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  1. Advice playing TR Anniversary
  2. saving probl
  3. New collection of Anniversary Screenshots
  4. Tomb Raider Anniversary on X-Box
  5. Favourite level in TRA vs TR
  6. Richard Croft in the music room?
  7. im stuck in a part of this game...
  8. natla on wii
  9. Tomb Raider Anniversary Walkthrough
  10. TRA - The Lost Valley IL speedrun 00:34
  11. Grapple Hook Bug since Poseidon room on WII
  12. salam be dostan
  13. Changing music
  14. Anniversary Graphics.
  15. Interview with Toby Gard
  16. Natla's Mines total lack of gameplay balance
  17. Level 11 jumping the scarab to exit the level in Anniversary!!
  18. LMAO.. a funny bug... kinda
  19. Wheres Zip And Aister
  20. tomb raider anniversary
  21. Tomb Raider Anniversary Movie
  22. Stuck in Tomb of Tohican
  23. Fly Mod
  24. Adrenaline Doge; those centaurs
  25. Stuck in Temple of Khamoon please help!
  26. i found this really kool trailer
  27. Level 9 Retracting Ledges
  28. Wich Of The Tomb Raider Games Is The Best??
  29. Please heeeelp!
  30. stick next to the big dinosur
  31. Blonde Anniversary Lara
  32. Natla's Punishment?
  33. TRA XBOX 360 Graphics
  34. Need Hints to Improve My Grapple/Wall Run
  35. Ineedhelpplease
  36. golden shotgun doesn't work on centaurs
  37. Button Mapping?
  38. Need More Help at Khamoon
  39. help me with lara's look
  40. getting the rewards and time trials and everything else in a few secs.
  41. Core trA?
  42. Slow motion,help me please.....
  43. slow motion,need help please.
  44. The funiest thing ever!
  45. My yout tube vids.
  46. Tihocan Centaur BYPASS!! WOW!
  47. I Am Stuck In The Hummer Room --please Help--greece Level
  48. What is better : Anniversary or Legend?
  49. Final Conflict, Giant Muntant trouble - video?
  50. t-rex
  51. Glitch?? or Flymod??
  52. Natla
  53. I Didn't Finish Tomb Raider Annaversary!
  54. TR Anniversary on Wii
  55. Level 10, Obelisk of Khamoon
  56. Natla Gets A New Look!!!
  57. Lara And Remorse.
  58. Saved Games
  59. check this tra funny video!!!!
  60. After completing game once, how to replay in different difficulty?
  61. check this video
  62. How to jump so i can beat Rex and updates?
  63. Moving up and down on rope
  64. TRA Time trial tips & shortcuts
  65. Lara's Aim
  66. T-Rex trouble
  67. Level 7 frustration
  68. help with the waterfalls
  69. Tombraider Anniversary
  70. Anniversary Secrets
  71. gameplay time
  72. How do yoy Kill the Centauros
  73. Alternate final boss concept art...(not spoliers)
  74. Did anyone else love....
  75. Natla
  76. Did Lasrson Purposely Miss Lara?
  77. Natlas Mines Relics
  78. tr 8
  79. Cannot select grapple on Wii
  80. tomb raider anniversary for wii
  81. Tihocan Centaur bugs - possible solution at last
  82. help in the pillars / posts puzzle!!
  83. were are natlas wings?
  84. VOTING- Favorite outfit
  85. Help!! Wii Checkpoint Required (pal)
  86. stuck at tomb of qualopec
  87. Rare savegames wanted!!!
  88. Shooting
  89. Cannot fiqure dangling rope jump
  90. PS3 Version of TRA?
  91. Why do they call it ROME?
  92. adrenaline dodge
  93. So Funny Screenshot!
  94. Need help with Greece level with statue and gold bars
  95. Did you have this problem?
  96. Wall run/timed run Obelisk of Khamoon
  97. Any ...
  98. Help...can't beat this boss!!
  99. Tomb of Khamoon - retracting ledges
  100. Killing the T-Rex without adrenaline dodge
  101. tomb of tihocan/horses?AM STUCK..HELP!!
  102. Cannot open door in tra
  103. TR: A Xbox360 and PC versions
  104. TR Anniversary Wii version Centaures
  105. retracting ledges:grapple grabs wood, not ring..
  106. I Am Annoyed
  107. Problem in City of Vilcabamba
  108. Saving Game in Replay level
  109. Bug: Level 9 (Egypt) with grapple.
  110. Help on license extend
  111. Best set of levels in Anniversary
  112. TR2 remake - Yes or No
  113. OMG Come on!
  114. OBELISK OF KHAMOON: Double Pole Swing from HELL!
  115. Crazy similarities
  116. SANCTUARY OF SCION: Retracting Pole/Slab Pit FROM HELL
  117. Help hunniez**im curious!!
  118. help with centaurs
  119. Disappearing Relics in Croft Manor??! (PS2)
  120. TRA-Unfinished Business?
  121. tomb raider 1 vs anniversary
  122. Tomb Raider: anniversary
  123. TRA Obelisk level post-jumping problem
  124. Is there an TR Anniversary Update for PC?
  125. favorite tomb raider anniversary outfit
  126. what outfits do u use in levels?
  127. New pictures about Tomb Raider: Anniversary
  128. another outfit to introduce?
  129. Restart game on same profile?
  130. How to get the relic above the first gate?
  131. need urgent help?????
  132. game stops every time I pickup item
  133. how to achieve the speedrun (airjump) in Obelisk of Khamoon
  134. Lara doesnt stand on pole and skid
  135. Question????
  136. Button sequence for T-Rex
  137. Bring TRA to the PS3!!!
  138. Music Room in Croft Manor Question
  139. egyipt temple of carmoon ???????
  140. commentary markers
  141. Setup fails
  142. How did she know 'bout 3rd Scion?
  143. What did CD do right in TRA?
  144. Tomb Raider using Vista
  145. Damocles Room the room with blade's
  146. TRA cut scene on wii
  147. Pool House grapple on PC
  148. Help ~Early Part Of Tomb Raider Annicersary, On Wii~
  149. Steam Achievements
  150. Lvl 5 at Atlas ramp with globe
  151. Level 7 midas's palace!!!!
  152. Peru - City of Vilcabamba
  153. Help needed URGENTLY PLEASE
  154. That fine line between fun & frustration
  155. About the transcript of the game
  156. Help needed URGENTLY PLEASE
  157. Help with big door and stepplate
  158. gym pool room
  159. Can't pick up centaur shield from the floor! (mac bug?)
  160. treasure tease
  161. 1600 x 1200 resolution
  162. Tomb Raider Tale of Rex
  163. I really need help with tomb raider anniversery
  164. Help!!!!!
  165. Natala was dead but now shes bck.
  166. Midas jumps - this is just frikking ridiculous!
  167. General Disscusion
  168. Help! Missing Cogs
  169. Grapple Problem
  170. Centaurs for Wii
  171. Anniversary
  172. PSP Save EU
  173. Greece St. Francis Folly Arti.#2 trouble
  174. Stuck in the temple of Khamoon
  175. Haven't played TR in 10 yrs. and need some help
  176. The Lost Valley Question
  177. I think I found a glitch
  178. How different is TR Anniversary from TR Legend?
  179. Lost the bow! Waah :(
  180. Please Help!
  181. Anyone Still Stuck on The Centaurs??
  182. Weird Boss glitch
  183. Tomb Raider Anniversary....HELP
  184. i´m looking for a tomb raider anniversary xbox360
  185. Anyone know of a mod to freeze the switches in TRA?
  186. back jump form grapple (mac keyboard)
  187. When the Tomb Raider HD 3 pack release comes out on PS3........
  188. TRA & TRU using Wii remote..HARD
  189. How to unlock underwater way
  190. PC Version: Occaisonal freezes during puzzles!
  191. Final fight problem
  192. TR: Anniversary on PSP @ Tomb of Qualopec
  193. Boss trouble
  194. TR Anniversary - Croft Manor problem
  195. Anniversary Achievements (XBOX360) Connection
  196. Shouldn't there have been a motorcycle level in Anniversary?
  197. "Croft Manor" Achievement Issue (Xbox 360)
  198. Do you think that Lara should have won different outfits for each quest of the scion?
  199. How do I use the grapple
  200. Tomb Raider Anniversary temple of khamoon, can't get past this bug
  201. Need help! This happened again and again to my TRA PC.
  202. TRA Xbox 360 mods
  203. stuck at obelisk of khamoon
  204. Tomb Raider Anniversary Bug For ps3
  205. Obelisk of Khamoon - problematic ledge
  206. Lara doesn't grab ledge in Obelisk of Khamoon!
  207. game controls
  208. FED UP!
  209. Final boss - reticules never meet
  210. Where Can I Find Excellent Quality Laptop Backgrounds?
  211. the shotgun on lara's back - any way to remove it?
  213. Unlock commentary without completing levels first?
  214. Cool Collector's Editon
  215. Can't Go Back for Relic After Completing Midas' Palace
  216. problem in Trilogy
  217. How Does Pierre Get Ahead Of Lara?
  218. SELLING - Tomb Raider: Anniversary (Steam) -
  219. St.Francis Folly & Obelisk of Khamoon Time Trials...Any tips?
  220. Unable to Load profile and saving problem
  221. Xbox One Backwards Compatibility
  222. Khamoon
  223. A bug in the first room of Temple of Khamoon (steam version)
  224. TR: A Harp sound
  225. TR: A Harp sound
  226. Flight Patch / Tool
  227. Loading Macintosh Saved games/checkpoints in MacOsX 10.11.6 El Capitan in Anniversary