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  1. Eidos confirms ‘10th Anniversary Edition’ of Tomb Raider
  2. 10th Anniversary Editionof Tomb Raider Not for Xbox or Xbox 360
  3. Graphics for 10th Anniversary Tomb Raider
  4. Dual aim, finally?
  5. Controls for TR Anniversary Edition
  6. So is the 10th Anniversary Edition coming ?
  7. What's going to look best upgraded?
  8. Playing Tomb Raider 2 Again...
  9. SPECULATION: NOT A REMAKE?!?! (sorry for blurting out like this...)
  10. Are we setting our expectations too high?
  11. 8 Screenshots Taken By Me!
  12. Whats the score?
  13. Board name changed?
  14. Poll: What Should Lara Have In AE
  15. Preorder 10th Anniversary Edition, Now!!!!!!
  16. PSM says 10th anniversary edition is a remake
  17. Tr10a
  18. So is it a remake of TR1? or not?
  19. Remake of TR1 in the works!!!!!!
  20. [REQUEST] Laras original Voice
  21. TR screenshots?
  22. WOW 10th Anniversary Website found......
  23. crystal read this.
  24. Find uot somethink.
  25. How you want Tomb Raider 10 AE? if it's a TR1 remake
  26. TR Anniversary edition out next year!
  27. remake not by core
  28. Ian Livingstone expands on "The Legend Of Lara Croft"
  29. Will TR10th anni outsell TRL?
  30. Ian Livingstone at EIEF - Trip report
  31. Maybe JUST maybe ...
  32. Games Master to exclusively reveal next Tomb Raider. Apparently.
  33. TR 10th I want bonus levels!
  34. what do you wanna see?
  35. why DVD for TR8?!
  36. 10th Anniversary Edition For Xbox 360
  37. SCi annual results, some info on Tomb Raider AE
  38. 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition
  39. Ok, so what's all going on?
  40. First Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot released
  41. why is the trailer illigale?
  42. Anniversary - when?
  43. What do you think about this screenshot?
  44. An Anniversary edition TR... with level editor perchance?
  45. Tomb Raider Anniversary press release dispatched - PC/Playstation gig only
  46. tombraideranniversary.com - Tomb Raider Series Tribute - NOW OPEN!
  47. How long Karima Adebibe will be Lara's model?
  48. Eidos Launching Tomb Raider Anniversary Official Web Site
  49. Nice big Tomb Raider Anniversary logo released
  50. what is tr anniversary???
  51. Gameplay and Movement.
  52. Tomb Raider Anniverary Wallpaper Designs
  53. Outfits and Levels.
  54. Combat Knife
  55. Corpses: Stay Or Vanish?
  56. Reloading - Yes or No?
  57. Replaying Levels.
  58. Teaser
  59. Tomb Raider Anniversary Play Magazine scans inc. new screenshots
  60. Woohoo! New conceptual art and a big announcement!!
  61. Attetion Thread To Cd - No Constant Music Please
  62. Tomb Raider:Anniversary...website problems
  63. Anniversary website problem
  64. TR soundtracks?
  65. Anniversary preview on Gamestar mag
  66. Anniversary Music
  67. Gun Posture
  68. What is Tomb Raider Anniversary?
  69. Lighting Devices
  70. all the tombs!
  71. [SUGGESTION] Backpack of infinite space
  72. Blinded by the Darkness & Light!
  73. Wednesday Goodness Hath Cometh - Second new Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot online
  74. Backpack Idea
  75. New Lara Croft model (Picture inside)
  76. Lara's lookalike anniversary shot
  77. First 'Anniversary' wallpaper online!
  78. Wishing Anniversary comes out for Xbox 360
  79. TR:A on gameinformer magz
  80. Games Master Magazine Brings New Goodies! Wallpaper Included!
  81. Monster new HIGH RESOLUTION "OFFICIAL" Lara Croft render!!
  82. First trailer is up at GameSpot!
  83. Anniversary Edition Trailer Screen Grabs!
  84. Tomb Raider: Anniversary Trailer now on Youtube
  85. Another MONSTER Lara Croft render online :)
  86. Official web site updated at 4pm GMT today!!!!!
  87. Download the first OFFICIAL TRAILER in UltraQ!
  88. New Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshots online
  89. Anyone else curious about this?
  90. A round of applesauce for our new skinjob!
  91. Lara Ingame Face
  92. Tomb Raider: Anniversary Theme Music released
  93. Tombraider Anniversary wish list
  94. Gamecube or Wii support?
  95. Her Weapons...
  96. Tomb Raider Anniversary Wallpaper
  97. Mansion In Anniversary
  98. Tomb Raider: Anniversary
  99. 10 New Screenies??
  100. Give us a demo please.
  101. I hope to see more animal screenshots...
  102. a little movie with some compares
  103. new moves?
  104. animals :)
  105. more renders?? :)
  106. what weapons in TRA?
  107. What needs to be fixed....
  108. Fan art
  109. Ending Boss.
  110. Tomb Raider Anniversary Will Be Better Than Tomb Raider 1
  111. NEW TRA Wallpaper on GameWallpapers.com
  112. What ?! No rubber top?
  113. PSP-ERS - PSP Mag Scans!
  114. Lara render!!
  115. Which platform?
  116. Is Natla still there?
  117. Lara's Face
  118. Autograb and Other Things
  119. New Anniversary Theme tune
  120. What particular aspect are you looking forward to seeing?
  121. more renders???
  122. smokin' Winston?
  123. Grrrz Anaya out?
  124. Your PC's Desktop Wallpaper
  125. '10yr Anniversary' MSN Avatars
  126. CONFIRMED: Tomb Raider Anniversary to release April 2007
  127. The return of the hand of Midas- no touchy
  128. Anniversary trailer mov + mp3 from TR3
  129. Angry Tomb Raider fan and Xbox 360 owner.
  130. United Colours Of Lara Croft 2007 Challenge engages!
  131. Tomb Raider Anniversary COMPETITION!
  132. COOL IDEA - W/ Screens
  133. Nextgen for PC?
  134. New article about TR:A
  135. I guess..this is another reason why it shouldn't be on PS3..(maybe/maybe not)
  136. BRAND NEW SCREENSHOT: First look at Lara's inventory
  137. Shes changed again!?
  138. is this the real cover for The Anniversary??
  139. Rootkits/hidden service's or drivers
  140. Lara's Birthday Celebration! Win a copy of TR: A and a surprise signed by Toby Gard!
  141. level editor of course
  142. Mutants
  143. New Render & New Concept Art!
  144. Classic TR Easter Egg
  145. Just Reserved Anniversary
  146. what r the major new features of ta????
  147. Tomb Raider Anniversary Screenshot Released!
  148. Natla???
  149. some probs with the, look...
  150. Unveiled! The New Tomb Raider: Anniversary Box Art
  151. article
  152. article
  153. When Is The Website Gonna Be Up?
  154. Happy Birthday Lara! New screenshots, concept art, Karima pic and comparison shots
  155. One brand new TRAE image online now!!
  156. Voice actors...what you do you think about this idea?
  157. Anniversary Competition From Tombraiderboard.com
  158. Official Cover Released.
  159. Tomb raider AE only -- levels long? (don't worry, the length isn't revealed)
  160. Yet again there are more screens and an official Render!!
  161. 2 all you 360 lovers
  162. Level 1 route into the caves **SPOILER**
  163. Just found this about TRA
  164. This really upsets me...
  165. Captain Alban french AE site stuffed with images, magazine scans and renders!
  166. The Original Tomb Raider Design Document
  167. Something wrong with the inventory
  168. Dancing for joy at the upcoming release!
  169. Huge Levels, Secret Paths!! **SPOILER** sort of!
  170. No Headset!
  171. have i...yes ive gone mad!!!!
  172. Anniversary Preview
  173. For those that can't wait for Anniversary....... Instant TombRaider
  174. Tomb Raider: Anniversary - First Contact
  175. Website update
  176. Second trailer available!!
  177. Anyone else having second thoughts about wall run?
  178. Why I love it and what they should include
  179. Project: Snowblind 2
  180. The Original Music!
  181. AE trailer collages
  182. Isn't the guid ugly? + New CONCEPT ART!!
  183. Do you want motorbike shootout parts?
  184. Legends & Anniversary linked?
  185. Tomb Raider: Anniversary not on XBOX/XBOX 360/Next Generation ???
  186. do you think theyll give us a le????
  187. Larson's back everyone!! do you like it?
  188. Map editor
  189. Tomb Raider on the PS3?
  190. tomb raider anniversary
  191. A few questions
  192. Tomb Raider Anniversary on DS????
  193. So how many rulers are there? 4/5?...
  194. Should she be MORE flexible?
  195. Are the tombs in real life?
  196. Is Anniversary going to be as short as Legend and AoD?
  197. System...
  198. Latest Trailer - Lara's new glasses
  199. slightly confused...
  200. werner von croy
  201. I'm not going to have the box cover that AE will come in.
  202. oh wow, what a cool new screnshot!
  203. Anniversary Mansion
  204. To Many Tailers?
  205. hi members
  206. Tomb Raider feel - what 5 things are important to you?
  207. A Little Cold?
  208. Larson now has a surname - CONWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  209. Favourite Secret Reward
  210. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend II
  211. The good old way
  212. The Importance of HomeKeeper
  213. Stacks of new (bad quality) images!!
  214. Pledges for CD to fix before the release.
  215. Help! Stuck on Level 3
  216. Forgive me but...
  217. My complaint.
  218. Playing Tomb Raider 1 Again...
  219. read me: Tomb Raider Miss the harder tombraider games
  220. Big fan of Tombraider
  221. This is going to be the coolest Tomb Raider yet...
  222. Just an Idea...
  223. Kudos
  224. Allow usage/optimization for multi-thread/core processors
  225. who is your opinion is the worst TR enemy?
  226. What would you prefer about in-LEVEL?
  227. Tomb Raider Anniversary controller system
  228. Moves
  229. Hot New Anniversary Goodies! :D
  230. Picture of the Scion
  231. the animals of tomb raider
  232. Quiestion about tomb raider on Pc!!
  233. Tomb Raider: Annivesary on PSP comes packed with goodies!
  234. Eidos releases Tomb Raider: Annivesary factsheet
  235. New wallpaper
  236. Best Lara Voice Actor
  237. Lost Valley Map
  238. Tomb Raider Beauty
  239. Lara Croft Demo?
  240. Core vs. Crystal Dynamics
  241. Anniversary talk
  242. Contest: Win A Backpack Full of Games, including Anniversary!
  243. Tombraider Anniversary ... Another Review
  244. Tune in!
  245. the orignial guide
  246. Check out this online ad
  247. Roll'in Lara
  248. Major Spoilers: TR:A Animation Reels.
  249. Scariest tomb raider moment
  250. Tomb Raider: Anniversary North American retail packshot released