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  1. Who is going to replay this game?
  2. No sign on Benjamin Saxon? :(
  3. This game FAILS on so many levels
  4. Essay: Don't deny humanity's destiny to become gods.
  5. Australia in the DX universe
  6. Tranquilizer Gun Doesn't Always Work?
  7. Looks like Eliza is real now.
  8. DLC Explosive mission pack code trade
  9. EM please add more Steam achievements
  10. Throwing a box?
  11. Ways I think Deus Ex: HR could improve.
  12. Money - Who needs them?
  13. Deus Spec's prop. (WIP)
  14. Deus Ex on Games Machine in Italy!
  15. Can't get rid of cops !!
  16. Detroit - help pls.
  17. how did you play? how did you expect to play?
  18. I would buy the DLCs
  19. Did any one else have this happen? help
  20. If i hadnt checked the computer...
  21. Why so many telephone booths lol
  22. New Game+
  23. (spoilers) Glitch?
  24. Foxiest of the Hounds & Pacifist - Q&As - *Spoilers Inside*
  25. How do the generic weapon mods work?
  26. Experience completely ruined by boss battles
  27. Do ebooks stay in place?
  28. Funny Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Thread
  29. What is "Bad Grab"?
  30. Heavy Riffle with Cooling upgrade
  31. Non-Lethal Bug
  32. I am HATING the first boss fight with a passion
  33. *spoilers* I finished the game. Story questions!
  34. How Do I Equip/Use Mods Like Silencers, Damage Upgrades, etc.?
  35. Gamestop cheated me out of my explosive mission pack DLC!
  36. Should we keep our save games for DLC?
  37. How to activate side quests like "Cloak and Daggers" if we left Detroit?
  38. At a crossroad *Spoilers*
  39. Now with HR out what would you like to see in a sequel to the original Deus Ex?
  40. BOSS FIGHTS - All Discussion - plus 4 Boss Fight Methods Hints & Tips *Spoilers*
  41. Zero Takedown Ghost - Full Stealth Video Tutorial
  42. Spoiler! Easy solution to achieving "undetected" at DRB (Detroit).
  43. Not to be a perv...but the women have no crotches.
  44. Federova (spoiler)
  45. Delayed gunshot sound effects are driving me insane
  46. Constant Seizures *Possible Spoiler for 2nd Detroit*
  47. Silencers: useful or useless?
  48. Anyway to change how consumables work in quick inventory?
  49. Things that weren't and could be in the game
  50. Melee is ruined.
  51. Deus Ex Remake
  52. 4 cells, 1 filled only, no Cyberboost anywhere...
  53. To Square Enix and Eidos- Thanks for an amazing game.
  54. Epilepsy and I (TPS>FPS)
  55. Adam Jensen. Too good for this sinful Earth.
  56. New Game Option?
  57. 3rd Person = Great Idea
  58. Why was the Typhoon effect changed?
  59. Side mission confusion?
  60. Eyefinity and 3D Surround
  61. "Spoilers" Dugh Harrow
  62. Using old save game for another time around?
  63. Deus Ex Human Revolution ARG
  64. Quasi - poll for 3D users: which 3D solution do you use?
  65. Is the XP the only difference between Lethal or KO??
  66. Which aug is the best for your play style
  67. How to reach Michelle Walthers
  68. Save Copy-protected (PS3)
  69. HELP - In Hengsha, with Van Bruggen
  70. Pacifist Playthrough Question
  71. Nvidia surround
  72. To the Dev Team, actually anyone who worked on this game. Thank you.
  73. Upgrading energy is a waste of praxis, fair warning
  74. Finished the whole game...
  75. Post Processing = Color Correction
  76. noob question - jansens apartment
  77. Ign false copyright on gameplay videos on youtube?
  78. Silly question...
  79. Dear, Eidos Montreal
  80. Hacking Exploit
  81. Ghost/Smooth Operator Requirements?
  82. Email from L DeBeers
  83. Question for the Oldschool DX fans DX vs. DX:HR
  84. How to defeat Barrett in less than 40 seconds [Video Guide]
  85. Quick question about code in Derelict Row
  86. hmm i just cant...
  87. Developers: A thousand times, THANK YOU!
  88. Fans of the Original, what are your thoughts on this game now that it is out?
  89. Hangar 18? [Possible Spoilers]
  90. Merchant in Highland Park/Fema DC?
  91. Many augmentations feel like cheating?
  92. They said you couldn't get all the augments....
  93. Question about getting Doctorate.
  94. Playthrough
  95. What does Sarif's computer say? Also...
  96. Can you beat the game without getting augmentations?
  97. QR Code in your apartment...
  98. But please, call me...
  99. Mass murdering Psychopath
  100. Inventory system needs improvements/makeover!
  101. Decrease energy consumtion for takedowns!
  102. Easy Noob question
  103. Game need melee attack!
  104. Lode times
  105. Great game...BUT
  106. Please Allow Us to Disable Viewbob
  107. Pacifist & Kevorkian Complex
  108. Ok done. Next please!!
  109. Is The Sniper Rifle A Useful Weapon In The Game?
  110. Stealth Path - miss loot?
  111. Better games in the last 5 years
  112. Can you save ....
  113. location of sniper rifle
  114. Visuals, Vista in Tai Yong Medical
  115. I saved *spoiler* on "Give Me Deus Ex"
  116. 3d not working?
  117. Brisbane is not in South Australia
  118. 2nd Boss Fight - HELP
  119. Call me stupid, Stun Gun Darts
  120. Question regarding persuasion meter (potential spoilers))
  121. Special hacking screens
  122. Augmented verison vs other / patch
  123. Stuck trying to complete the "Shanghai Justice" quest
  124. question about mission 1
  125. Revolver Upgrade Question
  126. Cant find my preorder weapons?
  127. Malik side mission at Shanghai *Possible Spoiler*
  128. Gameplaymechanics "the button-awesome deception?"
  129. Help with "Foxiest of the Hounds" achievement.
  130. How do i use my abilites (pc)
  131. Silenced sniper rifle help
  132. General Complaints
  133. First boss---*spoiler*
  134. End game weapon question, lore related *spoiler*
  135. Are there any personal weapon/gear stash boxes like in STALKER?
  136. It's official, I am the unluckiest person on Planet Earth...
  137. Spoiler Free Tips, augs and strategies discussion
  138. Code at Bottom of Main Menu
  139. Cloak and dagger
  140. Reflex Booster
  141. Is the exclusive mission dlc any good?
  142. special thanks
  143. the game seems small
  144. add deus ex cheat modes/unlocks
  145. Silenced Sniper
  146. Struggling to find Sarif...
  147. Activate Submachine Gun?
  148. Trailer E3 2010 vs the actual game
  149. Wait i think i missed something in my playthough (spoilers)
  150. Augmentation Unlocking, quicker way?
  151. *SPOILERS* Help with a certain conversation *SPOILERS*
  152. Do corporations have more power than the govt?
  153. Why are people beating DXHR so fast?
  154. ★ ★ DXHR Live Stream★ ★ 720p
  155. Your quarrels w/ DEHR
  156. The Regulars: Review Thread ONLY for forum regulars: MODs please help maintain
  157. Do weapons and augs carry over when you finish the game and want to start again?
  158. Talion, cannot find the butcher, no marker
  159. Give me Deus Ex
  160. Let's talk about Boss Fights
  161. Interactivity and Physics
  162. Thank you Eidos
  163. [SPOILERS] Favorite location from game...
  164. Help - Pacifist Achievment and Saving Faridah *SPOILERS*
  165. Thank you developers for such amazaing game
  166. What Happend 29th Aug 22:00 GMT
  167. Batteries problem
  168. The Deus Ex: Human Revolution server is not available at this time. Please try ....
  169. This irritates me a lot
  170. Difficulty changes social battles
  171. DX:HR optional Japanese audio
  172. I feel bad now.
  173. Dancing around Deus Ex.
  174. Tranq Darts? Where to get them?
  175. Guard found dead. Wasn't me.
  176. A simple request on behalf of all left handed (Southpaw) console gamers
  177. Simple Control / UI Improvements
  179. Help: Rescuing megan and her team bug
  180. Times when the game recognises massacres (minor spoilers)
  181. xbox 360 Topic
  182. Tallon A.D. trophy help
  183. DEHR really easy?
  184. Where are the CG cutscenes?
  185. Stuck on Finding Vasili
  186. Server Down (Xbox 360)
  187. [SPOILERS] Favorite "quest" from game...
  188. Who are Barrett and Federova?
  189. Social Enhancer - good or eh?
  190. Does the EMP resistance aug protect you from electric shock hazards?
  191. TYM Thug ghost in Pod unit 2
  192. on what difficulty have you beaten Deus Ex: Human Revolution ? ?
  193. Let's imagine for a moment we're designing multiplayer
  194. *SPOILER* Side Mission: Shanghai Justice*SPOILER*
  195. I just finished the game, so here is my feedback. :)
  196. Finding Isaias Sandoval *Spoiler*
  197. Make DLCs plz! We need more DEHR!!!
  198. Emotionlessness....
  199. new biochip question *spoilers*
  200. 'Augmented All-Star' DX:HR Advanced Basketball
  201. "I need my mirror replacing".
  202. Armor Piercing Ammo Won't Combine with 10mm Gun
  203. Game Save Issues on Xbox
  204. Here's Some Info On Getting Doctorate. (spoiler)
  205. Writers, Editors, and Beta Testers Need to Be Fired
  206. -_- ?? Is cloaking really this bad?
  207. Message on menu screen in game
  208. Question about finishing the game on hard achievement/trophy
  209. Is there a language option?
  210. Lost Pocketsecretary/Email Bug !!!
  211. A Deus Ex movie
  212. Shanghai Justice - Stuck, need help!
  213. How many copies have Deus Ex: HR sold so far?
  214. Why's everyone complaining that the handgun is overpowered?
  215. Collector's Edition problem
  216. list of achievements
  217. ARG: Thoughts and Feedback
  218. Should I get the CASIE aug?
  219. What the **** happened to General O'neill?
  220. Trying to get all Endings On One Save?(spoilers)
  221. Issues about hacking bonus
  222. Pod 128 -- Spoilers
  223. Ending is a black screen with text?
  224. I have a feeling I skipped huge part of the game, how?
  225. Nvida 3D Vision and display recommendations.
  226. DE3: Cyberpunk or Post Cyberpunk?
  227. Questions concerning Megan Reed and her relationship with some characters (SPOILERS)
  228. Detailed Endings Analysis
  229. From the looks of this game...
  230. Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Alpha Protocol
  231. I don't know
  232. Deus Ex: Human Revolution in 5 seconds
  233. Who's from Singapore??
  234. My review after 60 hours on hardest level
  235. Picus News Emails *SPOILER*
  236. Non-lethal, ghosting, Give me Deus Ex finished...
  237. UK Augmented Edition Bonus Content
  238. Missing Cut Scenes
  239. How can you get Diamond back weapon?
  240. All said and done, was this a good thing for Deus Ex?
  241. Pacifist Question, Possible spoilers from Detroit Sidequest.
  242. If DeusEx like augmentations where real...
  243. Relationships.
  244. More auto save slots
  245. Exemplary job, thank you.
  246. DX:HR = DX Reboot???
  247. wayne haas wont talk to me?
  248. Hacking Sarif's Computer. (When/How? Minor Spoilors Maybe.)
  249. Achievement Questions
  250. Where are the augmented edition extras?