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  1. Story of TR1/Anniversary and TR:Legend - a link?
  2. EIGHT new Egyptian screenshots! **SPOILER**
  3. London Symphony Orchestra
  4. Fan made trailers
  5. Lara on PC. Huge screenshots.
  6. TRA System Requirements
  7. is tombraider anniversary gonna be harder than tr1?
  8. Lara's copy?
  9. PC version for Tomb Raider Anniversary
  10. Lara's Mansion *spoilers*
  11. EGYPT and PERU level
  12. Who has been played Tomb Raider Anniversary?
  13. TR: Anniversary on Steam????
  14. What's your TR playing style?
  16. Favourate Lara says!
  17. Tomb Raider Anniversary
  18. St Francis?
  19. the hills are alive...with the sound of lara...!
  20. Lara's Home/Mansion
  21. Lara Croft look
  22. Old Time Tomb Raider Fan
  23. does anyone know if you can chose the weather on TR:A?!????
  24. Witch trailer did you like best?
  25. Tomb Raider Real Life(The art of minipulating your environment)
  26. New gameplay video *SPOILER*
  27. Lara .vs. Lara
  28. The Lost Valley
  29. the "quick press"
  30. The Magnetic Grapple
  31. who compose the music for Anniversary?
  32. I need help!!!
  33. tomb raider aniversary
  34. Want to see Midas???
  35. Age releasing in Germany!
  36. New Peru and Egypt Screenhots!
  37. The Holy Grail
  38. Could Natla Be Amandas Mother?
  39. The Egypt footage - now with Audio!
  40. Possible Reward System
  41. tomb raider anniversary pictures
  42. does anyone know if we can go outside of laras house on tr:A?????!?!!!!?!?!?
  43. I hope they bring back...
  44. OMG! I got such a fright! (video inside)
  45. Funny/nice TR (3D) movies
  46. The voice of Natla..
  47. Second Trailer
  48. Core Eidos and Crystal Dynamics
  49. old inventory screen
  50. tomb raider
  51. Official voice-over cast list found
  52. Tomb Raider games: needs to be hands on more
  53. Eidos releases new Egyptian screenshots and concept artwork
  54. lara's official outfits? *SPOILER?*
  55. An Eva Mendes fan at CD?
  56. Location Location
  57. Pot's Control Poll. Classic vs. New?
  58. New Tr:a Videos!!!!!!
  59. Anniversary not good enough for you?
  60. TR:A Megamix Trailer
  61. Tomb Raider Preview At C&VG
  62. I've made a new Anniversary wallpaper...
  63. TRA title screens and extras!!!
  64. Newby
  65. PS3 backwardscompatible in Europe?
  66. animals are cool!
  67. Vote: bring Kurtis Trent back or not
  68. Lara's moves?!
  69. Render of the Day: Cat Mummy (Enemy)
  70. BIG SPOILERS! See TRA Cutscenes & Natla !!!
  71. Why TombRaider 1 was that good...
  72. !~*~!!Spoilers!!~*~!
  73. Was CORE that bad???
  74. The Return of the Keys?
  75. Spoiler Lara and Nalta scene
  76. Atlantian Enermy
  77. the animals like the bears are alot harder to kill!!!! i saw it on a video!!!!!!
  78. Last thing I need to konw before I buy TRA: when it comes out
  79. Gamespot TRA!
  80. Tomb Raider Anniversary Cancelled !!!!!!
  81. Natla = Amanda = Sophia (TRA Natla pics inside - SPOILERS)
  82. Natla should be pure evil
  83. Lara's old friends need to come back
  84. TRA bonus world revealed!
  85. Tomb Raider Anniversary Movie!!!!!!
  86. Lara Croft Tomb Raider:World
  87. New TR:A Trailer!
  88. Interactive Cutscene???
  89. Which areas excite you most?
  90. Gaming to pass the time
  91. Official Myspace code?
  92. So...what's is Anniversary all about
  93. contest link
  94. Is TR2 better than TR1?
  95. Tomb Raider and Trolls
  96. Croft Times
  97. Media magazine??
  98. Competition Time
  99. TRA PC System Requirements
  100. Lara's Birthday Celebration Contest! Here are the winners
  101. Costume Ideas!!
  102. The Larson, Pierre & Natla unlockables Thread (merged)
  103. Are YOU a real Tomb Raider?
  104. Ladies and Gentlemen, Eidos Germany announces the Collector's Edition!
  105. Sorry for being so harshed. Crystial Dynamics is doing a great job
  106. Should Natla be so tall this time round?
  107. Let's Think
  108. my idea about the game's unlockables
  109. Eidos Easter surprise!!!!
  110. Easter wallpaper.
  111. This is what i think.
  112. screenshots & videos from PERU level
  113. grabbing ledges
  114. Stella Runs Competition
  115. Tomb Raider Anniversary: "Blood Screenhot"
  116. CD, pay attention to this, please
  117. Solidarity!
  118. Natla's Fingers.
  119. Is LOK finished?
  120. Warning
  121. Bonus Dics
  122. The Evolution Of Lara Croft
  123. united states
  124. Atlantan Leve
  125. playstation official magazine uk
  126. Lara, Larson and Natla pics on Wikipedia
  127. SPOILER - Cutscenes titles revealled
  128. any TR:A skins
  129. grappling hook (so-so)
  130. evil natla
  131. Australia, Devs? ?
  132. Is Anniversary worth it?
  133. Is Crystal Dynamics really doing a good job?
  134. How would you rate TRA??
  135. PC demo
  136. There Will Be Mansion
  137. Lara vs. the Prince
  138. They are remaking all the levels right? SPOILERS?
  139. Official or fansite
  140. How much do you know about Lara?
  141. Technology Ruining TombRaider & TRA Talk
  142. Planet Lara!
  143. Checkpoints
  144. Hanging by an button
  145. Please Someone make a Desktop Lara
  146. PS2 or pc raider for legends??
  147. Best Tomb Raider Fan sites
  148. Uh..Oh
  149. NO romance for Lara!!
  150. Music composer?
  151. Collection of videos (possible spoilers)
  152. Greek Levels
  153. Amanda as Natla's daughter - do YOU want it to happen?
  154. So whats the storyline then??
  155. Natla
  156. Should the cut out rainforest level appear as an extra in Anniversary?
  157. New Ledge Jump!
  158. Will Anniversary be playable on the PS3?
  159. New preview and video!
  160. Ah, I wouldn't be surprised if pierre looked like this.
  161. What is it about TR that we love?
  162. Almost the all screen and scans *Spoilers*
  163. So far, these things have been confirmed...!
  164. New Trailer
  165. tomb raider anniversary coming out in june?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
  166. Lara's outfits
  167. Information about Saving
  168. Found something innteresting!
  169. Two player Moder For PSP
  170. Please fix the hair CD
  171. Scans from the Cistern and Greece levels and an hungarian magazine!! **Spoilers**
  172. cores anniversary
  173. Which bonus character do you want to play as most?
  174. laras hair?
  175. After Anniversary
  176. Any Information on PC Specs yet.
  177. Orginal Tomb Raider vs. Anniversary
  178. Tomb Raider Anniversary Sound Tracks
  179. Return of the Magnums ? ? ?
  180. Crystal Dynamics Fix This Please!
  181. Has anyone heard anyhting???
  182. help with legend on the DS
  183. **NEW screenshots from Greece - Palace of Midas, Colosseum, and more... **Spoilers**
  184. *spolier* lara fight???
  185. Whats going on here?
  186. Tr Anv
  187. A New Trailer!! Egyptian Underground!! (((Spoilers)))
  188. Lara's face
  189. Lara's clothing
  190. Natla (original ending spoiler)
  191. please help me!
  192. New Spanish Scans! *SPOILER* New Character! Tomb Of Tihocan! 3-Disks Special Edition!
  193. Will TRA affect TRL2?
  194. Some new scan from the Play! (hungarian) magazine! *Spoliers*
  195. behind the scenes at cd tra
  196. NEW 2nd Egyptian Trailer (SPOILER)
  197. Really New Exclusive Egyptian Trailer
  198. Got new screenshots from egypt
  199. I know what legend missed! (TRA will give)
  200. In the mood?
  201. Any news on the Collector's Edition?
  202. lara's home
  203. Quiestions
  204. The boss from the last level
  205. More info. on TR8!!
  206. found a new video (spoliers)
  207. 2 new scan from the Play magazine *spoiler*
  208. young Lara
  209. KEIR Happy Birthday....
  210. Comical British accents
  211. The games on psp
  212. Achievements on PC for Anniversary?
  213. Does Lara Croft smoke?
  214. rendered Lara!
  215. 15 hrs of gameplay?
  216. Scans from the Official PS2 magazine! *Spoliers*
  217. Stickly: New Scans! Croft Manor in Anniversary!
  218. Yay! Guess what...
  219. once tomb raider anniversary comes out......
  220. i think it would be cool...........
  221. Developer Diary: Behind the Scenes at Crystal Dynamics
  222. Lara Croft & Prince of Persia - 'Anything you can do'
  223. German Lara double Diana is spoiling us with new pictures
  224. The big "B" word
  225. Eidos Announces North American Street Date for Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary
  226. 3 new screenshot
  227. Beta-Testers Reveal Croft Manor Screenshots! *SPOILER*
  228. Now that the US have a solid release date...
  229. New Poster i scanned
  230. Core after the sellout
  231. When dose the new Tomb Raider Come Out???
  232. OMG! New screenshots! Peru, Croft Manor, title! *spoilers*
  233. Home Sweet Home Level?
  234. pierre du pont
  235. New Video !! St. Francis Folly
  236. Lara's Home ( What my magazine says)
  237. i wonder what Laras house is going to look like
  238. Demo tommorow!
  239. Walk
  240. Amazing Video
  241. tombraider.com - The Greece update
  242. List of Fixes for Anniversary
  243. OMG New concept art picts!
  244. Official Minimum and Recommended Specification and Release Date
  245. Lara Croft's MySpace page!
  246. Tomb Raider Anniversary: The Second Contact.
  247. An Invitation To Join In The Fun...
  248. Greece level - some screensots
  249. Not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!
  250. ***spoiler***