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  1. JC, Alex and Adam: Their real-life counterparts
  2. Code words?
  3. Multiple Layers of Plot - An Analysis
  4. Dear Eidos Montreal: Thank You
  5. Deus Ex Human Revolution Gameplay
  6. Futuristic Wear - DX:HR Wardrobe Design
  7. Skill Proposition
  8. On Non-Linearity, and its implementation.
  9. Is there any hint on requirements?
  10. CheatCC Preview
  11. potential 3 person take down melee gameplay
  12. Petishun: Skul gun
  13. any one thinking of "v for vendetta" with this game
  14. Signed up just to say
  15. to the devs! :Please montreal dont do this to me!remove 3rd person/non-ingame cinemas
  16. Is TPS possible?
  17. Achievements/Trophies
  18. What's Your Favourite Deus Ex.... Music
  19. Romeo
  20. Romeo2
  21. Angry Joe DXHR E3 Interview
  22. Our best hope for information?
  23. about books
  24. Will Deus Ex strain your computer? Deus Ex PC gamers! What are your SYSTEM SPECS?!
  25. One Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Unseen Social Paths
  26. Well this all seems very familiar
  27. PC version, persistent internet connection?
  28. JC Denton vs Chuck Norris!!
  29. Request/Suggestion: Trailer Score on iTunes
  30. Own made cover art
  31. Target Audience of Deus Ex 3
  32. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Facebook theme
  33. My city is Black and Golden... DX3:HR
  34. OnLive?
  35. DeusEx Trouble at the 'Ton - A DeusEx inspired fanfilm
  36. A few questions
  37. We are approaching a great depression in the U.S.
  38. New IGN article (don't get your hopes up)
  39. "THE ICARUS EFFECT" DXHR Novel by James Swallow: WARNING: Spoilers Inside!
  40. DX: HR release date!
  41. New video on internet (Nothing to hopefull)
  42. Spector on the original Deus Ex in 1999 (invaluable reading)
  43. Other opinions.
  44. While waiting for dx:hr you could...
  45. PC version identical to console versions
  46. New to Deus Ex
  47. 2001 Interview of Sheldon Pacotti, Deus Ex Writer
  48. Deus Ex (1) REMAKE FOR XBLA and PSN... why not?
  49. Deus Ex: Human Revolution hits Steam
  50. As per usual
  51. Thank You, Irate Iguana!
  52. What made Deus Ex great?
  53. DX1 was good because of a design flaw?
  54. Games for Windows Live?
  55. Where is the leaked footage?
  56. Know thyself...
  57. Cyberpunk RPG/FPS
  58. Intersrellar Marines - FP Evolution?
  59. Deus Ex was "overly complicated and deeply flawed"?
  60. Good news everyone! - The hands of Jensen are already real!
  61. Abour E3 gameplay leak...
  62. Deus Ex fight choreography
  63. *Dev's please Respond* is ther a Deus Ex HR demo coming soon?
  64. Personal Game Ideas Anyone?
  65. No Russian in DEHR...
  66. Released February 2010?
  67. The lockpicking mini-game: what to do, and what not to do
  68. It's time for you to meet your maker(s)
  69. DX Related : Collapse (film)
  70. Why a ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ Movie May Never Happen
  71. I fear in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you won't be able to...........
  72. Could a real world UNATCO work?
  73. Reasonable timetable for new info?
  74. Question about localization...
  75. Deus Ex - Icarus Remix
  76. Deus Ex short movies
  77. deus ex new icon suggestion
  78. Killing sprees yes?
  79. Eidos, it's up to you now.
  80. Oblivion syndrome, and why I hope EM won't contract it.
  81. Items We have Bought From Eidos
  82. Without something new every day seems the same
  83. Adam Jensen in Sims 3
  84. "New" Screenshots
  85. Games™ #99: Jean Francis Dugas & Jonathan Jacques Belletete Interview
  86. Morpheus ; dancing people in dx clubs ?
  87. Thoughts on Free Market Capitalism
  88. Neon Texts in DX and DX3 Art
  89. MAC version!
  90. Just to be pernickety...
  91. DEHR first public showing on Gamescom next week!
  92. A new approach to shooter health
  93. The Hive logo (Fan Made)
  94. Mr. Jensen
  95. Anyone else planning not to augment?
  96. Interesting bit on weapons:
  97. First Gameplay Trailer. 8am PDT today.
  98. Eurogamer Interview
  99. American Politics, Atheist Rhetoric, etc.
  100. The Icarus Myth... suddenly over-used?
  101. What's with the womens?
  102. 3rd person ???
  103. Readable Font please
  104. Future of video gaming...
  105. It IS possible to create a good sequel (Also: Why I hate review sites like IGN)
  106. Will this game use Games for Windows LIVE as a DRM method?
  107. Checkpoint based saves or quicksaves
  108. People actually think this game is made by square fail-enix?
  109. Analysis of the New Video
  110. Nostalgia Thread
  111. So that's why his hand can spin...
  112. deus ex engine .
  113. How's this for a cover system?
  114. Gamescom: your questions to the dev team
  115. Deus Ex: HR and Crysis 2....
  116. New screenshots [8/18/2010]
  117. Stealth
  118. Skill Points
  119. Inventory
  120. 1-Up Preview
  121. Will Human Revolution be as enjoyable as the original Deus Ex?
  122. Just got back from Gamescom, seen the footage...
  123. EM confirms plans on DLC for DX:HR!
  124. Just out of the Gamescom demo, please ask
  125. A conspiracy.
  126. IGN preview
  127. GameSpot Video Interview with Jean-Francois Degas
  128. Health regeneration, a simple solution
  129. Trailer
  130. Viral Marketing ads
  131. Mass Effect ****s over Deus Ex series
  132. Spector criticises 3rd person, Anfossi replies with same old bs
  133. DeusExZone
  134. Twinkle, twinkle, little AUGMENTATION...
  135. screensaver request
  136. IGN Rage.
  137. Augments and upgrades
  138. Think about it
  139. Deus Ex... not a "game experience."
  140. What Deus Ex HR Takedowns would look like in Deus Ex
  141. New IGN interview
  142. Heads up: The Hive OT Forum
  143. Gameplay
  144. Weapons
  145. What system will you buy DXHR for?
  146. What are you expecting on the Box Cover Art?
  147. Interesting details on Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  148. New community manager has come. Welcome.
  149. New interview on gametrailers.
  150. Hello there. (New community manager's introduction)
  151. Just listening to this guy tells you all you need to know about DX3
  152. Lhc
  153. Deus Ex Main Site (what do you think?) - Countdown timer added - 9 March 2011
  154. The Topic Of Conspiracy
  155. New twitter background
  156. KUDOS topic
  157. DX:HR TAGLINE - "Discover The World of Tomorrow"
  158. New interview with Jean-François Dugas by GamesLife.ru
  159. New Gamasutra HR interviews
  160. NECA Deus Ex: Human Revolution Figurines
  161. New law could screw us
  162. Deus Ex: Human Revolution PAX Demonstration
  163. Best Gamescom Demo prewiew yet.
  164. Warren Spector PAX Keynote
  165. It pulls you in and doesn't let you go... your most addictive game experiences...
  166. Projects for Eidos Montreal after DX:HR.
  167. deus ex 3 re cutted trailer in hd + new music
  168. Will the original Deus Ex theme and logo return?
  169. Warren Spector pitched a spiritual successor of DX to Disney..
  170. Space Combat/Mass Effect 1&2/GTAIV Discussion.
  171. [h+]^3? / "Of Bulls & Bees, Horns & Honey" - Mythology & Symbolism in DX:HR
  172. DX:HR end credits song
  173. Harvey Smith's "The Argument" - Text Adventure Game.
  174. Deus Fortress
  175. QUESTIONS for EM (SUMMARY & ANSWERS on 1st page)
  177. DX and MGS series Similarity!
  178. Zippos in Deus ex
  179. Deus Ex Mods
  180. Reticle placement...
  181. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Caption Fun Thread - Christmas Time/Holiday Theme
  182. Pre-Ordering
  183. New Deus Ex Not "Dumbed Down" for Consoles
  184. Thoughts about deus ex: Human Revolution close combat
  186. Has Eidos Montreal confirmed modding abilities?
  187. What, 9000? A good article on IGN about the modern games industry? Wut?
  188. I had a choice... (new screenshot inside!)
  189. What has you excited about DXHR?
  190. デウスエクス TGS2010 Trailer [日本語吹き替え版]
  191. Square Enix Announce Deus Ex: Human Revolution Play Arts -Kai- Figures
  192. Hole in the ocean
  193. Everything in this game is yellow/sienna
  194. English trailer is up
  195. DX:HR Tokyo Game Show Trailer - Ask Your Questions - UPDATE: Answers Inside!
  196. Deus Ex Theories
  197. NEW screenshots and concept art! FRIDAY 17th September
  198. Walking at TPS?
  199. Why are they so tall?
  200. The ammunition system
  201. Kudos to Eidos Montreal
  202. An Article that changed my life...
  203. The plot needs to push buttons.
  204. TGS 2010 Interview with Dugas, promises more footage of game
  205. DX:HR Playable Demo - General Discussion
  206. Weapon Technology - Snipers
  207. Game based on the Deus Ex HR?
  208. Worth it to get the first 2 games?
  209. Fear
  210. Adam Jensen's Skins?
  211. REMINDER - Please be sure to read & comply with the ToU
  212. Censorship
  213. Today on the Spot :: interview
  214. Deus Ex the Anthology...
  215. 'Immersive Games'
  216. Too late now but take-downs should have been a skill.
  217. Prequel?
  218. What I'd love for DX4 (bear with me).
  219. A Different Ending for Gunther
  220. One of DX1's major strengths: Sound Design
  221. Human Augmentation and Human 2.0
  222. Must the video game industry melt into a cesspool of casual ****...
  223. Adam Jensen = Voltaire
  224. I'm a bit worried now...
  225. The idiocy of downloadable content stiffing the players...
  226. DRM and Steam
  227. Versalife is Back
  228. DX:HR to Feature....Pocket Secretaries?
  229. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - the Commercial Reception
  230. Eurogamer - Best Quality demo so far. It's nothing new but here it is...
  231. You there in charge of marketing what do you do?
  232. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - the Critical Reception
  233. DE:TGS Soundtrack
  234. Another bland cover shooter?
  235. Deus Ex: Zombie Apocalypse
  236. New Game +
  237. What Would You Do About Takedowns?
  238. Deus Ex Screenplay Research
  239. Violence / Gore Settings
  240. DXHR Interview at IGN
  241. Licensed James Bond game has better takedowns than Deus Ex?
  242. On which platform are you going to play?
  243. Our beloved Wayne Haas.
  244. The "feel" of a game...
  245. Steam release date?
  246. Hugh Herr and iWalk
  247. Who wants a deus ex 3 without bugs?!
  248. Music used in environment of the Deus Ex world
  249. DXHR: The Only Hope For Hybrid Games Today
  250. quick question