PC games of all time list
  136. Anyone else a sim fan?
  137. Our own "Best games of all time" list
  138. DX:HR - Rustlers Competition - Win A Trip to Detroit!
  139. Bit of comedy on limb replacement
  140. Jonathan Jacques-Belletête on Facebook
  141. Thought-controlled wheelchairs and bionics that 'feel'
  142. Deus Ex Game
  143. February 24: What Will Happen?
  144. A New First Look at DE:HR
  145. Prospective Augmentation Builds?
  146. I think I know why the heads are so small.
  147. Regarding Steam and PC version
  148. Which JC Denton is the real one?
  149. A little perspective
  150. I played the game and I'm here to answer all of your questions
  151. DX:HR Shacknews Preview Part 1
  152. Will Human Revolution have EARS???
  153. February 24. EMBARGO LIFT - PREVIEW consolidation thread of fun times
  154. GameStar Footage - Dissection
  155. My HR Experience
  156. Immersion
  157. What's the point of retailer exclusive DLC from a distributor's point of view?
  158. Deus Ex: HR Playstation Move support ? + PC v console version discussion
  159. What are EM doing with the game in the remaining months?
  160. First Hands On Media Event (link inside)
  161. Adam JET-son!
  162. How will YOU play Dx?
  163. Will My PC Run It?
  164. No more :(
  165. DXHR PICUS NEWSDESK:News,Articles,Tweets /UPDATES -UPDATE: Human Revolution Dev Vault
  166. Eidos Montreal at GDC - Feb 28 to March 4 - UPDATE: Tweet: Who is the mystery guest?!
  167. Why multiplayer wouldn't work
  168. What do you expect from DXHR that you would recommend this game enough?
  169. what's your favorite graphic adventure game??
  170. adam jensen in autodesk maya 2012 new features videos
  171. Interview with Mary & Kyle
  172. AUG TECH ... the future is now!.....barely
  173. Iron Man looks like Jensen
  174. Square Enix: Breaking through - Interesting Article
  175. Blade Runner Prequel/Sequel in the works.
  176. PAX East - 11 March 2011: New gameplay & Q&As - Discussion Thread
  177. Last night I dreamed Human Revolution
  178. DX:HR Official Store COLLECTORS MERCHANDISE Discussion - NEW: Xmas Sale DXHR figures
  179. Is the physics still included?
  180. DX:HR Archive of QUOTES & MEMES
  181. Epic shows off Cyberpunk tech demo
  182. Your Deus ex collection?
  183. From these four, who is your favourite videogame villain?
  184. Support for stereoscopic 3D?
  185. Other Games. Playing, Getting & Tribute - All Discussion thread
  186. The Hive Logo
  187. Viable Suggestions for Remaining Development Time.
  188. I cannot recommend this site enough:
  189. There are no topics!
  190. Deus Ex: HR state of the nation
  191. Best Deus Ex Sites
  192. Promote your Deus Ex game play here
  193. Director of FEMA (Walton Simons) on Twitter
  194. Rare Deus ex 1 interview
  195. The Clinics
  196. Your Favorite Hidden Secrets,Pathways,Rooms
  197. The question is, who is this man?
  198. DX:HR possible inspirations
  199. WHOA! Deus Ex, System Shock designer Doug Church joins Valve
  200. Default >> Plea to the team: Highlighting
  201. New Gameplay Trailer - 3.18.11 - Discussion
  202. Health Regen, Now Yahtzee is against it (NOT DXHR related)
  203. What if the wanted poster is actually part of the plot?
  204. Enemy Cyborgs should have Health Regen
  205. Please add complimentary colors.
  206. Deus Ex difficulty: Why not make it a hardcore mode for hardcore fans?
  207. Must-have mods for Human Revolution
  208. DXHR - General Speculation - Will the game succeed or fail?
  209. DXHR compared to other games - Gameplay/Mechanics Etc
  210. HUD discussion thread - My suggestions for PC
  211. Random Movement style?
  212. Any word on 3d Vision?
  213. IMPORTANT! Mouse Acceleration
  214. Deus- Ex Post Mortem
  215. Best Deus Ex Let's Play?
  216. PC version of DX:HR also being developed by 'partner studio' - NIXXES
  217. Console or PC: Poll
  218. Still buying?
  219. Would you rather: Delayed pc port or nixxes version?
  220. Things you like about Human Revolution :D
  221. Hey mods, what happened to this rule?
  222. Women rule the Net - New direction for DE:HR development?
  223. Any Daylight in DX:HR?
  224. New Trailer "3 ways to play"
  225. A While Coming- Video Game Art in Jonathan Jacques-Belletete's Eyes?
  226. Vids/movies imbued with Deus Ex spirit.
  227. What I've seen, some of it is good, some of it isn't
  228. Question about PC vs. Consoles
  229. is there multiplayer mode???
  230. Questions on the game's content/features
  231. Deus Ex IV: Conundrum - What next for the franchise?
  232. Stealth (or Lethal) Takedowns shouldn't use a power bar
  233. SPONG.COM - DXHR is getting a tonne of attention from an army of Warren Spector fans
  234. Bill Taggart = Lyman Taggart
  235. Favorite bands/music/books/tv etc?
  236. Did anyone else think Adam riding on the turret looked really stupid?
  237. We've had to endure much, you and I... Forum Appreciation Thread
  238. Are augments gotten through leveling up or by purchasing them?
  239. Health Regen & Melee takedowns (does it really make it too easy?)
  240. DX:HR - expected playing/completion time/level size etc
  241. How did crippled limbs work in Deus Ex?
  242. AI hopes for Deus Ex: Human Revlolution
  243. Forum Fun - CAPTION THIS: The JJB Edition
  244. Eidos Montreal / DXHR - JAPAN RELIEF AID Thread - Gamers Heart & Signed Concept Art
  245. Dxhr ending leaked!!!!!! (April Fool Thread)
  246. Deus Ex Logo Evolution?
  247. Multiplayer screenshots (April Fool Thread)
  248. Shall we just migrate? (April Fool Thread)
  249. Already a Broken Leveling system?
  250. a Harvey Smith note