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  1. Can we change how we archive "permanent" threads?
  2. Oh oh, we lost the quick links
  3. What does the thread icon mean?
  4. 1st FM question from yours truly =]
  5. i might start playing soon
  6. Is were I should post my Thief questions?
  7. Yay, our very own FM forum (combined with OMs) !!!
  8. FM: The Restored Cathedral v2 ... coming soon
  9. FM: The Hashishans
  10. Been gone a while (kinda)
  11. Awesome FM... The Mystery Man by Doaal
  12. In "Hush...Hush,Sweet Harolt" were is this creeps adress?
  13. RicknMel - Dewdrop is a dud!
  14. FM: Run thief...RUN: Director's Cut
  15. Shipping - Mynell key
  16. In "Autum in Lampfire Hills" how do I kill thish guy?
  17. T2: Soulforge Questions
  18. In "Stowaway" I grabed the spice off the Captian's belt but it says I did'nt.
  19. Thievery Servers
  20. This "Ghosting" buisness...
  21. FM Series: Lord Ashton, Night's Stroll, Escape
  22. In "The Shadow of Lord Rothchester" I found a secert room in the crypt but get in it.
  23. In "The Thevies Quater" were are the other artfacts?
  24. Varyx Obelisk on Pro (hard)
  25. Nightwalker,your the best!
  26. I can't get to that Wizards septaure in "The Mages Area".
  27. FM: 7th Crystal
  28. lord ashton's - 2 questions
  29. More Questions
  30. Contest 3 Missions Released!!!
  31. What happened to the SPOILER option?
  32. Christine's FM: Revenge
  33. Check out my new fm for T1 - Secret Way
  34. The Prodigal Corpse...
  35. Stupid Masks... I hate this stupid mission. :mad:
  36. Just a few more questions and commentesand then I'm out of Highrock!
  37. Is it just me?
  38. In "Jial Break" were is the my blackjack and the Silver Gear?
  39. TG FM Question : Secret Affair
  40. FM Revenge - entrance to Lady Helena's
  41. T2: Trail of Blood
  42. T2: Trace the Courier
  43. In "The Docks" were is this secert stash?
  44. Saturio Returns Home.....
  45. Shipping and Receiving T2
  46. I need help in the "Vyrax Obeilisk"
  47. although im sure its been done before...
  48. What’s the best T1 FMs?
  49. FAO: Screenie fetishists
  50. FM: Benny's Dead
  51. Thief Forum FAQ's, Links and Archives
  52. Kidnappin Cavador
  53. I know, I know... Ghosting Q
  54. A Night's Stroll
  55. Keeper Of The Prophocies - Warehouse
  56. "Heart and Soul" help
  57. FM Question : Turning the Tables
  58. Hell's Motel part 2 screenshots
  59. Some Screenshots from my Project
  60. Fireshadow's Barrow/ G's custom scripts?
  61. Soulforge secrets
  62. Questions about "Garrett's Revenge"
  63. Acceptable FM file size
  64. FM discussion
  65. Lord Lomat's Flute
  66. Little qestion about "Thief's Secret"?
  67. Just out of curiousity...T2X...Webbie was
  68. 2 questions about "Errand Boy"
  69. Lord Alan's Basement, Thief2 version.
  70. How do I FIND and get acroos the river in 'Shoreleave?"
  71. FM Help : Ranstall Keep
  72. A night's Stroll.
  73. Catman's spoiler tool
  74. Send more Feedback to FM creators!!
  75. I need help in "Up ****'s Creek"
  76. Banner(of a sorts) Transmigration Challenge
  77. LOL Christine...Ashton's...thought I got English
  78. A lot of Questions about "Making Tracks"
  79. going against the grain with cult of the resurrection.
  80. The Tricksters Gem Mine series was great!
  81. Lord Ashton FM
  82. What is the Lucky Lights code in the 'Curse of the Carnival?"
  83. Hey Cristene! Great job on "Revege"!
  84. Just whanted to tell you all that I'll be away for two weeks.
  85. A few question for FM players
  86. An opinion : Errand Boy, the best mission through midyear 2000
  87. A night's Stroll - spoiler
  88. FM: Ranstall's Keep -- 2nd floor room near bridge?
  89. Seeds of Doubt: Tears of Blood = Guilesatpeak (2 years ago)
  90. praise for two fms!
  91. Calendra's Cistern question
  92. Hey frobber and SlyFoxx!
  93. OK...I've tried search and nothing...FM Shining Standards
  94. The SecretWay....This one is for you Clayman.
  95. Comments on the C3 Contest Missions
  96. RTC alternative way out - why does it work?
  97. Thief 1 & 2 Secrets Guide...
  98. Fireshadow's Barrow: I'm literally stuck!
  99. ?-OM-T2-Courier
  100. Escape FM
  101. RE: Swamped...I gave it a royal try but
  102. Equilibrium...
  103. Well this is an older one but finally playing..Jailbreak..help please
  104. FM Release: The Taffer's Tower
  105. Hey schwaa - Crom's Blade
  106. FM: Careless hand: bugged?
  107. INFO: Karras' Diary now being Beta Tested!
  108. need opinion of players
  109. Berkshead
  110. OMG! It can't be! But it is! It's... It's... It's...
  111. New Spoiler button (courtesy of MsLedd)
  112. Contest 3 Results are IN!!!
  113. FM Question : Cult of the Resurrection
  114. Trial by Night: I'm a failure!
  115. FM Question : Seeds of Doubt
  116. Hello everyone! I'm back!
  117. Totally enjoyed "Curse of the Ancients"
  118. Hashishans V2: still uinsolvved things...
  119. There is an area I can't get to in "Walking the Edge."
  120. I'm can't find 20 in loot in First mission of Thief 2
  121. FM Question : Equilibrium
  122. Huh??
  123. Question for "Tears of Blood" and why did'nt anyone answer my last form?
  124. I enjoyed the Shadow of Dout Campiane!
  125. FM : The Ritual
  126. A few questions about "A Smmuglers Request."
  127. How to install TG patch?
  128. Strange glitches in *Breakout*
  129. New mission pics
  130. OMG! "Just For Show" is so beautiful !!!
  131. One question for "Blood Sport"
  132. Hello Everyone! I have missed you all!
  133. Can't find loot? We can help you !
  134. Help with Rosary in Night's Stroll
  135. T2 small entrances (help!)
  136. Door no. 5 is giving trouble.
  137. inverted manse
  138. FM Question : Embracing the Enemy
  139. In "Lureuctive Opertunity" I can't get in to an area.
  140. No Planet Thief. Why ?
  141. Karras' Diary READY NOW!!!
  142. FM: Karras' Diary Ready NOW
  143. ghost in Masks (T2)
  144. Do you like snow?
  145. Tuttocomb's Tomb = Taffin hard!!!!!!!!
  146. CL: Hidden Tomb
  147. Help needed in Kassas' Diary..
  148. Old Comrades, Old Debts query
  149. The Best of 2000....
  150. I can't even get in to Lord Binffords Manor in "Rescue"
  151. Hidden Agenda
  152. Trial by night (once again).
  153. I'm Baaaaaack, but not for long!
  154. Events in Highrock on Expert (hard)
  155. L'Arsene - Can't get into one area
  156. Questions about two FM's."Lorgan's Web"and "Swamped"
  157. Thank you Nightwalker...
  158. I feel stupid!
  159. Thief FM preferences survey
  160. Were is my swoard in "Ecscape:The Bear Pits?"
  161. The Insurrection
  162. mission question
  163. Ghosting question : FM Mystery Man
  164. Screenshots: I'm so nearly there....
  165. 1 screenshot and info...
  166. Dark Hammer FM: More pics
  167. Bring 'em on!
  168. FM trouble and commentary : Inverted Manse
  169. I need help in "Tower of Illiusion"
  170. Lady Whitman's Disease
  171. FM: resurgence
  172. Paladine Manor
  173. Change of plans regarding "The Restored Cathedral"
  174. Should I make a Mission-Pack?
  175. A few questions about "Oblivion".
  176. Thief 2 demo
  177. I need help in "Fournte and Glory."
  178. hey ricknmel! im gonna play squeeky's secret now :D
  179. Well, I finally found the Hammers' quarters in Cragscleft!
  180. List of Ghosted FM's?
  181. Hallucinations - Some questions
  182. Restoring the cathedral - new web-pages
  183. Thanks, Thorin
  184. New FM - A Lesson Learned
  185. One more question about "Forunte and Glory."
  186. One day I may get these 2 finished!
  187. FM: A Smuggler's Request - Where's the key to the torture chamber?
  188. Waterlogged
  189. Much confusion in "Gathering at the Bar"
  190. The impending release of The Insurrection...
  191. My latest FM soon to be released "MIXED MESSAGES"
  192. amievil - a question regarding "Dread"
  193. two questions about calendras cistern
  194. Stuck in Thief: The Dark Project's The Lost City on the gladiator arena (lava pit)!
  195. Screens up high! "The Insurrection"
  196. Just a little chit chat and playing Stronhold
  197. Some screenshots
  198. 2 FMs I'm stumped on
  199. OK, now I need some help with Stonghold please...
  200. New FM...Sort of...
  201. T2 FM..."Something Up There"
  202. How do I open the prisioner's quaters in "Temple of Forgers"?
  203. Thief II: "Down in the Bonehaord"
  204. In "A Secret Affair" were is the evidance and the tiaria?
  205. Shadow of Doubt - Walking the Edge
  206. can you take.....
  207. Questions about "Lord Bincliar."
  208. FM: Tymoteusz (Timoteus) - Anyone figure out the vaults (and objectives)?
  209. no puedo pasar un nivel
  210. Quite Lost...
  211. INSURRECTION .... Sitting on the roof scratching my head
  212. FM: The Cistern...Final version
  213. The BathHouse loot??
  214. FM commentary - Shadow of Doubt series
  215. Cheap thrill.......
  216. In "Trial By Night" how do I get in to the Hammer Area?
  217. Beta Testers Wanted (TRC v1.1)
  218. Makiko ver.0833731. What's the deal?
  219. becoming extremely agitated with The Cistern!
  220. Ghost ruling: Is a required action that kills AIs acceptable?
  221. Ghosting question: Lord Burkhard
  222. FM-The Keep by: um..me ;)
  223. Insurrection
  224. In "Remeriz's Reveange" were is the chisle?
  225. FM Question : Shore Leave
  226. New FM - The Item
  227. In "The Hunt for Montorose" were is the Shelid gem?
  228. The Keep v2 is ready for download.
  229. Ghost poll (Cistern FM): Do bugbeast drownings (kills) bust a ghost?
  230. Some Screenshots....
  231. FM Question : Sammy Pays His Dues
  232. Shining Standards
  233. Apache...I've got your computer
  234. Rogue's Honor FM: How to reopen basement secret panel
  235. Props to "mad dog" for The Mages Area!!!
  236. In praise of Lorgan's Web
  237. Fireshadow's Barrow
  238. Ghost Report Archives
  239. Lord Ashton- help
  240. The Lost City
  241. A few questions about "The Keep."
  242. Headless dreatures in Mines of Margroth
  243. New FM version: The Restored Cathedral v1.1 - NOW READY
  244. Courier mission keeps failing
  245. Banner Transmigration Perfected
  246. Ruins of Originia Series (FM1-4) (T2) 207 MB Release
  247. Thief Gold?
  248. TG Undercover - guard stuck on aleart
  249. Modes link for Clayman
  250. FM - Mines of Magaroth: Anyway to up the ambient light level (w/o crashing the game)?