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  1. Everyone - - Project Tiberius, the largest FM project to date ... JOIN THE TEAM!
  2. Argh...I want to try my missions in an actual game, but NO...
  3. A forum for just FMs and Dromed - Good Idea?
  4. Something neat:
  5. Mesh scaler...is it necessary?
  6. Combining Two Dromed Projects Into One Mission
  7. .cow .mis .gam files Explained :-)
  8. Longer Lasting Flares
  9. Dromed Grid Sizes - Purposes and Explanations
  10. Make Anything a Light Source - Frob it Directly too!
  11. Tips to Lower a Screen Complexity or High Polygon Count
  12. Operation Brushes (Water to Solid, Flood, Etc.)
  13. Exit Rooms and Triggers
  14. Basic Explanation of Common Trap Types
  15. Ambient Sounds Tutorial by Sledge
  16. Ambient Sounds Tips by frobber
  17. Barred Doors Tutorial By Yametha
  18. CrushingWall Tutorial (by unknown)
  19. Thumper Dromed Magic #1 - Who Am I?
  20. Thumper's Dromed Magic #2 - Safer keyboard keys
  21. Thumper's Dromed Magic #3 - Playtest commands
  22. Thumper's Dromed Magic #4 - Monolog
  23. Thumper's Dromed Magic #5 - Snapping with set_grid
  24. Dromed Maximums (Rooms, Objects, Etc.)
  25. Elevator type Movement of Objects
  26. Explosion weapons!
  27. Locked Door with Key tutorial
  28. Resizing Doors, Switches, and other moving objects
  29. Custom Textures Overview by frobber
  30. List of Garrett's Comments (T2 and T1G)
  31. Tutorial: Custom AI skins, Textures using PSP, Photoshop and Bright
  32. Komag's Mission Contest
  33. Links to the tutorials on this forum ...
  34. The Restored Cathedral V2 - coming soon
  35. Conversation Motions, controlling an AI's actions
  36. Funny quirk with sounds
  37. Anyone find the hidden picture of Apache?
  38. Regarding "Rooms" for sound
  39. Dromed Enhanced
  40. Strange assertion fail when computing pathfinding
  41. I have arrived...Dewfreak is DEAD
  42. How to avoid "polygon does not cross Plane"
  43. When I frob/open one door, how do I make that trigger another door elsewhere to open?
  44. Dromed again?
  45. Conversation makes AI goto location
  46. Full AutoMap tutorial - any interest ?
  47. Feedback for a set of stairs, please...
  48. Fun while dromeding...
  49. Custom conversation and creating my own .SCH file (if necessary)?
  50. Goal Issues
  51. Custom Objects = new Gamesys?
  52. All my AIs can be knocked out with one blackjack or sword hit! Why and how do I fix?
  53. EAX setting: Outside - HOW?
  54. A few DROMED related questions - PLEASE answer!!
  55. Custom Textures - color error
  56. Forest test mission (DromEd2 only)
  57. Demon Wings, Trickster, CobraMan, Lit Candles for DL
  58. Texture problems - please help!
  59. Thief Forum FAQ's, Links and Archives
  60. Varying ambient light in a single level?
  61. Problem/Question: Messing around with Object Gifs.
  62. Custom textures...how do you make them act normal?
  63. Custom "Secret Found" sound
  64. Salvage, auto map prob...
  65. How? Hanging lamp + water arrow = darkness
  66. Custom title image?
  67. Question: Particle Attachment
  68. Crud! I haven't even started and it hates me!
  69. Attack on the custom gamesys
  70. How do I make an AI GoTo an object?
  71. How to add a CreatureAttachment link (man picks up a book) during a conversation?
  72. On Traps
  73. How do I change the page style that my book shows when I'm reading it?
  74. How do I keep AIs from BoundsTriggering a conversation? Is this possible?
  75. AIs and locked doors.
  76. FM makers must see
  77. Import/export Multi-brush ??
  78. Need confirmation about Briefing and CutScene
  79. anybody know how to make sitting ai?
  80. Starting off...
  81. Urgent Help Needed!!!
  82. Help please - secret door, and texture troubles
  83. Building & Architecture Ideas!!!
  84. Books
  85. Quick questions - ladders and elavators
  86. Model Maker help needed..Please.
  87. Frobbing the traps without a button
  88. Dromexperts needed
  89. Need door to be locked on hard and expert only.
  90. Door with switches
  91. Some brush questions.
  92. How fast is a Relay Trap?
  93. Grid size for the roombrushes
  94. One pic and one wannabe
  95. O.K. I'm gonna fool with this thing
  96. Optimizing - How????
  97. having problems starting the thing
  98. help needed getting t2's dromed to work after patch
  99. Dromed for T2
  100. newbie question
  101. Photoshop texture request
  102. edit screen depth 16 and my problem with it
  103. sparklies
  104. Texturing Techniques?
  105. 2 Qs
  106. Texturing Bottoms of rooms
  107. my turn to ask a question :D
  108. I need help! Dos prompt closes too quickly
  109. Replacing Object Textures: need help
  110. Frobbing button as door opens
  111. I sandbag my AI and it knocks them out, but the sandbag is stuck floating in the air!
  112. conversation freezes irregularly
  113. (Possibly) tricky dromed questions - please help!!
  114. Need a working Particle bridge
  115. My transparent guy (think 'ghost') flickers in and out - sometimes clear, then solid!
  116. Optimization: WARNING: COULDN'T GRAB COPLANAR CASE! (x3)
  117. DromEd 1: How do I make an icy slope like in Down Into the Maw of Chaos?
  118. DromEd 1: How do I make my sword cast light like in The Inverted Manse?
  119. DromEd 1: 16-bit textures problem:
  120. Do I have to use Photoshop????
  121. What do Alt+6 through Alt+0 do and how do I use them to debug and improve my mission?
  122. I can't get S&R to "take" when I create them, and then DromEd crashes!
  123. more pics!
  124. Dromed Dreamhouse
  125. Komag: Clarification Please
  126. For you designers out there.
  127. Problems Starting Off
  128. In regards to rendering a new sky,stars,celestial objects.
  129. Ghosting tricks
  130. Lockboxes
  131. Banner Transmigration
  132. Guard - Patrolling and Properties
  133. source/receptron help
  134. I have Thumper's Bell2.BIN, but it swings in a complete circle, all the way around!
  135. AI problem
  136. objects are off center
  137. "Footsteps footsteps!"
  138. Texture palette problem
  139. HOWTO: change a texture
  140. DromED Error - Help
  141. Desperately need help - dead AI
  142. How do you make things different per difficulty setting?
  143. Komag's T2 Tut Question
  144. Creature position
  145. Safety Tip: SaveAs run.mis before ALT-G
  146. New Automap Tutorial - now ready !
  147. ERROR: too many cell->vertex links in pathfinding database!
  148. The old "Cant grab coplanar case" ploy!
  149. asking for a bit of help
  150. Pre-flight requirements
  151. DEDX Help...
  152. DromEd Menus
  153. Rant About Ambient Lighting
  154. Textures... Editing them...
  155. Sorry... Secret Doors & A Million other Qs
  156. Need AI to do what I want! WaH!
  157. Make AI pick up object in Conversation???
  158. Finally!!!
  159. Sleeping guard...
  160. Black frame around vault door
  161. Texture problems
  162. Snap to grid
  163. Safety tip: Disabling your Custom Folders
  164. Roombrush issue
  165. CamVator/Conversations Help
  166. Gold Plaque text issue, please help!
  167. Sound ??
  168. mecsub02 skin
  169. Falling AIs
  170. One more question....I hope
  171. *sigh* Oookay, how do I do this again...?
  172. desperately seeking 'voice actors'?
  173. fellows, im at the crossroads...
  174. finished building, what now?
  175. tracking DromEd time
  176. Fade to black: easier method?
  177. Custom Artwork
  178. Dromed Error
  179. AutoMaps and window XP?
  180. Stupid Camel!
  181. convert immage to thief pallette anyone?
  182. meshhh
  183. Currupt .gam file
  184. How-to briefing video??
  185. Sreen dump in DROMED
  186. light problem
  187. List of Dromed commands?
  188. Error Help!!!!!
  189. Final preopration question
  190. Burrick ".e" file?
  191. Custom Texture Question
  192. custom gamesys file
  193. Camvator mission won't end :(
  194. Room brushes are eeeeeviiiiil!
  195. practically in tears
  196. monolog says HEY YOU! out of texture slots
  197. no name under inventory items?
  198. ShockEd: why doesn't the level "re-set" after exiting game mode?
  199. Gamesys question(s)
  200. A few nasty little bugs with DedX
  201. Mission is finished, but won't play very long in DarkLoader.
  202. Fountains And Follies
  203. Projectile problem
  204. Loot total problem
  205. From an experienced DromEditer: SHOCK-ED: can't hear texture sounds!
  206. Two things...
  207. a few questions..help!
  208. Sides In Base?
  209. Okay, I have a sleeping servant question - and yes, I searched
  210. AI response
  211. Using weapon
  212. Port problem
  213. Bonus Objective Question
  214. Hello
  215. You have 16m and Thief2 requires 35m
  216. wanted1.gif
  217. Who in The Haunted Cathedral
  218. Any interest in a Spring object?
  219. DromEd limits
  220. Very strange error messages (and weirder circumstances):
  221. Grid snapping issues??
  222. Reskinning Paintings
  223. Automap Tutorial - now online
  224. Making an object 'climbable'
  225. Error trapping
  226. Dangerous walls
  227. Transparent Thoughts
  228. imma go out on a limb here...
  229. Hmm, I may have posted this before but I cannot find it...
  230. camera alarms
  231. Multibrush questions
  232. Custom Object Newbie desperately seeks guidance
  233. loot objective question
  234. Assertion Failed - Objects
  235. I all... Looking for some screens?
  236. Guards fall of metal catwalk
  237. I'm making my first mesh
  238. Someone please help
  239. Help with Media Editor Dromed
  240. Thief Online
  241. Object Sounds
  242. Acquiring and using textures creatively
  243. DromEd Question
  244. Anyone still here? =)
  245. All seeing Cameras and Zombie killing machines!
  246. Garrett's Hand skin
  247. Abandoned Mech FM's?
  248. Animating Mech control panel display.
  249. Aquatic Weapons
  250. Distant art