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  1. STEAMWORKS - General Discussion & Q&As
  2. Augment your desktop!
  3. DLC compatibility Germany / UK
  4. Appreciation of Bicycle Repair Man
  5. DX:HR Official Press Kit video - Sound and Music - Szczepkowski & McCann Interview
  6. Give us the shivers - HR music videos
  7. Deus Ex: Air Wars
  8. PC aim-assist
  9. UK-based DX fans meetup! - At Eurogamer Expo? 25/09
  10. New Vision 1.0 released
  11. Blade Runner: Deus Ex
  12. martial law in london
  13. DX:HR TV Commercial Trailer & Track "My World"
  14. Deus Ex: Human Revolution the FPSMMO
  15. DX:HR "SAVES" - All Discussion
  16. Take your bets! :D
  17. Framerate Drop On XB360 Version
  18. Game's out in less than two weeks!
  19. XGA support for Xbox 360?
  20. Aug yourself
  21. Giant Bomb Deus Ex Quicklook throwback
  22. Bye Bye Thread
  23. It's happening now!
  24. Screen Size Setup for Xbox 360?
  25. The Deus Ex Movie - Full Script
  26. Is each path to an objective designed for one specific playstyle?
  27. Anyone else feel like they should just release the leaked version as a demo?
  28. Anyone Notice the smile?
  29. Small heads still bug anyone?
  30. Contests/Incentives thread
  31. New gameplay from Gamespot Livestream!
  32. free roam?
  33. Health recovery items?
  34. Icarus Effect (Poem by me)
  35. No exit wounds = massive immersion killer.
  36. modded save?
  37. I am currently BROADCASTING Deus Ex!!! Come and Watch :D
  38. Anyone going to do an unboxing?
  39. Official Release (23/26 Aug) Anticipation Thread - TODAY is the DAY! Congrats EM!
  40. Difficulty Level .....Whats your preference?
  41. Only played Invisible War. What am I in for?
  42. Your experience
  43. Replay Value?
  44. The game's manual is on steam
  45. Xbox controller for PC version?
  46. Favorite Protagonist?
  47. Region Locks (see 1st post for summary of Q&As): Official - No lock for UK/EUR/US/AUS
  48. DX:HR & DLC - All Discussion - Is there going to be DLC for the Game?
  49. Can you lure enemies with visual/acoustic clues?
  50. Aug 15 New Gameplay trailer!
  51. Romance?
  52. Rekindling The Anticipation: What Is Your Favorite Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer?
  53. Adam's personality and factions
  54. Eliza Cassan is the only hot woman in this game I have seen so far.
  55. When is there a PS3 demo coming out?
  56. PAX Prime, Seattle, WA - August 26/28th 2011
  57. TAKE DOWNS - All Discussion / Q&As & Video Tutorials (see 1st post/1st page)
  58. Blade Runner 2
  59. DX:HR - Video Interviews (Warning: Possible spoilers inside!)
  60. What role do you think Eliza Cassan will play?
  61. Will the console versions be easier than the PC?
  62. Deus Ex Swag!
  63. What song plays during the Hive sequence from the E3 demo?
  64. Anticipatory: Who do you suspect will be your favorite character from DX:HR?
  65. TF2 promotion of DX:HR
  66. anyone NOT play Team Fortress 2? and feeling SUPER nice?
  67. Sunglasses
  68. [Video]Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Fanmade]
  69. Retail (PC) box. Anybody seen the BACK?
  70. Key mapping on PC Version
  71. "HELP" SPOILER THREAD- Stuck? Quick Questions & Answers - General Discussion
  72. Console keypads.
  73. Virtual Keypads/keyboards on consoles
  74. The World of Cyberpunk....
  75. "Shooting Range" dev diary
  77. Wordpress theme
  78. 1080p PS3 option?
  79. How Much Do You Really Love Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
  80. Idea for bonus gameplay maps.
  81. DX1 - Little thing I noticed on my 9000th playthrough
  82. Thoughts from a Female Disabled Video Gamer
  83. ITEM MANAGEMENT - Storing additional items (not in inventory), Dropping & Saving
  84. Starting again with my augments
  85. why do you think there is no customization for adam
  86. Story Tie-Ins (DX to HR)
  87. Unboxing videos
  88. Interview with Eidos about Deus Ex HR
  89. Launch Trailer
  90. Boss Battles
  91. Lasting Words (And the Future)
  92. Young girl in Wal-Mart eagerly awaiting DE: HR launch.
  93. Pod-casts from Edios? Yes please!!!
  94. First Impressions From Fans?
  95. DXHR Console Version Load Times Comparison
  96. DX:HR Fan Box Art Printable Released!
  97. How much gametime does DE:HR offer ?
  98. Choices for character...
  99. Eidos/SquareEnix policy on posting gameplay videos/live streams?
  100. Eidos Montreal Was Inspired By Konami's Metal Gear Solid.
  101. So I made a music video...
  102. Mods?
  103. AUGust <> AUGmentation...Coincindence?
  104. VR Missions anyone?
  105. Is it just me, or is this game really hard
  106. HUD - All Q&As - Discussion
  107. Introduce 3rd Person Update?
  108. Deus Ex Causes Earthquake In Virginia.
  109. Funny trick with boxes/objects on slopes
  110. Funny screenshots
  111. Thread for those of us yet to be able to play the game...
  112. Ha, Ha! Here's A Challenge.
  113. What font do the Purists use when typing documents?
  114. Energy?
  115. Art Direction
  116. What Sensitivity Do You Play It On?
  117. breaking boxes?
  118. When will AE bonus content be activated for PS3 [UK]?
  119. Needs Quick Save and "Quick" Load options
  120. illuminati
  121. Rescue Tong Mission
  122. why Deus Ex: Human Revolution is awesome
  123. No Ads?
  124. When you wait so long for a game and it fn delivers, it's amazing.....
  125. Thanks Eidos for 'easy' mode
  126. What do you want in a patch?
  127. Clear up confusion on bonus items...
  128. AI
  129. Help! Lights and Melee Weapons.
  130. New Zeland
  131. Things I'd done in the Hive club (SPOILERS)
  132. Is this allowed? Russian CD key for sale
  133. The Deus Ex: Human Revolution Stories & Glitches Thread! Share Your Experiences!
  134. How many praxis points do you earn?
  135. DE HR walktrough found
  136. (xbox 360) Ghosting + foxiest of hounds achievement
  138. So is just me...
  139. How do you disarm mines?
  140. Hacking and Looting..
  141. Knockouts 1 battery too much
  142. any cheats ?
  143. Will Eidos step up?
  144. Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough
  145. UK Storm competition
  146. Developer Suggestion: Hard Saves Need Screenshots Please
  147. Can a controller be used for the PC version?
  148. PS3 Augmented Edition buyers should get a refund
  149. Building the Major
  150. Constructive Input For Future Patches
  151. Items that help you increase your max HP
  152. Should I get Deus Ex?
  153. Do you find any new Augs in the game?
  154. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT? What would you change? -(Warning: SPOILERS INSIDE)
  155. Buy it on PC or 360?
  156. Only one question for game disgner...
  157. wasted the perfect deus ex game mechanic
  158. Congrats Eidos!
  159. pacifist achievement?
  160. Custom Control Scheme
  161. UK countdown!
  162. Foxiest of Hounds. How exactly does it work?
  163. Credit to Eidos Montreal
  164. In-game Dev Console
  165. Beating the game without setting off alarms
  166. The destruction of cameras/turrets/robots = bye bye Pacifist achievement?
  167. Gamestop pulls all PC copies of DX:HR from shelves
  168. HACKING - All Discussion - Strategy Tips and Q&As (Possible Spoilers)
  169. PC or PS3
  170. One Little Comment on Scientific Accuracy
  171. YouTube vs Deus Ex:HR
  172. Vanishing Animations?
  173. Accessing items offered in the "Tactical Enhancement Pack"?
  174. Steam Augmented Edition... Why is this information so hard to find
  175. Aug Questions/Discussion
  176. New Update fixes
  177. typhoon aug. Worth it?
  178. What is with all of the marionette-type people in conversations?
  179. DX:IW and DX:HR same programmers?
  180. Favorite Guns
  181. Stupid DLC items all over the place !!
  182. Deactivate social aug?
  183. The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky and yellow in-game gamma
  184. Fine, I'll ask again without spoilers. Is there any way to noclip?
  185. Is eidos putting copyright strikes for videos of deus ex?
  186. Punch through walls
  187. Radar too small
  188. reward and accomplishment
  189. Stealth and exp
  190. Thoughts so far and Choice you have made!
  191. Employee ID
  192. Nonlethal Weapons Overpowered..........
  193. If you don't like the gold tint..
  194. Secret Locations
  195. Poor thought on save games files system
  196. DX:HR - Geographical Locations
  197. DX & DXHR - Awesome references/nods, easter eggs etc (SPOILERS Inside)
  198. help with social enhancer
  199. "EYEBORG"- Sky News - DXHR - The Eyeborg Documentary Released
  200. Game ENDINGS - ALL discussion (BEWARE SPOILERS inside!)
  201. Deus Ex: Human Revolution & OnLive - All Discussion
  202. Anyone found this yet?
  203. HOWTO: How I beat Barrett on Hard without grenades
  204. How To Get BONUS Upgrades??
  205. Deus Ex Ironsight Misalignment on MOST guns!
  206. Sales?
  207. Haas: Impossible to fail
  208. UK PC Version Printed Manual?
  209. How much did you pay for your copy?
  210. No Onlive code in CE?
  211. High Resolution Texture Pack for PC?
  212. could you keep knocking someone out to farm xp?
  213. No melee weapons?
  214. Revisit sarif manufacturing palnt
  215. Love the game thank you Eidos!
  216. Gamestop mission location?
  217. Is Adam J. Wearing A Skirt And High Heels?
  218. Why this is a crappy console port:
  219. why cant i equip grenades?
  220. Poll: energy cells, (how) should they be fixed?
  221. Tong's rescue activation?
  222. PS3 Version & Steam?
  223. Remake the original.
  224. Inventory
  225. XP for *not* taking out people?
  226. Developer Suggestion #2: Save Games Delete
  227. elevator music!
  228. autosave
  229. This game is too easy. What's the deal?
  230. Explosive Mission Pack DLC PC for Trade
  231. Could we please have HD Cut Scenes?! [PC version]
  232. Third person view
  233. Doors should be highlighted
  234. Disabling Wall Mounted Mines
  235. New Game+?
  236. Best graphic settings help
  237. Skip intro logos?
  238. Vision Perk (aka see through walls)
  239. Deus Ex 3 go/no go?
  240. The Red Bull Aug...how do I get this? Is it an unlock? An achievement?
  241. Cardboard boxes
  242. the AI
  243. Pro Tip Exploit: Farming Guns
  244. So, what was everyone's total play time???
  245. should i max out my energy?
  246. Language/Voice
  247. A few design flaws i've noticed.
  248. steath playthrough
  249. Recharge rate wtf
  250. Security terminal in Hive at end of Shanghai Justice