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  1. SR3 to be a surprise title at E3?
  2. what is with this now?
  3. LoK: Defiance will be debuted @ E3
  4. My one request for the next game*
  5. Defiance in this month's PSM
  6. Chris just drop us a hint!!!
  7. Should defiance get its own board here?
  8. An observation about LOK: Defiance.
  9. PSMs Defiance Coverage
  10. Chris@Crystal, I have a couple of questions
  11. Welcome to LOK: Defiance
  12. I found this interesting.
  13. Kain Has The Blood Reaver?????
  14. I think that it wouldn`t hurt....
  15. Reaver mechanics in Defiance
  16. The super magical "ask The Butterfly Lord" thread.
  17. wraith-blade speculations of a blue ancient
  18. Website
  19. Is LOKD the last game in the LOK series??
  20. Defiance wishlist
  21. Will LOKD be avail for the PC??
  22. My special list of stuff
  23. When is the actual release date of...
  24. Does anyone else think the SPOILER might be the SPOILER
  25. I have the mos tobvious question EVER
  26. After reading the PSM article, I am cautiously optimistic
  27. Vae Victus pronouncation
  28. Since There Will Be Chapters...
  29. Call me mr thicky but.........
  30. vampires in defiance
  31. Do you think a Gamecube version should be made??
  32. Screenshots!:
  33. Some of ya are very lucky... :p
  34. Extensive coverage on IGN!
  35. Any Gamespot Complete members?
  36. game length
  37. Defiance - Not for me
  38. wow!!more screenshots!!
  39. the music in the video
  40. Eidos' LoK: Defiance E3 Site
  41. The First LOK-D Trailer Discussion (Spoilers)
  42. how to compensate?
  43. LoK: Defiance:
  44. Observations on LOK:D screenshots.
  45. Raziel's hair...
  46. which teams are working on it?
  47. Free Defiance DVD
  48. waaa waaa But.. it is about the story it is not supposed to be FUN!!
  49. Tiny scrap of plot info:
  50. The floor tastes bad...*NOT OFF TOPIC*
  51. What are we supposed to expect?
  52. Indicators in the game footage...
  53. Defiance/Devil May Cry Analogies
  54. not enough info during e3
  55. gameplay??
  56. The true intentions of Janos Audren
  57. Questioning Ariel again
  58. To Chris@Crystal
  59. Music from LOKD e3 trailer..
  60. PC version?
  61. Poll: Who is the one true "good" character?
  62. Questions...?
  63. New Trailler
  64. Plane-shifting effect! [spoilers]
  65. The abyss:
  66. Question for Chris
  67. Hands On: Defiance
  68. My only request for LoKD!
  69. A rather funny item about LOK: D
  70. Demo DiskQuestion
  71. Can Raziel make paradoxes without holding the physical soul reaver?
  72. LEGACY OF KAIN: Defiance/ Game Ideas
  73. hhmmm...decisions decisions
  74. Demo anyone?
  75. What do you guys think about the system requirement for this game??
  76. New Defiance info
  77. Legacy of Kain: Defiance thoughts
  78. Has the E3 TRAILER MUSIC been uncovered yet?
  79. Who do you think you'll play as longer.
  80. Cinematics?
  81. Tenative LOKD Cast listing...
  82. Thank's
  83. Where'd the coin land?
  84. Defiance Trailer music!!!
  85. Legacy of Kain: Defiance Question
  86. New Defiance article on IGN Insider...
  87. Raziel: Hylden?
  88. Who, what, where!?
  89. smart puzzles
  90. Hey Chris, its about Kain's game model.
  91. Two Thoughts
  92. Pre-Order Defiance
  93. From the July issue of Official XBox Magazine
  94. ???????? Lok Pc?
  95. From the July issue of OPM (US)
  96. Questions for Chris@crystal about LOK:defiance
  97. Raziel's soul within the Reaver
  98. lok DVD?
  99. Defiance interview with senior game designer at C.D.
  100. new graphic engine...
  101. Ask LOK: Defiance Questions Here!
  102. Swapland Ruins??
  103. Possible LOKD appearance in Aug. issue of GamePro?
  104. The revenge of the vae victus petition!
  105. Why Kain....?
  106. There will be a PC Version
  107. I like the new STYLE
  108. Expect the Unexpected
  109. The trailers...
  110. who will we play as first
  111. Vote For Defiance!
  112. Turel's Role
  113. Bosses in Defiance...
  114. Evidence of H.P. Love Craft's God Cthulhu
  115. Is it true....
  116. Additional time streams caused by paradoxes
  117. Brothers
  118. Thank you for the 'Dark Gift'
  119. Defiance trailer observation
  120. Raziel and the wheel of souls(how many of him -are- there in these scenses?) ;p
  121. New screens of Defiance in PSM!
  122. Vorador Revealed
  123. Reserves being taken
  124. I'mmm Baaack!
  125. How Raziel Survived the Abyss
  126. Why Janos Is given back his heart
  127. Gamespot's E3 3DVD pack is now shipping...
  128. Unspoken Theories
  129. why not pc
  130. Lady Azimuth
  131. Defiance question
  132. Is anyone else mildly put out by this?
  133. Defiance @ Playstation Experience
  134. The name of the track
  135. Mindless rants of a Raziel obsessed fan
  136. Is there 2 Kains????
  137. Proper use of cliffhangers!!!!
  138. Defiance Story
  139. I need to know!
  140. Defiance in the August issue of Official US Playstation Magazine
  141. Wierd LOK: Defience Pic!!
  142. Favorite E3 Trailer scenes
  143. Janos Audron, evil....Eh?
  144. kain/raziel
  145. realease dates?
  146. I wonder if we'll see him
  147. Moebius
  148. Go to gamespot.com NOW!!
  149. GameSpot's LOK-D General Discussion
  150. Kain Returns!!
  151. LOKD for PC
  152. Crystal Dynamics, take your time
  153. Kain or Raziel
  154. About Kain in Defiance
  155. Kain Affecting Gameplay
  156. Paul Lukather confirmed.
  157. Answers to questions about Simon and Michael
  158. And another LOK-D preview...
  159. Janos
  160. The one thing I want to see in defiance!
  161. Raziel holds the Soul Reaver as a sword?
  162. Suggestion: Optional Subtitles
  163. Janos Audron ?
  164. Adversaries in LOK-D
  165. What would u want to c in defiance?
  166. an other winged figure
  167. Extra question for Chris
  168. Here's a thought...
  169. new trailer
  170. About the pic of the Ancient...
  171. You are being mislead
  172. The Officially Answered Defiance Questions Thread
  173. The Truth is Out There (possible Spoilers)
  174. Defiance for X-Box
  175. Interesting lill' pic comparison...
  176. Ok. I bought a Ps2. LOKD I am ready for u!!
  177. Opening Cutscene for Defiance
  178. DD-Day
  179. " And the reaver is the Key "
  180. Defiance Question :Spoiler:
  181. Spoiler about Kain. (from a preview)
  182. Cd?
  183. Defiance Trailers?!?!?!?!?!
  184. What I *don't* want LOKD to have from SR2
  185. trailer#2: It rocks, but what if something in the game miss
  186. Architecture
  187. "I don't know"
  188. No loading times?
  189. Defiance Story Spoilers ( You have been warned )
  190. Sorry if this has been asked but...........
  191. Someone explain this to me plz...
  192. Hey I was just thinking...
  193. where is the reaver?
  194. Nemesis? possible spoilers.
  195. does somebody know the music that...?!
  196. Defiance only on consoles ?
  197. HDTV / Progressive Scan?
  198. Please assist me
  199. LoK Timeline
  200. Defiant Order
  201. who is the most powerfull
  202. turel
  203. just thought about something....
  204. About the new trailer: Raziel changes to...(spoilers?)
  205. Secret tunnels and warp gates.
  206. I would like some answers
  207. history reshuffling-ness and the pain in my head
  208. New clip won't work
  209. PC Controls
  210. To Chris about the Defiance Trailer
  211. LOK: Defiance Demo
  212. Could that be Malek?
  213. XBOX DVD extras?
  214. Demo Disk Status?
  215. Items
  216. Player 1 calling for a player 2, come in, over . .
  217. Raziel Restored in Defiance (non-spoiler)
  218. Kain's decision at the Pillars
  219. Raziel's Escape????
  220. Altered Timeline
  221. Who cares if Defiance is delayed?
  222. Idea for Defiance
  223. Wraith-reaver change
  224. Raziel's hea;th...
  225. Defiance Playable Demo???
  226. WHAT...new trailer???
  227. LOKD IMDB Info...
  228. Question about LOK-D to players.
  229. Pc version confermed
  230. Raziels Placement?
  231. Altered timeline and Kains sons
  232. Questions and Requests for Playstation Experience Goers
  233. Slightly Updated/Hi-Res Version of 2nd Trailer
  234. Amy, help! I hate temporal mechanics!
  235. Just thought we'd share that with you.
  236. New Defiance screens!
  237. Excellent Defiance article in this month's issue of Play
  238. Defiance boxart
  239. PC Version
  240. What about beta testing?
  241. DEFIANCE demo at the Playstation Experience (London)
  242. Defiance in november
  243. Block puzzles
  244. Spectral architecture
  245. First CONFIRMED lines in Defiance! ***SPOILERS***
  246. Wraith reaver enhancements, forges, etc.
  247. Defiance Report Updated!
  248. Confirmed for November
  249. LOK Coffeebook package possible???
  250. Bad news...