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  1. [SPOILER] Here's an interesting thought...
  2. [SPOILERS] A theory about Janos
  3. [SPOILER] Paradoxical Questions
  4. [SPOILER] Help
  5. [SPOILER] Is this a bug?
  6. [SPOILER] gong x infinity
  7. [SPOILER] yet another long-winded theory
  8. [SPOILER] places to be, people to see.
  9. [SPOILER] c'mon umah iknow u know......
  10. thanks umah
  11. bug
  12. [SPOILERS] Secrets Discussion
  13. [SPOILER] Vorador's Mansion, boarded up doorway
  14. [SPOILER] Raziel's shifting cinematic issues
  15. Vae Victus
  16. [SPOILER] Elder God's Questionable Action
  17. What ever happened to...
  18. Defiance Death Match
  19. [SPOILER] Characters Narrations
  20. [SPOILERS] Hidden Sarafan ...Spoilers
  21. [SPOILERS] Raziel Theory
  22. Legacy of Kain Defiance PC version to be RELEASED THESE MONTH!?!?!!
  23. [SPOILER] Spear an answer to a poor Pal player
  24. [SPOILERS] Kain in Defiance, and in the Blood Omen Games
  25. [SPOILERS] Some Questions, and a Few Nitpicky Comments for Good Measure. :P
  26. What if the sequel to Defiance is Cel-shaded?
  27. [SPOILERS] Did Raziel fail to heed Vorador's warning?
  28. [SPOILER] Grandfather Paradoxes and Plot Mistakes?
  29. abot europe!!
  30. Question about Xbox Graphics.
  31. Help
  32. PM me with help
  33. [SPOILER] raz's evil laugh?
  34. [SPOILER] A interesting Poll
  35. bugs
  36. Defiance poster on eBay
  37. [SPOILER] is that it?!
  38. [SPOILER]Lotsa female vampire warrior babes!!
  39. [SPOILER] More Leaked Codes
  40. UK Mag with Defiance Trailer/preview
  41. legacy_of_kain_defiance
  42. [SPOILERS] Blood Reaver
  43. We have a Winner of the Guess the Code Contest
  44. North American Defiance PC Date!!!
  45. [SPOILERS] Play as Raziel in Kain's levels (spoilers?)
  46. Can the Hylden possess the Elder God??
  47. Where.....
  48. PC version buyers...
  49. A question for chris
  50. [SPOILER] Two Questions [SPOILER]
  51. legacy of kain: DFIANCE
  52. SPOILER Mobius glowing?
  53. PLay as Raziel in the stronghold!!! and kain in spectral!!!!!
  54. i need the intro for lokd
  55. [SPOILER] what his you fav saying in LOKD
  56. Missed it by 2 days...
  57. Amount of GamePlay Hours in PC Verstion?
  58. Something that bugged me a bit about the story
  59. Why did CD cut this line? [Ending Spoilers]
  60. [SPOILER] Hylden (a little bit spolierish)
  61. [SPOILERS]Could that have done something bad?
  62. [SPOILER] Wireframe Code doesn't work on X-Box
  63. [SPOILERS] Spells???
  64. Lok=lotr???
  65. Future LOK contests...
  66. video clips of defiance??
  67. Teleporting
  68. Ideas for Future LOK Games
  69. [SPOILER] i wonder
  70. [SPOILER] did i miss something
  71. Specifications for PC
  72. [SPOILER] Vampires are a dime a dozen!
  73. EB Games will have LoK: Defiance in stores Dec. 19 2003,
  74. [SPOILERS]Spirit World
  75. [Expletive Deleted] (may contain SPOILERS!!! aaaah)
  76. [SPOILER] Help
  77. [SPOILERS] A few Questions
  78. [SPOILER] I DonĀ“t get it
  79. Anyone who has the PC version please reply!
  80. we wont more!!!!
  81. raziels laugh wav?
  82. Vote for Defiance
  83. Happy Holidays from Kain and Raziel!
  84. [SPOILER] New ideas for next game
  85. The Defiance Engine
  86. Defiance Trailer music
  87. [SPOILER] Is My Saved Game FUBAR?
  88. [SPOILER] whats with raziel's reaver?
  89. Sound missing?
  90. Question?!
  91. [SPOILER] Moebius Fans unite!!!
  92. [SPOILER] Turel
  93. [SPOILER] Kain
  94. [SPOILER] Raziel STINKS!
  95. PC Version - Defiance
  96. [SPOILER] So, PC gamers, how about some screenshots?
  97. [SPOILER] The Twin Prophecies, Redeemer and Destroyer, Pawn and Messiah!!!!
  98. [SPOILER] Demons Exposed, New Revelations!!!
  99. Confused about EUROPEAN release dates!!!
  100. [SPOILER] Question on kain
  101. [SPOILERS] Avernus
  102. [SPOILER] Great Game *RUINED* by awful camera
  103. [ENDING SPOILERS] About the ending...
  104. Tell me about the game! Why should I buy it?
  105. PC: Serious gamepad control problem!!!
  106. I can`t order Defiance PC!!!!
  107. [SPOILER] What is...
  108. Defiance PC version - Does it even exist?
  109. So, are those all the codes?
  110. Defiance Manual?
  111. Stuck, chpt. 4
  112. Is this ATI problem?
  113. Great game ruined by gayness...
  114. Mouse, pad or keyboard?
  115. X-Play's Defiance Review
  116. PC Version - Screenshots
  117. Availability of PC version
  118. [spoiler] LOKD Bug Thread
  119. Eidos lawsuit!
  120. You All Blow!!!
  121. Thank you Crystal Dynamics and Eidos!
  122. which consol is the best for lok deffiance
  123. Sound Problems on PC
  124. [SPOILER] my impressions of defiance after 2+ hours of play
  125. Hey
  126. Kain should have a walk animation.
  127. DEATH TO CHAPTER 8 bug and EIDOS
  128. [SPOILER] Oracle?
  129. Reverse of the PS2 NTSC LoK Defiance box
  130. game killer glitch
  131. Legacy of Kain: Defiance pc bugs
  132. [SPOILER] More Ideas for Next Game
  133. Code For Pc???
  134. Movie problems PC
  135. test
  136. [SPOILER] who else feels cheated in this department?
  137. [SPOILER] The Legacy Muuussst Continue!!!!!!!
  138. [SPOILER] What are the bonus materials in the PC version?
  139. Where are the codes for LoKD?
  140. I Have Done The Xmas Wallpaper Link
  141. Is it really good?
  142. Help Regarding (Purchase Of) Defiance
  143. Pure graphics
  144. [SPOILER] Regarding Ariel
  145. [SPOILER] VOrador Mansion-Raziel suks at gliding
  146. Defiance will not run! Help!
  147. Defiance developers look here!!!
  148. Lok series are being a model...
  149. My experience with "Defiance"...
  150. Critical BUG on CHAPTER 6
  151. The view point of the game !
  152. is there no way to change the...
  153. [SPOILERS] Towards the ending...
  154. [SPOILER] Confusion
  155. Too Much Testosterone In Lok Series!
  156. PC PRoblem
  157. Will be there a camera patch?
  158. [SPOILER] Suggestions for next LOK game
  159. What I think about Defiance PC
  160. Black Screen!!!!(Windows XP)
  161. FATAL ERROR on chapter 8
  162. Any save games for PC
  163. [SPOILER] it doesn't make any sense
  164. Who are 1st time LOK fans??
  165. Please Fix The Camera!!!!!!!
  166. [SPOILER] Game Ending
  167. The camera makes this game unplayable. DO NOT BUY IT.
  168. Need save file for chapter 8
  169. [SPOILER] Updated Legacy of Kain Timeline
  170. [SPOILER] Have you yet?
  171. Pull the PC game
  172. Bug- Antianilizing Disables Its self after 1024x768 resolution ? WHY ?
  173. What's Up With Gamepad Support?
  174. For help !
  175. Legacy of Kain - PC Manual
  176. Where can I find LOK's game guide on web?
  177. [SPOILER] extra stuff and Cut scenes
  178. Eidos - Release A Patch To Fix Sound Problems On The U.s Pc Version
  179. Legacy of Kain: Defiance =O)
  180. Help the idiot
  181. POSITIVE solutions to the 'Camera Problem'
  182. [SPOILER] ONLY for those who have COMPLETED Defiance
  183. Defiance Lock-Ups
  184. Toon Code for PC
  185. Plz help me with end of chapter 9 !!!!
  186. Please tell me im right
  187. I can't start legacy of kain defiance!!!
  188. Lok & blood omen series..
  189. [SPOILER] about Raziel
  190. A small victory for Defiance Fans at Gamespot.
  191. [SPOILER] well well well..
  192. LoK Defiance Advanced Tactics
  193. Christmas Edition Raziel
  194. [SPOILER] Defiance PC - Divine Shadow's Chapter 1 & 2 impressions (early spoilers)
  195. i hace a problem with the right stick of my logitech wingman cordless
  196. [SPOILERS] Voices in Demon Realm.
  197. Is there going to be a patch for the camera?
  198. [SPOILER] defiance cheat list
  199. who will steal the reaver ?????
  200. Please Help Me, Game Problems (Huge)
  201. Playing older levels and cheat codes
  202. Raziel in Kain's level
  203. need save game for chapter 2
  204. Thank you Amy Hennig, Crystal Dynamics & Eidos
  205. >>>> Lok Forever !!!!!!!!
  206. [SPOILER] My dream and Defiance
  207. [SPOILER] what do you think well be on the next lok game?
  208. kain's family????!!!!!!!
  209. [SPOILER] the true nature of the elder!!!!
  210. [SPOILER] Some Comments on What Would Make a Better Game
  211. the pillares protection?
  212. [SPOILER] Wraithblade (not) harming Elder God???
  213. [SPOILER] Defiance 2?
  214. [SPOILERS] Question about the Elder God
  215. [SPOILER] Help Dark Reaver Spell (PC Version)
  216. Gravis Xterminator
  217. [SPOILER] very very big disappointment *sigh*
  218. [SPOILER] crap part of the story
  219. [SPOILER] The truth behind the hylden savior
  220. Defiance PC
  221. [SPOILER] Questions Regarding Vorador
  222. [SPOILER] Dark Reaver Question...
  223. How to keep the game videos in avi format?
  224. [SPOILER] Why the Hylden were banished?
  225. [SPOILER] Reaver Switch....?
  226. My Poor Manual!
  227. [SPOILER] Completely stuck at Mansion
  228. [SPOILER] Just realized something...
  229. Fsaa?
  230. Question for Riovanes
  231. [SPOILER] Positive suggestion for the camera
  232. [SPOILER] strange crash in chapter 1
  233. !! Need a PC savegame for chap. 4 !!
  234. [SPOILER] What happened to the wraith blade?
  235. [SPOILERS] Deleted/Altered material? [SPOILERS]
  236. [SPOILER] Please help!
  237. A request for Chris or anyone else who can do this.
  238. [SPOILERS]about Hash
  239. I need help from Toronto Lok fans!!!
  240. SPOILER] LOKD PC Bug report
  241. [SPOILER] Lame but please help
  242. [SPOILER] not sure if it's a bug or not..but help
  243. [SPOILER]Bunny-like appearance.
  244. My first Defiance Desktop wallpaper
  245. can someone bring a picture of the defiance's desktop
  246. [SPOILER] Problem with Heart Of Darkness
  247. [SPOILER] Cheat codes for PC version
  248. control
  249. [SPOILER] shady pc slowdown problems
  250. FATAL ERROR in the end of chapter 2