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  2. I'm the 1st on this topic !!
  3. Members of Fear Factory, Inc.
  4. You should have guessed it by now.
  5. Hello
  6. moretestum
  7. Anyone There???
  8. Helloooo anyone out there??
  9. I want new info on this game!!
  10. 6-Page Article in the latest Game Informer!
  11. To port FE:I to the PC!
  12. New Yahoo! Group for Hana/Rain and Fear Effect
  13. Official Site...Please...
  14. Hello?
  15. There've been a lot of rumors going around as of late about FE3's cancellation...
  16. Comforting (is that the right word? lol) article in this months' PSM.
  17. Fear Effect: Inferno is "on hold".
  18. ****. Inferno has been cancelled.
  19. Eeeeeiiiiidddddooooosssss!
  20. EIDOS! Now honestly...
  21. Its a bittersweet day for me(and for you probably).Kronos is still in business,yet...