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  1. Locations/Characters I'd like to see in the next DX game
  2. Melee weapons, skills and mutually exclusive augs should come back
  3. Texture Replacement
  4. Halloween party reminded me of The Hive
  5. Tai Yound Medical alarm reset panel
  6. Questions for experienced DXHR players
  7. Missing Link: Factory Zero
  8. Omega Ranch Double Takedown + Ghost
  9. Missing Link / Region question
  10. SDK or no?
  11. Talion sidequest, how did you decide? *possible spoilers*
  12. How many guns does a guard keep in his pants?
  13. I loved this game but the ending seemed rushed
  14. Ending credits sequence was terrible!
  15. [PC MOD/TRAINER] Full Energy Regen
  16. PLOTS & SECRETS / Conspiracy Theories - General Discussion
  17. What determines load times?
  18. Alice Garden Pods Ambush - Double Takedowns and Ghost challenge
  19. can't seem to fiugre out how to use grenades
  20. Talon side quest
  21. Shutting down transmitter in Singapore
  22. To Jensen, or not to Jensen? That is the question.
  23. Future Deus Ex: Sequels & DLCs
  24. 'Augmented All-Star' Act 6 DX:HR Basketball
  25. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Fan Trailer
  26. Fan-art- in music and image
  27. Adam Jensen Outfit
  28. Anyone PC Pre-Order & Not Play TF2?
  29. most fun play style
  30. Question about Isaias Sandoval(Spoilers)
  31. Level Design
  32. Open letter regarding SDK
  33. DX:HR atmospheric moments that resonated with you
  34. Is there a mod that does this yet?
  35. Future Deus Ex game featuring a female protagonist?
  36. Adam and Pritchard...
  37. Is there a way to turn off HUD completely?
  38. Deus Ex...the ultimate example of a Technocracy game?
  39. Weapons that just don't fit
  40. The one thing that is truly missing from DXHR.
  41. Keypad Number code for Sarif Bldg Sec Level 3 after hostages...
  42. Foxiests of the hounds is number based?
  43. Official Timeline
  44. Make your own custom T-Shirt of DXHR3
  45. Equip time is almost a deal breaker for me
  46. Heidern's Guide to Augs #3,324,102
  47. DE:HR rude words
  48. HR Multiplayer server attacked by D-Dos
  49. Dues ex Human revolution hand to hand combat?
  50. How to take a screenshot?
  51. End of Mission rewards/statistics
  52. don't know how to throw objects
  53. Hangar 18 {possible spoilers}
  54. Skyrim is Overated I Really hope DE:HR wins GOTY it Deserves it
  55. What was the last original AAA title that you played?
  56. Sold on DXHR!
  57. can I change my difficulty level mid-game?
  58. Interesting ramblings on DXHR...
  59. DX:HR 50% Off On Steam....
  60. break in at Detroit Bank
  61. blades in arm augmentations?
  62. no night vision aug?
  63. level with nothing in it?
  64. Maybe a little early: my thoughts on DE4
  65. Missing Link Save File Location
  66. totally stuck in Detroit
  67. Stuck with the quest "Bar Tab"
  68. Missing Link - Ghost Smooth operator bug?
  69. Is this game still worth it?
  70. Looking for Robocop in DXHR
  71. DX:HR was great! So...... Sequel?
  72. SDK??
  73. Remember when that tiny part of you still hoped we'd see an SDK?
  75. Illegial augmentation chop shop door code
  76. Deus Ex HR - Alcohol
  77. 2011 DX:HR Forum Game Awards...
  78. Deus Ex Human Revolution - The Movie
  79. Wrong Game: Adam Jensen on Batman
  80. Best Game Trailer on VGA not for DXHR WTF?
  81. SPOILERS: Darrow and Panchaea
  82. The End of the New World Order has started?
  83. DLC question about crossing accounts on PS3
  84. Next Deus Ex
  85. Backpack mod ?
  86. Excessive hacking. Game breaker ?
  87. ¿Anyone has used the Deus Ex Human Revolution Editor?
  88. Talking about DXHR games like.. I see this video from the blur studios
  89. Broken Genius
  90. Missing Link, PAL/Spanish DLC and PAL/UK game (XBOX)
  91. Gamebreaking bug
  92. All you need is a 10mm silenced pistol ....
  93. Human Augmetntaion improving quality of life
  94. 22/12 Update for vanilla game and Missing Link
  95. Capt. Penn and the Elusive Passcode
  96. No! Major glitch means I can't complete Hangsha Seaport!
  97. Deus Ex Online
  98. How long did it take you to complete the game ?
  99. If I could wish for one thing .....
  100. Cheats
  101. How should skills and augs be handled in DX4?
  102. Steam's Weird updating procedure
  103. Save Game
  104. 10 pros and 10 cons about DX4
  105. Missed the point of Deus Ex.
  106. 'Augmented All-Star' Act 7 DX:HR Basketball
  107. Dues Ex - Your Way - Interactive playthrough
  108. Upcoming DLC?
  109. Exler OS wallpaper for your pc or security hub!
  110. Please make more downloadable content Eidos!
  111. Confronting David - WARNING: Spoilers inside
  112. List your Playthroughs!
  113. Whining thread
  114. DX: HR Windows login screen
  115. Air duct vertical shaft.
  116. Next DLC should star Pritchard, who's with me?
  117. Waiting for Deus Ex 4
  118. All CODES for doors and safes - Discussion & Spoiler Thread
  119. Is there any way to reset your achievements for a replay?
  120. Deus Ex Go Launcher for Android phones? & Other PHONE Apps
  121. Adam Jensen Calls Security - Prank call
  122. Deus Ex short film in the making?
  123. Deus Ex:HR Mac OS X
  124. Free Deus-EX key
  125. Deus Ex: HR - Ending Fan Speech/Discussion (Spoilers)
  126. Sneaky Bastards - a new stealth gaming blog
  127. This is the greatest game I have ever played
  128. PC Game controls HELP
  129. Great game, but a few things that bugged me. *Possible Spoilers*
  130. Deus Ex HR - Catalyst 12.1 now supports 30Hz and Crossfire!
  131. DX:HR - Music Videos
  132. Deus Ex - Human Revolution Aug Edition - QUERY
  133. Josie bug?
  134. Possibly the most mind blowing secret ever!
  135. Help, I need a save game from Hengsha
  136. Not all "Casual Gamers" want what the industry thinks we want
  137. Help Me Find My Grenade Launcher Please (Long)
  138. PC Controls, 2 problems
  139. Please add shader warming
  140. Missing Link XBOX 360 Language included?
  141. Help! I'm stuck at the Detroit Convention Center!
  142. Mods, Newvision,Shifter etc. How to install?
  143. Hear thee, hear thee...
  144. Building cheat codes
  145. What do Ben Saxon and Vermin Supreme have in common?
  146. PS3 Human Revolution Theme
  147. Deus Ex HR Won GOTY in VGA 2011!
  148. [noob question] Is there a passwords menu?
  149. Thoughts after 3rd playthrough
  150. Idea for Multiplayer
  151. MIDI Deus Ex Music
  152. Deus Ex Human Revolution Nominated for 4 BAFTA'S !
  153. Could anyone make this?
  155. "Acquaintances Forgotten" - Emails Forgotten
  156. Invasive augmentations! Cyber Punk is happening now.
  157. Deus Ex: Kids Edition - "Fan Film"
  158. Can You make a proper boss fight
  159. The game costs 40% more on Steam in EU/CIS. Why is that so?
  160. Can you make the minimap larger?
  162. newb questions and dlc question
  163. How do I become like Warren Spector/Hideo Kojima and the guy that screwed up IW?
  164. Screen tint mod/hack..?
  165. Are Eidos done with this game?
  166. Vent to hostages glitch? (first mission)
  167. Eidos/Nixxes reps - just in case you forgot
  168. Deus Ex Human Revolution chapters the hours of a January gone wrong.
  169. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition outed on the ESRB website (for Mac)
  170. Public Challenge - All Augments Unlocked
  171. Tattoo Idea
  172. Mod request.
  173. Pic of Adam's right profile
  174. DX: Human Revolution - small point..
  175. Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets HR
  176. DLC Idea: Takedowns dont use energy, dont freeze time, optional first person
  177. Define DX
  178. help
  179. Knocking out thugs and taking their stuff?
  180. Place to stash my stuff?
  181. Not as good as original, but Couldnt ask for a better Deus Ex game
  182. Vegetarianism and The Future: Ready for Some Soy Food?
  183. Any way to steal from the Police armory?
  184. Quick Thought for Deus Ex 4: Fifth Pillar of Gameplay
  185. Augmentation upgrade gone wrong O.o
  186. Deus Ex Email Client
  187. At DEVS - sry, had to change the password
  188. I want a 3rd person camera in Deus EX: HR SEQUEL!!
  189. Payoff from O'Malley?
  190. Adam Jensen plays Deus Ex (Walkthrough with Elias Toufexis commentary )
  191. Warren Spector on Human Revolution: "I screamed at the television as I played"
  192. Just beat the game and..
  193. Photo Revolution
  194. Here's a Mod To Remove Yellow Filter
  195. New Augment System for Deus Ex 4
  196. Am I the only Adam/Megan fan here?
  197. Zoom in and out for hacking minigames
  198. The Social Satire of Deus Ex
  199. Hacking Help-getting started
  200. The Venus Project: A Resource-Based Economy (Petition)
  201. Loved the game, but some constructive criticism for a sequel...
  202. DX4 - Cyberpunk transcended
  203. Help Needed Reward Probable (But Most Likely Not)
  204. Why I didn't bought Human Revolution
  205. Cheats?
  206. Better than the original IMHO
  207. Music with Deus Ex Influences
  208. Multiplayer.
  209. Anna Navarre short film brainstorming
  210. Please add an optional 3rd person camera in DE:HR sequel.
  211. Thank you Eidos for making me a moderator!
  212. Eidos Montreal, my new go-to studio
  213. Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes to the Mac
  214. Not Deux Ex movie but TV series?
  215. Google glasses revealed!
  216. DLC suggestion - Australian War
  217. some questions
  218. Super Explosion fun - They didnt ask for this!
  219. Technologically outdated protagonist
  220. Megan Reed - Video Fun (ALERT: POSS SPOILER)
  221. The Next Deus Ex - new gameplay mechanic ideas anyone?
  222. OST:Hugh Darrow cutscene
  223. Eliza Cassan Quote...
  224. Does Adam believe in God?
  225. No word on SDK?
  226. Great Game - Some Flaws
  227. Some minor disappointments regarding the story.
  228. Can anybody create some Exler OS themed cursors
  229. Cant play Deus Ex
  230. Streaming Deus Ex live
  231. DX HR no load game option on Xbox
  232. Foxiest Of The Hounds Frustration
  233. "The year is 2051"
  234. Derelict Row Gangers (Possible Spoilers!)
  235. Deus Ex: HR 75% Off at Amazon
  236. Advice on how to spend Praxis Points?
  237. Playing through again for 3rd time
  238. Question about DX franchise and DXHR
  239. How to access items from the 2 DLCs
  240. Deus Ex:Future Warfare is here
  241. Fun with Deus Ex: HR
  242. Let's Play of Deus Ex
  243. Energy Mod for 1.3.643.1?
  244. Punch everybody playthrough
  245. Is there any way to roll back a patch?
  246. Quick question - where are our saved games?
  247. Punch through walls + Pacifist?
  248. Solution to the "random" binary?
  249. unconvincing ending
  250. Adamn Jensen - Something much more beyond DX:HR