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  1. 1st post (Introduction Thread)
  2. Please read
  3. 1. What would you have liked to see in BSM?
  4. Ground Rules for this forum
  5. 2. What did you think was redundant in BSM? Which part was the least accessible
  6. 3. How much emphasis would you like to see on historical setting / accuracy?
  7. Aggregate Opinions, Vote Here
  8. 4. What would you improve in the graphical presentation of the game?
  9. Custom Creations
  10. Tirpitz/Bismark
  11. 5. What would you improve in the audio of the game?
  12. 6. Which units did you like most? What additional units would you like to see?
  13. 7. What did you think of the tutorial?
  14. 8. What would you add to increase the level of replayability?
  15. 360 Users: Achievements
  16. 9. What did you think of the AI?
  17. 10. What are your thoughts on the game controls?
  18. 11. Did you purchase the downloadable content?
  19. 12. How do you feel about the balance of strategy and action in BSM?
  20. PC or 360?
  21. Ace units
  22. 13. What would you like to see in the BSM sequel Single Player Campaign?
  23. 14. What would you like to see in the BSM sequel Multiplayer Mode?
  24. 15. wich new MP maps you wanna see in BSM2 ?
  25. 16. Would you consider purchasing downloadable content?
  26. 17. Would you prefer downloadable content....
  27. 18. What sort of modding/admin tools would you like to see in the next BSM? (PC Only)
  28. Greetings from a new arrival
  29. Poll - Option for Veteran Damage in Multiplayer
  30. -->Focus Group Activities Completed - Thank you Notes
  31. BSM2 ..... when?
  32. I am back!
  33. Anything new?
  34. I demand beta testing
  35. Pacific box-art
  36. A recommendation to extend the games life
  37. Wow, can't believe I found this.
  38. Any Focus crew still around?