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  1. Problem with the first relic
  2. Slimjim
  3. The Next TombRaider??
  4. Help! stuck in peru after killing t rex!!!
  5. im suck in greece which room do i go to to get the key of hephaestus
  6. Why Wii, and any others?
  7. Lara Clothes!
  8. What's the difference between the 3 Difficulty Levels?
  9. 3 pole jumps in Obelisk of Khamoon...
  10. Xbox 360, Peru Level, Tech Error, Game Saving?
  11. Help for Wii
  12. Moi, is like mega stuck!!
  13. What time trials do you find hard to get through?
  14. How do you prepare for a time trial?
  15. Where can I get the soundtrack?
  16. Lvl 10 help!!!
  17. what are your best times you have beat in TRA?
  18. Lara Croft - 3D Design!
  19. End of the line for Lara
  20. Area with Sphinx, Sanctuary of the Scion might have been bug not sure, need help
  21. Have you ever messed up at the end of a time trial because u were nervous?
  22. Tr Anniversary- Centuar Easy Kill
  23. What Cheats have you unlocked in TRA?
  24. Final Conflict No Ammo
  25. Please please help, tomb of tihocan
  26. The Great Piramyd - Need Help
  27. I just finished the whole game
  28. St Francis folly on Wii
  29. help stuck on centurions
  30. need help from a reliable source"s
  32. help on level:snctury of the scion
  33. stuck in colliseum
  34. Wall jumping frustration
  35. Not worth it
  36. Custom keyboard controls
  37. I seriously need some help to understand!!! HELP!!
  38. What am I missing with the Outfit Change?
  39. final battle
  40. Savegames with all cheats enabled
  41. ANOTHER Wii PROBLEM: Greece/Midas Palace
  42. saved games
  43. How awesome is this game, right?
  44. Replay some levels
  45. tra2_trn.exe - community developed "hotfix", makes TRA bearable!
  46. im stuck on the first level of the lost city
  47. Help Damocies Door
  48. tomb raider
  49. Need Wii Control For Adrenaline Dodge
  50. Wii - the lost valley problem
  51. heres a way to kill the last centaur here is my secret
  52. Tomb Raider
  53. Core Dseign's TR: Anniversary Edition general discussion topic
  54. Auto-Toggle Targeting
  56. St Francis Folly - Please can someone help?
  57. Tomb Raider: Anniversary: Great!
  58. Tomb Raider
  59. After Killing T-Rex
  60. Mega Saving Error!
  61. I Hate Flying Mutants
  62. Help: Wii Midas Fire Room Symbol Puzzle
  63. Change It Back To Way It Use To Be
  64. Do you stil replay the same levels for fun?
  65. urrgh-sanctuary of scion
  66. Greece - Midas's Palace
  67. need help on peru level on tomb raider legend
  68. Anniversary: Basic Climbing
  69. PS2 Obelisk of Khamoon can't make jump
  70. PSP Obelisk of Khamoon
  71. Possible Whale Bottle glitch - Wii
  72. Stuck in TOMB OF QUALOPEC
  73. Macintosh Tomb Raider Anniversary Demo
  74. TRA Wii: The "Tower of Hell" made easier?
  75. Tomb Raider Anniversary
  76. Kero Mug Waterfall Glitch
  77. Need Advise for last artifact in Gym
  78. Tomb Raider Anniversary Speed Runs
  79. Buy and download on Mac?
  80. Plz Help
  81. Can't Find Settings
  82. problems loading anniversary
  83. how do you take screen shots of Tomb Raider Anniversary
  84. What's the difference between a level and a mission?
  85. Puzzling Puzzle...
  86. Time Trial?! Helpppp!
  87. PC version; Where are all the weapons?
  88. Lost Valley
  89. Sanctuary of the Scion !!!
  90. Glitch in Atlas Room in Greece
  91. What I didn't Like =x
  92. help with the wii
  93. Adrenaline Mode
  94. Stuck With Natla!!!
  95. greece- st francis folly...?
  96. Time Trial? What Time Trial???
  97. Sometimes can't pick up items
  98. St. Francis Folly
  99. swan dive on wii
  100. Moving on to next level?
  101. Tomb Raider Anniversary: Sword Room
  102. Something Horrible Has Happened... All The Boxes Fault...
  103. Obelisk of Khamoon problem
  104. I have finished the TimeTrial, but ... (help Please)
  105. Anniversary T Rex
  106. St. Francis Folly 1st artifact problem (Wii).
  107. My Serious Problem
  108. Tomb Raider Anniversary @ Steam
  109. Nasty centeors
  110. Stuck on st francis folly level
  111. StoryLine Please!
  112. Help in St Francis Folly 2nd Puzzle on Wii
  113. Game 'Freeze' After T-Rex Killing?
  114. Where Are They??
  115. Frozen on ledge after releasing grapple in Natla...
  116. 10 Egypt Obelisk of Khamoon
  117. Need Mac savefiles
  118. peru -lost valley level- stuck
  119. Sanctuary of the Scion(NEW)
  120. peru, lost valley -(the bear cave)
  121. dinasour eating laura
  122. Lara Doin' the Slo-Mo
  123. the single worst game i've ever played on 360.
  124. Relics?
  125. GameCube TRL better Graphics than WII TRA WHY???
  126. Lara Killing Larson
  127. What's Up With This Gym?!
  128. Tomb Raider anniversary
  129. TRA on Wii
  130. Modding on Mac's...
  131. What difficulty should I choose?
  132. Problems at flaming chamber near the midas statue
  133. Tomb Raider Anniversary PS2
  134. HELP - Lost Valley Wii
  135. download problem
  136. Tra Rocks On The Mac!!
  137. Hi All !!!
  138. Help! Cant get in Damocles Tomb
  139. Happy 1 Year!!
  140. Odd ledge in Obelisk of Khamoon...
  141. The "Impossible" Jump in The Great Pyramid Level!!
  142. 3 pole jumps in Obelisk of Khamoon... Redux
  143. Obelisk of Khamon - descending horizontal poles problem
  144. Help in Natla's mines
  145. Lara acrobatics
  146. Anniversary Redux--Impressions
  147. Hard jump in Khamoon
  148. Why, aren't you an interesting creature!
  149. Weird suicide error in Obelisk of Khamoon
  150. Yes Natla, I WILL JOIN YOU.
  151. vote for TR!!!
  152. Lara movement in Anniversary
  153. What Happened to Tihocan?
  154. Look what happens when i havent played in a while!lol
  155. This game is just not the same anymore
  156. Paranormal in Tomb Raider
  157. Getting back into TR with this game:
  158. Obelisk of Khamoon long jump problem
  159. Should I Buy It???
  160. Lara's handstand In The Water???
  161. Army Crawl?
  162. Problems in the room with the 3rd gate switch (Tomb of Qualopec)
  163. centaurs
  164. What the hell is with the Atlas room?
  165. Does this fit into continuity?
  166. controls for the Wii
  167. Thus far in my Anniversary experience
  168. tample of khamoon
  169. tample of khamoon
  170. Anniversary 1 Thing That Suckes
  171. Where are savegames saved?
  172. Lara Newbie!
  173. Help Needed In Greece
  174. Laptop running TR:A
  175. Poseidon need help please
  176. free centaur help!
  177. how do i open the egyptian door!!!!!
  178. Greece tomb of thocan
  179. need seroius help in natlas mines!! please!
  180. in greece-midas's palace:(
  181. in greece-tomb of tihocan:(
  182. Do you think I should buy it?
  183. in greece-tomb of tihocan:(
  184. Pls Help!!!
  185. Mysterious Winston
  186. Why was tichocan's tomb empty?
  187. any Ideas
  188. TRA Croft Manor plz HELP!
  189. old vs. young
  190. Time Trials
  191. Is the game worth it
  192. writing on the Scion ...
  193. Should I get TR Anniversary on PS2??
  194. Newiee! =]
  195. Legend Or Anniversary?
  196. TR Anniversary Downloadable Content
  197. Fire doesn't start in Rome, is it a bug or a feature?
  198. Game Profiles
  199. Teleporting Panther Mummy
  200. TRA Obelisk of Khamoon
  201. glitches
  202. HElp Tomb raider anniversry glitches for ps2?
  203. Personal Anniversary Wallpaper
  204. My Loads of Never Before Seen Pics (not really) by me
  205. how to unretract wall in Obelisk of Khamoon level?
  206. pier in greece
  207. can anyone help...
  208. where is the artifact in The Great Pyramid?
  209. Shortcut in Natla's mines
  210. legend in anniversary or tr7
  211. Someone help me please? REALLY need it =[
  212. HELP!! please.
  213. Just wanted to say...
  214. The end of the game
  215. the grappling hook
  216. please read... i need some help...
  217. Tomb Raider Anniversary 2 : The dagger of Xian...
  218. Seriously Need Help Bady!!!!!
  219. How do u get past the dino??
  220. What happened to Qualopec
  221. Belly Flop move
  222. Natla's Lips on the Wii!!!!!
  223. Glitch
  224. i finally did it, third edition
  225. Desperately seeking help
  226. Help!!(for the wii)
  227. l'm stuck for 15 days now!!! plz plz plz plz help me
  228. Help with save files
  229. Cinematic
  230. Greek subtitles
  231. how does the no puppet shows cheat work and were do i get it?!?
  232. I'm new and I've got a question.
  233. Anniversary Narrator
  234. How do I pick up the shield fighting the centaurs?
  235. t rex code??
  236. legend or anniversary
  237. One Thing I Dont Get
  238. is this game short
  239. Is Anniversary Canon with Legend and Underworld?
  240. please help to get the shield of the centaurs.......
  241. Can't even get through Croft Manor...
  242. I need your help!
  243. Anniversary wet clothes problem
  244. Problem with Tomb Raider Anniversary Instalation
  245. wii version - any good
  246. outfit
  247. Natla Hate her? or Like her?
  248. How many times did you play TRA???
  249. Test Levels
  250. Tomb of Qualopec