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  1. Save for chapter 3
  2. need help
  3. [SPOILER] I Want The Reaver! Help Me!
  4. [SPOILER] Issue on chapter one tk attack
  5. Anyone else have problems with PS2 version?
  6. [SPOILER] PC Ver, SaveGame bug Chapter 8.. Plz help
  7. A New Years' Gift For the Fans of The LOK Series...
  8. Defiance has bad level design
  9. What the profession critics said
  10. [SPOILER] What's up with the Sarafan?
  11. [SPOILER] Chapter 6 air reaver bug!
  12. [SPOILER] Move blocks
  13. [SPOILER] my own defiance trailer
  14. [SPOILER] where?
  15. A rant about the camera system....
  16. [SPOILER] What a Game!
  17. [SPOILER] questions about janos???
  18. question
  19. [SPOILER] ancient god creature
  20. [SPOILER] Console and pc users who liked the camera
  21. [SPOILER] What are the differences between PS2, Xbox, and PC?
  22. Cinematic Camera is Beautiful
  23. [SPOILER] Avernus boss pics
  24. gamepad right analog stick
  25. [SPOILER] Error in the order of facts
  26. A How To: Disabling Spectral's Motion Blur
  27. intro movie please
  28. Savegames
  29. [SPOILER] Blood Omen 2 vs. Defiance
  30. Will There Be Soul Reaver 3????????
  31. where can i find the Raziel's Dual Nature pic?
  32. [SPOILER] The Ancients were Canniblas!!!!
  33. Looking for Completion Times without cheats
  34. loswest system spec used that runs defiance fine.
  35. [SPOILER] Legacy of kain defiance is not over
  36. Can I have Defiance PC Cheats???
  37. How about a new LOK Game???
  38. [SPOILER] Which camera do you prefer?
  39. [SPOILER] Things LOKD does well
  40. Make trailers...
  41. any news?
  42. [SPOILER] spectral realm,wich one did you like?
  43. [SPOILER] Did anyone notice..
  44. Slowdowns in the PC Version
  45. What Operating System are you using?
  46. Windows ME
  47. [SPOILER] Deja Vu
  48. Has anyone transposed the Defiance script?
  49. [SPOILER] I think LoK needs A female character
  50. [SPOILER] No Control
  51. wallpaper... your opinion
  52. [SPOILER] what abot the razielim clan
  53. [SPOILER] Kain swimming in next LOK game???
  54. [SPOILER] bonus material
  55. Raziel & Kain Always Sneak Mode!?
  56. [SPOILER] this is wired
  57. [SPOILER] Missing FX from the PC or a Driver bug?
  58. [SPOILER] 3 little confusions
  59. crash to desktop
  60. [SPOILER] connection to BO2
  61. [SPOILER]something stinks to me
  62. Need to VENT!
  63. [SPOILER] How would the Reaver
  64. [SPOILER] Was anyone else disappointed that...
  65. [SPOILER] Video Problems
  66. [SPOILER] Nosgoth history
  67. [SPOILER] Yet another LOK game that's too linear
  68. [SPOILER] LOK Deifiance, the great wallpaper generator.
  69. Dang!
  70. Bad idea.
  71. [SPOILER] n00bs to LoK- easy to follow LoKD story?
  72. [SPOILER] Bug - Need Help
  73. [SPOILER] Why Would Vorador
  74. [SPOILER] Three questions about the storyline
  75. Torches at Mansion
  76. [SPOILER] Malek statue
  77. [SPOILER] An interesting bug in chapter 10?
  78. [SPOILER] Did the sarafan stronghold shrink?
  79. [SPOILER] Lost at beginning of game!
  80. How to change camera angle?
  81. [SPOILER] whats next (spoiler, sortof)
  82. Disapointment
  83. I WANT an ANSWER!@#@!
  84. [SPOILER] A secret message? an easter egg?
  85. [SPOILERS] Umm guys... Check this out...
  86. Cheat codes for PC?
  87. [SPOILER] DO A
  88. [SPOILER] New character not needed?
  89. For those who dont like the game
  90. Next lok series hipotheticaly
  91. [SPOILER] Which game system did you like best?
  92. 2003 GamePro Magazine's Readers Choice...
  93. Great Game!
  94. Count Down
  95. Is There A Legacy Of Kain :- Defiance Walkthru Yet
  96. Despite new video card, game will not run! HELP!!!!!!!
  97. [SPOILER] Doesn't anyone find it funny...?
  98. [SPOILER] May there is something wrong?
  99. [SPOILER] About the Music
  100. Need the old trailers
  101. Timeline of events
  102. [SPOILER] So why can you only use the Reaver again?
  103. [SPOILERS] Spectral-Material Realm and other code-glitches.
  104. [SPOILER] Legacy of Kain VI
  105. [SPOILER] Possible PC patch
  106. Will LoKD get translated to other languages?
  107. [SPOILER] The story can't end, it just cant :((
  108. [SPOILER] What kind of leading character should the next LoK game feature?
  109. Error message, unheard of so far...
  110. [SPOILER] Who did you think was the coolest and most evil in Lok-D
  111. when is the pc verg coming out??? :((
  112. Windows98 SE Starting Error Message - Help me please...
  113. [SPOILER] why does nosgoth have a little raziel fetish?
  114. [SPOILER] Just clearing something up.....
  115. [SPOILER] legacy of kain 2 versus defiance
  116. I'm BACK!!!
  117. [SPOILER] Question about chapter 10
  118. Defiance nominated for awards at IGN.com
  119. I want it!!!!!!!!!!
  120. Chapter 7 bug..... (not really a spoiler)
  121. Cool box!
  122. Camera
  123. [SPOILER] weird bug in chapter 7
  124. Got bored, made a Defiance wallpaper
  125. next chapter
  126. [SPOILER] Heart problems... (discussion of the plot)
  127. [SPOILERS] what about...
  128. [SPOILER] New Legacy
  129. I have a question...
  130. Please Pc Gamers Help!
  131. [SPOILER] Everybody like Kain more than Raziel??
  132. [SPOILERS] Which Raziel?
  133. [SPOILER] Comments On The Legacy of Kain series and Defiance
  134. Opm
  135. [SPOILERS] What are those shadowy enemies?
  136. [SPOILER] a few questions about Defiance
  137. problem in the game
  138. somthing straeng, everbody here!!
  139. demo?
  140. [SPOILER] the end
  141. [SPOILER] So...
  142. [SPOILERS] Destroy elder? I tihnk not..
  143. Will there be another LOK game?
  144. first in france(pal release)?
  145. [SPOILER] Legacy Story
  146. [SPOILER] Just Curious...
  147. [SPOILER] Restoration
  148. [SPOILER]The optimal playing order
  149. Please Tell Me?
  150. Why no widescreen on PS2???
  151. [SPOILER] What is raziel?
  152. [SPOILER] my opinion on Defiance
  153. quostion about vorador
  154. Umah Bloodomen i would like to address you privatly can u tell how that could be done
  155. purchasing defiance from usa to uk
  156. [SPOILERS] The End Of LOK-D, Different Points Of View
  157. [SPOILER]A little correction?
  158. [SPOILER] Some Questions about Kain and Vampires.
  159. [SPOILER] Nature of the Elder God
  160. controls?
  161. [SPOILER] Moebius Question
  162. Annoying Defiance bug
  163. LOK: Blood Omen 1 on LOK_D engine?
  164. Bloody Awesome :D
  165. [SPOILER] Reavers
  166. [SPOILER] LOK 6 Wishlist!
  167. show yor face here
  168. is there going to be a demo?
  169. [SPOILER] Raziel, Child of Janos?
  170. [SPOILER] LoK Defiance vs. DMC
  171. [SPOILER]For those who beat Defiance
  172. Wallpaper
  173. [SPOILER] bonus videos?!
  174. image request. (raziel at begnining)
  175. LOC: Defiance question >_<
  176. [SPOILERS] So turned off to the Legacy of Kain Series Now
  177. [SPOILER] Possible solutions to so many of those vague revelations
  178. [SPOILER] anyone know?
  179. [SPOILER] Unanswered Questions, that puzzle me... (random thoughts
  180. difference in necro vamps and regular vamps
  181. OT: Kind of: Defiance COMIC BOOK!
  182. [SPOILER] Monumental Paradox Thta Crumbles The Lok Storyline Completey!!!
  183. [SPOILER] Chapters
  184. Behold! one and a half Reaver!
  185. Gamepad problems, Anyone care to Help?
  186. When would the next LOk be due out?
  187. Defiance UK Web site Updated!
  188. Tell me what you think
  189. [SPOILER] What is the Ouroborous and some questions to ponder over
  190. [SPOILER] Questions.....
  191. Music
  192. Defiance at the registers
  193. [SPOILER] Some Doubts and Questions
  194. [POSSIBLE SPOILERS] telekinesis runes plz help
  195. [SPOILER] lok vs pop
  196. [SPOILER] KAIN ... Resurrection
  197. [SPOILER] the hero of the next game...a human
  198. [SPOILER] Alternate Timeline
  199. [SPOILER] 2 questions
  200. For all you stuck on chapter eight because of the bug
  201. [SPOILER] Vorador?
  202. What the DEFINITIVE release date for PAL???? italy
  203. [SPOILER] Remember the tournament?
  204. Ariel's Lament v2.0
  205. [SPOILER] If I'm not much mistaken....
  206. [SPOILER] My defiance review
  207. US version of defiance questions
  208. PC cheats
  209. [SPOILER] Possible Bug
  210. [SPOILER] 2 questions
  211. [SPOILER] Spirit Forge / Abyss
  212. [SPOILER] Funny Glitch and I am so thankful for it
  213. Evolving - Two part question
  214. [SPOILER] Now I'm a great fan of the whole series....
  215. Well, finally finished defiance and my quick review
  216. Question Regarding Release Date
  217. [SPOILER] New Gameplay Ideas
  218. Is LoK: Defiance actually Soul Reaver 3?
  219. [SPOILER] Bunch of questions
  220. New Gamepad:
  221. How long is the game?
  222. PC version: what kind of save system?
  223. [SPOILERS!!] i need saved games For the PC!!!
  224. [SPOILERS] I Found something wrong in this timeline!!!
  225. [SPOILER] Can the curse be cured?
  226. [SPOILER] I don't understand
  227. Control Pad Help (PC Version)
  228. Defiance PC version cheats?
  229. is this game good or GREAT!!!
  230. is this game good or GREAT!!!!
  231. [SPOILER] Incorrect Timeline?
  232. [SPOILER] Need Savegame for V1.0 - 100% Finished...
  233. [SPOILER] Vorador and such...
  234. control problem
  235. [SPOILER] Telekinisis runes and Health talismans
  236. [SPOILER] graphics of certain characters
  237. Count Down
  238. [SPOILER] Your Ideas- What the NEXT LoK game (after Defiance)will feature?
  239. [SPOILER] 2 questions
  240. Fatal error
  241. [SPOILER] Is there going to be a new legacy of kain game soon?
  242. [SPOILER] Great Game/ My Thoughts
  243. [SPOILER] LoK: Defiance - PS2 or PC?
  244. GamePad Bugs: How Do I ... ?
  245. Defiance - Desperately Seeking 'Cheats'
  246. can anyone tell me if...
  247. There is in Defiance Subtitles Spanish
  248. [SPOILER] Raziel and the reaver
  249. [SPOILER] question!!!
  250. Uninstallation & Cursor Query