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  1. Does anyone rekcon there will ever be a 'Deus ex' Movie in the future?
  2. Changes that should be made
  3. Where are the 'stores' in-game?
  4. Dear devs, I didn't think you could do it.
  5. The Voice?
  6. Once, twice, three times a playin'?
  7. Traq Rifle causing death (Xbox360)
  8. AJ=Batman??!
  9. Seriously stuck please help
  10. Just how does Picus spin the news
  11. M2:Finding Isaias Sandoval bug
  12. jagged edges?
  13. Don't Kill Anyone Achievment
  14. Simple Energy Change
  15. Official "Request for Mod Tools" thread!
  16. Falling under map (spoiler)
  17. REQUEST: Make the PRESS START animation into a screensaver for PC
  18. The Ultimate Game
  19. time limits
  20. Deus Ex Endings (VIDEO/Spoiler)
  21. Connections to deus ex?
  22. Leg augmentation: Run/Sprint/Jump/Land Silently not working?
  23. Need Help Getting Cloak & Daggers & The Take(spoiler)
  24. multiple saves void achievements?
  25. Double Takedown?
  26. What are your favorite Augmentations ?
  27. XP Exploit leads to Glitched Foxiest Achievement?
  28. Regarding the Human Revolution ARG. (13311 tower)
  29. Tactical Pack Available at Amazon
  30. Foxiest of the Hounds (HELP.)
  31. Malik's "800 BEE" VTOL
  32. Shop locations by Hubs
  33. Have Any Big Easter Eggs Been Found?
  34. Hack to make jump = exit crouch ?
  35. How to "unhack" ?
  36. Illusions of Choice?
  37. The Metal Gear OSP challenge?
  38. Game Patch for pc?
  39. Tobuscus plays HR!
  40. A dead body doesn't warrant an alarm?
  41. So, how well did HR sell?
  42. Npc's dying to environment
  43. Who Wants To See Eidos Montreal Make A Sequel?
  44. Hacking needs keyboard shortcuts!
  45. All this trash lieing around everywhere is the biggest flaw of this game
  46. Can and Can't Do's for getting Foxiest of the Hounds
  47. dermal armor/health bar upgrade problem
  48. EM please add Insane/Realistic/Very hard mode in future update
  49. My Thoughts About Deus Ex HR
  50. Stolen Neuropheuzine Miniquest in Main Building? Where are they?
  51. Please make cut scenes available via main menu! =)
  52. Deus EX Human Revolution Explosive Mission Pack Missing Code
  53. Scope wobble Aug?
  54. Explosive Mission Pack Keys for the steam (PC) version available at MMOGA
  55. Good jobs, devs!
  56. hidden damage upgrades
  57. restart game keep upgrades and stuff?
  58. Podcast/Procast for DX:HR, is there a demand?
  59. Eidos Montreal creating 350 jobs by 2015
  60. Last Level (Minor Spoilers)
  61. @Picus headquarters level [SPOILERS]
  62. Those that have foxiest please help
  63. Please add a "achievement failed" message for the foxiest and pacifist runners...
  64. Stun Gun Ammo?
  65. Do takedowns count as being seen?
  66. Does Jensen ever get some kind of dedicated storage?
  67. Human Target easter egg
  68. Pacifist acheivement
  69. Please fix ammo and mods
  70. I think the DLC should take place as Barrett, Fedorova, or maybe even Namir
  71. I have some serious issues with this game.
  72. Tactical Enhancement Pack (PC) for Explosive Mission Pack (PC)
  73. Megan's room safe
  74. Deus Ex is racist? lol
  75. Do you think future Deus Ex titles would benefit from the facial mokap from LA Noire?
  77. Proposals for Future DX Games
  78. Barrett's computer?
  79. Weapon Stats bars explanation?
  80. Explosive Mission Pack unlocked in steam but not in game
  81. Adam Jensen Vs Zombies <spoiler>
  82. Pro-tip for PC visuals: Turn down the brightness!!
  83. Hi-NRG Plasma Lance
  84. Why are there so many Dutch names in this game?
  85. Can I Kill The Bots....(spoiler)
  86. Yahtzee retrospectively reviews Deus Ex (original), DX:HR coming soon, no doubt...
  87. Where in the game am I? Spoilers...
  88. Location of Passcodes and Passwords (Possible/Likely Spoilers)
  89. Patch adding a stats menu?
  90. Uncoscious npc killing bug!
  91. Deus Ex Human Rev Save Glitch
  92. Capcom copies Eidos
  93. The Community Consensus on Human Revolution Thread
  94. GAME + MODE?
  95. So how did Deus Ex: Human Revolution sell?
  96. Your "Deus Ex" moment *spoilerrific*
  97. Megan Reed and Patient X Explanation?!?
  98. This was awesome......
  99. secret code, special traducement
  100. Am I the only person who didn't experience a bug or crash?
  101. Darrow's Mission (SPOILERS)
  102. DLC: "THE MISSING LINK" -General Discussion & Q&As /UPDATES see 1st post on 1st page
  103. Saved Game Profiles
  104. Problems I have with Deus Ex design
  105. Shanghai Justice issue(spoilers)
  106. Getting Ghost on Cloak & Daggers
  107. Bullet counter
  108. Worth it
  109. Deus Ex Pacifist FIX!
  110. Do the shops ever update themselves?
  111. India, Upper Shanhai, Full Montreal City Hub were CUT in HR
  112. Foxiest and Pacifist Walkthrough / Tutorial series started
  113. will Preorder Bonuses be Available later?
  114. Something simple DX:HR could have benefited massively from.
  115. Natural color MOD (modified enb)
  116. Here are some ways EM can make this game harder
  117. please read EM (patch & review & DLC)
  118. WIP Adam figure
  119. Deus Ex HR FRAPS recording
  120. Inventory Stacking Mod
  121. Idea: Timed Tranqs/Stuns
  122. Petition: Release Pre-Order Bonus Items
  123. Can you get achievements on "Tell me a Story"?
  124. Yahtzee review of the 1st Deus Ex
  125. Why energy cells are clearly broken
  126. Petition: Survival DLC
  127. Loading screen passes too quick to read...
  128. Wanting to trade a Explosive Mission Pack for the Tactical Enhancement DLC!
  129. Eve Jensen
  130. *NEW UPDATE* - 'Augmented All-Star' ACT 2 - DX:HR - Advanced Basketball
  131. What is DE:HR about? at its core in its simplest form?
  132. [SPOILERS] Help me understand the story
  133. H: Explosive Mission Pack, W: Tactical Enhancement Pack
  134. How could JC Denton beat Adam Jensen?
  135. Dont know how to use weapon mods
  136. Mission accomplished
  137. You can hack alarm panels to disable them!
  138. Something I actually MISSED from IW
  139. Should I register my bonus code?
  140. [PC MOD] Debug Menu Enabled, Map Selector Enabled, Skip Intro Logos
  141. The Path To Pacifist (Gameplay/Commentary)
  142. Question about Smooth Operator.
  143. Loading bug
  144. DLC speculation:places,environemtns,etc.
  145. Help with finding Jensen's apartment
  146. Quietly Opening doors?
  147. How much difference is there? (lethal/non-lethal)
  148. My little Detroit Armory...
  149. How to Use the Social Enhancer Aug
  150. First Boss Killed...Game Reloads...WTF?
  151. (spoilers) Top 10 best and worst things
  152. I can't fly to Hengsha... Bug?
  153. Second Boss [SPOILER]
  154. FEMA
  155. What's Your Score?
  156. "Quest" inventory item screen?
  157. 2 regrets - BIG PLOT SPOILER!!
  158. The Hung Hua Hotel: Share your experience (Not recommended for new players) SPOILER
  159. Hengsha Appreciation
  160. DLC to Disk
  161. Remembering of the original deus ex (Spoilers!!)
  162. PS3 mods/editing tools?
  163. Wayne Haas conversation completely random?
  164. Stuttering problem poll - everyone vote please
  165. Easy, Medium and HARD!!! (a quick question)
  166. PC version - fade out inventory quickbar?
  167. Stuck on Talon A.D. side quest.
  168. Why is no one bothered by Picus?
  169. Cutscenes and cinematics as a tool of storytelling within Deus Ex. **spoilers.**
  170. To deal with Tindalls dealers
  171. Switching to Japanese?
  172. Pacifist Achievement really hard to get due to bugs.
  173. Deus x human revolution pc sales?
  174. The Namir Controversy [Spoilers]
  175. TYM Safety Zones *Possible spoilers maybe*
  176. Cloak and daggers, clues in omalley's apartment
  177. Loved the game but why no Game+ feature?
  178. "Call the boys, blow the place!"
  179. The Dutchman
  180. The intro sequence [Possible Spoilers]
  181. Fianl ebook passcode?
  182. Will EMPing the boxguards at TYM ruin the Pacifist achievement!??
  183. Things I didn't know but thought useful to share...
  184. I miss a brother in DEHR
  185. Cloak and daggers, mdb glitch cheat?
  186. >greentext stories (SPOILERS!!)
  187. No more XP!?
  188. Help!!! can you play dxhr with out redeeming the dlc code
  189. Differences in technology and structure, DXHR/DX1
  190. Is there a way to see your weapon's mods??
  191. Great Game, Just Missing A Few Key Things...
  192. Why the emotional content of DX:HR falls flat...
  193. How to fix the EXP system...
  194. How about "after aug" DLC?
  195. Augs aren't necessary when shooting everything...
  196. Keeping your critics quiet in DX:HR.
  197. Screenshots
  198. Rdeem codes
  199. Weapons and inventory
  200. Possible fix for stuttering issue.
  201. does the United States still exist after Great Collapse?
  202. Lack of New Game+
  203. Patch suggestions thread. Mods please help maintain
  204. Motherly Ties and Cloak And Dagger Bugs
  205. Can this pc run it nice?
  206. deus ex sells 600,000 in first week
  207. Automatic Unlocking Device: Is It Cheating?
  208. WEAK AI
  209. What is the symbolic meaning behind "the white room?"
  210. Picus Moon hologram
  211. Deus Ex - Fan Films
  212. How much did Taggart know about the attack on Sarif Industries? *spoilers*
  213. [spoilers] story explanation for biochip glitch
  214. Tactical Pack availablity?
  215. Number of side quests
  216. Steamworks sticky
  217. Deus Ex: UNREAL Revolution
  218. is Neuropozyne too expansive?
  219. I didn't kill anyone so where's my achievement?? *Spoiler alert*
  220. Ezekiel Sanders : ?! (Spoiler inside)
  221. What mods would you like to see?
  222. Augmentations that would be cool to see
  223. adam vs jc vs alex denton
  224. Next DX episode ?
  225. When the hell does Athene ever leave her computer???
  226. Cloaking technology.
  227. Police brutality.
  228. Unable to save keyboard mapping
  229. Pacifist/Ghost questions
  230. Replaying Levels?
  231. True Adaptive Playthrough
  232. Deus Ex: HR is about....DRM?
  233. En un seul mot...
  234. NEED HELP!!! Shanghai Justice
  235. Gamefront article worth reading
  236. replacement Bonus Disc/i'm an idiot of the highest order
  237. Show us your funniest/best screenshots!
  238. Where is the Cinematics button?
  239. Communication tower in Derelict Row
  240. Copyright of Game video
  241. DE:HR ENB Graphics (makes the graphics miles better)
  242. "handgriff with care"
  243. So, what to expect from the next Deus Ex? (Spoilers)
  244. How far % am I? *Spoiler*
  245. Megan Reed Ending/D Project *Spoilers*
  246. My Deus Ex: HR Review
  247. No XP for downing Policemen in Policestation? SPOILERS
  248. This game should have the option to load previous save data when starting a new game
  249. my main concerns with DXHR [SPOLIERS]