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  1. Lost in Vorador's teeny tiny house
  2. again ...
  3. [SPOILERS] Now that Kain.....
  4. [SPOILERS] Need help at Vorador's Mansion
  5. [SPOILERS] Hashy And Is It Over?
  6. SR2 vs Defiance confusion [SPOILERS]
  7. Australia
  8. Help!!!
  9. Dear god please help me
  10. [SPOILERS] Runic "Blood Script" Sighted in Defiance
  11. [Spoliler]Janos and Raziel’s first meeting…[Spoiler]
  12. [SPOILERS] Finally Done
  13. Stupid Camera!
  14. [SPOILERS] i think.....
  15. [SPOILER] Theory on Defiance 2 [Spoiler]
  16. That old trailer. anyone still have it?
  17. HQ trailer?
  18. PAL users-does HMV know something we don't?
  19. [Spoiler]How did kain...
  20. [SPOILERS] how to do special combos?
  21. PC release
  22. Is this the last in the series? (kind of spoilers, maybe)
  23. Legacy of Kain the next generation
  24. [SPOILERS] new here spoilers
  25. About the Soundtrack
  26. [SPOILERS] Okay let's see If I final have this down*Spoliers*
  27. [SPOILERS] Razielim?
  28. [SPOILERS] Screenshots
  29. [SPOILERS] Issues.
  30. [SPOILERS] Quick couple of questions.[Spoilers]
  31. About the wraith blade enhancements
  32. Too short??
  33. [SPOILERS] The ending of the game (spoiler)
  34. what chapter? and sub-boss question Spoilers
  35. [SPOILERS] To the Defiance Team
  36. Sales records
  37. Just Two Questions:
  38. If you feel that a thread/post of yours is missing...
  39. [SPOILERS] Bonus Materials glitch [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]
  40. [SPOILERS] What is this? Vorador's Mansion
  41. [SPOILERS] Defiance bugs on Ps2 (another LOK..another buggy game)
  42. [SPOILERS] End Of Game Conclusions [Spoilers]
  43. [SPOILERS] Vorador ??? MIA?
  44. Health talisman, Tomes & telekinetic pieces
  45. [SPOILER] Kink in the Defiance Story *SPOILER*
  46. [SPOILERS] Pericles' Thoughts on Defiance
  47. [SPOILERS] Elder god/Pillars Question
  48. [SPOILER] Glitch
  49. [SPOILERS] how many of your thought of LOKD came true (spoilers)
  50. defiance save system
  51. I'm Back!
  52. story help -no spoilers-
  53. [SPOILERS] Oh yeah!
  54. [SPOILERS] how do this work (spoiler content)
  55. hey kain's legacy!
  56. [SPOILER] vorador (Spoiler)
  57. my self-proclaimed best extra possible to LOK:D (CD, Please do this....)
  58. Who wants LOKD merchandise? *No spoilers*
  59. [SPOILER] Moebius Spirit!/Soul Reaver 2/ Defiance
  60. Defiance
  61. [SPOILER] Defiance intro...
  62. [SPOILERS] Improvements and draw backs
  63. [spoilers] About Vorador
  64. [SPOILERS] BO2 connections in Defiance
  65. [SPOILERS]Critical bias against LOK games?
  66. [SPOILER] My thoughts on this game and how to improve.
  67. [Spoilers]Cinematic of Kain standing there doesn't end without intervention - bug?
  68. [SPOILERs] Retrospective Legacy of Kain Timeline in Light of Defiance
  69. [SPOILER] Gamespot Review Rebuttal
  70. [SPOILER] Battle in Cathedral
  71. [SPOILER] Crystal D was right on about this one!
  72. Review site www.gamerankings.com
  73. [SPOILER] Many Questions (with MANY SPOILERS!!)
  74. [SPOILERS] Where do you all get this from?
  75. questions about marketing gimmicks
  76. [MAJOR SPOILERS] Question About Comments Made by Kain
  77. [SPOILER] Small amount of help needed!
  78. One THing i think people are forgetting
  79. [SPOILERS]Trying to figure something out....
  80. [SPOILER] pits of Avernus
  81. the EARTH what now....?
  82. [Spoilers] Holy Crap That Was Cool But...
  83. NEW DEFIANCE CHEATS!! or so i 've heard
  84. Locations of the Reaver Forges
  85. [SPOILER] Ariel
  86. [spoiler]
  87. [SPOILER] Confused (spoilers)
  88. [SPOILER] a thought
  89. [SPOILERS] Bug
  90. [SPOILER] Ok, new Poll
  91. [SPOILERS] Hylden's Migration.
  92. Button mashing....
  93. [SPOILERS] Special combo help
  94. Witness the firepower of the fully armed and operational debug menu
  95. [SPOILER] Kain's symbol
  96. [SPOILERS] Defiance & Blood Omen 2 question. *spoilers*
  97. [Spoiler]Temporal Distortion Question[Spoiler]
  98. LOK:Defiance
  99. [SPOILER] Question to the people that have played Defiance
  100. defiance game guide
  101. the time to play Defiance
  103. [SPOILER] Interface suggestions for next game
  104. [SPOILER] Defiance Consistency Issues (F.A.Q.)
  105. PC Version: Will the Bugs be fixed?
  106. LOK Defiance Intro and other trailers
  107. help me!
  108. looking 4 a walkthrough guide
  109. Gamespot !deleting! Reader Reviews?
  110. [SPOILER] Doomed by Collision Detection?
  111. finality?
  112. Moebius's staff....
  113. Any UK buyers get free comic??????
  114. [SPOILERS] A question about Defiance *SPOILERS*
  115. No Defiance? *No Spoilers*
  116. Defiance PC US/North America information!!!!!
  117. GameSpy Review
  118. Spike TV Video Game Awards.
  119. Thank You Very Very Much Now I Do Have A Question!
  120. [SPOILERS] Secert?
  121. Legacy of Kain: defiance for Gamecube ?
  122. Possible solution for sound issues with the bonus videos
  123. [SPOILER] A story with loose ends
  124. Secret ??
  125. Tree of the Dead
  126. UK Release date
  127. pc specs + demo
  128. [SPOILER] Janos Audron?
  129. pal players have right too
  130. [SPOILER] Hi and a question
  131. Ha! I was right! (First Tap in Cheat found!)
  132. Why! Why! Why!
  133. [SPOILER] Demons, Demons Demons, galore....
  134. (SPOILERS!) Favorite Defiance Quotes
  135. [SPOILERS] Some ideas and please some help!*SPOILER*
  136. end of the series
  137. [SPOILER] Have you noticed this....(SPOILER)
  138. [SPOILER] Murals.......where to find em???
  139. I have had enough
  140. Debug menu salvation is here for Codebreaker and GSv3/v1 users
  141. [SPOILER] any loading times?
  142. [SPOILER] Defiance similarities to...Angel?
  143. [SPOILER] Y/N question SPOILER!
  144. [SPOILER] how do combo attack work accurately??
  145. [SPOILER] Whys is Vorador still around
  146. [SPOILER] Question ?
  147. Searching for Defiance script
  148. Sound extraction help
  149. Defiance for pc
  150. [SPOILER] Mortanius looks very very different....
  151. Defiance for pc
  152. I need someone to take alook if they have the time.
  153. More questions no spoilers.
  154. [SPOILER ]New & Remaining Questions from Defiance
  155. [SPOILERS] boss questions Spoilers
  156. [SPOILER] Vorador a Serioli??
  157. [SPOILERS] Ending to game
  158. [SPOILERS] End of the series Spoilers
  159. A simple poll
  160. Defiance + Overseas + PC
  161. [SPOILER], So the end of LoK is.....
  162. "Here's a strange theory" or "How I spend my free time"
  163. [SPOILERS] Defiance=SoulReaver 3 or maybe not
  164. awwwwwwwwwwww
  165. AR Max Codes!
  166. eidos's silly distribution plans
  167. [SPOILERS] I'm certain this character will be in the next game...
  168. Where Is Avernus????
  169. BO1 Intro Explained?
  170. Questions Amy Hennig Will Never Give a Straight Answer to?
  171. [SPOILER] Questions Amy Hennig Will Never Give a Straight Answer to.
  172. [SPOILER] The Failing of Defiance
  173. [SPOILERS] My theory on Nosgoth's future and its relation to this game...
  174. lok book
  175. About waiting for button codes.
  176. [SPOILER] camera kills it for me
  177. [SPOILER] LOKD plot related questions [Spoiler]
  178. [SPOILER] 2 Heart's of Darkness?
  179. BO1 revenants?
  180. [SPOILER] Is this the end?
  181. [SPOILER] Defiance Comic Book
  182. Top ten reasons why Defiance is late on PC
  183. [SPOILER] About Kain invulnerability
  184. [SPOILER] Confirming the bug...
  185. [SPOILERS] Anyone get the PSM holiday issue yet?
  186. defiance release date
  187. defiance release date
  188. Why bleep the expletives?
  189. [SPOILER] Theory on Kain Living
  190. [SPOILER] Is it end or not?
  191. If you pre-ordered with EB and didn't get a comic...
  192. thank`s lady_d,chris,omega etc.
  193. I've got an Idea!!!
  194. [SPOILER] Who here thinks making a Vorador game would be a good idea?
  195. [SPOILERS] Lock and Key...[SPOILERS]
  196. [spoilers] chapter 15 HELP!!!!
  197. Kain's fangs.
  198. [SPOILER] Moebius' staff & Wraith Blade.
  200. [SPOILERS] Two things that I didn't quite get...
  201. [SPOILERS] Religion in Nosgoth?
  202. [SPOILER] Why work? Have the AI do your dirty work for you...
  203. [SPOILER] Only one way to end this.....
  204. System Platforms:
  205. Some unofficial wallpaper
  206. [SPOILERS] So let me get this straight....***SPOILERS***
  207. Enough about the camera!
  208. [SPOILER] The bonus materials.
  209. [SPOILER] Heart
  210. LoK Latin lesson
  211. [SPOILER] DEEP speculation...
  213. [SPOILERS] Can you give me spoilers with high quality?
  214. Next LoK game at E3?
  215. [SPOILER] wishlists for the next LOK game
  216. German PC version (limited edition)
  217. [SPOILER] sorry if my ?s r a repeat
  218. [SPOILER] Maybe maybe maybe
  219. Kains Symbol:
  220. [SPOILER] Vampire Citadel?
  221. [SPOILER] raziel and hilden
  222. [SPOILER] Elder God (spoiler)
  223. how many copys
  224. [SPOILERS] You share the curse?
  225. [SPOILER] Next Game
  226. [SPOILERS] The Abyss
  227. [SPOILERS] Secret of the ruins beneath abyss *spoilers!!!*
  228. Possible next LOK game--Hylden Invasion
  229. [SPOILER] Who do you prefer to use? (possible SPOILERS)
  230. [SPOILER] Raziel's Unspoken Abilities
  231. [SPOILER] help with doing special moves
  232. USA PC! Will be out this month!
  233. [SPOILER] The Dark Chronicle
  234. LOK:Defiance pc vs. Geforce MX
  235. Question for Chris about the PC version
  236. [SPOILER] Chapter 3: Cemetery
  237. Defiance-PS2 version
  238. [SPOILER] POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Kain had free will
  239. Possible Glitch--Please Help
  240. Soul Reaver
  241. [SPOILER] defiance timeline? Spoilers!!!
  242. [SPOILER] Question...
  243. Things you'd like improved upon in future games
  244. This board makes me want to play SR1 and SR2 again!
  245. Just got the game....
  246. [SPOILER]Raziel fans unite!
  247. [SPOILER].....and one more thing;
  248. Is there a site that has all the cutsceens on it?
  249. [SPOILERS] Climbable walls in spectral realm
  250. [SPOILER] Vorador's Mansion, nooks and crannies