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  1. About the Legend demo...
  2. Classic Tomb Raider outfit is in Legend!
  3. Gameplay Footage on tombraider.com
  4. Looking like your voice was heard!
  5. Trouble with Desktop Lara
  6. How many levels are expected to be on TR legend?
  7. Help, I am stuck in the DT level???
  8. Lara's New Headset
  9. question about pc vs console
  10. Small screenshots from tombraider.com..
  11. Legend Release dates / PC Requirements!
  12. When Is the Demo Coming Out?
  13. Brand new multi-platform Tomb Raider: Legend screen shots
  14. Holy S***! Finally an official release date!
  15. ReDesigned Lara Croft (just for fun)
  16. New model to be unveiled
  17. Save Anywhere??
  18. please new forum need more people!
  19. "On The Spot" Tomb Raider Legend footage including "Bullet Time"
  20. My opinion from what i have seen.
  21. Who here is getting the game in more than one platform?
  22. Information about the graphics of "Legend"'s website(?!)
  23. Official Xbox Magazine 360 Preview
  24. Has anyone noticed....
  25. the theme of tr??
  26. I need help on the Desktop Lara!
  27. Save system?
  28. Is It The Same Zip??
  29. Screens of Lara's PDA
  30. Legend Locations
  31. Now here's a good question..
  32. Release Date Countdown
  33. will there be destructible environments??
  34. Which game do you think is Legend's biggest competitor?
  35. More new Legend footage - tragedy revealed!
  36. What platform will have the best....
  37. what kinds of animals do u want to see in legend?
  38. Important Question
  39. The voice acting in Legend
  40. PSP questions (any devs answer pleeze)
  41. Should the PS2 and PSP version come in one special package??
  42. Legend demo.
  43. Weapon Upgrade System.
  44. Mansion????
  45. Lara has a bike!!!!
  46. Classic Tomb Raider theme music in gamespot media
  47. Will Lara make at least the top 10 ,Vote at Lara needs you now !!
  48. couple new questions
  49. Music composer Troels Folmann
  50. Some chenges to the character model
  51. Lara Croft Mansion
  52. New Legend Wallpaper
  53. i really hope legend has this..
  54. Laras dress
  55. Electronic Gaming Monthly to preview Xbox360 Legend
  56. whats ur tr legend story going to be like?
  57. Does anyone know how long the delay will be?
  58. whats the difference between platforms??
  59. 6 new Tomb Raider Legend Xbox movies
  60. New Multiple Format Legend Previews at Gamespot
  61. PC requeriments for TR Legend ?
  62. Play Lara Croft Jeep Raider
  63. New movies from IGN - another new review
  64. Brazilians love Lara too
  65. Should I be downloading all these videos off Chronicles.com?
  66. Good to love Lara...
  67. Legend PS2 Demo
  68. Tomb Raider Legend countdown
  69. Demo Releasedates!
  70. Spanking NEW PC, XBOX, 360, PSP Tomb Raider Legend screenshots
  71. Legend Composer To Speak At Game Developers Conference
  72. do u guys think there will be missions?
  73. Tomb Raider Legend Videos Higlights, combined.
  74. Fact of the Day - 9th Feb
  75. I know I'm only new... BUT....
  76. Extra HQ Tomb Raider Legend movies
  77. IGN interview - new footage with "that" dress
  78. Something that has been bothering me about Weapon Reloading!
  79. Fact of the day - 10th Feb
  80. Higher Res Dress Shots
  81. Last Outfit!!!
  82. Slightly disappointed in Crystal Dynamics...
  83. Animals back
  84. PSP Release date
  85. Fact of the day - 11th Feb 2006
  86. The scar is back...
  87. desktop Lara
  88. Last-chance Grab?
  89. Wanted: Lara's legs, butt, and braid.
  90. SO and the enemy is....
  91. Anyone Pre-ordered yet?
  92. controlls
  93. Fact of the day - 12th Feb 2006
  94. Release Date Countdown
  95. New Pics???
  96. Has it occured to anyone?
  97. Once upon a time...
  98. Hey, what about a new partner in tr7?
  99. what are enemies in tomb raider legend
  100. New Outfit?
  101. + Fan-Made Tomb Raider Legend Graphics!
  102. Fact of the Day - 14th Feb 2006
  103. Meet The New Lara Croft!!
  104. Any bets on who Lara will reencounter in this adventure??
  105. PS3 version
  106. New Lara Croft Model Revealed!
  107. Sun Article: Meet the new Lara Croft
  108. Eidos "officially" announces new face of Lara Croft revealed
  109. New Karima Adebibe HQ wallpaper
  110. Hot New Model Wallpaper!
  111. Anyone knows when TRL is releasing worldwide?
  112. 'The Sun' scans
  113. Karima Adebibe as Lara Croft... in your desktop
  114. Fact of the day - 15th Feb 2006
  115. 21 GIANT Karima Adebibe pics
  116. My cool new website
  117. Monster attack...
  118. New preview and screens From GamesRadar
  119. Short Karima Interview at XGPGaming.com
  120. Tomb Raider - British Design Icon
  121. Darts?
  122. Spanking new HQ Tomb Raider Legend screenshots
  123. Legend in the TR timeline.
  124. March issue of EGM
  125. new tomb raider movie
  126. Fact of the Day - 18th Feb 2006
  127. new sections on my site
  128. Fact of the Day - 19th Feb 2006
  129. Interview with Karima Adebibe on ITV
  130. Lara to No1
  131. Brand New TRL Video
  132. Legend: Gymnast
  133. future psp article
  134. PSP Preview
  135. Fact of the Day - 20th Feb 2006
  136. Gamehead Intro, Now In HQ!
  137. Opening Legend Cinematic In High Resolution
  138. I can't hold on any longer!
  139. Pc Version
  140. The new voice of Lara Croft is....
  141. Himalayas Gameplay Video!
  142. Legend perveiw on TV
  143. My count down to TRL
  144. Himalayas Video Screens (*Spoilers*)
  145. New Lara Croft Model Visits IGN
  146. Tomb Raider Legend on G4TV tomorrow!
  147. Tomb Raider IS Red Ninja
  148. 4 Minute Trailer TRL
  149. That Cling-Crouch-Jump Move is Disturbing Me
  150. levels up in trees ?
  151. Fact of the Day - 22nd Feb 2006
  152. Development Team?
  153. Tombraider.com has a Spanish site now...
  154. HQ 640x480 G4 Xbox 360 review
  155. German Gamestar Magazine's First Look TRL Teaser
  156. Eidos officially announces Keeley Hawes
  157. Lara Croft Legend Drawings
  158. question for a developer
  159. G4tv now has 360 footage and Karima interview
  160. IGN Karima Adebibe Interview Video
  161. New Lara render from Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas
  162. Spanking new HQ multi-format screenshots
  163. New magazine scans from Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas (Lara's mother inside!)
  164. Full PS2 Boxart!
  165. Lifesize Legend Lara Croft by Oxmox
  166. Pc Demo?
  167. Pc system requirements????!!!
  168. Two new Previews from 1up.com
  169. TRFans.com fanzine #10 cover, Karima pic
  170. Lara Legend Art
  171. Is Father Patrick (Bram) making an appearance in Legend
  172. Come and play with Lara
  173. does anyone know?
  174. Disney channel spoofs tr
  175. New screenshots from TOKYO!!
  176. I have a Qustion
  177. Australian FHM Lara Croft Challenge
  178. Sorry boys, looks like shes got it covered...
  179. Tomb Raider Legends all Trailer Video combined.
  180. My new drawing of Lara
  181. Use the Spoiler-Force, Luke!
  182. Fan Art Outfits ;)
  183. Six Page Interview with Karima Adebibe
  184. Restoration of an Icon, Article about lara's comeback
  185. New Karima Adebibe interview on G4
  186. Lara's mansion..
  187. First Review of Legend in PSM scans
  188. It's going to be fantastic
  189. release date....
  190. can lara crouch?
  191. What did she do with the 3 grenades? What is your theory?
  192. Waah!? Why is it released later in the USA!!!???
  193. Silly little thread
  194. The date is coming!
  195. Console ? :)
  196. lots of hand to hand moves.
  197. Before you believe we (the USA) wont get the demo, read this..
  198. IGN reveals new boss, screens and video
  199. New Threads ? :)
  200. OXM reveiw, Mansion PIC!!!!!!
  201. New Tomb Raider Legend media, pics and wallpaper
  202. Nice Moves
  203. Easter is coming and we are prepared
  204. Mansion Gameplay Video!
  205. The controls for PS2.
  206. Trailer Song
  207. Official confirmation of Controls for PS2 please
  208. Vote, please!
  209. Quick Question...
  210. *SPOILER* Amanda Bio and BIG SECRET
  211. small question about Lara's hair.
  212. High fidelity Tomb Raider: Legend OST track
  213. New screenshots from Bolivia and Lara's flashback
  214. www.tombraider.com updates
  215. Eidos release new render...
  216. Lara Croft Trades Bust For Brains, Regrets Killing Animals In 'Legend'
  217. Amanda - Unlockable Character???
  218. Do You Think That...(*SPOILER*)
  219. Heaps Of New 360 Footage
  220. The Chronicles of Lara Croft
  221. SPOILER INSIDE - New videos
  222. Have we seen a wet Lara yet?
  223. PS2 demo of TR:Legend released.
  224. TR Central Gets Legend Demo! Music Available For Download! + New Shots...
  225. 8 New Demo Movies Online!
  226. Wasnt Amanda a Monster?
  227. 2 Different Intro for TR:L
  228. Languages
  229. No music video for Legend?!
  230. Who in here is getting the Strategy guide?
  231. You realize that we do have to gloat, right?
  232. OPM:US Confirmation..No Legend Demo In April Issue
  233. Our observations about the demo. HUGE SPOILER ALERT!
  234. Can anyone tell me about the Lara's hair please?
  235. xbox 360 demo???
  236. Who's got it preordered?
  237. Special Event at the Sony Metreon! Meet Karima, and the Crystal Dynamics Developers!
  238. Has anyone...
  239. New Xbox 360 Shots (10 March 06)
  240. For our encore: We played Legend for PC today!
  241. Spanking new Tomb Raider Legend screenshots
  242. US Playstation Demo Confirmed for the May Issue
  243. Updated site/NEW TRAILER!!!
  244. New Tomb Raider Legend trailer?
  245. Questions all answered finally!!
  246. Trailer screen shots
  247. New TRL Videos At Gamespot.com
  248. Free Poster with Preorders at Game.net
  249. Lara's Body Adjustment
  250. Teamxbox Morgan Gray Interview + new pics