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  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider Patch Notes (Patch 5 Live on Xbox One & 360)
  4. [Xbox One & 360] Interrupted Install [Under Investigation]
  5. [Xbox One & 360] Card Gift Pack Titles Display Incorrectly [Under Investigation]
  6. [Xbox One & 360] Unending Flooded Archives Fight [Under Investigation]
  7. [Xbox One & 360] Bath House Challenge Tomb Crank Nonfunctional [Under Investigation]
  8. [Xbox One & 360] Copper Mill Battle Progression Error [Under Investigation]
  9. [Xbox One & 360] Research Facility Progression Error [Under Investigation]
  10. [Xbox One & 360] Broadcast Frame Collectible Display Error [Under Investigation]
  11. [Xbox One & 360] Soviet Copper Mill Invisible Wall [Resolved]
  12. [Xbox One & 360] Trapped in Soviet Facility by Invisible Wall [Resolved]
  13. [Xbox One & 360] Erratic Movable Objects in Abandoned Mines [Resolved]
  14. [Xbox One & 360] Unable to Use Climbing Axe for Melee [Resolved]
  15. [Xbox One & 360] Missing NPC Spawn in Gulag Prison [Resolved]
  16. [Xbox One & 360] Invisible Wall on Path of the Deathless [Resolved]
  17. [Xbox One & 360] Misplaced Mission Givers [Resolved]
  18. [Xbox One & 360] Enhancement Tool Missing [Resolved]
  19. [Xbox One & 360] Abandon Mines Well Cover Returns [Resolved]
  20. [Xbox One & 360] Unable to Craft Grenade Arrows [Resolved]
  21. [XBOX 360] Various graphical and rendering issues [Under Investigation]
  22. [Xbox One] Unable to access second trebuchet in The Lost City [Resolved]
  23. [Xbox One] Error Starting New Game [Resolved]
  24. [Xbox One] Voice of God Glitch [Resolved]
  25. [Xbox One] Season Pass Verification [Resolved]
  26. [Xbox One] Camera not focused on Lara/ Lara Off-screen [Resolved]
  27. [Xbox One & Xbox 360] Stuck revisiting prison camp in Soviet Installation [Resolved]
  28. [Xbox One] Acropolis Progression Bug - cutscenes not playing [Resolved]
  29. [Xbox One] Flicker Issue [Resolved]
  30. [Xbox One & 360] XP for Enemy Kills in Soviet Installation [Resolved]
  31. Xbox One ROTR bundle error
  32. [Xbox One & 360] Silencer Removal [Resolved]
  33. [TBD] Title Screen Start Bug [Resolved]
  34. [Xbox One] No arrow for rope arrow prison break [Under Investigation]
  35. [Xbox One] Character V/O gone [Under Investigation]
  36. [Xbox One] Tactical Survivor Pre-order Outfit add-on content issue.
  37. [XBox One] Game Breaking Glitch in The Cathedral [Resolved]
  38. [Xbox One/360] Acropolis Gate/Crawling Bug [Resolved]
  39. [Xbox One] Can't build shelter [Resolved]
  40. [Xbox One] Kitezh - No ammo while climbing ice pillar [Resolved]
  41. [Xbox One] Bear Spawning Bug - Main Campaign [Under Investigation]
  42. [Xbox One] Explosion Death Delay
  43. [Xbox 360] Survival Instinct Prompt [Not a Bug/Resolved]
  44. [Xbox One] Progression block after destroying the first barrier with grenade arrows.
  45. [Xbox 360] Prophet's Tomb in Syria won't fill with water after smashing rock wall
  46. [Xbox 360] Dead animals travel through barriers (fences)
  47. [Xbox 360] Missing/not drawn ground [Resolved]
  48. [Xbox One & Xbox 360] "Tiger Read Request..." [Resolved]
  49. [XBox ONE] STUCK in "Path of the Deathless" RE-Visit [Not Bug/Resolved]
  50. [Xbox One] Unable to get Box that respawns up in air in Geothermal Valley [Resolved]
  51. [Xbox One] Bird doesn't spawn in Misguided Intelligence Mission
  52. Achievements not unlocking on Xbox One [Resolved]
  53. [Xbox one] Soviet copper mill survivor cache bug [Resolved]
  54. Slight annoyance - Object Narration
  55. [XB1/360] Language Issue Causes Black Screen After Cutscene [Resolved]
  56. [Xbox one] Mission "Gulag Recon" won't complete. [Under Investigation]
  57. Makeshift Bow Upgrade Bug [Under Investigation]
  58. [Xbox 360] Objective flag not updated/completed [Resolved]
  59. Installation Vista "stealthy" bonus triggers on every pass
  60. Soviet installation - unable to pickup salvage
  61. [Xbox 360] Scene speech audio out of sync with visuals
  62. [Xbox One] Input Lag
  63. Tactical Survival Kit - xbox bundle
  64. 'Woman of the People' unlocked, then relocked [Resolved]
  65. Xbox 360 game crashes in the prophets tomb [Resolved]
  66. XBOX 360 - game freeze
  67. [Xbox One] Red Mine Tomb Bug [Under Investigation]
  68. No More Rabbits
  69. [X360] Platform Missing in Prophet's Tomb [Under Investigation]
  70. Game hangs on black screen after very first cut scene
  71. Game freezes often, causing full system reboot [Hardware Issue]
  72. [Xbox One] Save game got corrupted in Soviet Installation [Under Investigation]
  73. [Xbox 360] Strongbox showed in wrong location
  74. [XBox360]Stuck in the Abandonded Mine, please help?
  75. Fire arrow shooting me through wall during mission
  76. [Xbox One] Stuck in Scientific Base
  77. Black Screen On Game Load Up [Resolved]
  78. [Xbox one] The Chosen Few Achievement Bugged?
  79. Can't Equip Ancient Quiver [Under Investigation]
  80. Where's my Game?
  81. [Xbox One} The Lost City - Trebuchet/Door Game Halting Bug [Resolved]
  82. random freezing/pausing(Xbox One)
  83. rope not showing on Lara's belt
  84. [Xbox One] Soviet Installation/Research Base document error [Under Investigation]
  85. Siberian Wilderness - Missing Animals [Resolved]
  86. [Xbox 360] Suppressor suspended in front of rifle
  87. [Xbox 360] High Dive challenge started but is at 0/4, cannot trigger dive
  88. [Xbox 360] Jiggly ingured guy
  89. 'Data Corruption' challenge bug [Under Investigation]
  90. [X-Box 360] Game keeps freezing in the Abandoned Mine area
  91. The Lost City Rope Coil Missing [Under Investigation]
  92. Totally stuck in Research Base *Spoilers* [Resolved]
  93. [Xbox One] THE LOST CITY - Trebuchet #1 Rotation glitch [Under Investigation]
  94. Survival Instinct [Not Bug/Resolved]
  95. Invisible walls! EVERYWHERE! Help? [Under Investigation]
  96. [Xbox 360] Poor performance, crash in Acropolis final conflict
  97. achievement "fluent" and progression bug
  98. [Xbox 360] Gulag Camp - can't reach missing collectable [Under Investigation]
  99. [Xbox One] gulag recon mission missing ladder [Under Investigation]
  100. Quick and Painless Achievement Glitched? (Xbox One)
  101. No Tomb in the Prophets Tomb?!! [Under Investigation]
  102. [Xbox One] Rope Missing Glitch [Under Investigation]
  103. Bug to collect collectibles
  104. [Xbox One] 1 TB ROTTR Bundles Missing Prepaid Codes for "Tactical Survival Kit" DLC
  105. How to remove the silencer from weapons? [Resolved/Not a Bug]
  106. Geothermal valley bug?
  107. Preordered hopes bastion, now disappeared
  108. game breaking glitch after completion in acropolis
  109. Problem at Reserch Center [Resolved]
  110. [Xbox 360 S] Freeze during the save auto
  111. Unable to Apply Pre-order Bundle?
  112. Can't shoot the guy hanging on Lara's leg
  113. [Xbox One] last Soviet Installation Poster BUG
  114. Can't complete Chamber of Exorcism optional tomb [Under Investigation]
  115. Xbox One trapped in prison during Gulag Rcon [Resolved]
  116. [Xbox 360] Minor Bugs, Part 1
  117. Can't get back into the main mission
  118. Flooded Archives, game ending generator glitch
  119. Can't join the main mission in Geothermal Valley! [Under Investigation]
  120. [Xbox One] Flooded Archive - Statue of the Prophet Glitch [Under Investigation]
  121. ROTRR XBOX one black screen after starting new game
  122. [Xbox One] Game breaking bug at The Lost City
  123. [Xbox360]Pit of judgement tomb, can't push second cart [Under Investigation]
  124. [Xbox One] Chamber of Exorcism optional Tomb BUG
  125. [XBOX ONE] Game freezing and crashing same point - backup save wont help
  126. Rise Has a Game Breaking Glitch
  127. Rise of the tomb raider glitch burn baby burn [Resolved]
  128. [Xbox One] Glitch w/ The Visitor" document in Geothermal Valley [Under Investigation]
  129. [Xbox One] Survival Cache Bug Soviet Installation/Copper Mill [Under Investigation]
  130. Gulag Recon Glitch
  131. Siberian Ranger DLC?
  132. Fire Resistance Notification
  133. Minor bug with Survival Instinct?
  134. Xbox 360 Glitch in Research Base
  135. Collectable odd location
  136. New "Siberian Ranger" DLC not free for Season Pass owners [Under Investigation]
  137. Bug: Can’t fire the trebuchet in The Lost City mission
  138. Expedition Challenge Issues
  139. The Lost City / 2nd Trebuchet problem...
  140. Xbox 360 Save ******* Can't Continue Glitch
  141. Rise of theory raider bird mission glitch
  142. Resuming on Xbox One
  143. Can't get to 100% because Makeshift Longbow has gone from my weapons
  144. Stuck at the end of the copper mill yard
  145. The High Dive Challenge!
  146. [Xbox One] Possible Relic Bug...
  147. [Xbox One] Chapter Replay Elite Gear Issues
  148. A little DLC Trouble
  149. Flooded Archives coin cache glitch
  150. The Lost City relic
  151. Game Crashes/Hardlocks
  152. Soviet installation relic unreachable
  153. Xbox 360: Abandoned Mine, random positioning of carts
  154. Sparrowhawk DLC unavailable ingame
  155. Geothermal Valley Fowl Play Challenge Issue
  156. GameStop dlc problem
  157. bug
  158. I am stuck in the prison area near the gulag camp in the Soviet installation area
  159. Infirmary Glitch - platform no longer raising.
  160. Acropolis breaking bug -- last document underground
  161. DLC Instructions
  162. Flooded Archives Coin Caches in Campaign Won't Spawn
  163. Pit of Judgment - cannot progress (PLEASE HELP/glitch?)
  164. game break bug @ research base
  165. Soft Wood didn't appear in Lost Valley, leading up to the first trebuchet
  166. (Xbox One) Finished the campaign, "The Price of Truth" achievement refuses to unlock.
  167. Returning to Abandoned Mines - cannot retrieve missing collectibles
  168. [Xbox One] Geothermal Valley Documents 32/33
  169. Broke game when going back at rescueing jhona [XBOX ONE]
  170. [Xbox One] No Rattlesnake Revolver in Second Playthrough
  171. (Xbox One) The lost city bug
  172. 100% Complete but only 184/185 Documents registered - Missing 1 Camp Journal
  173. Rotisserie achievement not working
  174. Game Progression Halting Bug
  175. Need help with tactical survival code! Please help!
  176. Stuck after Rescue Jonah Mission 11 (Xbox 360)
  177. Soviet Installation debris wall prevents going forward
  178. Geothermal Valley Bullseye & Hung out to dry Glitch
  179. (Xbox One) Refinement Tool Glitch
  180. Lost Save
  181. The Lost City Banner Wars and Vandal Challenges Bug
  182. Rise of the Tomb Raider - SAVE bug!! - Any suggestions?
  183. Debris wall returns at top of the Soviet Installation copper mine building
  184. Marketplace problem?
  185. Soviet Installation Freeze Bug
  186. 28 hours of my life completely wasted
  187. ROTTR Lines on screen after launching game and during gameplay
  188. Does not load on Xbox One
  189. mission marker not progressing after obtaining fire arrows
  190. [360] Can't install from disc & crashes at start
  191. Bugs on Lara, Physic model
  192. Game crashes score attack on chamber of souls Xbox ONE
  193. How do I go back to my story save that was 99% completed.
  194. 100% still no achievement
  195. Rise of the Tom Raider XBOX360 GAME CRASH
  196. copper mill yard camp
  197. [Xbox One] GAME-BREAKING: Unable to progress in Geothermal Valley
  198. Where is the thunderclap after 100% in the game mode?
  199. Misguided Intelligence, Bird Respawn Bug
  200. Controls suggestion
  201. [Xbox One] Sprinting glitch in Geothermal Valley
  202. Fast Travel Problem
  203. Xbox One Achievements Not Popping Since Beating Game
  204. ROTTR is broken and it's pissing me off
  205. invermary glitch
  206. Geothermal Valley BUG is really annoying me!!!!!!!
  207. glitches
  208. Light the spire mission has glitched-Rise of the Tomb Raider
  209. All DLC Suddenly Missing From my Game
  210. [Xbox ONE]Game crash in score attack mode on chamber of souls
  211. update pacth problems
  212. New bug or I'm just not doing it right
  213. No Red Flare in Prison Courtyard - Bug
  214. ROTTR suddenly I cannot scroll the map!
  215. XBOX One Lost City unable to retreive visible document behind decorative screen
  216. [Xbox 360]Way to Go Achievement Bug
  217. Lara Croft with her strap on her shoulder in Syria [Under Investigation]
  218. Geo Thermal Valley Ancient Secrets?
  219. Game logo appears then black screen?
  220. Rise of The Tomb Raider game breaking base camp bug in "The Orrey" (Xbox One)
  221. Bugs Bugs Bugs and more Bugs
  222. items not registering
  223. [Xbox One] Swan dive does not trigger from platform for Geothermal Valley High Dive
  224. syria
  225. Loading Save in Flooded Archives Freezes the Game
  226. [X360] Studdering in hub area of Soviet Installation
  227. Red Mine Challange Issue [xbox 360]
  228. Map Glitch?
  229. Black screen after launch.... No play.... Help
  231. For Whom The Bell Tolls - Softwood Surface not available
  232. checkpoint wont change -_-
  233. servers unavailable
  234. Why not 3D ?
  235. Square Enix servers Unavailable...
  236. Remnant Resistance bonus add-on pack Missing
  237. Oil resource glitch / Can't collect Oil resource
  238. I can't open my Prophet's Legacy card pack
  239. Game breaking glitch in Abandoned Mines
  240. Extra Arrows floating around the bow while targeting [xbox one]
  241. Rise of the tomb raider sound issues
  242. Flooded Archives Progression Bug (Statue)
  243. [Xbox One] Endurance Mode Achievement Issue
  244. New Game breaking bug.
  245. New Game breaking bug climbing geothermal valley tower :(
  246. [Xbox One] "One Way To Do It" Endurance Mode Not Unlocking [Under Investigation]
  247. Gulag Recon Mission Bug Xbox 360
  248. Gifts
  249. Little Help with one of the Challenge Tombs
  250. Not enough Salvage / Technical Parts + Feature Request