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  1. New surprise ruining mag scans
  2. NEW screenshots!!! From Peru, Greece, and the Croft Manor !!Spoilers!!
  3. Tr:a
  4. About the systems.
  5. Zips Area
  6. same weapons
  7. Larson has become more savvy than Pierre
  8. for people that dont have a ps2 or psp and only have a pc and wants to play tra
  9. So how do you guys plan on playing this?
  10. tr 1 where natla falls to her death REVERSED :D lol
  11. the jump thing
  12. Tomb Raider Anniversary advertisement items UPDATE
  13. Tribute Thread For Admin & Mods
  14. What Will you do first
  15. Collector's edition
  16. Entering the Garden at Croft Manor??
  17. Ideas For Future Locations
  18. Im practising
  19. United Colours... Who Won?!?
  20. Zips area urgant ***spoiler***
  21. Frenchs here? :S
  22. new member !
  23. TR:A demo?
  24. Next gen graphics on PC?
  25. Something for Eidos to look at
  26. 'Note To The Fans' - from Edios
  27. Don't make Croft Manor look anything more like the movies
  28. is their going to be a collectors edtion of tra in the u.s???
  29. Ifound new screenshots from Peru (Lost Valley) in HQ *Spoilers*
  30. Please Eidos Disable Option For Red Target !!!
  31. An Interview with Peter Connelly! - Tomb Raider Composer
  32. New Member : o°ÅNUBIS°o
  33. introducing new member, tutuy
  34. wow!!!!
  35. New videos from IGN (Including Pierre cut-scene)
  36. Tomb Raider: Anniversary Hands-On in Greece
  37. New PC screenshots ***Spoilers*
  38. There must be a demo soon
  39. what you hate about TRA
  40. What the TRA collecters edition will include.
  41. no tra on wii!
  42. New T-rex video
  43. Gamespot now!
  44. Multi-player
  45. New page on my website
  46. Screenshots and "advance" in meristation
  47. Characters from Tomb Raider Anniversary
  48. Tra Pc Modding???
  49. Orange.co.uk TRA review
  50. Original in anniversary?
  51. tomb raider demo footage
  52. :o
  53. The Legend outfit's back!
  54. Will you play the demo?
  55. CROFT MANOR(video)
  56. Tomb Raider Anniversary Xbox 360 Petition.
  57. Has the release been pushed back (uk)??
  58. Tomb Raider Anniversary for Mac
  59. The catsuit. *Spoiler*
  60. The Mountain Caves -- from beginning to end
  61. Tomb Raider Anniversary New Videos On You Tube
  62. Now that Natla has long hair...
  63. Striving for too much perfection
  64. St Francis' Folly gameplay.
  65. New screenshots - Greece -spoilers-
  66. Imagine This....
  67. Do you like the "New Level" music in TRA?
  68. the release date please
  69. Dirt on Lara?!
  70. My Tomb Raider Anniversary Site!!!
  71. Lara Vs T-Rex in anniversary
  72. Tomb Raider Anniversary on Nintendo DS?
  73. TRA Demo Thread (merged)
  74. graphics
  75. HI Im a new member!!
  76. Which way to Eidos forums?
  77. The ( Summary ) And The ( release Date )
  78. When I see Natla I think of the song "Evil Woman"
  79. is waiting for a demo starting to take over
  80. To GAME.co.uk customers...
  81. Coliseum video??
  82. New box art released. Back to the roots.
  83. Lions and Lionesses.
  84. I Played It!
  85. Being smart is needed ??
  86. Unfinished business as an unlockable?!?
  87. animals!!
  88. New gameplay footage! Including FMV!
  89. A bit concerned
  90. What kind of animals do You like in Tomb Raider?
  91. The motorcycle, you know you want it!
  92. next gen screen shot?
  93. The Atlantis Levels
  94. Croft manor. Bed action.
  95. Tomb Raider Multiplayer???????
  96. TRA seemes to be too dark colored
  97. Does anyone have costume or Natla pics?
  98. What will happen in this case...?
  99. TOmb Raider Anniversary Developer Diary 2
  100. Lara Crofts Manor Thread
  101. Sam Fisher VS Lara Croft
  102. European release date confirmed June 1st
  103. TRA Outfits video
  104. Tomb Raider Anniversary difficulty level...
  105. Crystal borrowed from Core
  106. How many levels are there in the Tomb Raider Anniversary?
  107. TR Anniversay, i'm gonna love it!
  108. New Stuff......
  109. TRA - Outfits !!!Spoilers!!!
  110. Has Anybody Seen ANY TV Ads Yet?
  111. What does Tomb Raider's future hold?
  112. Official Site Updated
  113. Wow!!
  114. New move. Spoiler alert.
  115. Karima Adebibe's Myspace!
  116. What would you like to see in Anniversary?
  117. OMG! New scans, new screenshots! *Spoilers*
  118. Maze Question
  119. TR Anniversary Laggers
  120. Button in legend
  121. offical site update -11th May
  122. Wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio?
  123. Win a Lara Croft Mannequin
  124. tra programmed in?
  125. PC Version
  126. Countdown to release!!
  127. Win lunch with Lara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  128. PS2 version - PS3 compatible?
  129. So Excited!!!
  130. Short Review & Screens
  131. Was that Lara fighting with winged Nalta.
  132. PC or PS2 ?
  133. TRA for Wii confirmed and a news video
  134. News scans of a Italian magazine **SPOILER**
  135. TRA outfits
  136. Delayed Until June! Grrrrr!
  137. New TRA Footage!
  138. Look
  139. Lara's weapons
  140. True WASD/NSEW/whatzis?
  141. New One!!!
  142. hello i am new
  143. T-Rex picures
  144. OMG! New Cistern screenshots!! *spoilers*
  145. maybe a new idea
  146. The new Natla is a GODDESS among humans and cat people
  147. trademo.com
  148. To Eidos and Crystal D: LISTEN TO THE FANS!!!
  149. First clip of the Tomb Raider documentary at Gametap
  150. What boss fight are you most looking forward to?
  151. Atlantis Revealed: SPOILER!
  152. Music pulled.
  153. First Level Video *Spoiler*
  154. Collector's edition for North America- will we get one?
  155. Unfinnished Business
  156. Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider Animated Series
  157. Not able to save on Manor???
  158. Xbox360/Music Question
  159. Fading Corspes?
  160. Isn't anyone excited?
  161. Now assuming Natla is back for TR8
  162. why no next generation for tra???
  163. New Atlantis, Egypt, Croft Manor, Peru, Natla Mines screenshots! *spoilers*
  164. Boss music
  165. They have got TRA!!!!!
  166. Tomb Raider Anniversary - 8th June in Poland
  167. T-Rex Fight All The Way Through (Major Spoiler Be Warned)
  168. New Croft Manor Screens From PlanetLara!
  169. The Magnums Are Back...
  170. Naltas crates????????????
  171. Controls [merged]
  172. What do You think about Tomb Raider Anniversary page?
  173. PSP Version?
  174. Tomb Raider: Anniversary European Collector’s Edition. UK!
  175. will it always be Night in Croft Manor?
  176. i have a question
  177. Anniversary Merchandise?
  178. Is there a gym outside laras home?
  179. Cat Flavoured big TR:A Screenshot Enclosed! ;D
  180. *Spoiler* Im stuck!
  181. better than legend
  182. New Comparison Screenshots Posted
  183. Tombraider anniversary
  184. Karima visits DTM in Germany
  185. What have you been doing to pass the time waiting for TRA?
  186. Good news for us modders.
  187. A comp in australia for TRA
  188. So who's hungry for some ATLANTEAN BACON??
  189. Do you like Karima?
  190. - Detailed Review with Interesting Pros and Cons -
  191. the folly
  192. Thoughts On TR:A Lara's Image (Above)
  193. Any new rooms at Croft manor?
  194. The Old Manors (TR 1-6) vs. The Legend Manor
  195. Spoiler Alert! New Cutscene Of T-rex Fight!
  196. New Nalta
  197. who gets mad at lara and kills her just for kicks???
  198. Gamespot - TRA Hands-On (Egypt) & New Gameplay Footage
  199. Tomb Raider Thread für deutschsprachige TR-Fans!
  200. PS2 demo?
  201. One of the new rooms in Croft Manor **Spoiler**
  202. Can we have a Dutch Topic?
  203. what magazine will the demo come out in?
  204. New ads being released
  205. Will you be back?
  206. New PC Screenshots
  207. Please give Lara back her longer,edgir face look
  208. Awesome gameplay / video strategy ***SPOILER***
  209. Spoiler Free
  210. Estimated Completion
  211. Tomb Raider Gametap Retrospective
  212. over the years
  213. The DEMO will be out TOMORROW!!!LOOK!!
  214. Playing The Demo? Yes? or No?
  215. What The Frell!!!!!!
  216. The mimmic
  217. what is the level in the demo
  218. New Pole Swinging Methods???
  219. warning about downloading demo
  220. Tomb Raider Anniversary Walkthrough out already!
  221. Do you think we can interact with winston?
  222. Anniversary Info On Wikipedia
  223. Demo tonight or already?
  224. Surround Sound?
  225. Site update!! ATLANTIS section available now!!
  226. Countdown to demo party :)
  227. So, who's alredy downloaded the demo!
  228. Who will be on when they get TR:A???
  229. ITS amazing spoiler
  230. Great job on the demo Eidos / CD
  231. Demo Screengrab Thread [merged] *SPOILERS* NO Trainer Screens!
  232. Demo Review [POTENTIAL SPOILERS]
  233. Saying Goodbye!
  234. Pros/Cons of TRA Demo (May Contain Spoliers)
  235. Problem installing the demo
  236. Use the Spoiler, Luke!
  237. Demo Modding!!!!! *spoilers*
  238. you can .... DOWNLOAD THE DEMO!
  239. Nice new movement! (funny screenshot)
  240. Oh grandma, what big teeth you have!
  241. how do you mod the anniversary demo and please have links for outfits to
  242. should CD make a Croft Manor demo
  243. Removing Red Crosshairs on targets...
  244. The PSP Version
  245. SPOLIERS!!!! Artefact found in Demo, pics & walkthrough video showing how to get it
  246. How do you do a head shot? (spoiler i think)
  247. Dodge...headshot!
  248. fight!
  249. The modding thread
  250. has anyone seen this hole, or i'm the 1st?