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  1. Why are Square Enix not helping resolve loading issues
  2. Shotgun Missing From Inventory After Purchase Xbox One
  3. Did not receive all that I payed for - Remnant Resistance DLC missing.
  4. Lost Saving Data
  5. Hunters Quiver
  6. Rise of Tomb Raider crashing all the time on Soviet Installation
  7. Repeatable XBOX ONE crash/reboot in Soviet Installation
  8. An unknown error occurred while trying to redeem this pack....
  9. XONE - Bug in mission Rising Tide
  11. NPC for Communications Breakdown missing
  12. Bodies disappearing.
  13. Endurance Mode (360 version) achievements not on Xbox.com
  14. Mission "Ancient Secrets" Won't Complete
  15. [Xbox-360] Map not show items and relics
  16. Deceptive Pre Order Bonus For PC?
  17. big problem for me ...
  18. First Play, save gone.
  19. Soviet Installation - jail, Kitezh - 1st trebuchet XBONE
  20. Soviet Installation--Can't get into Shack where Store Is
  21. Endurance Mode, Achievements not unlocking, Xbox One.
  22. ( Xbox 360 ): Endurance Mode Freezing and Crashing
  23. [XBox One] Game freezes and crashes when loading savegame.
  24. Bug? Skillful Raider is failed when you shoot a floor trap
  25. radio tower glitch
  26. Season Pass Problem - Xbox 360...
  27. third time around
  28. Expedition cards missing.
  29. Your support is F***ing S**T help us play your game
  30. SCRIPT BUG : Mission The Soviet complex
  31. I'm stuck because of a glitch!
  33. Game-crashing bug in Remnant Resistance
  34. How to register Xbox One?
  35. [XBOX1] Game Freezes on Level Load
  36. rise of tomb raider problem with map
  37. XB360 - 184/185 Docs - Missing Camp Journal
  38. Xbox One 100% Achievement still locked
  39. Can't progress past Research Base after going back to it from The Orrery?
  40. [Xbox One] achievements completed 100% still lock
  41. Hardwood Vanishing From Inventory
  42. Some permanent card not appearing!
  43. XBOX ONE - Bought Sparrowhawk DLC. Its not in my game!
  44. Hope's Bastion Pack Not As Described- Bug? Want Refund
  45. Endurance Mode problem with tutorial
  46. Skill Point Upgrade Glitch (X360)
  47. Soviet Installation - a tiny scenery "problem"
  48. (Xbox 360) "Ancient Vanguard" pack problem
  49. Tossing Gourds Glitch
  50. XbONE bug - Geothermal Valley - Defensive Strategy mission
  51. Baba Yaga X Box One possible bug/ lack of information
  52. [Xbox One] "Great Haul" achievement - is there a problem?
  53. XBox360- Critical - Grapple Rope Glitch Pit of Judgement Tomb Geothermal Valley
  54. [XBOX 360] Baba Yaga deer spawn bug
  55. [Xbox One] Baba Yaga freezes on "Making the Antidote" mission
  56. xbox 360 DLC achievements are still glitched
  57. Rise of the Tomb Raider - PC Performance Tuning Guide
  58. Rise of the Tomb Raider - PC Support guidelines [Read me first]
  59. Baba Yaga unplayable bug.
  60. Waypoints not working, or am i stupid?
  61. [PC] Graphical issue with Geforce GTX780
  62. Blue jackets flickering on 780 cards with and without latest driver
  63. Game Stops working as soon as I press "play"
  64. Xbox One Save game corrupt
  65. installation de rise of the tom raider
  66. Death Cap Mushroom Bug
  67. Constant crashing on PC
  68. [PC] Unable to click continue after learning skill
  69. PC Bug In Ancient Cistern - Soviet Installation Tomb
  70. [PC] Campaign crashes at intro
  71. Steam-The following items are not available for purchase in this country.
  72. PC crashes after some time playing
  73. PC SLI Issues Flickering
  74. C++ error after clicking "Play"
  75. {Xbox One - Patched Up}Baba Yaga No Deer Spawn for Livers
  76. Map Port Related Bugs
  77. [PC] game crush
  78. SE's server not available
  79. [PC] Keyboard - cannot place player beacon on map
  80. Graphics Glitch for enemies w/flashlights
  81. [PC] Game not launching
  82. Glacial Cavern map bug
  83. [PC] Voice of God tomb, locked myself out
  84. (PC) I feel insulted by this game's performance on PC (PC)
  85. [Bug]Translating Eating Hardwood
  86. Field Of View (FOV) option?
  87. [PC] ROTTR bombs at startup
  88. [PC] Issue with Xbox One controller, and ponytail physics
  89. Rise Of The Tomb Raider Keeps crashing my PC. What's going on?
  90. [PC] Windows Store Version of the Game Won't Allow Me to Use Nvidia DSR to Play in 4K
  91. Interacting with objects, gamebreaking
  92. rise of the tomb raider bad SLI ottimization
  93. PC performance issues
  94. Xbox One problem - deer do not spawn anywhere - main game/Baba Yaga
  95. Defensive strategy glitch
  96. [PC]Xbox 360 USB controller has incredibly high sensitivity in menus
  97. ROTTR First Launch - Server not reachable/can't use 'Request Code' PC
  98. Additional costumes Lara together with hiking bags have a bug!
  99. Additional costumes Lara together with hiking bags have a bug!
  100. Continuous PC crashing, "program stopped responding"
  101. PC / WINDOWS 10 / GERMAN: Alte Zisterne (Sowjet Anlage)
  102. Xbox one Achievements 100% but locked
  103. Mouse Pointer with Gamepad
  104. Recommendations for PC Settings to Improve aiming/shooting
  105. PC: lara does not come off rope
  106. Continue button does nothing [BUG]
  107. [PC] Major stability issue
  108. [PC] Game hanging/stuttering when "loading"
  109. ROTTR Expedition Gift Error
  110. Win 10 Store version - Unable do disable V-Sync
  111. PC bug with ambient occlusion
  112. Cannot Play Remnant Resistance Expeditions
  113. Final battle glitch can't finish game can't find konsintine xboxone
  114. [PC] Tactical shotgun missing from inventory after purchase
  115. mistranslation
  116. Launching ROTTR for the first time - the server is no reachable
  117. What could cause this problem?
  118. [PC] Game ran fine now will not launch
  119. How to pass this?
  120. Playing ROTTR pc, am I doing something wrong?
  121. [PC] Graphical glitch at Siberian Wilderness part
  122. Game Doesn't Launch from Steam
  123. Why there is NOT St 3D support???
  124. game crashes after opening cinematic
  125. [PC] Pit of Judgment can't get to 2nd cart (BUG)(different from cart bug!!)
  126. [PC] BUG - Konstantin fight bugged
  127. I cannot play!!!Crash!!!Someone help please!!!
  128. [PC] 100% completion - But 59/60 relics?
  129. Lara got stuck and then I hit a Reload Checkpoint bug
  130. [PC] Hitting play crashes the game
  131. [PC] [Bug] Graphical bug in fullscreen mode
  132. [PC] [Feature Request] Decrease stepping of audio volume sliders
  133. [PC] [Bug] Sound bug in caves
  134. Baba Yaga - Cuckoos Nest Bug.
  135. ROTTR Freezing when leaving Soviet Installatio
  136. [PC] Baba Yaga: Stuck at Boss-Fight
  137. [PC] Endurance leaderboard never updates my score
  138. How do I get level and objective cards for Remnant Resistance?
  139. Missing ladder in Gulag - Soviet Installation (causing missing collectibles)
  140. Audio bug on helicopter boss fight near end of game
  141. Low-Res Textures in Soviet Train Yard Camp
  142. Achievements not unlocking (Steam)
  143. [PC]Game crashes to blackscreen after minutes of playing
  144. Technical issues with Windows Store Edition
  145. Win Store Version is Problematic (Sometimes Great)
  146. Cannot load or continue game.
  147. [PC - Win Store] Game does not create save files
  148. Unable to pick up document
  149. Problem with Voice of the gods
  150. Not Starting when I hit Play in the Launcher
  151. [PC][HELP] Backed up save?
  152. Baba Yaga Score Attack levels not appearing?
  153. Baba Yaga lift broken????
  154. Feature request for Endurance Mode
  155. Request for built-in 30 FPS Limiter option
  156. Mouse cursor keeps showing up in map and menus when playing with gamepad
  157. PC- Game will not launch. Not even settings window.
  158. [PC Windows 10 Store] Cannot make in-app purchases
  159. ROTTR (PC) Steam Version Constant Crashing
  160. PC freeze / driver crash / black screen after a few minutes of playing ROTTR
  161. PC - Unable to launch the game on Steam
  162. [PC] Endurance mode has hard 1-2 second hard freeze
  163. [PC] Remnant Resistance mode doesnt load missions (Just spins)
  164. Depth of Field Bug
  165. [PC] Impulse trigger on STEAM version.
  166. [PC]Motion blur turning itself off.
  167. raft appearing upside down
  168. [PC]Flickering movement of grass.
  169. Windows 10 Store Version Missing features.
  170. Save Sux
  171. [PC Steam] Icicles flickering
  172. Glitch - Voice of God tomb - Outer Door is Closed can't enter
  173. XBOX360- After Baba Yaga DLC only 3 campfires are available
  174. [PC] Impossible to proceed in campaign due to bug - PLEASE READ ENIX.
  175. [PC-Steam] Inverting Y-axis for controller also affects mouse
  176. [Xbox One] Achievement "Tougher Than She Looks" not unlocking
  177. [Xbox One] Achievement "Quite A Tumble" not unlocking
  178. [Xbox One] Achievement "Huntress" stuck at 96% progress
  179. Lots of a achievements not unlocking
  180. Rope Arrows Needed
  181. Pure Hair problem
  182. RDDJRbob new to ROTTR
  183. [PC] Sunlight glitch in Optional Challenge Tomb in Geothermal Valley
  184. [PC] Konstantin Fight Bug
  185. [PC] Shadow glitch on the mountain
  186. No game code
  187. [PC] Konstatine disappears in 1-on-1 fight scene
  188. [PC] Wolves disappear
  189. [PC] Save file slots/locations not intuitive
  190. rottr is crashing pc again and again
  191. rottr is crashing pc again
  192. Flikering artifacts
  193. rottr keep crashing on pc
  194. [xbox 360] cutscene bug on path of the deathless, cannot progress!!
  195. PC - Remnant resistance missions not playable
  196. [PC] Cannot create Remnant Resistance mission, tasks are locked!
  197. Defensive Strategy cannot finish mission
  198. Issues With Cutscene After Escaping Gulag (Xbox One) - Minor Spoilers
  199. PC Version Freeze/crash, have log report/dumps
  200. [02-05-2016] PC Patch notes for patch 1.0.610.1
  201. Research Base slide passage bug
  202. No Crystal Dymanics...why no proper 3D support?? :(
  203. Crash affecting GTX 780 Ti?
  204. Ancient Cistern Bug
  205. Wicked Vale vanished
  206. Rise of the Tomb Raider post patch draw distance/LoD bugs
  207. [PC] Game still crashes on main menu after patch 1.0.610.1
  208. Windows Store version not updating to latest patch
  209. [PC] Failed to buy the Gold Pack! Lost 60000 credits !!!
  210. Abandoned mines - The well is blocked and I can't go back.
  211. [PC] Lensflare is in the wrong place!
  212. (PC) Crashing in endurance mode since patch
  213. Unable to get past splash screen - windows store
  215. Flashing square pixels/triangles in RotTR and TR
  216. [PC] Lara's radio and baba yaga antidote
  217. Unplayable , crash after crash. Glad this was free with my video card!
  218. Windowed Resolution
  219. (PC) Handheld items disappearing in Endurance Mode
  220. issue with steam controller
  221. Windows Store version is a mess.
  222. Rise of the Tomb Raider will not start
  223. Windows 10 store version hangs at sync data.
  224. Mission und tool bug
  225. "Tomb Raider" achievement glitched at 88%
  226. Grey Henley outfit belt missing
  227. Gulag Recon glitch still NOT fixed!
  228. Wildlife bug (PC)
  229. Lost items and now unable to recollect them
  230. Game Crash+ Monitor Blackscreen
  231. Windows store Remnant Resistance Pack
  232. Counter not skilled - how kill Konstantin?
  233. PC - Trebuchet Bug
  234. [PC Windows Store] No progress on achievements at all
  235. Seriously guys FIX THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  236. 4 Steam Archievments Bugged ETA for Fix ?
  237. Wild and windy hair!
  238. Problem with the Hunter Sense Card on Xbox One downloaded version
  239. Blackscreen - Game/Driver Crashing
  240. Healing Bug ?
  241. Cannot Submerge Xbox One
  242. Baba Yaga wood assumption
  243. PC version Laura locks in loop at same place checkpoint everytime.
  244. Greek Fire Bug in Endurance Mode
  245. cannot launch the game after update
  246. Submerging
  247. Performance issue with MSI 980
  248. AMD CrossFireX Problem
  249. Rise of The Tomb Raider problems with connection!
  250. ​ [Windows Store] Patch 1.0.610.1 Broke HBAO+ and SSAO Causes Glitches on Hair & Fur