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  1. Hash'ak'gik in defiance?
  2. New Wallpapers At www.legacyofkain.com
  3. Release on Monday ?
  4. great!
  5. Platforms:
  6. Exploration
  7. Balance and Raziel's fate
  8. Canadian or EB release date
  9. Using strategy guides.
  10. the new reaver look/ the razliem symbol spoot
  11. What moebius says in Defiance preview (spoiler?)
  12. Raziels Wraith Blade
  13. Is it m or M!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Glyphs
  15. Defiance Designer Diary #2 for PC at GameSpot.com
  16. Dear Amy Henning
  17. Difference in Graphics
  18. [SPOILERS] Stitched face enemy
  19. Defiance Designer Diary #3 @ Gamespot [SPOILERS]
  20. Aussie Release
  21. [spoilers]stop me if this was mentioned already...
  22. Nosgoth's bug problem....
  23. Defiance web site updated!
  24. ign.com
  25. Combat Engine
  26. [SPOILERS] interesting spectral enemy
  27. Proof of Connection between reaver forges and pillars
  28. Defiance Commercials
  29. PSM2 and weird temporal distortion
  30. [SPOILER] Janos Audron
  31. Less than a week away now........!!!!
  32. European Defiance release dates
  33. Official Release Trailer: Will we get one?
  34. Gameplay observation (spoilerish, but only with regards to how combat works)
  35. Defiance Web site update 11/11/03
  36. New update at Next Level Gaming
  37. rawr, what defiance (or the next lok installment) needs to have...
  38. Canadian release date pushed . . .
  39. music in defiance [obviously spoilers]
  40. Ariel reaver
  41. Saving the game
  42. What does Kain say in the intro cinematic? (spoiler?)
  43. what does elder god want exactly?
  44. Offical site down for anyone else?
  45. The Legacy of Kain Story
  46. fear
  47. Interesting theory i thought of...
  48. spectral climbing
  49. Turel
  50. what's the diference?
  51. CVG preview of Defiance
  52. you might wanna see this.......(!!!!!!!!)
  53. Dead and loving it. [Spoiler] probably.
  54. GameSpy's LOK-D Article (PS2, Xbox and GC)
  55. OMG Check this out [SPOILER]
  56. no advertisement
  57. Concerned about Magazine write ups on LOKD?
  58. Elder God
  59. Information about the Hylden
  60. Darn you legacyofkain.com
  61. Strange Pic. Posible spoiler
  62. Defiance wensday
  63. ODD Elder god placement
  64. Quebec release and new law.
  65. Defiance PAL confirmed released date
  66. Importing defiance from the USA
  67. EIDOS delays
  68. Defiance Comic!
  69. why mast we waiting!!!why!
  70. Defiance Demo Idea!
  71. Buddy Icons?
  72. Legacy of Kain Defiance FINAL Trailer (AMAZING SPOILERS!!!)
  73. [SPOILERS] Do Not Watch The Trailer!!!! It Will Spoil Defiance Totaly!!!
  74. revelation on the eve before defiance..[spoiler]
  75. Bring back block puzzles!!!
  76. Pawns in the game.
  77. I Have It!!!
  78. Official Site Update is now Online
  79. Lokd2
  80. Europe to Eidos: I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED, SIR.
  81. Good luck and goodbye!!
  82. What happened to Lady D's thread
  83. Which Platform?
  84. They Have It!!!
  85. **NO SPOILERS** Anyone else get the clue book and not the game? LOL
  86. Wallpapers and M for Mature dont mix
  87. Plz Plz Plz Help
  88. Defiance Cover *No Spoilers*
  89. whos got it?
  90. Canadian Release Date, A Narrative
  91. LoKD Combat Engine
  92. Need help with PC Question
  93. Gamepro's final score of Defiance.
  94. To Chris@Crystal or anyone with the answer
  95. I have a question for the people that will rent it.
  96. A question to PAL gamers
  97. Review at IGN!
  98. [SPOILERS] Questions to defiance owners!!!
  99. lucky....the wait is over for u guys
  100. Kain & Raziel only one may survive...
  101. the reviews doesnt count
  102. "Finally a Kain sequel genuinely worthy of the original."
  103. LOK DEFIANCE PC version ?????????
  104. Camera -No Spoiler-
  105. Defiancemeter
  106. LoK: D is everything that we asked for!
  107. Where art thou o FedEx man...?!
  108. releasd on 31/01/2004 in belgium and netherland!!
  109. Final trailer anywhere else?
  110. [SPOILERS] Callin` all you console people! HELP!!!
  111. for american PAL users
  112. [SPOILER] Vae Victus!
  113. PC not a consul
  114. Defiance Demo?
  115. European Board?
  116. [SPOILER] Chapter 2 Gameplay Help Thread...
  117. [SPOILER] Chapter 4 Gameplay Help Thread...
  118. [SPOILER] Chapter 3 Gameplay Help Thread...
  119. [SPOILERS] Elder God
  120. [SPOILERS] Defiance Bugs
  121. disapoimnted with camera
  122. CD can do this to get the forgiviness of PAL users
  123. Anyone Else Notice... *Spoilers*
  124. How are the controls for X-box?
  125. [SPOILER] Chapter 6 Gameplay Help Thread...
  126. A new feature added in defiance that I REALLY appreciate...
  127. Review at GameSpot
  128. Torment of an LoK fan
  129. [SPOILER] Chapter 5 Gameplay Help Thread...
  130. so my fellow gamers how is the game
  131. Special effects
  132. Is the camera really that BAD?
  133. Praise the developers!
  134. Am I the only one...
  135. will the pal version be corrected?
  136. [SPOILER] Chapter 7 Gameplay Help Thread...
  137. [SPOILER] Chapter 8 Gameplay Help Thread...
  138. Grrr, Crashes (Xbox)
  139. Fix up the glitches, I’ll wait…
  140. [SPOILERS] Switch?
  141. aaaaaaahhhhhhhh......
  142. Story Speculation
  143. Chapter Selection?
  144. I need answers!
  145. If you had the chance...
  146. If you had the chance...
  147. Value?
  148. PC idea/distribution
  149. [SPOILERS] all done!
  150. [SPOILER] Chapter 1 Gameplay Help Thread...
  151. [SPOILERS] Chapter 9 Gameplay Help Thread...
  152. [SPOILERS] Music in LoK Defiance
  153. cheats and codes??-defiance-
  154. do you?
  155. Where the Hash is my comic?!
  156. Holy crap, that was awesome! [ no spoilers ]
  157. [SPOILER] Plot inconsistency????
  158. [SPOILERS] raziel
  159. i need some cheat codes
  160. [SPOILERS] Favourite scenes?
  161. OK everyone who has played Defiance
  162. [SPOILERS] Is this the ending?
  163. I beat the game in one day
  164. [SPOILER] Chapter 13 Gameplay Help Thread...
  165. First set of cheat device codes now available
  166. For those of you concerned about SPOILERS...
  167. An offering to the *Dark Gods* of Crystal Dynamics...
  168. graaaaarg!!!
  169. [SPOILERS] My namesake!!!
  170. [SPOILER] Chapter 10 Gameplay Help Thread...
  171. Defiance PC demo?
  172. Is there any news about a new game in the series?
  173. [SPOILERS] Hmmm... Strange dream...
  174. will the pal version have more extras
  175. defiance pal version could it hav a bonus extra dvd please
  176. The PC copy
  177. Raziel can die?? [no spoilers]
  178. [SPOILERS] What's your favorite Reaver?
  179. [SPOILERS] Vorador's Mansion
  180. No PC version for Defiance?????
  181. [SPOILERS] Nitpicky Temporal Continuity Gripe
  182. ***SPOILERS*** Storyline Questions and Theories
  183. How Long NO Spoilers
  184. [SPOILERS] Things that make you go hmmmmm
  185. [SPOILER] vorador
  186. [SPOILERS] only for those who have finished the game :: SPOILER
  187. ***SPOILER*** has anyone
  188. [SPOILERS] Whoooooooooooooooooa
  189. getting united for PC DEFIANCE!!!!!! WE WANT IT TOO!! WE WANT IT TOO!!!
  190. [SPOILERS] can any body tell me the story of LOKD
  191. its not right
  192. [SPOILER] Chapter 12 Gameplay Help Thread...
  193. [SPOILERS] Free Will vs Destiny
  194. [SPOILERS] what grade would you give lok:d
  195. [SPOILERS] Defiance = The Empire Strikes back
  196. LOKD should come out quicker for PAL users
  197. [SPOILERS] The significance of the confrontation????
  198. [SPOILERS] the soul reaver
  199. [SPOILERS] Battle Cry...
  200. Thoughts on defiance NO SPOILERS
  201. [SPOILER] Question about secret character
  202. What does chipped mean?
  203. [SPOILER] Restart a level
  204. Voice actors sure are prominent......
  205. [SPOILER] Weird bug for PS2
  206. Could you answer some questions of a PAL player? Please no SPOILERS.
  207. [SPOILERS] Where the heck is he?
  208. Request Information for LOK Defiance
  209. [SPOILER] Raziel fate in LOKD and thoughts
  210. My thank you to CD (No Spoilers)
  211. [SPOILERS] Similarities with Angel
  212. Woot woot beat Defiance last night
  213. Guide to game NO Spoilers
  214. [SPOILERS] here what I think,
  215. [SPOILERS] Some Concerns
  216. [SPOILERS] Suggestions for the next game
  217. [SPOILERS] Strengths and Weaknesses
  218. Gamepro review
  219. You think you have it bad
  220. [spoilers] Tombs
  221. [SPOILERS] All the missing things... [SPOILERS]
  222. [SPOILERS] Loose Ends. My thoughts. Yours?
  223. Some Non-Spoiler Infos for Europeans ?
  224. [SPOILERS] Avernus
  225. [SPOILERS] Camera angles for PS2 version of Defiance
  226. completed Lok :Defiance
  227. [SPOILERS] So whats next?
  228. [SPOILERS] The reavers powers
  229. Another bug (fatal)
  230. [SPOILERS] discussion of ending and implications it may have on future games
  231. How do u save games???
  232. [SPOILERS] favorite combo
  233. [SPOILERS] Raziel's head is on backward! (or Stupidest Topic Ever)
  234. LOK Defiance out in hongkong
  235. SPOILER-Bonus Material problems
  236. [SPOILERS] How long to complete the game?
  237. When Will Legacy of kain defiance be released on the Gamecube?
  238. Storyline of previous games question.
  239. [Huge SPOILERS] "New look" explained?
  240. [SPOILERS] moebius
  241. PC Version
  242. [SPOILERS] Vorador Question
  243. [SPOILERS] Could you tell me what basically happens?
  244. [SPOILERS] Timeline question
  245. [SPOILERS] Kain's feelings
  246. [SPOILERS] The difference between Raziel & Kain
  247. [SPOILERS] Kain & Raziel
  248. Difference in versions?
  249. {SPOILERS} Story Gaps for next LOK game!
  250. Defiance Comic question