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  1. What door did I open, where do I go next?
  2. Probability of these characters being unlockable. *Contains Huge Spoilers*
  3. Locating the Demo?
  4. tomb raider ce in canada
  5. Glitch! Reached last cog in temple!
  6. How do I make a handstand pullup again?
  7. Oh...My...God. CD, Eidos...What have you done!!??
  8. what did you think when you first saw Lara?
  9. SPOILER!!! Pics explaining why third cog is unreachable :)
  10. hard mode... too easy?
  11. A picture of Lara
  12. Funny thing: What the wolfs did...?
  13. Dead Explorer at entrance to Lost Valley.
  14. TR8 is next gen - no need for Lara to be fighting retards
  15. what happens when you get the artefact
  16. Australia could do with a new distributer
  17. Lara doesn't oof anymore :(
  18. How do you feel about Lara's original history being altered?
  19. Full Manor Walkthrough
  20. i need an outfit that hasnt been modded please
  21. Where is the underwater cave with gate?
  22. How many times do you play the demo a day? (possible Spoilers)
  23. Exclusive Tomb Raider: Anniversary screenshots! (SPOILER)
  24. Ps2 Version Om A Ps3
  25. Quick Question
  26. Tomb Raider: Anniversary Technical Forum opened.
  27. On which levels....
  28. TR1 vs. TR:A
  29. wow!!!!!! have u guys seen the videos?
  30. Huge bug in St. Francis Folly
  31. Prince vs. Lara!? :)
  32. Xbox 360 Controller on TRA Demo
  33. Amazon Says...
  34. Canonball!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Just for fun (if you want)
  36. First PC Bugs...
  37. Contest?
  38. What level are you looking forward too most?
  39. Anti Aliasing
  40. quick question(s)
  41. Bacon Lara in Demo (pic)
  42. A MAJOR spoiler filled goodness thread on the characters (MAJOR plot spoilers!!!)
  43. A third fan fiction competition?
  44. Ouftits
  45. Thread For The Laggers Among Us!
  46. Bacon Lara!?!
  47. Lara move??
  48. How Do You Taje Pics??
  49. For Lara's Anniversary: 5 Lara models. All in one picture.
  50. is tra coming out for wii?
  51. questions for edios
  52. rampage mode?
  53. TRA Dificulty
  54. Did anyone ......
  55. Getting the Demo Now
  56. Screen Saver
  57. Do you know what I miss? (mabey spoiler)
  58. a question
  59. No Light source!
  60. Senile?Or bad demo?
  61. Stuck in the demo. What am I missing?
  62. Loved the demo!
  63. Where's the screengrab thread gone?
  64. Tomb Raider Anniversary has gone GOLD!!!
  65. Who has seen this gameplay before?
  66. Order has dispatched!!
  67. The Sphinx *Spoiler..ish
  68. To the Board moderators
  69. Flashlight?
  70. Staying up-to-date
  71. Visual Options for TRA Explained
  72. Playable on PS3??
  73. Exact number of outfits
  74. I Cant Find It!!!!!!!
  75. Does Atlantis have Jedi (Spoilers?)
  76. tomb raider anniversary is on the 1st page on sony.com
  77. Is it out in Sweden?
  78. Tomb Raider offical website not working?!!?
  79. The coolest fan made trailer I have seen yet
  80. It's here!!!!!!!!
  81. She so purdy
  82. Difference between mutants and mummies?
  83. Have you gone back and compared original to anniversary?
  84. Natla based off Paris Hilton?
  85. Out in the U.S.?
  86. demo,when is it finished?
  87. Tomb raider Anniversary : DEMO
  88. Slow motion 1 hit kill. How do I do it?
  89. yay its on its way!
  90. will the collectors edition have more characters?
  91. Very Confused
  92. PSP release date?!
  93. will lara get her shotgun from a dead person like she did on tr1?
  94. Who likes the climbing in TR:A
  95. Tomb Raider Anniversary Graphics
  96. TR Anniversary VIA Steam?
  97. For the scientists among us...
  98. will their be breaking floors like on tr1 and 2?
  99. is human natla unlockable???
  100. Which part of Anniversary are/were you the most anxious about?
  101. Demo Tales: Likes & Dislikes
  102. Tomb Raider Anniversary in the Philippines?
  103. British excited about tommrow!
  104. I've got it!
  105. No publicity??
  106. What Tomb Raider is your Favourite?
  107. Crystal dynamics and remakes
  108. Yayyyy... G & C on the CE DVD
  109. Dejavu - Didnt I do this Already?
  110. I Have It!!!
  111. Ahhhh... TR:A plot spoiler
  112. Collectors Edition DVD Content - How is it?
  113. So what levels does it have?
  114. *giant Audio Spoiler*
  115. The Midas Touch
  116. T-Rex
  117. Catsuit and Goran on Gametap TV (Episode 7: Lara Lovers)
  118. Tomb Raider Anniversary: The MOVIE (aka Tomb Raider 3 - SPOILERS)
  119. Its Here......
  120. Gametap Tomb Raider Special Updated w/ 3 Videos
  121. Aaaargh!
  122. Lost Island?
  123. I Hate The French Version!!!
  124. Help with dinosaur (tr anniversary)
  125. Help with dinosaur
  126. I cant leave you guys but you must do one thing!!!
  127. Oh My God...Lara Croft!!!
  128. Unlocking Legend Costume
  129. Grappling skills?
  130. Gametap Retrospective 7
  131. Are you ready to Party? We have a treat for you!
  132. Dose Anyone Know Where to Find
  133. Movement control
  134. I have it and here are some SPOILERS!!!
  135. St Francis Folly
  136. my only Con in anniversary
  137. Tihocan help needed - SPOILERS!!
  138. Stucked in the Atlantis temple
  139. I just got a newsletter from edios...
  140. Temple of poseidon help
  141. Stuck in the city of Vilcabamba
  142. One question
  143. 10 Outfits?! *spoilers*
  144. Stuck in demo plus two questions *SPOILER*
  145. Better, The Same, or Worse Than the Original
  146. TRA review
  147. St. Frances Folly: Domocles Room Grapple Solution
  148. The Lovely Details! (funny pic inside)
  149. Tomb Raider Anniversary Arrives on European Shores!!
  150. Strange Glitch in Demo
  151. Need help in Midas Temple level
  152. its out today yay!!
  153. Midas Fire Room Glitch - SPOILERS!!
  154. Posted Package!
  155. Article in Metro
  156. Tescos Bargain
  157. This is very weird
  158. Lost island - final conflict help
  159. Message For Non-Regulars!
  160. finished XD
  161. First in U.S. to get it here!?
  162. hephaestus
  163. End of Tomb of Qualapec
  164. How do i get into the Midas Temple fire room?
  165. where can i find a high res pic of the 5 lara crofts?
  166. How do i get the commentaries to work.
  167. Relic locations
  168. What to do to waist time, while waiting for TRA??!
  169. Why the rush through TRA???
  170. Golden Lara *spoiler*
  171. TRA CE 2 discs instead of 3?
  172. How big of a Tomb Raider nut are you?
  173. First Impressions
  174. tra won't install
  175. Cistern?
  176. YouGamers.com gives TR:A a 93/100 :)
  177. Eidos Release Day Goodies. 3 new images.
  178. spoilers - how do i....
  179. Anger and disappointment
  180. Sorry for the annoying threads everyone.
  181. Anyone in Australia?
  182. Stuck at St. francis's Folly :)
  183. Playing Old Level Then New Level
  184. I got my game today and here is some screen shots
  185. Cant take shotgun ammo
  186. Gameplay and control tips
  187. Did you know...
  188. Brand NEW Lara Croft wallpapers (never seen before!)
  189. EXCLUSIVE: When Miss Adebibe is not Lara Croft
  190. My view of Tomb Raider Anniversary
  191. your all going to hate me for saying this...
  192. Nice review of TR:A in "Spin" Magazine!
  193. Problem downloading demo
  194. TRA Demo, tried it, cancelled order(spoiler)
  195. Dislikes
  196. might be a better work if croe came to develope tra
  197. Question about modded Outfits..
  198. wowww!!! its amazin!
  199. Please rate TRA out of 10 and add your own reviews and comments to this thread :D
  200. shotgun
  201. I found something *Gigantic Spoiler*
  202. How to defeat the t-rex ?
  203. Which level are you up to now?
  204. Anniversary Released!
  205. What do you think about The "whispers" in Egypt?
  206. help me kill the big dinosaur
  207. About the rerecorded TR1 score
  208. PC or PS2...?
  209. Grappling !
  210. Bonus Level?
  211. Dinosaur Cutscene
  212. Compass
  213. I'm cancelling my pre-order...
  214. I cant dodge the dinosaur!!!
  215. Screenshots, Screenshots, Screenshots!
  216. Stuck on TRA Lvl 2 in Peru (PC)
  217. Bosses Raider
  218. The Two Centaurs at the Tomb of Tihucan
  219. A couple of screenshots I took :D
  220. New Karima Pictures
  221. lara's invo, wats it like?
  222. Lara is truly cold hearted: Something to think about
  223. Commentaries: Are you listening?
  224. Fail the interactive cutscenes
  225. Will someone help me get These relics.
  226. Stuck!! Someone help!!!
  227. Jolt
  228. My message doesn't seems to get through
  229. Great Pyramid=Utter Hell. Help please?
  230. Prince of persia
  231. I can't believe....
  232. Question
  233. How are Larson and Pierre alive in Tomb Raider Chronicles if Lara kills them in TR1
  234. Lara Croft animated series
  235. Qualopec
  236. textureless mode
  237. Fun Little Demo Glitch
  238. Tomb raider anniversary ... what on earth
  239. positive thoughts
  240. World of Warcraft
  241. The "why i liked Anniversary" thread
  242. To all TRA FANS the joys of the backpack
  243. Not Happy
  244. the greek thing
  245. Steady On!
  246. People like TR:A you know
  247. Trying to get used to the adrenaline dodge
  248. Lara's Butler
  249. 2 questions
  250. Help Me Please Temple Of Khamoon