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  1. Frequent In-Game Freezing on Xbox One
  2. Unsellable/DLC cards being sold bug
  3. HDR support for Amd Rx480 video card and Sony X800D 4k tv
  4. bug Trophy in ps4 ?
  5. game is broken (ps4)
  6. Can't start Blood Ties story mode
  7. endurance mode on ps4 freezes and crashes after many days - bull****!
  8. Issues since Update
  9. [PS4] Started Temple Of The Witch Too Early - Underpowered - STUCK
  10. [PS4] Abort Mission??
  11. [PS4] 'Complete History of Witchcraft" trophy not unlocking
  12. NUMBEROUS BUGS in 20 Year Anniversary Content (PC)
  13. Dear Squere Enix, the Input Lag on PS4 version is awful.
  14. Eurogamer.net "disappointed to see" Rise of the Tomb Raider input lag
  15. Glow stick selection,
  16. Compulsive trophy glitched. PS4
  17. Missing outfit
  18. issue in logging to Square Enix account
  19. Can you update English voice on Asia version? CD? or Square?
  20. PS4 Square-Enix server issues for Rise of the Tomb Raider
  21. Cannot Register Game - NO Code - PS4 20 Year Edition
  22. All Gear Unlocked From Start
  23. Language and Subtitle selection
  24. Rise of the Tomb Raider installation directory?
  25. Severe input lag in ps4 rottr
  26. PS4 Acropolis New bug?!?!
  27. ROTTR PS4 broadcast quality issues
  28. Weapon silencer add/remove selection
  29. Glitched document in Soviet installation, only 25/26
  30. Where do the cards save?
  31. Missing dlc guns?
  32. Missing
  33. Woman of the People Trophy Glitch
  34. [PC][Steam] Classic Skins Not Appearing...
  35. BUG on PS4
  36. A Fatal Error Ocurred inicialized the Audio Subsystem
  37. [10-17-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.753.1 (Patch #9)
  38. [PS4] Tomb not counted on map
  39. [PS4] Stuck in research base
  40. Can I play ROTR Chapter Reply Elite on PS4 offline? Please help, thank you.
  41. Hey there,I'm experiencing some problems on steam
  42. [PS4] Baba Yaga boss fight glitch (spoilers)
  43. [PC] lighting bug or nvidia drivers? GTX1070, Win10x64
  44. [PS4] Avid Shopper Trophy Glitched
  45. PS4 - CE-34878-0
  46. PS4 - Game Crashes after update 1.04
  47. Error code CE-34878-0/ Update 1.4
  48. PS4 - Rebreather Glitch
  49. Rise Of The Tomb Raider Issues
  50. ROTTR: 20 Year Celebration PS4 Crashes
  51. PS4 - coin caches bug/glitch
  52. Game breaking Bug with broadhead arrows.
  53. [PS4]Question about Thunderclap Shotgun???????
  54. [PC] No Hair glitch in Cutscene
  55. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) Filmgrain & Camera Shake
  56. Tomb completion glitch after reloading
  57. PLEASE, help with "Woman of the people"
  58. Missing Trophy in PS4 20th Anniversary Edition?
  59. Rise of the tomb raider ps4
  60. [10-25-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.753.2 (Patch #10)
  61. Problem with directx12 mode
  62. Every time I start ROTTR
  63. Endurance Mode missing
  64. [PS4] Unplayable to me until invert x-axis option has been added
  65. PS4 bug - unable to progress after Acropolis
  66. Coin caches
  67. Achievements not unlocking (Xbox One)
  68. The word "Leader" is ommitted from sound!
  69. [PC] "Rise of the Tomb Raider has stopped working" upon selecting "Play" in launcher.
  70. [PS4] Invert both: X-axis and Y-axis
  71. Compulsive trophy glitch on PS4
  72. (PS4) Lara's Rope
  73. [PC] Co-Op Endurance problems
  74. [Xbox One] Permanent Community Rewards
  75. Game started to crash after 60 hours of gameplay
  76. Big graphical issue in PS4
  77. [PS4] Problems with lip sync cutscenes
  78. Achievements not unlocking Win10 Store Version
  79. Trapped in a Crypt
  80. Bug Report: RotTR on PS4.
  81. [Xbox one] Trebuchet # 2 bug
  82. Odd glitch with 'The Price of Truth' not unlocking on X1
  83. PS4 Performance after patch 1.05
  84. FRAMERATE Drops with PS4 1.05 PATCH
  85. Compulsive and No Stone Unturned trophies not working!?!?!
  86. Running at 4k on PS4 Pro ALWAYS results in crash!
  87. Game no longer playable
  88. Graphics faults ps4
  89. Fast swim - my shift does not function
  90. [PC] Game crashes and i need to hard reset
  91. [PS4] Trophy "Woman of the people" doesn't unlock on patch 1.05
  92. Rope Arrow Jail Cell Bug
  93. ROTTR keeps on crashing
  94. Game crashes with grey screen after about 2 hours of game play
  95. Game freezes when I upgrade weapons
  96. Ps4 Pro no HDR on rise of the tomb raider
  97. New RotTR install crashes Wins 10 PC
  98. Exp/days not saving? XB1
  99. settings are locked on default
  100. Grenade launcher rifle attachment disappeared
  101. Stuck at Research Base
  102. Problem with Mic in Endurance Mode Coop
  103. ERROR Buying Cards
  104. Game breaking Issue in Area 6: ABANDONED MINES.
  105. Please help, another ROTTR crash on PS4 Pro
  106. Rise of the tomb raider no longer working
  107. HELP!!! The game was unable to launch because(...) Windows Store servers.
  108. "fire axe" foil card missing
  109. Fast travel disabled, showing wrong mission in different area.
  110. PS4 pro - 1.06 Constant crashing
  111. Mistakes in russian inscriptions
  112. errors Ive dealt with PS4 20th year
  113. [PS4] Annoying Trebuchet bug!
  114. [PC] RotTR 20th on Steam doesn't save profile information
  115. PS4 PRO - Stuttering during Opening Cinematic - gameplay fine otherwise
  116. Tossing Gourds bug
  117. Ps4 standard with patch 1.06 = crash
  118. [bug, PS4] Missing poster 6/7 for challenge in Soviet Installation
  119. PS4 1.06 patch brought back major input lag
  120. RotTR from Windows Store refuses to open Marketplace
  121. Camp Joural in Glacial Cavern does not auto play
  122. Marketplace Gift glitch
  123. Glitch on the crane in the Abandoned Mines
  124. ROTTR PS4 Patch 1.06 Issues and Bugs.
  125. 'Quick and Painless' achievement not working =/
  126. Game Crashes During Cinematic
  127. PC: Cannot be opened error on Ancient Vanguard DLC Card Pack
  128. Ps4 pit of judgement glitch
  129. PLEASE....fix....the LAG asnd DEADZONE (PS4)
  130. Toxicity disappears after death during Expedition
  131. Missing skins and card dlc from 20 year anniversary steam version
  132. Baba Yaga trophies not unlocking
  133. Windows Xbox achievement problem
  134. [01-19-2017] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.767.2 (Patch #11)
  135. Flooded archive new bug (missing painted wall/handholds)
  136. One way to do it not popping xboxone
  137. One way to do it xboxone wont unlock
  138. Problem with retail copy of 20 anniversary.
  139. Xbox One - Witchcraft for Beginners not unlocking
  140. patch 1.0.767.2
  141. [PS4] Questionable shop item cost logic
  142. [BUG] Tobii eyetracking dominant eye support
  143. [PS4] (Cold Darkness) Consistent failure to connect to shop server
  144. [PS4] Cold Darkness card "Bomb Squad" spelling error
  145. [PS4] Graphical issues with Endurance mode
  146. [XBONE] Baba Yaga fast travel locations have disappeared
  147. So NIXXES, will you fix the crashing on PS4 Pro anytime soon? It's unplayable atm.
  148. Endurance Mode Single Player Achievements not Unlocking
  149. PC freezes on loading screen if a XBox One controller is plugged
  150. Help! Low frame rates despite decent computer specs, what's going on?
  151. ROTTR returns to Pause Menu over and over and over
  152. Snowflake Rifle on Xbox One?
  153. [xbone] ushanka camo expedition cards
  154. [xbox one] ushanka camo expedition cards
  155. [PC] save game wont load - all save corrupt?
  156. Expedition Glitch
  157. Achievements Not Unlocking
  158. [PS4] Trophy unlock "woman of the people" and "compulsive"
  159. Video: Compulsive trophy broken, 100% on everything
  160. [PS4] Chapter Replay Elite--Lara is always on fire?
  161. [PS4] missing DLC Blood Tie on 20 Anniversary
  162. I fixed my Chapter Replay Elite problem.
  163. ROTTR Crashing always at the same point.
  164. Game is Broken and Won't Progress (Support told me to post here)
  165. Bug in Rescuing Jonah Mission
  166. Main menu crash to desktop every single time
  167. Xbox 360 Persistent Server Connection Problems
  168. Constant Server problems on Xbox 360-march 21st 2017
  169. xbox / 360 bear & big cats do not respawn
  170. PC version - XBone controller, no right stick or a dpad
  171. PC version - XBone controller, no right stick or dpad
  172. [PC] Crash when opening weapon upgrade window at camp site Valley Farmstead
  173. This game requires a DirectX 11 capable graphics card.
  174. So... Gulag mission glitch...
  175. Help : Bug chapter "flooded archives" PS4
  176. Lara can't climb the ice walls
  178. [05-30-2017] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.770.1 (Patch #12)
  179. Rise of Tomb Raider Cannot unlock full version PS4
  180. problems using a left hand mouse
  181. "A Helping Hand" Trophy not unlocking on PS4
  182. Blue filter/tint during gameplay
  183. Totally stuck at research base. Help
  184. PS4 PRO Freezes during Path of the Deathless check point.
  185. PC GTX 1080 Crash on launch
  186. Baba Yaga BUGs PC
  187. Glitch: Missing Gondola In Baba Yaga DLC
  188. Bugs with mouse
  189. What specs do i need to run This game.
  190. Stuck near beginning seems like bug
  191. ROTTR Windows store save files to steam version
  192. Axe will not release traps
  193. [PS4] Invisible Walls EVERYWHERE.
  194. Game crashes on online but not work properly offline
  195. Problem with the Server and the Bow.
  196. Two Problems, Registering and Saving
  197. Rise Of The Tomb Raider Colour Glitch
  198. Constant crashes in Geothermall Valley 1.0.770.1
  199. graphics problem washed out colours + directx 12
  200. PS4 Pro white version, latest patch LG TV latest firmware green dots on gamplay.
  201. Game stopping bug
  202. Persistant Crash Issue
  203. Missing Season Pass & DLC
  204. Missing Season Pass & DLC
  205. HDR and Dolby Atmos support - PC
  206. My Game Wont Load
  207. The game wont launch HELP !
  208. xbox one x white screen issue
  209. [Xbox One X] White screen issue
  210. [12-05-2017] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.811.3 (Patch #13)
  211. I cant activate and run Rise of the Tomb Rider / ISO HELP PLZ
  212. I cant activate and run Rise of the Tomb Rider / ISO HELP PLZ
  213. Xbox One X - ROTTR Freezes, Crashes Intermittently Many Times, And Turns Off Console
  214. Opening Crypt Treasures - Desynced sound
  215. Bow cable in a V shape bug
  216. (admin-help)Opening Crypt Treasures - Desynced sound - video
  217. Stucked death soldiers on the Ice wall
  218. PS4 Shareplay no longer working
  219. I cant activate and run Rise of the Tomb Rider / HELP PLZ
  220. [12-15-2017] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.813.4 (Patch #14)
  221. The game runs too slow
  222. Blood Ties: Bug with last relics
  223. Important Game breaking bug
  224. PS4 Slim severe graphic bug
  227. Rise of the Tomb Raider Document Glitch
  228. HDR for Xbox One S?
  229. Can't get back to Camp Base or Gulag Prison for that matter.
  230. Please help can’t get it to load on my Xbox one x
  231. Xbox One X Lines on the scree help please
  232. Rise of the Tomb Raider won't launch
  233. PC Performance Issues
  234. Square Enix servers are down?
  235. Servers are down?
  236. [Croft manor bug] Found the hidden clue but wine rack wont move
  237. [HELP BUG] Xbox One - ITA Alta Marea Statua / Flooded Archives Statue
  238. Unable to open gift packs
  239. PC - Inconsistent coin count for increase triggers - save issue?
  240. PC - autosave issues and notes
  241. Unable to start ROTTR on Steam
  242. (Xbox One) A Fatal error occurred while initializing the audio subsystem
  243. Where is my thunderclap?
  244. Glitched Score Attack achievements Xbox one X (many have reported it)
  245. Game glitch at Research Base
  246. RotTR exits to steam big picture mode upon death or fast travel
  247. Graphic Error Ps4
  248. Geothermal Valley - A Hearty Meal Bug
  249. Red Mine cutscene death glitch - Help
  250. Rise of the tomb raider does not launch on steam at all