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  1. Important: Official TR7 Whining Thread!
  2. Legend Wallpapers
  3. New 'Legend' trailer on MTV this Friday
  4. 'Tomb Raider Legend' trailer ONLINE!!!!
  5. Custom-legend-images
  6. Legend Trailer Screens...
  7. New 'Tomb Raider Legend' screen shots
  8. Watch Lara in Full Screen!! QuickTime trailer
  9. Full Screen Lengend shots...
  10. Legend Trailer Grabs & Observations
  11. EGM 'Tomb Raider Legend' scans
  12. Four new 'Legend' screens
  13. 'Tomb Raider Legend' concept artwork
  14. Welcome!
  15. Hi
  16. TR Legend Fan Art...
  17. TRLegend Wallpaper!!!!
  18. Lara's Boutique
  19. Map editor perchance?
  20. New trailer online!!
  21. Jeep teams up with Tomb Raider Legend
  22. Bit 'o Legend footage from XBOX 360 press conference
  23. Spanking new giant 'Legend' screen shots
  24. Awesome
  25. 'Legend' gameplay footage from IGN
  26. Spanking new 'Legend' postcards
  27. Official movie 3mins
  28. First E3 Trailer
  29. IGN talk 'Tomb Raider Legend' with Crystal Dynamics
  30. Some Questions Answered. :D
  31. Play magazine (U.S) 'Legend' preview
  32. E3 TRL Full Unveiling
  33. E3 'Tomb Raider Legend' info summary
  34. Lara Croft-Tomb Raider: The customizable Hero
  35. 10 - 12 hrs gameplay / comparison
  36. Full 'Tomb Raider Legend' E3 interview transcript
  37. Tomb Raider Legend: Eyes-on. IGN reports
  38. New HQ wallpaper
  39. IGN Insider 'Tomb Raider Legend' interview now available
  40. The new Lara
  41. All E3 'Legend' game footage now HQ 640x480 format
  42. PLAY magazine on 'Tomb Raider Legend'
  43. Would you like a Map Editor included with TR: Legend?
  44. Breast fixation, anyone?
  45. Pics from PLAY magazine
  46. Music of E3 Trailer
  47. New Lara postcards from E3...
  48. A little detail on this concept art...
  50. Second TRLegend trailer in quicktime format
  51. Tomb Raider LEGEND for GAMECUBE
  52. Legend & PS3
  53. New Tomb Raider Legend Video!
  54. Changes to Legend
  55. Eyes?
  56. Skills
  57. Legend Site
  58. InGame video - short
  59. E3 Report: Developing Better Characters, Better Stories
  60. EMG says 'Legend' could debut on 360
  61. Legend-aquatic-sections
  62. Art Work
  63. Trl Italian Site
  64. 2005 E3 Trip Report
  65. Entire Play magazine article
  66. Hey check out these cool Legend custom wallpapers
  67. 'Tomb Raider Legend' wallpaper competition winners
  68. Absolutely beautiful Legend illustrations
  69. Vote for Lara at G4.tv!
  70. Win tickets to Video Game Live
  71. fansite kit
  72. G4 VideoVixen intro which includes Lara
  73. My E3 Toby Gard interview transcript
  74. The Tomb Raider Legend Demo
  75. Legend nemesis?.....??
  76. Help.. I'm stuck at the waterfall....
  77. Lara wins best booty award (video!)
  78. Bit more info on 'Legend'
  79. Official Playstation Mag article - Building Character
  80. HQ Play Magazine cover courtesy of Eidos
  81. Who will voice Lara Croft in TR: Legend?
  82. the untold feature
  83. Which system?
  84. Tomb Raider Central V2!
  85. Same Same wallpaper - different "angle":
  86. Tomb Raider: Tarnished Legend
  87. Angela Lansbury to be voice of Lara?
  88. Idea to be implemented for Legend
  89. Training WILL Be In The Mansion
  90. Tomb Raider Central back where it belongs!
  91. EXCLUSIVE NEW TR: Legend Wallpaper!!!
  92. Regular moany, groany grunts in Legend?
  93. Tomb Raider: Legend - Reinventing Lara
  94. 1st Legend Trailer On PSW DVD
  95. Will you wait for reviews or just buy it?
  96. How do you think "Legend" will begin?
  97. PSM2 'Legend' article
  98. Spanking new Amlai 'Legend' artwork
  99. New Game.
  100. 2005 or 2006?
  101. 'Legend' E3 footage from Spanish mag 'Hobby Consolas'
  102. new video
  103. News Tr: Legend
  104. HD Bravo TV 'Legend' feature
  105. Some New Information In Latest 'Games Master'
  106. D-DVD Tomb Raider Legend movies & trailers
  107. Complete E3 Tomb Raider: Legend demo — HDTV quality
  108. Xbox 360 screens!
  109. What are your favourite TR levels?
  110. The Shadows...
  111. *sigh* dreaming of the demo...
  112. Official UK Playstation 2 magazine Legend preview
  113. Tomb Raider Legend - Confirmed facts and figures
  114. Spanking new 'Tomb Raider Legend' artwork
  115. Hitman and Tomb Raider Held Back
  116. TR Legend Storyline
  117. Wallpapers TRL :)
  118. What platform are the screen shots from ?
  119. Tomb Raider Legend PSW feature
  120. New Info In XBM With Mention Of UNDERWATER HALLS Level
  121. Made a new wallpaper
  122. Tomb Raider Legend: Lara is reinvented on the Xbox
  123. Tomb Raider website updated!!
  124. New GIANT Tomb Raider Legend screen shots
  125. Gamespot has the new screens in HQ + unmarked
  126. Angelina Jolie will not voice Lara Croft
  127. So... when is the next site update?
  128. Game Informer Magazine, August 2005.
  129. Laras new cliff hanging stance
  130. IGN's new video
  131. Legend is looking Old School
  132. PSM magazine, September 2005.... again.
  133. Beta Testing for Legend.
  134. HQ Scans of PSW magazine from Tombraidercentral.net
  135. My new wallpaper
  136. Pre-GC 2005: Playable Tomb Raider at Show
  137. Jason Bell (Crystal Dynamics) interview
  138. Streaming Engine??
  139. Eidos Insider "There will be no dinosaurs or mummies".
  140. Lara at Leipzig, But Not Playable
  141. Are these scanned Legend pics?
  142. Anyone miss a Legend magazine article?
  143. Legend article at cbsnews.com...
  144. Sensational new Legend cinematic
  145. GamePro article about Legend...
  146. The face from the past...
  147. Amazingly detailed HQ Legend Video!
  148. Both Tomb Raider Legend game trailers in HQ DVD format online
  149. Does anyone have this picture in HQ?
  150. 'Legend' begins to gather critical acclaim - already!
  151. A Few New Tomb Raider: Legend Glimpses
  152. Do you ever wonder why Lara arrives last?
  153. 18 second unmarked Legend video...
  154. Default analog stick control or a choice?
  155. action figures! pleaseee!
  156. wait a minute!
  157. Nice new 'clean' HQ caps from 2nd Legend DVD trailer
  158. Exclusive!!! New Model Render!!! Exclusive!!! Exclusive!!!
  159. Tomb Raider, due to come out November 15th...
  160. Games Convention (18. - 21. August 2005)
  161. First 'Legend' impressions from GGC 2005
  162. OT: German Emergency Numbers
  163. New GIANT 'Tomb Raider Legend' screen shots
  164. Lara wearing glasses in the game
  165. New official model?
  166. Ok, 2 pictures for tonight (more pictures added)
  167. A devastating shock for Kurtis lovers
  168. Nice TR Legend Fan Wallpaper
  169. Should dead enemies fade or remain on floor??
  170. Some new sticky wicky piccies
  171. GC interview with CD Legend Producer Morgan W. Gray
  172. More pics from GGC 2005...
  173. New video from GGC 2005...
  174. Will Marcus Trojen be an honorary music contributor?
  175. C&V Legend interview
  176. New Himalayas Gameplay Trailer!
  177. Lara's Hairdo
  178. Interview with Morgan Gray at Laraslevelbase
  179. Lara on the cover of German Playstation 2 mag
  180. New Lara render!
  181. Person or people at the mansion
  182. New Gameplay Video over at Tomb Raider Central!
  183. Tomb Raider 'Do it yourself' kit
  184. Updated Tomb Raider Legend game synopsis
  185. MSXBOX TR:Legend Preview
  186. New version of the waterfall wallpaper
  187. What's happening in the tomb?
  188. New Legend footage packaged with Total Overdose game
  189. Tomb Raider: Legend "First Look" DVD
  190. Computer Gaming World's preview of Legend
  191. A little info on Troels Folmann...
  192. Some music samples from Troels Fohlman
  193. Second HQ First Look Tomb Raider Legend DVD preview
  194. Can someone help translate?
  195. New Tomb Raider Legend poster
  196. How will Legend compare to Galleon?
  197. Murmurs of Legend on PSP
  198. Legend on Nintendo Revolution?
  199. WILL there be a map editor with Legend??
  200. Do you think there should be official Lara Croft model for Tomb Raider Legend?
  201. Legend Custom Wallpaper Previews
  202. Your gender and age.
  203. Toby Gard Tomb Raider 7 Interview
  204. Exclusive New Tomb Raider Legend Wallpapers
  205. Poor Lara What Have You Done To Her?
  206. By Wallpapers
  207. Croft On Horseback Wallpaper Designs
  208. Maybe bad news on Total Overdose/bonus disk
  209. Another positive TRLegend review
  210. The game (Total Overdose) and DVD is out!!
  211. Vote for Lara Croft
  212. Tomb Raider 3 the movie this november!
  213. New Legend image (customized)
  214. Vote For Lara!
  215. Description of bonus dvd
  216. What do you make of these??
  217. New website launch and screenshots!
  218. New Official Tomb Raider Legend XBOX 360 Screen Shots
  219. Spanking new Tomb Raider Legend XBOX 360 Postcards
  220. Legend Trailer Shown at Microsoft's X05 Conference
  221. Tomb Raider Legend 'XBOX 360' trailer preview now online
  222. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend On Xbox 360 Officially Announced
  223. Exclusive Full Tomb Raider Legend 360 Game Trailer
  224. AMAZING XBOX360 Tomb Raider Legend wallpaper!!!
  225. Tomb Raider Legend Xbox 360 screen shots
  226. Tomb Raider Legend Website Updated
  227. Amazing web site
  228. Poll: Would you like to see the older TR games on the next gen cionsoles?
  229. Spanking new Tomb Raider Legend PS2 screen shots
  230. PlayStation 3 'Tomb Raider' To Feature Multiplayer Mode
  231. New media summary - your thoughts?
  232. I love the New Look!
  233. just saw the new site & trailer!! :)
  234. Tomb Raider Legend - Game Synopsis
  235. Fansite Kit?
  236. I Hate Sharks
  237. Release Date
  238. cut scenes
  239. Help Keep Lara in the Top 4 for Walk of Game!!! Vote Each Day!!!!!
  240. Evil girl
  241. Demo
  242. What system are you going to get legend for?
  243. Tomb Raider Legend outfit in TRLE
  244. Legend Goodies for your Custom work
  245. Tomb Raider Legend for PSP
  246. Muddy Boots n Knees
  247. Eidos, please do confirm
  249. Legend PC preview at GamesRadar
  250. 360 Details?