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  1. Interview: the secrets of the trailer
  2. Who is she?!? (The Distressed One) - Megan Reed - Latest: related to Janice Reed?
  3. It's...anime.
  4. Immersion: Out the Window?
  5. Questions/Concerns
  6. Apparently Ingame ( console) screenshots
  7. In-Game Cinematics might not stop non-linear gameplay.
  8. IGN Article
  9. What Do You Hope...
  10. Why are some screenshots so brown (and others not at all)
  11. NEW Trailer Is On XBL Marketplace
  12. An idea - want to know if fellow fans approve
  13. Deus Ex is...
  14. Linear Or Not Linear?
  15. Leaning/peeking should it be in the game
  16. Breaking thru walls in game?
  17. Why not remake Deus Ex after Human Revolution wraps?
  18. Deus Ex Machina in Movies?
  19. Please tell me that weapons' accuracy and usability are still governed by stats
  20. where can i get 1080p trailer?
  21. Main character has to wear a trench coat
  22. So is there a skill system or just augments?
  23. Evil denton (my mod)
  24. Who is ... she? (The Augmented One) - FEDOROVA
  25. Will we meet JC's parents in DE3 ?
  26. The Deus Ex logo in HR?
  27. Pacifist?
  28. Plans for an artbook?
  29. 3ed Person Dancing.
  30. Idea : DX On XBL & PSN
  31. The Triangles
  32. Deus Ex 3 Blue Mod + trailer
  33. Shooting should be somewhat realistic
  34. Lesson number one
  35. Are E3 Trailers usually the main trailer of the game?
  36. 'I'll take you to hell' guy from trailer is Sam Carter?
  37. Will there be a Steam preorder?
  38. What in general would you like Dues Ex Human Revolution to have?
  39. question about transport
  40. A question of control
  41. why do the cities look more futuristic than its sequels
  42. Information missing
  43. So... Adam looks remarkably well. A little too well?
  44. Mechanical Augmentation. Would you?
  45. Will we be seeing gameplay at E3?
  46. Does Eidos make its own cameo appearance?
  47. The BIG question?
  48. Cigarettes in DX
  49. How long are the take down animations?
  50. Main voice actor.
  51. Killswitch - sugestions about its title
  52. When i actually thought 'THIS' was Deus Ex 3...
  53. Eidos logo on Adam's glasses!
  54. Does somebody have a better version of this artwork?
  55. So who is "them"?
  56. Sarif and the Seraphim soldiers - The Illumiati connection
  57. The DEMO Thread
  58. DX:HR @ E3 EXPO Discussion Thread - June 15/17 2010
  59. What will happen after DX:HR?
  60. Adam Jensen's concept.
  61. What is Deus Ex?
  62. Concerns Of A DX Fan...
  63. NEO Plus 10 page article
  64. Story/Conspiracy Speculation Superthread
  65. I think we can accept health regen, but what about limb damage?
  66. Extreme engineering: sky city
  67. Was there a two-tiered city in Invisible War?
  68. Making decisions in games without realizing you are making decisions.
  69. Teaser theme
  70. Philadelphia identified!
  71. Augmented Sports?
  72. Very good news from the new Game Informer I just received!
  73. The success of DX:HR depends on these two things!
  74. IGN's 360 site
  75. Deus Ex Remix/Rendition while we wait ;)
  76. NEW Eurogamer DX:HR News
  77. different languages?
  78. New IGN preview
  79. New IGN Preview that makes me hopeful
  80. Why LACK of the skill system may NOT be so bad....
  81. New Deus Ex 3 Preview (French Website)
  82. You MUST have the classic Deus Ex theme music on the title screen.
  83. Deus Ex: Invisible War non-canon?
  84. CG Deus Ex Movie!
  85. In-game virtual worlds?
  86. A reminder to the devs: Deus Ex should be about doing things YOUR way.
  87. Unsaid information
  88. Tracer Tong? Who else might make a surprise Appearance?
  89. mercy, lethal/less lethal
  90. i really like what i'm seeing
  91. “It’s a matter of time before someone with powered prostheses can beat Usain Bolt”
  92. Can you replace augmentations ?
  93. Conversation System
  94. Building the fantasy... how imagination plays into your experience of a game?
  95. 4Players.de HR Special translated
  96. PC Gamer DeusX HR week
  97. And I quote: "... more than 50 unique augmentations..."
  98. Deus ex vs Real life: Thechnology
  99. How should I relive Deus Ex?
  100. Big Man Barret
  101. Why are they paying to advertise the trailer?
  102. Characters speaking different languages
  103. UNATCO.org is back online!
  104. DX Community Sitrep
  105. So we know reading emails is in...
  106. Why everyone on this forum is going to end up playing DX:HR.
  107. Transgenics
  108. The DX:HR Narrative - getting it right
  109. DX Engine ^_^
  110. Deus Ex 1 - With Updated Graphics
  111. Which platform would you most likely get DX:HR for?
  112. Checkpoint-based Saving?
  113. Presentation of gameplay possibilites and immersion
  114. Deus Ex Hong Kong locations [photos]
  115. Modifications to Invisible War?
  116. Human revolution remix
  117. DirectX 9 Compatible?
  118. So I guess killing kids is pretty much off the menu this time...
  119. Official DEV BLOG/TWITTER & FACEBOOK Thread - DX:HR wins best trailer @ IG Awards!
  120. Play/replay deus ex post most important things to include in any legitimate sequal
  121. Destructible Environments?
  122. Adam Jensen... man of style?
  123. 8-bit DX Main Theme
  124. Blog is Now Live!
  125. Gamespot preview just up. 16th June 1:51AM
  126. We are saved...
  127. DX:HR References to today's 'real' conspiracies
  128. Health Regen in HR (durr) - suggestion.
  129. Deus Ex: Human Revolution live on youtube/IGN in 15 minutes
  130. Yahtzee points out DX conversation system is C.R.A.P
  131. So this is how you treat your fans?
  132. Conspiracy Quest
  133. E3. Just out of the demo, I will answer all your questions
  134. NEW Video Interview! (NO in-game footage)
  135. Story Prediction Thread
  136. DX:HR - Eidos steals art from Raven Software! Just MY opinion...
  137. Pre-order in canada?
  138. Gametrailers.com DX-HR interview. (no in-game footage)
  139. Warren Specter's new project
  140. DXHR Gameplay Shown Behind Closed Doors. Why?
  141. Ghost Recon : Future Soldier How Deus ex should play
  142. PC gamer is very positive to deus ex!
  143. Deus Ex Predictions (warning possible spoilers)
  144. E3: Deus Ex 3 To Last '20 Hours' or more?
  145. 3rd person Take
  146. Communications jamming
  147. Deus Ex Human Conspiracy Nostalgic pseudo-ReMix
  148. Deus Ex Multiplayer Online ?
  149. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - E3 Trailer Analysis
  150. How much will Human Revolution suck?
  151. Trailer Soundtrack Download
  152. Ok. STOP the hate. Eidos is here for good!!!!!!!
  153. CLASSIFIED: Seraphic/8X
  154. "THE HIVE" - Buzzing with Random Activity! General Chat Thread
  155. Mary DeMerle - DX:HR Head writer
  156. E3 preview, The Spoony One
  157. [E3 2010] Deux Ex: Human Revolution - high resolution
  158. Adam's glasses. Always on?
  159. The new Deus Ex cover system: like Mass Effect's?
  160. Nutty Madam watching the trailer
  161. Multiplayer??? - No, it isn't...
  162. Launch date puzzle.
  163. Great example for deus ex 3!
  164. After seeing the gameplay leak are you buying?
  165. Thoughts on Gameplay Footage
  166. PC native 360 controller support...?
  167. The spoont experiment preview
  168. Third Person Cover/Takedowns Poll
  169. ~~ Delicious Things ~~
  170. Console as primary development platform confirmed?
  171. Damage Done
  172. Human skill development vs Transhuman skill development
  173. Cutscenes
  174. Important question on Dx3, concerning water based vehicles
  175. Remember, this is pre-alpha footage!!!
  176. Drip... drip... drip... if you hear the water calling...
  177. The pace of leveling up/upgrading augs
  178. Will the PC and console versions have a completely different UI? Will it feel "porty"
  179. You're Feeling after seeing the Gameplay footage?
  180. The dev's listened to stupid me...
  181. What DON'T You Like About DXHR?
  182. Man, what is wrong with you people?
  183. Gameplay Footage - Multichoice POLL - What did EM get right?
  184. Things we have to do never to see third person
  185. your thoughts on the scifi aspects?
  186. On budgets, and their effects.
  187. Deus Ex 10th Annniversary
  188. Is there any melee combat in the game at all?
  189. A very important issue concerning dxhr
  190. Within Six Months...
  191. Trolling
  192. What's Your PC Specs Going to be for DXHR?
  193. Deus Ex is 10 today!
  194. Why did they...
  195. AJ's magical arsenal of takedown moves
  196. Does this forum have an ignore feature?
  197. Is First Person View, the best for Deus ex:HR?
  198. The Story Discussion: Post-Footage
  199. Now we know Motorola makes some of Adam's parts
  200. 1st OR 3rd Person : The Verdict
  201. Minor Fixes for Acceptance
  202. Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock
  203. Systemic Level Design + Emergence
  204. Deus Ex 3 Logo?
  205. i want mirrors edge style melee in deus ex HR
  206. Over 200,000 lines of dialogue for Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  207. character modelling
  208. Deus ex collection 10 year anniversary sale on steam now!
  209. Gameplay video from E3- right here
  210. Will I be able...
  211. Is everbody OK at Eidos Montreal?
  212. "The industry has grown up."
  213. The constructive feedback thread: A safe haven for the developers
  214. best video game intro
  215. Is Deus Ex HR directx 11 and/or using physx?
  216. Does DXHR make u get into the character? Like the first Deus Ex?
  217. Learning from mistakes: The Invisible War Post-Mortem
  218. What made DX1 great ?
  219. Theme music.
  220. Games Testers outside Montreal
  221. New Dugas interview
  222. Swimming aug
  223. Being owned by Square-Enix is only a positive thing in my opinion.
  224. Pcg q&a
  225. Im more optimistic now.....
  226. Will there be lesbians like in the first Deus Ex?
  227. What created immersion in DX? How can DX:HR recreate it?
  228. DX + Ghost in the Shell
  229. "I never..." *meow* "...asked for this..." *meow*
  230. Warcrow's E3 interview
  231. Implying Human Revolution.
  232. Forewarned is Forearmed
  233. will there be orange soda in Deus Ex HR?
  234. Question About Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (PS2 Version)
  235. did you enjoy games more back in the old days?
  236. Even worse than the Metal Gear Solid Series...
  237. JC is So awsome...
  238. Training
  239. will there be a basketball hoop and balls like in Deus Ex?
  240. Deus Ex has 3rd person? RAGE!
  241. Will Morpheus Take Part in DX:HR?
  242. Deus Ex: New World Order?
  243. Deus Ex Renovatio Mod
  244. The Problem with Sequels (and Prequels)
  245. will i be able to decorate my office like in the first Deus EX?
  246. co op dlc?
  247. "We see Deus Ex: Human Revolution as a reboot of the franchise, basically." ~Dugas
  248. Community Management
  249. Resource management in Human Revolution
  250. Hype up locations before departure