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  1. Stuck Great pyramid (Possible spoilers)
  2. swan dive
  3. My Atlantis Screenshots!
  4. The Tomb Raider Anniversary Release Event in Second Life
  5. Adrenaline dodge to kill the T-Rex?
  6. Help saving
  7. stuck
  8. Haw to opent door at bottom of room in ST FRANCIS FOLLY???
  9. For those wondering the difference between the 2 disc and 3 disc versions
  10. Feel sorry for me!
  11. Keyboard or Gamepad? Which do you prefer?
  12. I'm new here, playing TR:Anniversary on the PS2
  13. What is commentaries?
  14. i have bug found it!
  15. Walkthroughs
  16. Atlantis tip that will keep you from pulliing your hair out.
  17. Does Anniversary scare you to death at times?!?!
  18. SPOILER - Style Units
  19. Skateboard Dude Given A Name *Spoiler*
  20. Need help collecting a Relic on Palace Midas
  21. Poseidon Room Bug
  22. My Vilcabamba Screenshots!!
  23. Reward question
  24. need help with centaurs
  25. Anniversary DVD
  26. Wii Version: What would you fix?
  27. my tomb raider Tribute
  28. Loved Anniversary!!!!!!!!!
  29. Interactive Cutscenes!
  30. Bonuses pics (spoilers)
  31. how...HOW!!!!
  32. Custom levels.
  33. The emotion!
  34. Can't turn left while walk
  35. Development length for TRA
  36. You Guys are fast :))
  37. can u play lara with sun glasses in tra?
  38. Not able to walk or sneak using my gamepad
  39. commentaries?
  40. Saving anywhere in Aniversary full version?
  41. i hate killing animals, is the anniversary worth buying anyway?
  42. ~Request~ Can someone please post pics of the character bios?
  43. Can sb. help me?
  44. Stuck/Lost
  45. About one of the outfits *spoiler*
  46. Amazing yet disappointing!
  47. im seriously stuck
  48. My New Screenshots!! Including: Egypt, Greece & Peru!
  49. When compared to Legend...
  50. Do you plan on getting any other versions of TRA?
  51. Best strategy for the Fireroom Relic.
  52. Hideous Outfits! *spoliers*
  53. OMG!!!! João M - Reggaeton Anthem [The Final Mix] {The Tomb Raider Theme Reinvented!}
  54. Need help with a certain artifact *spoliers*
  55. Which relics unlock which outfits??
  56. stuck in Obelisk of Khamoon
  57. AOD outfit
  58. Dawn of a new age
  59. Please fix the forward jump.
  60. The General *Disappointment* Thread
  61. Very disappointed by Lara's new face
  62. Anniversary outfits
  63. Obelisk of Khamoon bugs
  64. Grating still there.
  65. weird find
  66. The Future (spoilers likely)
  67. Greece Tomb of Tihocan Help?
  68. Vilcabamba: Real Life TR
  69. TRA on HDTV
  70. for sho
  71. Tomb of Qalopec *potential spoiler*
  72. 6th artifact in St. Francis Folly [Spoilers]
  73. Croft Mannor Help
  74. Would TRA
  75. Quietly Excited
  76. Beyond Amazing - Fab job CD!
  77. Stuck again on Obelisk of Khamoon
  78. Did i go crazy? *spoilers*
  79. Two features I would love to see in TR:A
  80. Ataxia beaten
  81. Has anyone done EVERYTHING? *possible spoilers*
  82. Nice detail *outfit spoiler*
  83. IGN US Review
  84. Cheats...
  85. grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
  86. My Tomb Raider video
  87. The remake was simply not enough without this..sad enough
  88. A friendly reminder.
  89. Why?!! TRA and it's lying release date!
  90. how do you kill t-rex
  91. I'm stuck on Croft's Manor.
  92. A big "Thank You"!
  93. Cannot use the grapple successfully !!!
  94. Ordered from Amazon
  95. yay yay yay i got it!
  96. The History Of Tomb Raider
  97. Artifact in Greece [spoiler]
  98. PS2 Graphics!
  99. Obelisk of Khamoon - help!
  100. Midas' palace [spoiler]
  101. Egypt - Sanctuary of the scion
  102. Legde and jump glitch????
  103. I saw it on tv!
  104. activate grappling hook
  105. Kero Mug bugged
  106. Tomb Raider languages
  107. Saving options
  108. Modding question...
  109. Hype kinda killed
  110. Let's have a ps3 version!!!
  111. grapple *spoiler*
  112. Awww....GoranAgar and Catsuit&Ponytail
  113. I am positive that in TR8 (spoilers)
  114. CD Soundtrack Track Names
  115. grappling hook
  116. PSP screenshots!!! ***Spoilers***
  117. Crystal/Eidos: Fix Lara's knees!
  118. help needed on Greese
  119. help needed on Greece
  120. Tomb in Peru
  121. Mansion Save Help!
  122. My 4 store mission to get TRA in the U.S.
  123. Who can make Youtube videos?
  124. Help on ST Frances finding last key water room
  125. finally found it and i'm here
  126. Great Pyramid - too hard! I give up [merged]
  127. Very Upset and Dissapointed
  128. just got TRA
  129. The "How I Acquired TRA" Thread
  130. An ironic photo
  131. Tomb Raider Anniversary at Best Buy, now thats a joke!!
  132. Tomb Raider Anniversary 360 bound?
  133. Horsey horsey things?
  134. Moments when the graphics really did buzz your nuts
  135. Saving
  136. Congratulations to the Composer for Anniversary!
  137. Stuck again
  138. Thanks CD for this Remake ;D
  139. Scion sanctuary
  140. PC version not at Best Buy
  141. Blood option?
  142. Scare Factor? MOST DEFINITELY !
  143. How did you get the bonus DVD??
  144. Why is Lara glowing red?
  145. Outfit Bug!!! *minor Spolier*
  146. Damocles Room Help Please
  147. I hate were i live!!
  148. loading?
  149. Who didn't SEE IT COMING? *maybe spoilers for those who didn't face the Rex-T ahem..
  150. where is the grappling hook in croft manor?? *maybe spoiler*
  151. End phase of Mountain Cave Final Door problem
  152. I need help with the controls.
  153. PC version leaps and bounds over PS2 version
  154. Getting out of the sword room at ST Francis
  155. Anniversary to PS3, please!
  156. OMG you guys are soo lucky
  157. Eb Games A Month Late in Canada?
  158. You know what will happen if Natla is Mandy's mother?
  159. Time Trials -- HELP!
  160. Mods and issue/bug with the Camo and Manor Sport outfits.
  161. Help needed !!
  162. What the...?
  163. Style Units
  164. Lara Croft Virgin
  165. question
  166. Help At city of vilcabamba
  167. How do I get out of the Lost valley??
  168. Pls someone help me with this level.
  169. How do I take screenshots?
  170. PS3 Saves
  171. pc version plays like butter
  172. please help :(
  173. finished tra but one question?
  174. Best Buy? Not at all.
  175. Okay, I'm a fan
  176. who still doesnt have it??
  177. Can't pickup shotgun shells
  178. A Request!
  179. Can't beat T-Rex (PC Version)
  180. Silly controls *Contains spoilers*
  181. Digital Download Crashes
  182. Prima or Piggyback?
  183. st francis
  184. Anyone have a save I can have?
  185. Kinda' thank you topic
  186. Old TR games in retrsopect versus TRA. what works now and what doesn't.
  187. When did development of TR:A begin?
  188. Stuck in Greece
  189. Completed... Or have I?
  190. question
  191. Stuck on Midas Palace
  192. Stuck On Horse Hell Knights :(
  193. Tomb Raider Anniversary Confirmed for Xbox 360 as DLC
  194. Music
  195. im stuck! help needed
  196. Which Levels Were changed the worst?!?! VOTE HERE!!
  197. Can't Get Into Damocles Room
  198. Found a Copy of PS2 Ver in Canada :) / Progressive Scan
  199. Stuck in sanctuary in Scion
  200. Tomb Raider party in Croft Manor. Today. Win prizes.
  201. NEW Tomb Raider
  202. I LOVE IT!! why do you love it?
  203. whos the last charcater bio?
  204. Tomb of Tihocan's Underground temple??
  205. Stuck on opening a door.
  206. Peru help
  207. T-Rex boss, worst boss and control scheme ever!
  208. Karmia 360 Controller
  209. Kudos to CD and a little kick in the butt
  210. Seen it before
  211. Anyone else with these problems (PS2-version)
  212. help in Croft Manor
  213. St Francis Folly
  214. hey i need help again
  215. Egypt help!
  216. Back on top thinks Crystal Dynamics you did a great job on TRA
  217. :( **spoiler**
  218. i think i know why the legless monster is legless......
  219. How would you rate Tomb Raider Anniversary???
  220. Are We Compromising Quality Gameplay For Better Graphics?
  221. The Palace Of Midas - Stuck
  222. I speak français
  223. I need help pleaeaease
  224. Time trials!
  225. Half Horse Half Man Bosses Unbeatable
  226. How far are you?
  227. Anniversary
  228. Pronounciation of "Scion"
  229. Help Me!!!
  230. Mansion Help!
  231. gymnastics
  232. How does Crystal D. like the Wii?
  233. where do I get new gun
  234. I just got anniversary...From my older brother!
  235. Is the 3rd Cog Reachable??
  236. Loading screens?
  237. Problem in the Tomb of Qualopec
  238. Anniversary 'Definitely' Coming To 360!!!
  239. the two centeurs!!!!!!!
  240. IM freakin stuck aGain!! helpp!!! me!!!
  241. Tihocans tomb
  242. "how to preform the Adrenalin dodge"
  243. stuck in midas palace can someone help please
  244. Things we don't like about the game and what can we do about them
  245. Zebra Hunting Lara: A skin by me :D
  246. Tomb of Qualopec - Stuck
  247. Croft Manor...Has anyone noticed?
  248. Qualopec and Tihocen
  249. Atlantis Or Egyptian Mummy/mutants that explode?
  250. Combat!