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  1. Banner Wars Challenge Glitch
  2. GAME-ENDING GLITCH: Lara forgets how to rope-swing
  3. (X-Box one) Game won't launch past the title screen
  4. (Xbox 360) Endurance Mode Crashing Constantly
  5. [PC] Map Content Missing/Wrong Region Stats
  6. [PC Steam] - 3thd mouse button dosent work anymore...
  7. [PC] Graphics problems that still in the game after the patch
  8. Game won't start - DirectX 11 not recognized
  9. Problem with MSI App
  10. Voice of God tomb, crank is non-funtional [PC]
  11. The southern crypt in Geothermal Valley seems to be bugged.
  12. Nvidia GTX780 crash 0x000000004323257c / CreateBuffer failed - but GTX770 unaffected
  13. [Bug] PC restart - Graphic bug
  14. [02-12-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.616.5 (Patch #2)
  15. New patch, still crashes with GTX 780 Ti
  16. ROTTR Windows Store version unpleasant moments
  17. 1.0.616.4 broke invert Y gamepad
  18. Game doesn't launch from Windows Store
  19. tri-fire Crossfire lighting issues
  20. Gulag Recon mission bug. can,t complete the mission.
  21. Can't buy DLC (Windows Store version)
  22. Konstantin fight bug
  23. [PC] Pit of Judgement - Cannot move the first cart
  24. The Acropolis underground door is not open
  25. Crash in Geothermal Valley hidden cave
  26. Valiant Explorer DLC Glitch
  27. Crash on Start Up...Black Screen. Any help?
  28. Crash on Start Up...Black Screen. Any help?
  29. Unable to get 100% completion in The Lost City due to a missing object
  30. 21:9 Unpacking cards screen - Cards cut off
  31. Mission Bug - Cant complete - Light the spire (geothermal region)
  32. Can't register ROTR purchased on Steam here?
  33. Breach the gate to the Tpwer Courtyard glitch
  34. Path of the Deathless Challenge Help!
  35. [PC Windows 10 Store] No SLi support ?
  36. Serious hunting glitch keeps crashing my game
  37. Glitch: On Bears collectible in Geothermal Valley
  38. PC Issue with Invert Y axis while Climbing
  39. [Xbox One] 3 Climbing Axes & Missing Rope
  40. [PC] Game crashes / disables monitor - Crimson Edition 16.1.1 Hotfix - driver bug?
  41. "Driver stopped responding and has recovered"
  42. [02-19-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.623.2 (Patch #3)
  43. My Crashing has stopped when disabling on board sound
  44. PC version Bug Challenege Bullseye
  45. 21:9 Cutscenes
  46. For whom the bell tolls challenge glitch
  47. [PC Steam] - Graphic bug?
  48. [PC Steam Patch 1.0.623.2] Many bugs with environment and NPC.
  49. [Xbox One] glitching climbing axes and levitating platform on Geothermal Valley
  50. SparrowHawk Ushanka hat bug
  51. (XBox One) Bug - Path of the Deathless final area - wall is closed
  52. My game crashes
  53. [XBox One] [Crash] - Game crash in Lost City after i died
  54. [PC, 1.0.623.2] Performance issues, hanging, stuttering
  55. (PC Steam) (Bug) Only Backpack visible
  56. Achievements aren't unlocking (Steam)
  57. Can't play Score Attack in any tombs and Baba Yaga level/chapter
  58. BUG in Hidden Ravine Tomb
  59. [PC, Steam, All patchs of ROTTR] - No crossfire
  60. Missing XBox achievements on PC (Windows Store) version
  61. [Windows store version] Can't delete saves
  62. [PC] Endurance Mode Crashing
  63. Baba Yaga DLC Issues - Cannot access new outfit/weapon
  64. keeps crashing when press play on launcher
  65. [PC] Texture/Visual glitches in Baba Yaga DLC
  66. I can't let go of turn cranks?
  67. ROTTR Windows Store Edition Save File Location
  68. Lara Does Not Always Appear Wet After Interacting with Water (XONE)
  69. [PC] Endurance Mode: Crash when taking damages
  70. [STEAM] Game only detects integrated GPU
  71. [03-01-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.629.3 (Patch #4)
  72. Rise of the Tomb Raider on a $20 card? Very possible!
  73. Upgrading weapons post completion of the game
  74. Will not launch after new update
  75. Button Prompts
  76. Sound in stereo not sounding like it should
  77. Graphic Bug - Screen burn with HBAO+ activated after latest Steam Patch (
  78. [PC] Crash in pickaxe upgrade menu
  79. (Xbox 360) Achievements Glitched, Endurance freezes
  80. Crossfire Graphical Issues
  81. [PC] Coin cache bug in Siberian Wilderness
  82. [PC] Shadow Rendering Problems in Triple Monitor Surround
  83. Can't progress after weather station (spoilers)
  84. Amazes me the number of issues with this game
  85. Reading the Past achievement
  86. French localization is awful, full of mistakes
  87. (PC) Lost City Climbable Arrow Bug
  88. Can't Get 100% on Xbox360
  89. Squashed image when playing in regular widescreen on ultrawide monitor
  90. ROTTR random crashes on build 629.3_64 (files included)
  91. [PC / Steam] Bug with ice Axe in Pit of judgement tomb & next tomb
  92. [03-11-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.638.6 (Patch #5)
  93. GTX 980ti DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG - v1.0 build 638.8_64
  94. Steam game is not starting with error - https://support.codefusion.technology/rotr546
  95. Little issue with climbing axe
  96. PC - Acropolis Gate Crash
  97. DLC cards in Remnant Resistance
  98. Built in benchmark issue?
  99. Need more SAVE / LOAD options
  100. Can not return to voice of god tomb
  101. ROTTR High Dive challenge Bug
  102. [PC] Bug at the beginning of the game
  103. Arab players to crystal
  104. Grey Henley Outfit Glitch
  105. Replay Elite Save Game Bug (PC / Steam)
  106. Animation bug during climbing
  107. Game Story Progression stuck
  108. Server Maintenance 8am UTC / 12am PST March 23
  109. How do I use Pc Season Pass?
  110. Can't Leave Copper Mill in Soviet Installation
  111. Bugs
  112. [Xbox One] Achievements stuck in 100% without unlocking
  113. Keep getting same cards buying Challenge Pack
  114. [PC] Game won't launch through Steam!
  115. [XBOX ONE] Pit of Judgement tomb, unable to push second cart
  116. [PC] Challenge: Data Corruption - Missing Laptop
  117. Bear hide bug
  118. Ushanka Outfit is missing
  119. [PC - Windows 7 64-bit] Where to Post Bug Reporting with .mdmp files as Attachments?
  120. [03-29-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.647.2 (Patch #6)
  121. Cold Darkness Missions and Collectibles Will Not Appear (XBOX One)
  122. Cold Darkness Achievements stuck at 100 percent
  123. Cold Darkness Awakens Doens't Work.
  124. Cuckoos Nest - Baba Yaga - STILL BROKEN after Patch.
  125. [Xbox 360] Witch Trials achievement does not unlock
  126. [PC Windows Store] Achievements not working
  127. [XBOX 360] Map is broken w/the current Patch (title update 5) - Workaround Available
  128. [PC] Missing Cold Darkness Cards And Pack bug Maybe
  129. Please fix the Forum, it's black and white!
  130. EVGA 970GTX SC VS Rise Of The Tomb Raider frame rate issues!
  131. Cold Darkness Awakens... Confusion missing outfits, hidden unclear tasks?
  132. Missing Textures on Xbox One?
  133. Inventory full, credits refunded error.
  134. Map frozen, cant zoom, scroll,no icons
  135. Can't open DLC card packs in Gift screen, "inventory full" error
  136. [Xbox 360] Target frozen in map section
  137. Playing Rise of the Tomb Raider
  138. [PC Windows Store] ERROR 8850000D after re-install of Win 10
  139. [xbox one]The BUG of "Mission "Gulag Recon" won't complete" still exists
  140. Profile Save Data corruption
  141. ROTR Xbox One not launching
  142. Control Issues
  143. (Xbox One) Endurance Mode Randomly Freezes
  144. Game crashing on start up.
  145. Performance drops to 5fps on new driver
  146. Reporting a bug
  147. Geothermal Valley Waterfall Map Issue.
  148. Large amount of Achievements not unlocking.
  149. [PC] My game crashes as I swim in The Abandoned Mines
  150. Back Button crash
  151. DX12 runs, but not working with SLI, and DX11 starts SLI but crashes entire PC
  152. [PC] Cold Darkness Card Bug
  153. [XBOX ONE] save crach can't use back up save freeze title screen
  154. Gulag Recon Mission Glitched
  155. Using a "Left Handed" Mouse in the in-game Menu System
  156. Lara Henley outfit bugs
  157. expeditions
  158. Flooded Archive Statue Bug
  159. [PC] Card pack Failure.
  160. Xbox one freezing/return to xbox home
  161. hung out to dry bug, can't complete
  162. Unable to return to the top of the copper mill.
  163. This pack could not be opened
  164. The Gulag Recon Glitch
  165. Square Enix game support: reality or myth?
  166. Microstutter with GTX980 Geothermal Valley=bad game or driver?
  167. Disable default gamepad
  168. [PC] "Error out of Table Range"
  169. Faces Bugged. No Facial Expressions
  170. DX 12 not working anymore
  171. Endurance Mode and card compatibility
  172. Soviet Installation challenge tomb not correctly registered as "done"
  173. Avid Shopper and Master Fletcher - Problem
  174. Lockup at First Bear Encounter - Siberian Wilderness
  175. Rope Arrow doesn't come with arrow; complete stoppage
  176. Strange beeping when I play Rise of the Tomb Raider (Windows Store)?
  177. (PC) ROTTR Has Stopped Working - Need Help
  178. Jagged edges and flickering grass
  179. I cannot go through (Soviet installation)
  180. (PC) GAME HALTING BUG! Unable to Advance, Please Help!
  181. Constant Access Violation Crashes
  182. Game Crashing when trying to enable VXAO
  183. [07-08-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.668.1 (Patch #7)
  184. APPCRASH when interacting with base camp on Very High preset
  185. Game seems to be completely broken from a bug
  186. game freezing
  187. XBOX ONE, Game Crashes during launch when "Press =" from splash. Prior to main menu.
  188. Xbox One Crashing on Main Menu [Resolved]
  189. Rise of Tomb Raider is Broken
  190. Arrow crafting got whacked - broken
  191. Expedition Challenge Bug #1: Carnivore in Endurance not finishing
  192. Crashing on PC.
  193. Expedition Challenge Bug #2: Not enough rabbits in Hunting Grounds for Hare Brained
  194. Endurance Mode not registering artifacts at the end of a run?
  195. Game crashes at level 1 to desktop
  196. Laura is stuck in the "talking on the radio" animation - cannot progress
  197. GTX 1080 downclocking randomly
  198. DX 11 SLI Broken on WIN 8.1
  199. Lara's thigh holster disappearing and knife clipping through butt.
  200. [D3D] ERROR! Device removed detected
  201. Immediate return to ome xbox.
  202. Game won't launch with 'Apex Predator Preorder Pack' installed
  203. How to activate HDR content?
  204. Crashes on Xbox 360 DLC only?
  205. ROTR 1.668.1_64 consistent BSOD every 10 minutes PC Windows 7 x64
  206. Game crash after 1st cutscene
  207. game not starting
  208. [Xbox One] Cannot download season pass
  209. Game won't start on Xbox One with any DLC installed. If Xbox is online in Germany.
  210. Pit of Judgement board bug (Xbox One)
  211. xbox one, deer/rabbit spawning problem still present
  212. Rise of the Tomb Raider (X1) achievements are a buggy mess!
  213. Xbox One - credits and cards in the cloud save
  214. [PC] Stereoscopic 3D, left eye and right eye frames reversed
  215. ROTTR keeps freezing
  216. Windows 10 Version - Season pass available?
  217. Crashes after 3 minutes
  218. Random black screens - Seems to be a common issue
  219. Rise of Tomb Raider - weird fps spikes -GPUZ shows util.
  220. Register my game
  221. very high textures massive slowdown
  222. Burn Baby Burn (1st trebuchet)
  223. Acropolis Grenade Arrows not working resulting in game stopper, Help Please
  224. sshhhh
  225. the motion is so slow
  226. No x axis inversion option
  227. Please the sound effects for the options and menu/map screens are high pitch....
  228. Missing scramble walls in Cathedral after first playthrough
  229. Endurance, Cold Darkness, Baba Yaga DLC Unavailable (Xbox One)
  230. Unable to Start Baba Yaga DLC
  231. [Xbox One] 20 Year DLC installed but not working
  232. Blood Ties DLC not included in Windows Store Season Pass?
  233. [10-11-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.751.5 (Patch #8)
  234. Happy daughter,
  235. X-axis option
  236. [ONE] missing classic lara cards
  237. 20th Anniversary DLC Packs Not Showing Up in Game
  238. ROTTR huge graphical bug on PS4 = unplayable
  239. RotTR PS4 streaming issue
  240. X-Axis Inversion--PLEASE!
  241. [Xbox One] Season Pass not including all outfit packs
  242. Bad input lag on PS4
  243. Antarctica Outfit Hair glitch
  245. Strange Season Pass Description
  246. [PC][Steam] Season pass DLC missing/date? :(
  247. Have the same permanent expedition card twice?!
  248. Please fix the input lag on PS4
  249. Platinum & Diamond Card Packs absent in PC ver?
  250. [ps4] expedition option won't install