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  1. Writing in Video Games, including HR
  2. DXHR COMIC BOOK - Warning: SPOILERS & SCANS inside!
  3. "you can kill the guy on the door. So that's cool"
  4. Stanton Down Crypt Savegame
  5. NEW 11 Oct 2010 - SPOnG interview with Jonathan Jacques-Belletête
  6. System requirements
  7. Aftermarket upgrades?
  8. Difficulty levels.
  9. Old school gaming rig.
  10. Battle of the Systems
  11. The HUD: Your thoughts
  12. Choice to Upgrade/ Augment
  13. Laser sights and generic invisible enemy class.
  14. Think I finally got it. This is the true Deus Ex 3!
  15. NEW!! 14 Oct. Gamespot Video Interview with Jonatchoo and James Swallow!
  16. NEW 14 October - CVG Trio Interview - Expectations, art and not copying
  17. Whats most important?
  18. Using DX1 SDK to recreate DX3 world for Multiplay
  19. "Spector comes around on new Deus Ex"
  20. Steamworks or Games for Windows Live?
  21. Latest PC Gamer
  22. The picking/dragging.. oh.. the pain.
  23. Number of discs...
  24. Lethal (press x) affairs...
  25. A Positive Message About DX3
  26. A day of importance... today! Don't forget!
  27. Release date: 3 day Euro lag?
  28. Paris Games Week - 27/31 Oct - +Gameblog Premium User CONTEST: Win Fast Pass to DX:HR
  29. German voice samples (warning: dialogue spoilers inside)
  30. Should there be a remake of Deus Ex 1 if Human Revolution is successful?
  31. The tech revolution vs the financial crisis today
  32. Eidos Montreal and AMD partnership
  33. Deus Ex:HR - Eyefinity Tech Demo (New Footage)
  34. Mana Bar, Brisbane, Australia - 23 October - DX:HR Public Showing & Prizes!
  35. Square Enix has ten-year DX plan if HR performs well
  36. Alex working with this guy?
  37. A little light relief to while away the time
  38. Alex Jacobson
  39. Your predictions for a ten year franchise?
  40. DX Ending.
  41. How much are you willing to pay
  42. Shootin' Hoops!
  43. PC Touch Interview de David Anfossi
  44. New here...question about System Requirements
  45. It's all a conspiracy! (My third visit to Eidos Montreal -- Full Report Inside)
  46. Custom DX:HR Box Art
  47. Eidos Montreal Open House - November 7th
  48. Area transitions... the invincible door and other quirks...
  49. Fastest DE:1 Runthrough Ever
  50. Can someone clear this up?
  51. I thought this was funny
  52. Robotic Arm
  53. NY COMIC CON 2010 - Video Interview with Kyle/Cayotegrey
  54. Anyone else gonna try for a nonlethal playthrough?
  55. Siliconera inviting questions for dev team...
  56. IW Ending.
  57. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 11 Minutes of Pure Demo Footage Emerged | N4G
  58. conspiracy 101
  59. Cyberpunk Forum Murder Mystery Game - Who would join?
  60. Light Hearted Funnies: Warren Spector in Rosetta Stone Advert - Can YOU spot him?
  61. What will you do one day before the release of DX: HR?
  62. Skyping with Alexander Brandon
  63. Character's point of view
  64. DXHR: Main Characters & Voice Actors/Credited Cast
  65. Skills ?
  66. Can games be art?
  67. Deus Ex: "Based on real projects that are going to be built" - New Interview
  68. I want a movie based on Deus Ex HR :)
  69. Previews:Gaming Excellence/Siliconera -Hacking/HUD/Weapons/Conspiracies & Adam's Past
  70. New Eyefinity In-Game Footage (8th November)
  71. INVENTORY - First fuzzy screenshot
  72. Will there be way to turn of the third person mode or play the game without it?
  73. New preview from Destructoid
  74. 20 hour campaign regardless of game style?
  75. Bosses in DX
  76. My Human Revolution Preview
  77. The four pillars of gameplay.
  78. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview With Jean-François Dugas
  79. Will you buy it?
  80. Very bad idea-EIDOS READ THIS
  81. The Omar Poll.
  82. VOTE NOW - DX:HR your favourite trailer this year?!
  83. Deus Ex: Human Revolution has improved AI on PC
  84. It's time to rally the clans, we need to support this game NOW!
  85. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview With Steve Szczepkowski
  86. On Achievements
  87. We better get one hell of a Christmas present
  88. New DX:HR Siliconera Interview
  89. Deus Ex Tv Show.
  90. Realism in Human Revolution
  91. DJ HIT THE DECKS! What song should be playing when you enter "The Hive"?
  92. Deus Ex's Human Revolution: 10 reasons it is faithful - (NOTE: only read if bored)
  93. My friend found this.
  94. Ten reasons Human Revolution is faithful to Deus Ex
  95. Deus Ex: Minigames a must!
  96. The Girl and Immortality!
  97. Kill-phrases.
  98. Actual Topic Counter Write-up: Ten reasons Human Revolution is un-faithful to Deus Ex
  99. Is STEAM Powered Games getting Involved?
  100. Skull Gun Sighting
  101. those takedowns are going the game
  102. NEW Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Trailer!
  104. Mapping/Modding in Deus EX:HR
  105. HIGHLIGHTING Poll & Discussion - What, specifically, should happen?
  106. Guards friendlies instead of enemies...
  107. What about a Beta ?
  108. Denton Vs Jensen
  109. Augs turn on or off?
  110. I'd like to set back the clock with the team
  111. Deus Ex The Prophecy
  112. Suggestion for random guards
  113. About the Arsenel
  114. Potential Multiplayer DLC/Expansion?
  115. Sticking to walls in FPS.....Is this hard to do?
  116. Deus Ex: Picture Thread - Post Your PC!
  117. Will their be nonlethal take downs?
  118. Can the Arm Blade be used in First Person?
  119. Deus Ex Alternate reality game FPSMMO
  120. Rate the new gameplay trailer!
  121. Let's play Deus Ex - Mission 1: Rescue the Lady
  122. Can someone explain the dialogue system?
  123. Does anyone here like the third person view?
  124. DEAR SANTA CLAUGS - DX:HR Christmas Stocking Thread
  125. Any Idea how about playing DX1 ?
  126. The answer to the question posed by third person/ first person immersion...
  127. Thermal Optic Camo and new game + items?
  128. What were you doing when the original DX was released?
  129. PC Games - Analogue controlls
  130. All things Cyberpunk
  131. Helios is real.
  132. "ASK JJB" - Video PODCAST Q&As: See 1st post/1st page for full list
  133. I am completely baffled as to why people are whining about regenerating health
  134. Possible Reasons For Health Regen and Upgrade System
  135. Favorite thing about Deus Ex
  136. Ultimate Enemies
  137. Augs not mutually exclusive?
  138. Michael McCann's "Icarus" with old Deus Ex theme
  139. PC GAMER - DX:HR’s 21 Augs Analysed (Confirmed & Speculated)
  140. Game Balance, and my controversial opinions on it.
  141. Will we see another Deus Ex in our lifetime?
  142. About alarms and cameras (suggestions)
  143. Length of the game
  144. My thoughts on Deus Ex and doubts about HR
  145. Am I the only one who's a little bothered by the ubiquitous golden/orange filter?
  146. Does anyone else think that Jensen's hair gel is augmented?Who also hates his goatee?
  147. Deus Ex 1 characters in Deus Ex 3
  148. DXHR - WEAPONS & AMMO - Discussion Thread & Q&As
  149. Calling all talented people!
  150. Some questions about the graphical features/CGI used in DX HR
  151. Request: A compilation of common complaints people have with this game
  152. Human Revolution to be a prequel?
  153. Thoughts and discussion about the GOOD things in Deus Ex Human Revolution
  154. Deus Ex 1 Fun Thread...
  155. Will the dialouge trees be a consisten part of the game?
  156. New airport security-A precursor
  157. SARIF INDUSTRIES - Human Augmentation & Tech (Real Life)-New: First Head Transplant
  158. PRE-ORDER/ORDERS Thread- Exclusives/Bonus/DLC Q&As/Different Editions -All Discussion
  159. Website got updated and it's awesome!
  160. Sniper range in DX/R
  161. Analog Controls for Deus Ex PC?
  162. Michael McCann's Sarif Industries Theme - Available For Download!
  163. Personal Plea from the community manager
  164. Clearing the confusion.
  165. Confirmation regarding use of Steamworks and/or GFWL?
  166. New trailers from Destructoid. DLC.
  167. A possible answer to community-developer interaction?
  168. Age of Forum Members Poll
  169. Gender Forum Member Poll
  170. Console Lead Platform?
  171. Bonus mission...Where's the demo?
  172. Questions About Pre-Order and System Requirements
  173. Thumbs up EM! What we like about DX:HR
  174. Tong wont play a part in the main story line??
  175. Laeving aside pre-order bonuses for just a moment: chest high walls?
  176. Color of Forum Member's Eyes poll
  177. Race & Ancestry of Forum Members Poll
  178. Awesome Exercise
  179. What happened to the industry?
  180. Bacteria incorporate As into their genetic material in a P depleted environment
  181. Quick guide to DX3 and it's forums.
  182. Original Deus Ex is a dollar today
  183. Over the top. Will Human Revolution be great?
  184. A Question of Faithfulness (To The Original)
  185. Are you sick of polls, poll?
  186. So is that the hacking game from dxhr on the Sarif website?
  187. Do you have guts to get augmented?
  188. Your DX inspirations (and Mary DeMarle's)
  189. Kinect and the future of dialogue interaction in games...
  190. Collectors' Augmented Edition - or Regular Edition? VOTE & discuss
  191. DXHR - SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS & PLATFORMS - General Discussion & Q&As
  192. Canadian Video Game Awards - Calling for nominations!
  193. TPS view and PC Culture
  194. Cover System Proposal
  195. Since you're already making good use of SE's CGI department... (cross-promotion idea)
  196. What augmentations do you NEED?
  197. Warren loves DE:HR
  198. Pre-order or not pre-order that is the question
  199. What version and for what gaming system will you be getting DX3?
  200. English Voices and German/French subtitles?
  201. What is this thing in front of Adam's leg?
  202. What is the appropriate number of polls to have on a forum?
  203. Check Out This Site For More Info On DX
  204. What will be your playstyle in Deus Ex 3?
  205. canceled my pre-order because of DLC plans
  206. What Time Is It?
  207. What is this thing in front of Leonardo's leg?
  208. Is this the official Box Art?
  209. Which version of Human Revolution will be the "superior" version?
  210. DX: Man in Black Mod (Editors Wanted)
  211. Is A Prosthetic Tentacle Better Than A Prosthetic Arm?
  212. Cool music
  213. Project 2027 Released!
  214. David Sarif Augmented arm?
  215. Anyone From The Old Ion Storm Forum Here?
  216. Two new weapons!
  217. DX:HR - NEW Full Extended TRAILER Discussion
  218. Comic I adjusted (response to Jonatchoos twitter)
  219. Black and Gold
  220. Third Person as an Augmentation
  221. review of starcraft 2 that compares first and third person perspectives
  222. Oh god nooooooooooo
  223. Human Revolution funded by the Democratic Party?
  224. Suggestions for the developers
  225. Guy get's camera augmented onto his head!
  226. Cybernetically Controlled Animals are a go
  227. Trans-label-ism
  228. Suggest Music for Dues Ex 3: H.R.
  229. Since your first visit to this forum...
  230. Sarif's MJ12 intervention...
  231. BP oil spill coverup! Will Human Revolution run with the N.W.O. subplot?
  232. Will there be multiple levels of limited editions?
  233. Wikileaks Cameo
  234. Singularity: To all the non-believers...
  235. I hope its not another corridor shooter. . .
  236. Thoughts on Repo Men movie
  237. Best Deus Ex Mods! - Update: "Deus Ex: Nihilum"
  238. The Amazing & Spectacular DXHR "CopyPasta" Thread.
  239. The best definition of cyberpunk?
  240. Dwarves, Small Heads, Strange Humanoids...
  241. what does C.Y.B.E.R.P.U.n.K mean to you. {poll}
  242. Why they always make sword games rpg .....
  243. Shrinking content,streamlining and you.
  244. The Various Tales of JC Denton
  245. DX Intro
  246. Deus Ex (Short Script)
  247. Am I the Only One who is Extremely Excited about this Game?
  248. New Game+ question/request
  249. Audio API: FMOD? OpenAL?
  250. Deus Ex Movie? TV show? - All Discussion Thread